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Wine Glass Buying Tips For Wine Newbies

November 21st, 2010

Enjoying your WineMost wine drinkers would agree that different styles of wines demand different types of wine glasses. So in order to get the most enjoyment out of wine drinking, it is necessary to carefully choose the wine glasses that you plan to use.

There are many different types of wine glasses, of varying styles and quality out there and it’s not necessary to spend a lot for them.  However, when buying stemware, keep a few simple rules in mind when it comes to material, size and shape:

The Material

The first thing to look at when choosing wine glasses is the material from which it is made. Remember, being able to clearly see the color of the wine is an important part of drinking and enjoying it, so at the very least, the glass must be plain and clear. You should be able to see the wine’s color clearly because it can tell a lot about the wine: the grapes used, age of the wine, and so on. Avoid colored or frosted glass. Crystal is preferred, but it can be expensive. Unless you are very serious about your wine, any kind of clear glass will do.

The Size

When choosing wine glasses, select those which are of a sufficient size.  Bowls should be deep but moderate in diameter. It should be large enough to allow enough to be poured, while leaving enough room for the wine to be gently swirled without spilling the wine. This is important, since the swirling action is to release aromas from the wine.

The Shape

The shape of the bowl is of considerable importance. They say that good wine glasses somewhat taper at the top, so that the aperture is narrower than the bowl lower down. This does not only make the wine glass look good; it also has an important function. This tapered shape actually serves to concentrate the aromas towards the nose while swirling the wine. This wine glass design is particularly evident in glasses designed for Pinot Noir.

Choosing the right wine glass can increase your pleasure in drinking wine. So keep these tips in mind and have a great time shopping for exquisite stemware!