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Why Wines are Best Kept in Wine Cellars

November 13th, 2010

Wine tastes best when they are kept properly stored. Wine is a natural perishable food product that easily spoils without proper storage. Many of the finer red wine do not reach their optimum aroma and flavor until they have been aged for years under proper storage conditions. Although some red and most white are drinkable upon release, they will stay in their optimal drinking range for an extended period if keep in the proper wine cellar environment. But today there are certainly many ways invented for preventing spoilageWine Cellar to Store Your Wines to come and lay waste to your wine. One way of keeping wines is through the use of wine cellars. Wine cellars are a storage for wine. They differ in sizes, shape and effectiveness. It provides protection against harmful substances that are present in our environment. And maintain a constant temperature that basically preserves good wine quality.

There are three factors that must be considered and should be avoided in storing wine: heat, dryness and light. Heat is not good for wines for it creates a high temperature. Dryness is not primarily good for wines because wines need a decent amount of humidity. Moderate amount of humidity keeps the cork in good resilient condition and prevent it from shrinking.  Light also prematurely ages bottles of Wine Rackswine and degrade tannins that prevents wine to be flat and thin so proper amount of darkness typically creates a good environment for wine.  When you build a wine cellar, you maintain a protection against those three factors by providing moderately low temperature, decent amount of humidity and relatively amount of darkness that ensures quality of wine and prevent spoilage.

Wine cellars prevent extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity that severely damages wine’s quality. Rapid changes in temperature and humidity damage the security of the cork. This makes the cork to be pulled inside and out, letting some minute particles of air enter the bottle. Once this happens, irreversible process of oxidation starts to ruin the wine.

Prevention is better than cure. Once a good bottle of wine is ruined, it will no longer be treated nor adjusted. Wine cellars are a way of prevention. Storing wine in cellars not only maintains wine quality but also improves and increases. Proper storage helps you to have a great and flavorful wine.