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Why Getting Wine Cellar Design Experts Is A Smart Choice

November 11th, 2010

So you’re building a wine cellar and you’ve decided to consult some wine cellar design experts. You’ve certainly made the right choice by deciding to work with experts. After all, you want everything to be perfect when it comes to your wines.

Wine Cellar Living Space

A wine cellar is as individualized as your home, and while all cellars focus on function, we think you should answer some questions before beginning the wine cellar design process:

How much volume do you plan to store in your wine cellar?
How often do you plan to spend time in your wine cellar?
Do you want a design that complements the current décor of your home or do you want it entirely different?
Do you want to just focus on function or do you also plan to entertain in this space?

The answers to these questions are important to your wine cellar design, and will help the design experts personalize your cellar to fit your needs. Surely, you want the time, money and effort spent on your cellar to give you the desired result when it is completed. Getting the help of wine cellar design experts brings you a step closer to your dream wine cellar. They aim to please, and you get nothing but the best minds (and hands) working on your space.

Here at Wine Cellar Innovations for example, our custom wine cellar design experts can work closely with the sales department to create the highest detail of your wine cellar to exacting standards. Our team consists can even integrate architectural elements such as stone or advanced paneling work, into your custom wine cellar.

Getting involved in your wine cellar project

Upon contracting with experts to build your wine cellar, you should have your own input on your wine cellar design from the inception of the project. Here are some of the most important things you should do:

  • Furnish them with dimensions of the area you have proposed for your wine cellar. This should include the room’s height and width.
  • Tell them your style, size and budget guidelines.
  • Decide on the design of the racks for your wine cellar.
  • Make any requests for special services, such as art or additional furniture.
  • Ask the company for an itemized cost sheet of each step of the process of constructing the wine cellar.
  • Make sure you are aware of the cost up front and have signed a contract or agreement for the price you have been quoted.

Working with wine cellar experts to create custom home wine cellars will certainly take some of the stress out of the project, not to mention give you more options. For example, you can combine custom services with do-it-yourself wine rack kits to create the wine cellar that is absolutely perfect for your needs. No matter the size or the scope of your project, creating custom home wine cellars is a breeze with wine cellar design experts!

Here at WCI, we’re always excited to create personalized wine cellars. Learn more about our consultation and design processes today.