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Tech Tuesday – Episode #12 – Beauty and Versatility

November 30th, 2010

Beauty and versatility. This is what today’s featured wine cellar is all about.

In case you missed last week’s post, it was a nice wine cellar that featured distressed wood built in a small yet well utilized space.

Speaking of wood, choosing the best wine cellar wood is of course one of the important things to do when building a wine cellar. Today’s residential home uses Prime Mahogany wine cellar wood, which is an extremely dense, hard and heavy wood. Here’s why we (and many wine cellar owners) love it: its distinctive grain pattern lends itself to stains and finishes. As you can see from the photo, this Amber Blaze with Light stain gives this wine cellar a luxurious appeal.

What: Residential Custom Wine Cellar
Project #: 202071-4-0
Wood: Prime Mahogany
Maximum storage capacity:  1,395 wine bottles
Where: Birmingham, AL

Residential Amber Blaze Wine Cellar

We love how the wood stain matches the tile flooring, and some of our favorites are the center peninsula table (perfect for wine tastings!) and the wine cellar door. Featuring  a light stain with Arched top Gate with climbing Grapevine, it really makes an inviting entrance to the beautiful wine cellar!

Custom Wine Room Door

The owner picked our top of the line Platinum Series wine racks for this wine cellar can house 1,395 wine bottles. The cellar features LED lighting, tongue and groove on the walls and a great selection of versatile wine racks – fabulous single deep and double deep storage racks, solid diamond bins, open rectangular bins and open vertical wine bottle displays!

Amber Blaze Curved Corner

Notice the 90 degree true radiused curved corner racks? We love how it allows the racking to flow around the wine room seamlessly, with no sharp corners. With multiple 15 degree angle wine display rows, the corks are kept moist and lets you easily view wine labels. There’s also a wine cellar cooling unit behind the racks that work to preserve the true aroma and flavor of the wines.

Cooling Unit

We love big wine cellars and we can just imagine this magnificent cellar full of wine bottles! If you’d love to see more residential wine cellars like this, just keep tuning in to Technical Tuesdays or view our residential wine cellars photo gallery.

Three Beautiful Wine Cellar Humidification Selections

November 29th, 2010
Artisan Copper Humidification
Did you know that proper humidification in your wine cellar is key to aging terrific wines?  Water fountain humidification can be both functional and fun!

Brushed Steel FloorWater fountains provide the perfect way to keep humidification in your cellar while serving as a focal point of conversation by the aesthetic value they add to the space.

Mechanical humidification is only available in Ducted Split Systems so all cellars with Standard Refrigeration Systems need a source for adding humidification to the cellar so that 55-75% relative humidity can be maintained year round.

Bacchus Wine Cellar Humidification

We have a wide variety of styles to choose from… such as our artisan Copper Bottle tabletop fountain and our contemporary Natural Brushed Steel floor fountain to our whimsical Bacchus wall fountain.
Be sure to check out our entire collection of Wine Cellar Humidification options to find the style that is right for you.
Most of the fountains are offered as a system which includes a Humidistat.
A humidistat provides an easy way from you to control and accurately monitor the humidity level of your wine collection.
The fountain cord hooks into the humidistat cord allowing the humidistat to automatically turn off and on your wine cellar fountain so that you can maintain the desired humidity range for you wine collection. In this picture below, you can see it peeking behind the fountain, next to the wine racks.
Artisan Humidification Close Up View

Wisconsin Wine Rack Kits – Marling Homeworks

November 28th, 2010

Marlin Homeworks Wine CellarRemodeling your home and/or building a wine cellar?

If you happen to live in Wisconsin or are just in the area, then drop by Marling Homeworks, a home improvement store. What makes them special?

Well, 2 things.

First of all, they offer Wine Cellar Innovations’ wine cellar kits in their showroom.  Why, they feature a lovely WCI wine cellar set-up!

Second, this home improvement store is huge, and has been around for more than 100 years!  In addition to its large retail showrooms in Madison and Janesville, Marling also has outlet locations in Green Bay and Waukesha. They also operate two lumberyards – one in Janesville and one in Madison. They have a satellite lumber outlet adjacent to their HomeWorks location in Janesville, too.

The Marling family has been in the lumber business for more than a hundred years, and all their retail showrooms, when combined, have more than 50 kitchen, bathroom and entertainment set-ups that every homeowner must check out.

Marling Homeworks’ showrooms are huge and very nice, and if you are looking for more than wine cellars, they also have a variety of products that you may be interested in.  They’ve got doors, decking, skylights and siding, lighting and millwork, skylights, windows, railings, organizers, cabinets and countertops. In addition to these products, Marling has special programs for interior designers, architects, builders, remodelers and homeowners.

If you’d like to see several kitchen, bath and living area and wine cellar set-ups for inspiration, be sure to pay them a visit and learn more!

Oscar Wine & Spirits – Commercial Wine Racks

November 27th, 2010

Every wine store owner wants their place to look great for its customers – there’s no doubt about that.

Nice interiors and well displayed products all contribute to increased sales, and a huge part of the display strategy has a lot to do with the commercial wine racks you choose. You need to have a variety of attractive displays to entice every person who walks in, and you want your wine bottles strategically placed to ensure that each potential customer who comes in finds what they want.

When they walk into your store, wouldn’t you want them to be in awe and immediately want to buy?

Oscar's Wine & Spirits - Wine Display Islands

Image Courtesy of

Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, our retail wine racks are made for this purpose, and to give you an example, take a look at some of our racks at Oscar’s Wine & Spirits in Tupelo, MS! The store has the regular assortment of wines and spirits, and it’s great to see those rows and rows of wine bottles cradled on various wine racks.

Those wine display islands are a pretty sight, aren’t they? Island wine displays are commonly grouped together in rows throughout the center areas of wine stores, and this is exactly what the store did.

Oscar's Wine & Spirits - Circular Wine Displays

Image Courtesy of

What about those circular wine displays? Did we tell you that it’s one of our favorite commercial wine rack displays?

When choosing commercial wine rack products for your retail store or restaurant, retail wine merchandising and improving wine sales are indeed two of the most important factors. The best types of wine displays allow you to maximize storage, while at the same time providing the proper number of facings and accessibility. Make sure you find a wine display that allows you to display and store in close proximity.

The finish and style of wine store displays will depend largely on the size and style of your space, and we must say that Oscars did a pretty good job of selecting wooden wine racks. Simple, clean and elegant (just like the entire store), we’re sure the store is giving its customers a pleasurable wine shopping experience.

Wine Cellar Roundup – The Friday Edition #10: Wine, Healthy Gifts, And More

November 26th, 2010

Gobble, gobble! Are you sleeping the day away and having left-over turkey? My favorite is turkey sandwiches! Bless my mother-in-law for her Thanksgiving feast! Just cross your fingers that we don’t get snowed in up here in our cabin. I have no clue how to put on snow chains!

Done with your Christmas shopping yet? Did you camp out this morning at Best Buy waiting for the best deals? According to Lori Davenport, Thanksgiving ISN’T about having a traditional meal and watching football. My mistake!  I actually thought it was more about family. Ahh well.

Some healthy gifts to give are olive oil and organic red wine. I’m thinking that will be on my list to give this year.

Do you have a favorite holiday wine tip? Share it with and enter to win a gift certificate!

A new wine app out has everyone sharing their favorites. Check out SocialGrapes on your iPhone.

The continuing good news of red wine continues to crack me up. A new study says that the chemicals will regulate diabetes now. In addition to losing weight, stopping heart attacks, helping you age gracefully, and generally be an all around nice person. Must be why I have a bottle next to this here keyboard!

Giving Thanks with 15% Off

November 25th, 2010

We sincerely hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday with close friends and family. If you take a break during the day, don’t forget to take note that our Vintner Wine Rack series is currently 15% off for all poplar wood wine racks.

The perfect holiday gift!

If you are looking for something else, you should be sure to visit our Holiday Gift Guide that will help you with those hard decisions on what to get the loved one who has everything.  If you have a wine lover, we have several wine storage solutions, wine accessories, and gifts that will help you to check off your holiday gift list.

If YOU are the wine lover, well, you might want to accidentally forward this on as a nice little hint. Go on, we won’t tell!

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope that your holiday is filled with joy spent with your love ones.


Enhance Wine Sales With Commercial Wine Racks

November 24th, 2010

Kroger Westerville Commercial Wine RacksStoring wine efficiently and displaying it attractively is of the highest importance to wine retailers. As a wine store owner, we know you want nothing but the display of your merchandise. And why not?

When those wine bottles are displayed in an appealing and striking manner, you know that means high sales revenue and a loyal base of customers.

Whether you own a wine, liquor, cheese or grocery store, you need wine racks for your retail space to showcase your wine selection to your customers. You know you need to carefully choose your commercial wine racks. They place emphasis on durability and stylish presentation, and it’s a good thing that there are many retail wine rack options to choose from nowadays. You know you want to keep patrons coming back to your store, so why not make your displays daring and dynamic?

There are island wine rack stands, curved wine displays, and bulk storage racks that can help you create a nice flow in your store. Retail wine racks are often designed to be floor-to-ceiling to maximize space, enabling you to display all wine bottles upright for maximum visibility to the customer, horizontally to prevent wines from going bad, or use a mix of the two styles to accomplish both goals. And don’t forget your wine rack accessories! How about some specially designed rack labels that add flair to your display? Or maybe some pretty wine bottle tags?

There are just a variety of other commercial wine rack systems that help retailers like you take advantage of the space you have available and showcase your wares. What’s even great is that you can have these wine racks stained in several attractive colors to best match the dècor of your space.

While the traditional material of merchandising wine racks is wood, there are also some excellent metal wine rack options, and just like wooden wine racks, they can be custom-made too.

Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we take your existing space and storage requirements and create a unique custom commercial wine racking design specific to your needs. All you have to do is give us your store or restaurant dimensional layout, and any storage ideas that you may have.

So make your wine shop a truly inviting place with attractive displays. Your customers will surely want to spend a lot of time — and money in your store!

Tech Tuesday – Episode #11 – Distressed but Lovely

November 23rd, 2010

It’s Tuesday again!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Did you enjoy last week’s Tech Tuesday feature? We hope you were “wowed” by World Of Wines’ amazing retail wine display.

Today we’re featuring another residential wine cellar created from our Platinum Series.  Aside from its fabulous wine cellar door and wine racks, the main feature of this wine cellar is its use of distressed wood. Any wine cellar that needs some added character could use the process of distressed wood finishing. A worn, distressed appearance can transform a bland piece of wood into an antique replica, giving a wine room that age old beauty!

What: Residential Custom Wine Cellar
Project #: 195824-4
Wood: All Heart Redwood
Maximum storage capacity:  696 wine bottles
Where: Loveland, OH

The owner, Jeff Spitzmiller was pleased with the outcome and was more than happy to recommend Wine Cellar Innovations. “Mike did an excellent job on the cellar. Everything fits perfectly and there are no imperfections in the woodwork. He was nice and courteous and left the work area in great condition. Would request him again for any new jobs and would highly recommend him to others. “

We are, of course, more than happy to share with you the before and after photos of the process of installation. The owners wanted a distressed finish on the door and sidelight, and this is how we started to create the door and slidelights…

And what about the the door frame of this wine cellar?  While this cellar is small, having glass windows to bring open the project really lightens up the home. It’s actually one the neatest tricks when it comes to lightening up and widening a small space!

Here’s a view of the distressed wood and painted glass from the back:

Now you may ask, what is distressed wood? Well if you’d like to give wood that time worn character, then you ought to give it that distressed look. This look requires striking the wood, producing dents and bruises in the wood’s surface.

The result?  A rustic finish that either softens the look of the new wood or enhances old.  Because there are also a variation of colors, woods, grains, and sanding techniques when distressing wood, this allows you to create a custom look you want.

And what about the pretty archway with table top with LED lights below? Nice, clean and classic, the interior of this standard archway is lined with tongue and groove material that follows the interior of the archway.

Just like the glass windows in this wine cellar, the mirror in this elegant archway serves to create an illusion of a bigger space, aside from providing an eye-catching focal point to the wine room.

This wine cellar proves that even small spaces CAN make beautiful wine rooms. Even with limited space, you can have various wine rack styles — individual storage, solid diamond bins, bulk storage bins, and open vertical wine displays seamlessly put together to create a cozy, lovely wine cellar.

With a beautiful wine cellar door to welcome you and your guests, you’re sure to enjoy every moment you take out those precious wine bottles. Stay tuned for more Tech Tuesdays!

Wine Racks Within Stone Arches

November 22nd, 2010

Recently we had a client asking about examples of wine racks set within stone arches.  Many custom wine cellars can actually be built within stone arches just like in these photos. If this is the first time you’re seeing a wine cellar built like this, we’re sure you will love them. Why, wine racks plus stone arches equals old world charm!

Most wine cellars today are designed for raw spaces which are conveniently located next to the family, dining and living room, and while these are great areas where your bottles can be showcased, we think building the wine racks in a curved hallway with stone arches make a pretty stunning sight as well. Check out these solid diamond bins right under the stone arch, and the individual wine rack storage:

Not only are the racks pretty, but the stones themselves are a sight to behold. Multi-colored stones such as the ones featured here give the wine cellar added artistry. They make a great backdrop to the wine racks, not to mention provide a nice atmosphere to the home of your wines!

Just like wine cellars built into living spaces, you have all the freedom to choose the types of wine racks you want to put together. You can choose a combination of individual wine racks, solid diamond bins, open vertical display racks, and more. With LED lighting and a few other wine accessories thrown in, wine racks within stone arches will give you that intimate, old world and romantic feel every time you take out a precious bottle of wine.

Wine Glass Buying Tips For Wine Newbies

November 21st, 2010

Enjoying your WineMost wine drinkers would agree that different styles of wines demand different types of wine glasses. So in order to get the most enjoyment out of wine drinking, it is necessary to carefully choose the wine glasses that you plan to use.

There are many different types of wine glasses, of varying styles and quality out there and it’s not necessary to spend a lot for them.  However, when buying stemware, keep a few simple rules in mind when it comes to material, size and shape:

The Material

The first thing to look at when choosing wine glasses is the material from which it is made. Remember, being able to clearly see the color of the wine is an important part of drinking and enjoying it, so at the very least, the glass must be plain and clear. You should be able to see the wine’s color clearly because it can tell a lot about the wine: the grapes used, age of the wine, and so on. Avoid colored or frosted glass. Crystal is preferred, but it can be expensive. Unless you are very serious about your wine, any kind of clear glass will do.

The Size

When choosing wine glasses, select those which are of a sufficient size.  Bowls should be deep but moderate in diameter. It should be large enough to allow enough to be poured, while leaving enough room for the wine to be gently swirled without spilling the wine. This is important, since the swirling action is to release aromas from the wine.

The Shape

The shape of the bowl is of considerable importance. They say that good wine glasses somewhat taper at the top, so that the aperture is narrower than the bowl lower down. This does not only make the wine glass look good; it also has an important function. This tapered shape actually serves to concentrate the aromas towards the nose while swirling the wine. This wine glass design is particularly evident in glasses designed for Pinot Noir.

Choosing the right wine glass can increase your pleasure in drinking wine. So keep these tips in mind and have a great time shopping for exquisite stemware!

Wine Cellar Design – Concept to Design

November 18th, 2010

Introducing Design Corner with our Senior Rack Design Engineer:

A wine cellar from Wine Cellar Innovations is a perfect way to showcase your collection of various wine and champagnes in a functional yet glamorous way. A wine cellar allows your collection to be stored in a safe and ideal environment without the fear of premature aging.

The process of becoming the owner of your very own wine cellar can be simple. The quickest way is to start with a call to 1-800-229-9813 where you will be directed to one of our many friendly design consultants. You can also fill out our Design Request Form where you can upload a PDF document of the room for us, and share your “My Projects” file with our team so we have a better idea of what exactly you are looking for. You will be asked a series of questions related to your existing or planned space, what your storage needs are, your budget etc. At this point your information given will be placed in our system so a wine cellar design can be created.

In this example the Millers called us with a desire to store their wine and needed a racking solution from us. One of our sales specialists met with them and put their thoughts on paper for a wine cellar design. A rough sketch, as seen below, was created on a blueprint which was then turned into Wine Cellar Innovation’s in-house design department.

One of our seasoned wine cellar designers took the sketch and, through the use of AutoCAD, put the Millers concept one step closer to reality by designing a floorplan and elevations of the wine cellar.

This first image is showing a bird’s eye view, looking down on the cellar.  Each specific side can be shown in the larger elevations below.

This wine cellar consists of some key offerings from Wine Cellar Innovations that blend form and function. The wood case racks on “Elevation 1” not only store your wood cases but showcase them also. The solid diamond bin rack is a beautiful form of bulk storage for your wines that makes it’s presence in your wine cellar. Every wine cellar should have one. The corners of the wine cellar utilize our angled curved corners which create a seamless transition from one wall to the next. All of the individual bottle storage including the curved corners have a high reveal display incorporated into them with 11 bottles below each display allowing a full case to be stored with the 12th bottle being presented.

Form and function. That’s what we create here at Wine Cellar Innovations. If you need help designing a wine cellar, call us today.

An Element Of Surprise: Beautiful Hidden Wine Cellar Doors

November 17th, 2010

How would you like your wine cellar to come with both a secret and a surprise?

Hidden doors are usually created if you want a little mystery to a special room, hide away unsightly rooms from public view, or secretly conceal rooms needing privacy.

But wait, is it a wine rack door hiding a secret room within the wine cellar?

You can incorporate hidden doors in your wine cellar — it makes an interesting feature in your wine storage room, as the door can be made to easily blend in with your existing décor and often appears to the unknowing eye to be just another wine rack.

Take this hidden door with built in solid vertical wine display cabinet for example. From the front, this secret hidden wine cellar door looks like another vertical display wine cabinet that identically matches the style, depth, wood species and/or stain of your other surrounding custom wine racks. The door hinges are not visible, there is no handle, and it is flush with other single-deep wine racking. Why, a secret cellar door can even be customized to create a complete wine bar! We’re thinking of one that features a wine rack, drawer, wine glass rack and shelves.

Style, functionality, intrigue and security come together in hidden doors, and provide hidden, secured access to your wine cellar.  If you’re a homeowner with a space you want to discreetly limit access to, conveniently hidden beyond your wine storage area, then hidden doors are a must.  You can easily transform any doorway into a beautiful wine cellar entrance, to reveal your functional, concealed wine storage room.

Serving as both the entry to your wine room and even as a book shelf or wine bar, hidden wine cellar doors are something you might want to invest in to add style and mystery to your dream cellar. View more examples of hidden wine cellar doors in our Popular Ideas section on our website.

Selecting Your Wines For The Holidays

November 15th, 2010

Can you believe it’s November?

We’re all looking forward to the holiday season — creating menus, decorating the home and preparing special meals, buying gifts!  Some of us can plan and prepare our holiday menu with ease, but when it comes to wine-shopping, it can be a challenge. Well, wine shopping doesn’t have to be stressful.  To help you enjoy selecting wines for your holiday meal, we’ve put together some tips for you:

Before you buy your wine

Sit down with a pencil and paper and decide how much wine you will need.  Consider the following:

  • Number of guests
  • Their preferred wines

If you are not sure of this number, assume most of your guests will drink one to three glasses of wine during your party.  Make a wise guess about whether they will drink more or less than the average person.

Next, determine the length of your party or meal, as well as the type of party (cocktail, sit-down, buffet?). Typically, a guest will drink one or two glasses of wine in the first hour of your party, and then perhaps one glass per hour. For a cocktail party, the 3 glasses per guest rule will hold true. However, for a multi-course, sit-down meal with wine lovers, you might want to plan four or five glasses per guest.

If the wines being served before dinner as aperitif, many wine experts recommend buying 60 percent white wine and 40 percent red wine. After the aperitif, it’s important that you pair the wines with the food you are serving.

Finally, determine your food and beverage budget. Remember, your wine doesn’t always have to be expensive. There are plenty of good-value wines available that will complement a holiday meal.

Organizing your wines in wine racks or your wine cellar

Before you leave for your local wine shop, make sure you have room in your home. If you’ve got some pretty wine racks or a wine cellar, check if you still have available space.

We know you already know this, but you should store your holiday wines in a temperature-controlled area with stable humidity, away from light.  Never place your case of wine on your kitchen floor or counter.  Your kitchen can get warm for proper wine storage especially if you’re baking!

If you’ll be storing your wines in the fridge, then toss out all expired food, ancient leftovers and unneeded items before shopping for your wines.  Reorganize your refrigerator to maximize available space.  This is important because you will need to keep your space clear so you can chill wine to its proper temperature for your party.

Officially shopping for your wines

So now you’re ready to hit your local wine store.

First of all, make sure that your wine shop is your final stop. Leaving your wines in your car (even on a cold day) could affect its taste, particularly on a sunny day.

Ask for recommendations from your local wine shop, but stay within your budget. Mention your menu selections and price ranges.  If you have researched wine and food pairings, you can still ask about particular suggestions.  Ask for two or three suggestions for both red and white wines that will complement your main course.

When in doubt, always ask your favorite, knowledgeable wine store owner on the pairing of your food and wines. After all, that is their job and if they don’t do it well you need to find one that does.

Buy your wines by the case. To save money and time, this is a must.  Most wine shops offer case discounts, so take advantage of that.

Being the person who has done the hard work of planning and shopping for your meal and wines, you deserve to enjoy the wines you have selected. So choose wines the complement not only your menu and please your guests, but those that you truly enjoy drinking yourself.

Wine Cellar Innovations Helps Raise Money for Culinary Scholarship

November 14th, 2010

If you’ve been following our blog or have been a frequent visitor of our site, then you know how passionate we are about creating a beautiful wine rack and custom wine cellars.

Did we ever tell you that we love supporting great causes too?

Recently, Wine Cellar Innovations donated a beautiful wine rack from our Vintner Series , one of our kits that offer a wide variety of racking options to The Stephan Pyles Celebrity Chef Dinner & Auction, which benefits the The Stephan Pyles Culinary Scholarship of The Wine & Food Foundation of Texas.

The auction was held on November 7, 2010, and we were more than pleased to offer a wine rack to help raise money.  Our donation was an Individual bottle wine rack made from unstained Premium Redwood, featuring 5 columns with display , with a 60 bottle capacity.

Each wine bottle stored on this wine rack is cradled on customized rails that are carefully manufactured with beveled ends and rounded edges to ensure wine labels will not tear when the bottles are removed. This beautiful wine rack also has a built-in display row.

Just in case you didn’t know, Stephan Pyles is the Chef/Owner of Stephan Pyles Concepts. He was named Esquire Magazine’s Chef of the Year for 2006, is a fifth generation Texan, pioneer of New American cooking and founding father of Southwestern Cuisine. He has created 15 restaurants in four cities over the past 26 years including Routh Street Cafe, Baby Routh, and Star Canyon.

Pyles and the Wine & Food Foundation of Texas joined forces to host the 11th annual Celebrity Chef dinner at Pyles’s restaurant, and we were just more than happy to help raise money for the super chef’s culinary scholarship.

Why Wines are Best Kept in Wine Cellars

November 13th, 2010

Wine tastes best when they are kept properly stored. Wine is a natural perishable food product that easily spoils without proper storage. Many of the finer red wine do not reach their optimum aroma and flavor until they have been aged for years under proper storage conditions. Although some red and most white are drinkable upon release, they will stay in their optimal drinking range for an extended period if keep in the proper wine cellar environment. But today there are certainly many ways invented for preventing spoilageWine Cellar to Store Your Wines to come and lay waste to your wine. One way of keeping wines is through the use of wine cellars. Wine cellars are a storage for wine. They differ in sizes, shape and effectiveness. It provides protection against harmful substances that are present in our environment. And maintain a constant temperature that basically preserves good wine quality.

There are three factors that must be considered and should be avoided in storing wine: heat, dryness and light. Heat is not good for wines for it creates a high temperature. Dryness is not primarily good for wines because wines need a decent amount of humidity. Moderate amount of humidity keeps the cork in good resilient condition and prevent it from shrinking.  Light also prematurely ages bottles of Wine Rackswine and degrade tannins that prevents wine to be flat and thin so proper amount of darkness typically creates a good environment for wine.  When you build a wine cellar, you maintain a protection against those three factors by providing moderately low temperature, decent amount of humidity and relatively amount of darkness that ensures quality of wine and prevent spoilage.

Wine cellars prevent extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity that severely damages wine’s quality. Rapid changes in temperature and humidity damage the security of the cork. This makes the cork to be pulled inside and out, letting some minute particles of air enter the bottle. Once this happens, irreversible process of oxidation starts to ruin the wine.

Prevention is better than cure. Once a good bottle of wine is ruined, it will no longer be treated nor adjusted. Wine cellars are a way of prevention. Storing wine in cellars not only maintains wine quality but also improves and increases. Proper storage helps you to have a great and flavorful wine.

Why Getting Wine Cellar Design Experts Is A Smart Choice

November 11th, 2010

So you’re building a wine cellar and you’ve decided to consult some wine cellar design experts. You’ve certainly made the right choice by deciding to work with experts. After all, you want everything to be perfect when it comes to your wines.

Wine Cellar Living Space

A wine cellar is as individualized as your home, and while all cellars focus on function, we think you should answer some questions before beginning the wine cellar design process:

How much volume do you plan to store in your wine cellar?
How often do you plan to spend time in your wine cellar?
Do you want a design that complements the current décor of your home or do you want it entirely different?
Do you want to just focus on function or do you also plan to entertain in this space?

The answers to these questions are important to your wine cellar design, and will help the design experts personalize your cellar to fit your needs. Surely, you want the time, money and effort spent on your cellar to give you the desired result when it is completed. Getting the help of wine cellar design experts brings you a step closer to your dream wine cellar. They aim to please, and you get nothing but the best minds (and hands) working on your space.

Here at Wine Cellar Innovations for example, our custom wine cellar design experts can work closely with the sales department to create the highest detail of your wine cellar to exacting standards. Our team consists can even integrate architectural elements such as stone or advanced paneling work, into your custom wine cellar.

Getting involved in your wine cellar project

Upon contracting with experts to build your wine cellar, you should have your own input on your wine cellar design from the inception of the project. Here are some of the most important things you should do:

  • Furnish them with dimensions of the area you have proposed for your wine cellar. This should include the room’s height and width.
  • Tell them your style, size and budget guidelines.
  • Decide on the design of the racks for your wine cellar.
  • Make any requests for special services, such as art or additional furniture.
  • Ask the company for an itemized cost sheet of each step of the process of constructing the wine cellar.
  • Make sure you are aware of the cost up front and have signed a contract or agreement for the price you have been quoted.

Working with wine cellar experts to create custom home wine cellars will certainly take some of the stress out of the project, not to mention give you more options. For example, you can combine custom services with do-it-yourself wine rack kits to create the wine cellar that is absolutely perfect for your needs. No matter the size or the scope of your project, creating custom home wine cellars is a breeze with wine cellar design experts!

Here at WCI, we’re always excited to create personalized wine cellars. Learn more about our consultation and design processes today.

Make A Statement With Standout Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars

November 10th, 2010

When Wine Cellar Innovations thinks wine, it’s all about the presentation.

Take for example a glass enclosed wine cellar which stretches from floor to ceiling, boldly featured in the center of a dining room. Clean, modern and visually stunning, it makes a great impression!

Regardless of where you are the wine appreciation hierarchy, there are always elements that can be introduced into your home that will showcase your wine persona, right?

Well, we think glass enclosed wine cellars are fabulous.

We’ve always believed in wine storage as a visual feature, not just a place to store your wine.  Glass enclosed wine cellars show a very tasteful eye for decorating and creating an experience.

Speaking of experience, in restaurants, glass enclosures are a beautiful display that creates an elegant ambiance. They can tempt customers to partake of some reds or whites with their meal! We especially love modern-styled glass enclosed cellars because they:

  • emphasize unique racking by increasing visibility; and
  • present a strong visual display with proper wine storage conditions.

When constructing a wine cellar, there are many factors to consider: type of wood to use, location, insulation, wine cellar cooling, design, and lighting to name some. We think there is nothing that enhances a house or restaurant’s beauty and appeal quite like glass — it can make a home look open and welcoming!  Glass doors or entryways seem to make everything sparkle too, and they are easier to clean than wood doors.

So if you’re thinking of building a wine cellar, consider a glass enclosure. Designers and architects specializing in custom wine cellar design can navigate you through the process and show you how it would look before it’s completed!

Indeed, if you want to make a statement, glass enclosed wine cellars will do the trick. Contact us now to speak with a design specialist.

Tech Tuesday – Episode #9 – Premium Redwood Stained in Dark Walnut

November 9th, 2010

How’s everyone today? We hope you didn’t miss last week’s Tech Tuesday — a pretty huge residential wine cellar in Lone Tree, CO. We hope you liked it!

Today we’re featuring another residential cellar in Ridgedale, MO  — a smaller one this time, but definitely big on warmth and aesthetics. Creatively combining wine rack kits and custom racking, our client, the Vaughns, chose the custom wine rack style series and some options of Designer Series wine rack kits for their wine cellar, which provides both full depth racking and a variety of wine storage options. The Designer Series is a favorite when it comes to balancing beauty and budget.

Vaughn Wine Cellar Installation

What: Residential Custom Wine Cellar
Project #: 205559
Wood: Premium Redwood, stained in Dark Walnut
Maximum storage capacity:  784 wine bottles
Where: Ridgedale, MO
When: Completed September 30, 2010

Built to house 784 wine bottles, this wine cellar is made from Premium redwood stained in beautiful Dark walnut. We love the dark and light contrast of the racks and the walls and tile flooring – simplicity is indeed beauty! Featuring single and double deep storage, rectangular bins, solid diamond bins, a lovely railed archway and more, it’s easy to fall in love with this residential wine cellar.

Why, owners Dan and Beth Vaughn can’t stop raving about their brand new wine cellar! “All is great.  Joe has done a wonderful job.  The wine cellar looks wonderful.  Very clean, and ready to be loaded.  We thought that you and Joe both did a great job working with us and we have been very pleased with the installation and the final product,” says Beth.

These magnificent wine racks offer plenty of spacing for half bottles, standard wine, champagne, magnums, and larger sizes. We’re pretty sure the Vaughns enjoy stocking their wine cellar, as each bin compartment of the rectangular bin wine racks are designed to hold 12 single deep standard Bordeaux or Burgundy wine bottles, or 24 double deep. Those solid diamond bins also allow them to stock up to 9 magnums, 12 champagnes or 16 standard wine bottles.

In fact, just days after installation, the owners had a party in their home and this is what Beth had to say, “We had our party just days after Joe finished the installation and Dan loaded our bottles into the cellar. The wine cellar racks were beautiful and gave us a chance to let our guests know what a great job all of you at Wine Cellar Innovations did for us. We are very pleased. When we get a chance to recommend your company, we will do so with full confidence.  Thank you!”

Joe, ladies and gentlemen, is our Installation Manager. In case this is your first time here, we are proud to say that our installation team has completed countless installations from residential to commercial all over the world. If you have any questions on installation and assembly, our doors are open for consultation.

Anyway, back to the wine racks. Don’t you just love the dark walnut stain on this one? Staining redwood a dark color makes it extremely attractive. We think what really draws attention to this wine cellar is the railed archway and the solid diamond bins below it. It’s simple, really, and there’s nothing too intricate about it, but it’s the focus of the entire wine cellar – aside from the wines of course. The dark stained redwood makes a warm welcoming sight!

Overall, we just love how everything looks seamless. The Vaughns should definitely throw another party soon to show off their collection and their lovely wine cellar.

If you’d like to see more of our work, check out our residential gallery today.

Personalize Your Wine Cellar With Wall Art

November 8th, 2010

People who collect wine understand that wine is an art, and we couldn’t agree more. The art of collecting and aging fine wines is something we are all too familiar with and passionate about, yet we can never get enough of it.

Having been in the business of building wine racks and wine cellars for several years, it’s always very fulfilling for us to see our finished work – wine accessories included. We also enjoy it very much when owners choose to add striking wall cellar art to welcome everyone in his or her wine cellar.

Whether you’re retrieving wines or managing your inventory, wine art displayed in your wine cellar enhances your experience. It also contributes to the overall look of your tasting room where you may bring valued guests to share your wine enthusiasm, not to mention help increase your property’s value.

Many wine cellar owners consider wall art — framed paintings and even murals to “prettify” their cellars. Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we offer framed oil or acrylic paintings as well as murals. We’re proud to say that we have more flexibility in our designs because we work directly with talented artists!

Take this new addition to our Zinfandel Collection of hand painted wine themed art murals created on canvas with acrylics or oils: The Wine Country View mural.

This brand new painting from our artist is hand painted and can be created in either a landscape or portrait style to suit your taste and dimensional needs.

If you just can’t get enough of wine paintings and murals, we can help you create custom artwork to fit your space. You can share with us your own ideas, photographs, wine labels, or even postcards that you’d like to put up on your cellar. What’s more, your color choices for the murals can also be altered to suit your own wine cellar décor too.

All of our wine cellar paintings and murals ship out stretched and ready to hang in your wine cellar, so whether it’s whimsical restaurant and cafe scenes, heavenly vineyards, Tuscan summers or gorgeous still lifes, you’ll clearly enjoy your wine cellar with lovely wine art, together with exquisite wines and fine company.

Wine Cellars – Why are they Essential for Wine Lovers?

November 7th, 2010

Collecting wines have become a very popular hobby for many wine enthusiasts nowadays. And every avid fan surely longs for a gorgeous-looking wine cellar right in the comfort of his home.

Why not! This is not impossible to achieve. Every connoisseur knows how essential a wine cellar is when it comes to wine collecting. It does not only provide you with storage space but offers a safer place for your bottles to lie comfortably as they age for perfection as well.

Constructing your own custom wine cellar is crucial. There are various considerations you must never overlook – for each of them benefits each other hand in hand. Thus, it is very essential you make well-thought decisions to secure you will be laying out a carefully planned cellar for your wines.

When it comes to wine cellars, the most important thing to think of is where to locate it. Usually, which is actually best recommended, it is built in the basement of the house. Why? Because this spot has little or no direct contact with sunlight, spacious, and it is easier to maintain appropriate room temperature since it is intact.

But, if you think you have other spare locations within the house, you can freely make use of that as well. You still have the final say as long as you make sure there will be less difficulty prior to the building process.

Next to worry about is how much room you have. We get asked how big or small your wine cellar should be all the time. A nice feature about wine cellars is they can be customized in any size which of course is very dependent on the numbers of your wine bottles.

Wine cellars, depending on how huge they are, are capable of holding up to thousands of bottles. Try to analyze how many bottles you have right now, how many you consume in a year, and the average age of your current wine bottles. From there, try to layout a blueprint of the cellar. If you think you will be having more bottles in the future, it is better if you settle for a bigger one proficient enough to hold up to a couple of hundreds or more.

And finally, the most significant of all, is cautiously maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity level within the cellar with a wine cellar cooling unit. You see, all wines require proper temperature in order to keep its original flavor. Therefore, any temperature fluctuations should be avoided to ensure the best quality. The same thing goes with wine cellar humidity. Every wine cellar should have optimum humidity. Otherwise, since the cellar is experiencing dryness, the cork seal have the tendency to go dry as well which directly affects how the wine tastes.

A wine cellar is certainly a must-have for a wine collector. Aside from serving as a good wine storage solution, it also provides additional value to any home. Contact us to speak with one of our excellent Design Specialists to help you talk over your needs for wine storage.

Something New: Arched Glass Doors And Step Stools – Stylish Access To Your Fine Wines

November 6th, 2010

We love to marvel at our wine collection. Who doesn’t? We treasure them so much that we select the best wine racks and build the finest wine cellars to house them.

But no, it doesn’t stop there. We love to accessorize our cellars too, with beautiful wine art, exquisite wine glasses, tasting tables, cooling solutions, and yes, even magnificent doors, rolling ladders and step stools. Needless to say, details are everything when it comes to wine cellars.

To satisfy the discriminating taste of every wine cellar owner, we’re happy to introduce 2 new additions to our collection: arched glass top doors and step stools.

Eyebrow Arched Glass DoorArched Top Glass Doors

The most visually important aspect of your wine storage area will be the door. And with wine cellar doors alone, you have plenty of choices!  Wine cellar doors come in numerous looks and finishes – you are spoilt for choice.

Our Eyebrow Arched Top Glass Door would make a great entry way to your wine cellar. This beautiful door’s glass can be etched, personalized or painted, and stains and woods are available with or without lacquer to match your wine cellar.

Since your door will be first thing your guests will see when entering your cellar, you’d want it to be a welcoming sight. We think this elegant arched glass door is just the thing.

Step Stool for Wine CellarStep Stools

Showing off your wines using high reveal display wine racks? So how do you reach those high up places to get your wine?  Do it with style with our wine cellar step stools.

Our step stool in a classy dark finish is made of birch wood. You’ll love it because it’s foldable for easy storage, and comes fully assembled. It may only weigh 19 lbs., but it can hold a weight limit of 200 – 250lbs.

Because it’s such a pretty step stool, it not only serves the purpose of helping you reach those wine bottles up top; it also makes a great piece of wine rack furniture in your wine cellar.

Wine Store Financing – Buy Today and Pay Tomorrow

November 4th, 2010

Are you a wine store or commercial business looking to invest in wine racks?

How would you like to buy and enjoy your wine racks today or remodel your wine store – and pay for it tomorrow?

As a wine shop owner, we know how important it is for you to become a key player in this popular industry. Presumably, your present funds are not enough for wine racks for your wine store business. Don’t let difficult times stop you from investing in your business. Why not get financing today?

Wine Store Financing from Wine Cellar Innovations

Wine Cellar Innovations offers financing for commercial businesses. We can help you with our various financing options available. Whether you need to stock up on inventory, expand or renovate, open new locations, or launch a project that can help your business succeed, consider getting financial help.

With 24 hour turnaround on applications and unparalleled client service and fast and easy documentation package, you can get instant financing up to $100,000 with no financials required! With our wine store financing, you can enjoy:

  • Deferred and Seasonal Payments
  • Finance Terms from 12-60 Months

We can help you build a program that meets your special needs, so you don’t need to worry about a thing!

In these difficult times, getting credit might be worthwhile. So open up to a whole new source of funds with our wine store financing service. We’re here to help.

How Big Should My Wine Cellar Be?

November 3rd, 2010

People frequently ask “How big should I make my wine cellar” or “How many wine bottles should I allow for.”

First start out with how many bottles you consume in a year. Then you compute the average age of the bottles you have in your collection. Say you consume 250 bottles in a year and your average bottle age is 5 years old, multiply the two together and you get 1,250. That amount allows you to drink your average number of bottles per year with a 5 year average age. I always recommend you allow another 15% for uneven buying habits. I tend to go on wine buying binges when I take trips to wine country or go to good wine tastings and 15% takes care of those binges.

The above formula works if you currently have a wine cellar and you are putting in a new one or moving to a new home. If you are moving up from cases stacked in a closet or unrefrigerated racking to a dedicated climate controlled wine cellar then there is a new element. Since you previously didn’t have the ability to age your wines in the climate that is conducive to aging, you probably collected wines that were ready to drink in the near term of one or two years. With a climate controlled cellar you will start to buy wines that will not reach their peak for years to come and your average age will increase. Plus your enthusiasm for wine collecting takes a spike when you put in a wine cellar. So the formula is part mathematical and part subjective based on your personality.

The wine cellar size takes some planning. You can stack a lot of bottles in a small space if you have double deep racks with just a corridor between them. If you want something less utilitarian and more aesthetically pleasing then you need to consult a wine cellar specialist and let them design one for you. Our design consultants make the process simple and our CAD designers draw room layouts with elevations which are simple to understand and give you a true representation of your cellar. A step up is 3D wine rack plans, then the next step is to add full color representation and our state of the art design is a virtual walk through.

If you need help in deciding how many bottles you should be planning for, don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with a Design Specialist.

Tech Tuesday – Episode #8 – A Window of Dreams

November 2nd, 2010

As you may already know, the Wine Cellar Innovations installation team has completed countless installations from residential to commercial.

I hope you didn’t miss last week’s Primo Vino commercial wine cellar, because today we’re featuring another pretty residential wine cellar made from our top of the line Platinum Series.

With the ability to house 1013 wine bottles, these custom wine racks come single or double deep with spacing for half bottles, wine, champagne, magnums and larger sizes. A focal point of this home wine cellar is a window that looks into the wine cellar, and there is also a wet bar outside the wine cellar – how cool is that?

What: Residential Custom Wine Cellar
Project #: 201633-8
Wood: Amber Blaze Unstained
Maximum storage capacity: 1013 wine bottles
Where: Lone Tree, CO
When: Completed September 2010

This pretty wine cellar uses WhisperKool 3000 — definitely a fine choice if you ask us. It’s vibration-free and perfect for maintaining room humidity, so those wines are not only kept cool, but aged well.

Enter the wine cellar doorway below and you’re immediately greeted by wine racks stained in Amber Glaze. Because these are high reveal display wine racks, the owner or guest enjoys full visibility with zero obstructions. You are literally greeted by the fine wines!

And what about the LED lighting with dimmer and the chandelier up top? It definitely creates a lovely atmosphere to this homey cellar.

Now, don’t you just love the combination of individual bottle storage with solid diamond bins?  They’re really designed to add visual delight to any wine cellar. Each diamond wine rack bin can hold up to 9 magnums, 12 champagnes or 16 standard wine bottles.

As you can clearly see, each wine bottle is carefully cradled on beveled rails. This wine cellar room may not be as huge as the other residential cellars we’ve featured in the past, but we just love how space is utilized in this room, giving you maximum view and enjoyment of the wines.

For more wine cellar installation photos, check out our residential gallery or simply tune in to Tech Tuesdays.

Wine Rack Kits To Die For: The Traditional Redwood Series (Part III of III)

November 1st, 2010

A look at Wine Cellar Innovation’s different wine rack versions for various needs, tastes, and budgets!

By now you already know that we just can’t stop talking about and creating wine racks. They are, after all, the home of our precious wines!

Last week we talked about our Designer Series collection, and before that, our Vintner Series collection. Don’t forget to check them out after you read today’s feature on Traditional Wine Racks.

You’re sure to find the perfect wine rack for you, with all the wine rack kits options we have on our website.

Traditional Redwood Wine Racks

What better way to combine and mix wine racks to develop your own personalized custom home wine cellar?

Our Traditional Series features Redwood wine racks, and all wine cellar and rack components are 72″ high, 8 3/4″ deep and come in easy to assemble kits which screw together. These racks allow you to enjoy the customized look of premium clear redwood without the custom price.

And you know you’ll never go wrong with Redwood — no other wood wine rack offers both beauty and durability, as well as ease of installation. This Redwood wine rack collection is designed to accommodate wine bottles that are 2 ¾” to 3 ¼” in diameter, and are structurally designed to accommodate additional wine storage above racking.

The wine racks are more shallow in depth for the wine bottles, so the bottle necks tend to stick out more. Do not worry about the safety of your wine though. The shallow depth fully supports the wine bottles. If you think of how a wine bottle is constructed, with the full body of the wine that smooths out to the smaller neck of the bottle? That full diameter of the body of the bottle is supported inside the rack and the tapered portion of the neck does not bear any weight anyway.The depth is usually 8 3/4 inches, while the full depth can be 12 11/16th or 13 1/2  — spacer bar included.

Check out this gorgeous 6 foot Individual Half Height Wine Rack, this pretty Redwood Table Top, and this Rectangular Bin Wine Rack.

Needless to say, the Traditional Series offers all the luxury and look of custom crafted quality Redwood wine racks without the custom price!

Thanks for reading along with us in review of our different wine rack kit series. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below.