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Tech Tuesday Episode #7 – Primo Vino Commercial Wine Racks

October 26th, 2010

Who doesn’t love a unique wine shop with an old world charm?

This is what Primo Vino is all about, and we were more than happy to customize wine racks for their store. Primo Vino has a great selection of wine, as well as high-end spirits from around the world, micro-brewed and import beers, artisan cheese and meats, cigars, and gourmet products.

We spoke to Keller Ford, General Manager of Primo Vino, who told us that for years, there has only been one choice in town to get a nice bottle of wine —  the local grocery store. And it didn’t have a liquor store which was crazy! The wine shop is located in Cape Girardeau, the biggest town within the southern part of Missouri.  Its team thought it was a good market for a higher end store, thus, Primo Vino was born.

The racks were created with the help of Brett Norris and finished in April by Joe Glass, our excellent Installation Manager, and today, Primo Vino clients are loving the wine displays. They especially LOVE how it’s so easy to find wine, and of course, the store is enjoying high sales from the high end display of wines.

Ah, there’s nothing like a very pleased client to make our day.

If you have been following our Tech Tuesdays, you’re surely familiar with the residential wine cellars we’ve created. Last week, for example, we featured a residential wine cellar in Atlanta, Georgia.

Well, Wine Cellar Innovations also designs and mass produces an entire line of wine displays for retail wine stores. Clients have loved our commercial wine racks – we have everything from wine display islands, wine display bins, individual wine bottle displays, accent pieces and more. Check out these gorgeous wine rack displays showcased in Primo Vino’s store:

The store utilizes several beautiful Triple Tier Merchandisers and Maximizers wine displays — our most popular commercial wine racks. These sturdy, freestanding wine display racks are perfect for sales, as each wine display bottle is in the optimal visual range.  It features full wine bottle depth coverage at 13 ½” deep and beveled ends and rounded edges to prevent labels from tearing.

The cellar also features an Adjustable Shelf Wine Cabinet, also one of our best selling commercial wine display racks. These wine cabinets are adaptable full-height cabinets and the adjustable shelf cabinet allows you to stock a wide variety of products, and are designed to merchandise high volume wines. The display trays can designed with solid wood and can hold up to 200lbs.

Perhaps the best feature of this wine cellar is its outstanding placement of different wine display islands. We can just imagine rows and rows of wines cradled on these rails, and customers not getting enough of the sight of hundreds of bottles of wine! From two-tier displays, triple tier displays to wall wine units, it’s no wonder why this store has captured every Primo Vino customer’s heart.

Also worth mentioning is the wine racks’ darker colored stain. The client mentioned that he checked out a shop with natural wood with no stain and he personally preferred the darker stain option. These racks’ Premium Redwood stain indeed bring an old world charm to the entire store. With fabulous lighting that completes the store’s homey yet classy look, it’s no wonder why Primo Vino is considered the prettiest retail store in Cape Gerardo! In fact, it has been said to be by far the best looking wine shop in the state of Missouri.

Wine Cellar Innovations is proud to be a part of this wine shop’s success by contributing to its customers’ wine shopping experience.  If you’re loving these photos, check out more options on our commercial wine racks page.

Stay tuned to next week’s Tech Tuesday!

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