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Lighting Up Your Wine Cellar

October 20th, 2010

It used to be that lighting in your cellar was frowned upon.

Every wine lover knows that improper lighting can damage fine wines, because it heats wine, degrading the organic compounds within it. Surely we don’t want light to destroy a perfectly good bottle!

But with today’s cool fluorescent and LED lights, having a well-illuminated wine cellar is a good thing! When planning your wine cellar construction, you want enough light to be able to read labels, but you don’t want so much light either that can cause damage.

Why install wine cellar lighting?

Well, we can give you a few reasons for installing some fancy lights in your wine cellar:

1. You will be able to see where you are going and what you are doing, cutting down the time you have to spend in your cellar. Yes, we know some of you love to spend time there, but did body temperature can change a modestly sized cellar’s temperature fairly quickly! This is why limiting the time spent in there is usually a good thing.

2. Having good lighting saves you from having to rely on a flashlight to find your way through those racks and prevents you from tearing/snagging on labels, or knocking over some bottles!

3. Aesthetic purposes. Those cool lights (hidden or in plain view) have an eye-pleasing effect, serving as an accent to your wine cellar atmosphere! To see what we mean, check out the lighting in one of our residential wine cellar installations.

Lighting is practical and decorative, and it should allow you to admire your cellar and select your wine. Of course, when building a wine cellar, keep in mind that you want as little light as possible to reach your bottles.
Some lighting options

Wine Cellar Innovations has some great options for wine cellar lighting: Led lighting for those archways, in high reveal display racking and back-lighting in crown molding; Flourescent Slimlites for illuminating light boxes or backlighting stained glass, and Low Profile IC Can Lighting for accent and task lighting applications.

If you want enough light in the room for entertaining, just make sure you don’t use so much that it creates heat, especially near the wine racks. To get it right, check with a design professional before you begin your wine cellar construction to choose the lighting that’s right for you and your cellar.

Lighting for your wine cellar is an investment, so think carefully about where you install your lights and which types of lighting to go for. If you have any questions, please contact us so we can help you through the process.

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