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Getting an Organized Wine Cellar – Part II

October 19th, 2010

Reading Gary Peterson’s last post on how he keeps his wine cellar organized makes me remember how disorganized my own wine cellar used to be. I was constantly finding jewels that had been tarnished by age.I now keep a spreadsheet with a grid to locate the row and column but I added something which is visually easy or a lazy way of keeping in touch with my collection.

As you can see above, it shows display bottles which are lit with LED lights that produce virtually no heat. Showing you an overview of how the bottles are situated, you can see how the picture below shows how those display bottles fit in the wine cellar. Some displays have eleven bottles below for an even case, some have nine above, some have three below.

As I drink down a case I will move it to a smaller collection of nine or three. With the display row softly lit I can walk around the room and see the labels of the wine in the column above or below.

It is easy to forget about logging a wine out but it easy to see open spaces. When I buy new wines I keep them on the counter in the case until I can log them in. I love my wine collection but I get lazy sometimes and the display row system allows me to stay in touch between those time when I can get into the details.

Are there any good tips on how you stay updated and keep an organized wine cellar?

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  1. Gary Peterson writes:

    Really nice blog post with a great idea (stacking by case). Although this will work for the wines I buy by case, I do have many many bottles of Oregon & Washington wines, which are given for me to do video tastings, and possibly put for sale on my website. As I am usually given one for tasting, and one for my pleasure, I have a lot of great single bottles in the cellar,
    so “stacking” won’t work for those. I just have to be a fanatic, and add / subtract as I enjoy each, and keep track of what needs to be consumed.
    One advantage of “Smart Phones” like my iPhone, is my CellarTracker is loaded on it, and fairly easy to make the corrections to my cellar stock.

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