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Choose the Best Wood for Your Custom Wine Cellar

October 18th, 2010

Choosing the wood species to use in your custom wine cellar is one of the important decisions to make before the wine room construction can even begin. The type of wood will affect not only the aesthetic factor of the wine room but also the main purpose of storing or holding the wines.

There are varieties of wood species and stains to choose from. Among the considerations that must be given attention during selection are: durability of the wood, cost and aesthetics. Redwood, mahogany and pine are among the most common or popular choices for wood wine racks.

Small Wine RacksPine species are the most economical among the 3 wood types. A very notable advantage about pine wood is its ability to be stained using almost any type of wood finishes. So if you use pine for your wine storage, you have the freedom to choose any stain color that would match or blend with other upholstery and furniture pieces in your wine cellar.

Redwood is the standard wood used for wine storage rooms and shelves.  This type of wood has natural oils in it which serves as its preservatives against moisture and mildew. We love the unstained look of Redwood but if you prefer to use a stain, our water based stains will enhance the beauty and the grains within.

There are two types of redwood to choose from – “All Heart Redwood” and “Premium Redwood.” The former has a consistent, dark tone and is more expensive compared to the latter, which has more color variations.

Mahogany is another popular choice of wood to use in constructing wine shelves, cellars and rooms. It is durable, resistant to warping and swelling and moisture decay. It can also be stained and lacquer-finished to keep it from mildew and deterioration due to temperature changes. This type of wood material is highly recommended for standard to premium wine storage designs.

All of these three wood species are good construction materials for the wine room, cellar or shelves. Your choice of wine cellar wood depends on other factors like budget, storage needs and specification, air-conditioning, wine cellar cooling unit, and aesthetics. Regardless of your concerns, all three woods can still be built into magnificent wine racks and storage. So choose among them and have your wine cellar built immediately.

2 responses to “Choose the Best Wood for Your Custom Wine Cellar”

  1. sophie writes:

    is there any other wood that would work for cellars like oak or walnut?

  2. Kristi writes:

    Definitely! Our wood page goes over that in more detail, specifically in the ‘Custom Woods’ section.

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