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Wine Storage 101 – Great Tips for your Wine Cellar

October 17th, 2010

Home and Wine StorageThere are a multitude of ways on how wine can be kept at home. Wine racks which are customized accordingly to your needs or a custom wine cellar, if you want to have one in the house, will both do very well. However, prior to building any of these two, keep in mind that the number of wine bottles significantly plays a very huge role in the whole process.

If you are just starting out with your collection, smaller wine racks are a practical choice. They could be stored in your pantry or garage where you keep your wine if you are an informal collector. But, once they grow in number and there is no longer extra room for storage, a wine cellar will keep them intact.

With regards to wine racks, there are various kinds and styles. They can be made in wood or metal. And, a good feature wine racks possess is they can be tailored accordingly to how you’d like them to appear. They do not only provide you storage for your wine bottles but also give additional aesthetic value to your home as well.

But, when it comes to wine cellar humidity, the temperatures are very critical. It is important that you store wine in a cool, dark place. High temperature destroys the wine that is why being certain to maintain appropriate temperature at all cost is significant. Humidity also affects the wine. Proper humidity prevents corks from drying out. Otherwise, the wines taste bad.

Another factor to consider when planning your custom wine cellar is to choose the place where you want to build it. If you have a basement in your home, it can serve as an appropriate space to convert to a wine cellar. According to the space you have, you can start and be creative about how you can take full advantage of space.

Whatever type of wine storage you think you need, what is important is that you give importance to the security of your collection. If you have trouble deciding what to use, you can always ask advice from people who are experts when it comes to wine racks and cellars.

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