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Pine Wine Racks: Perfect For The Wine Lover On A Budget

October 16th, 2010

Beautiful wood wine racks come in various wood types, stains and finishes — we all know that.  We’re pretty sure that if you’re currently on the market for one, you’ve seen some great wood options.

Because wines do not come cheap, they have to be housed in a well-made wood wine rack. The only problem is, these “well-made” racks can come in a hefty price. So now you wonder: “Which wood species should I use?”

There are a relatively good number of wood species varieties out there, and you know you need to carefully identify and select which particular wood species would work best for you and your budget.

Pines make great wine racks

A great alternative for the wine lover on a budget is pine.

They’re one of the cheapest wood species available! Have you seen it primed and painted, or stained and sealed? Pines make beautiful pieces of wine rack furniture. Wood wine racks made from pine wood gives you that earthy feel. We love how they can be attractively stained in a rustic finish to enhance its beauty, which makes pine wine racks a lovely home for your precious wine collection.

Pine is a versatile wood and can be finished in a wide variety of colors. It can be clear-coated to highlight the clean, clear graining of the wood, and although it is not classified as a hardwood, pine is durable and sturdy! Yes, it may be cheaper compared to redwood and mahogany, but pine wine racks can support the weight of your wine bottles. The smell of a wine rack made from pine stays fresh always, so home owners love it.

We know several people who enjoy the natural, rustic look of unfinished pine wood. Others prefer the stained version, finished with a rich color which makes a great conversation piece in homes. When you do decide to go for a pine wine rack, you can trust that you are getting a quality, sturdy, affordable wood that’s right for your budget.

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