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Big Wine Dreams…Small Spaces?

October 13th, 2010

Wine storage solutions for small living spaces

So here’s the thing: You love wine, you drink and think about it often, and can’t stop buying a bottle or two EVERY week. You’re now thinking of starting a real collection rather than stashing those bottles on a rack in your kitchen, but alas,  you live in a SMALL apartment.

There’s hardly enough room for ALL your stuff, let alone enough empty space for a nice wine cellar or a wine refrigerator.  Your cramped space is disappointing, but hey, here’s the good news: lack of space doesn’t make collecting wine impossible!

So here are some wine storage recommendations for you:

Small Wine Racks

Small wine racks are an elegant way to display and store a few bottles of wine. We have a couple of small wine racks for you here at WCI. We can design a wine rack to fit your limited space, and you can choose from a variety of wood and stain options to prettify them!

A small wine rack is perfect for a table or counter, and they make an interesting conversation piece. Check out our Stackable 12 Bottle Wine Rack or the Pine Cube Wine Rack!

Wine Cabinets

There are a variety of wine cabinet sizes out there – find one that’s perfect for your unique storage situation!

Wine cabinets, just like their full-sized counterparts, help keep your wines from being adversely affected by light, vibrations and humidity fluctuations.  You don’t have to worry about protecting your investment, since these cabinets are equipped with high-tech humidity and temperature controls designed for wine storage.


Check out some of our wine cabinets. These whisper quiet cabinets make a great storage solution for your wines, and we can design them to fit perfectly in your designated space!


Wine Credenzas

Here’s another practical solution for the space-challenged: the wine credenza. It’s a long, low cabinet that is usually seen in a dining room.  Maybe you’ve seen some of these cabinets in luxurious woods with nice details. They’re usually placed alongside a wall in a room. We love their practicality – you can show off your collection AND can also be used as a table top for serving food, as a bar area, or as a place to display your fine china!

If you think wine credenzas are for you, check out our Franciscan Series, comprised of full-length glass doors framed by wood veneer. The combination of the tinted glass and wooden door frames provide a uniquely classic view of your wine collection!

So don’t be deterred from collecting just because you don’t have the space. Get creative and pick the wine storage solution that’s best for you!

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