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Keeping Your Wines Cool with Wine Cellar Cooling Units

October 10th, 2010

When did it get so hot?

The heat and humidity not only take a toll on our bodies – it can also take a big toll on our beloved wine collection.  Whether you have a few bottles or a few hundred, the heat can destroy them – and you wouldn’t want that to happen.

As you may already know, the ideal condition for storing wine is 55 degrees and between 55% and 75% relative humidity.  Storing wines in a regular fridge can be too cold, and storing them in wine rack in a room temperature area can be too warm. It seems like the lesser of these evils is to put it them a regular fridge, as it will just dramatically slow down the aging process. But after a long period of time, this can adversely affect your wines too.

If you often purchase expensive wines or are looking at keeping a large quantity of wines, then you should invest in some wine cooling systems for your long term storage. Rain or shine, we think it’s crucial that you know how to bring on a chill to protect your wines from spoiling.

Wine cooling storage options

Wine Cellar Cooling

Small wine air conditioning units are needed for your long term wine storage in your custom wine rooms. Most of these fridges are thermoelectric units, so they are very quiet and can go anywhere in your home. There are also bigger wine refrigeration units of course, that typically have a compressor and a front vent, just like the one in your kitchen. These bigger units can be freestanding, or you can build it into your cabinets.

Wine coolers work to preserve the true aroma and flavor of your wine. They come with the temperature control technology to help you can keep different wines at different temperatures. And we’ve got just the right stuff for you!

For your high end wine cellar, our WineZone Split Refrigeration system is built to last under the most demanding conditions.

If you need something smaller, check out our Breezaire refrigeration unit. They are self-contained — they do not require a HVAC technician for installation.

You can also go for WhisperKool – only one of the best wine refrigeration systems in the world!

Don’t let your wines battle with the heat.  Look into one some of our wine cellar cooling units.  We have a great selection at affordable prices that fit various styles and budgets.

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