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Magnificent Metal Wine Racks, Anyone?

October 9th, 2010

Okay, so most of the people we know prefer wood wine racks over metal wine racks. Yes, we also think wood wine racks are “warmer” and more homey than metal wine racks, but the metal ones offer not only great looks and come in contemporary styles – they also provide great stability and longevity.

Metal Wine RacksWe love the character and sturdiness of metal wine racks. They are extremely decorative, and help you store your wine more aesthetically. Why, they make an attractive décor in your home or business!

Metal wine racks have two particular advantages over wooden wine racks:

  • your wine’s label is easy to see
  • they are more likely to fit in narrow spaces

Because they take up less space and are usually modular, metal wine racks are usually lighter (sometimes heavier depending on the design). We love how they can fit stylishly into more places. If you’re thinking of storing your wine in a closet, a narrow hallway, or under the stairs, metal wine racks are the perfect choice!

The thin frames that these racks are composed of allow for more storage and space, and since these types of wine racks are adjustable, you can size and position them to fit your needs! If your home is the modern contemporary or minimalist, metal wine racks with elegant clean lines or gracefully curvy designs would look great.

Price-wise, metal wine racks can run from under $50 to several hundreds of dollars, depending on size and quality of the metal. To get your money’s worth, maybe you can invest in a wine rack that doubles as storage for wine and accessories such as wine glasses, corkscrews, and the like. You’ll never run out of choices, because there’s a lot out there that come in simple, stylish to intricate designs.

Our unique custom metal wine rack styles

Find your ideal metal wine rack quickly and easily today. Browse our Metal Wine Racks collection which is composed of VintageView wine racks, which are prefect for tight and limited spaces, and Black Lattice Wine Racks also great for those small spaces.

Maybe you’ll fancy the VintageView Magnum Champagne Wine Racks or the Diamond Metal Lattice Wine Rack.

With the STACT wall mounted wine racks, you have aluminum bottle supports with a beautiful colored panel behind showing off color to match your home. Another option is the Echelon wave wine racks which have a simplicity in the creation that will make your wine storage look incredibly modern.

No matter what style of metal rack you choose, it’s surely a great investment. With its form and functionality, it’s definitely a great storage option for your wines!

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