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Tech Tuesday Episode #4 – Indian Hill Residential Wine Cellar

October 5th, 2010

With all the options available out there for wine storage, wouldn’t you like your own wine cellar to be a place which reflects your good taste and personal style? After all, you put so much personal preference into building your wine collection. Why shouldn’t your wine cellar reveal it?

This is why we love showing off the wine cellars we’ve created here every Tuesday. If you missed last week’s residential wine cellar, be sure to take a peek!  Take a tour around our photo gallery for some fabulous installations!

Today we’re featuring another grand wine cellar created for a residential home in  Indian Hill. The clients are from France and moved to Indian Hill about 10 years ago. The owner knows a few people who have bought our cellars and wanted his own cellar. He was very very pleased with our product, Chris Meutsch and our installation!

He couldn’t wait to start loading his cellar!

Where: Indian Hill
Project #: 202156-6
When: September 2010
Wood: Gold Series with Vintner options in Premium Redwood with light stain
Maximum Storage Capacity: 1,154 wine bottles

First of all, I really love the strong elements of this cellar:  fabulous individual display racks, bulk storage, angled corners, its smooth finish table top. Everything is just put together wonderfully to give you the ability to easily see your precious collection in each column or rack!

Everyone needs some workspace in the wine cellar, right? Well check out the wine glass rack and tabletop combination on this one. It’s the perfect area to open and pour your wines in your wine cellar! Each row of the hanging wine glass rack can hold 4 glasses.

Another feature of this wine cellar is its open diamond cubes, constructed of more affordable 1×2’s which does not include a face trim for a significant cost savings.  As you can see below, each cube is comprised of 4 quadrants that can hold 10 bottles each. Notice the quarter round display shelf? We’re thinking decanters, champagne buckets and other wine accessories. Or maybe some picture frames?

Now let’s talk bulk storage. One of the most efficient ways to store your wine in bulk is through the use of case racking. We think it’s truly a unique way to store wine bottles in their original packaging. This preserves the look of the bottles, and creates an easy way for the owner locate each variety!  Extremely useful for wine fanatics who buy their favorite wines in bulk, don’t you think so?

Overall, we love how space is utilized, how every corner and angle is so smooth and how each rack or bin makes a perfect home for every bottle of wine. The variety of storage options in this wine cellar is simply lovely! If you are looking for wine racks for sale, please contact us so we can help you create a fantastic design.

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