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Tech Tuesday Episode #3 – Residential Wine Cellar

September 28th, 2010

Have we ever told you what we love about customizing wine cellars and wine racks?

It’s seeing the dream turn to reality. There’s nothing quite like seeing the finished product in all its beauty! Creating appealing and effective wine storage for your favorite wine bottles is what we do after all, and we take pleasure in seeing wine cellar dreams come true!

I mean, did you see last week’s Tech Tuesday? I hope you liked it!

Today’s wine cellar was created for H2 Builders Inc., a family owned and operated custom home builder in South Carolina with over 30 years of construction experience. Over the years, H2 Builders Inc. has earned for quality workmanship and attention to detail.

This builder of exceptional homes chose nothing less than our top of the line Platinum series, which reflect the widest variety of wine storage options available in a full-depth style. These Platinum Series custom wine racks come single or double deep with spacing for half bottles, wine, champagne, magnums and larger sizes!

Who: H2 Builders
Project #: 201646-2
Wood: Amber Blaze Mahogany in Dark Walnut stain
Where: Bluffton, SC
When: September 1, 2010

It’s a little dark and hard to see but take a quick one minute tour of this wine cellar:

With the capacity to house a maximum of 889 wine bottles, this wine cellar is made from Amber Blaze Mahogany.  Tough wood Mahogany is known for its beauty, hardness, evident durability, and resistance to swelling, shrinking and warping over time.  Why, it’s the kind of  wood perfect for areas prone to excessive moisture or humidity.

Featuring a classy and elegant archway and tabletop, single deep open vertical display racks that can fit up to 114 bottles and solid side open vertical display racks, this fine creation is surely a homeowner’s delight!

And what about the wine cellar door? In one of our posts, we talked about the best doors that suit your style, and in this case, Hamilton Builders chose an ornate wrought iron wine cellar door with grape detail.

I love the interesting shapes of the shelving in this wine cellar.  The wine racking also boasts of 3 row high reveal displays that allow full visibility of your finest wines with no obstructions, solid diamond bins, open rectangular bins, designed to hold 12 single deep standard Bordeaux or Burgundy wine bottles, or 24 double deep, and cabinet with glass panel doors, all with eased edges for that seamless fit!

Take a quick peek at the archway, wine racking, as well as a quick peek at the wine cellar cooling unit…

Is that a WhisperKool Extreme 4000 peeking from up above? Why yes it is!  It’s only the highest end, professional series cooling unit offered by WhisperKOOL, utilizing state of the art, high quality components. The system is designed for powerful operation, efficiency, high-reliability and longevity! And check out this cellar’s glass tile ceiling which was supplied by the homeowner…isn’t it gorgeous? We love how the light shows off its beauty!

Wine Cellar Ceiling and Lighting Fixture

It’s hard to say what my favorite detail of this room is…I love the archway and the combination of different types of racks! It really is visually interesting, wouldn’t you say? What about you? What do you love about this wine cellar?

Share your thoughts, and take a tour around our photo gallery for more wine cellar inspirations!