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Tech Tuesday Episode #2 – Residential All Heart Redwood

September 21st, 2010

Accurate execution of design details.

That’s what we always strive for here at Wine Cellar Innovations.

We know you love to display your finest wines dramatically, but to create a state of the art masterpiece, the technical details have to be laid out first. Last week I shared with you the custom wine cellar we installed for Garrison Creek. I hope you loved it!

Since it’s Tech Tuesday again, here’s another project that shows off some fabulous design and aesthetics. It features one of my favorite wine cellar designs: an elegant archway with single deep wine storage and diamond bins. I just love how it creates an eye catching focal point to your wine cellar!

This beautiful Marietta, Georgia residential wine cellar was installed in a small community.

Where: Marietta, GA
Project #: 204724-2
When: August 2010
Wood: Vintner Kit with Custom Add-on’s in All Heart Redwood unstained
Maximum Storage Capacity: 1,184 wine bottles

The best feature of this cellar is its archway with table top and open vertical display cabinet. It incorporates many unique elements and uses All Heart Redwood, which happens to be one of our favorite wood types. Taken from the center of the great Redwood tree, All Heart has a natural beauty, is naturally resistant to rot and mildew. No wonder it has been the wood of choice for fine wine cellars for centuries!

This custom wine cellar also features a diamond bin wooden wine rack and decorative crown molding, which surely adds charm and elegance to any room!  And, with eco-friendly LED lighting which is typically used as back-lighting in crown molding for archways and in high reveal display racking,  it’s such a visual delight!

This wine cellar can house a maximum of 1,184 bottles. Its single deep open vertical display, where each bottle is cradled on two rails which are cut with beveled ends, is versatile enough to fit large champagne bottles and is perfect for magnum storage. It also has rectangular bins that can fit up to 102 bottles. Talk about dimensional flair! What’s more, this custom made beauty also has storage space for your wine boxes! Wine cellars with archways such as this come with options for hand-painted paintings and murals to each customer’s taste and dimensions. Choose from our collections, or customize your own.

With the durability and stability of All Heart Redwood, this wine cellar is bound to last for years to come.

Let us know what you think of this All Heart Redwood custom wine cellar install. And, if you want to see how your dream cellar would look or you just simply love viewing beautiful wine cellars, check out our new searchable photo gallery.

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