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Best Wine Cellar Doors To Suit Your Style

September 20th, 2010

Dark Wood Wine Cellar DoorThe entrance doors of wine cellars can be of varied styles, sizes, and colors. Wine connoisseurs can have their pick of the various designs that range from antique to contemporary models. And alongside the design of the wine cellar door is the consideration of its functionality.Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Door

Wine room doors function not solely for closing or opening of the cellar room, it must also perform other tasks at maximum level. The wine cellar door must be thoroughly constructed. It must be appropriately sealed or insulated to ensure that the moisture and temperature of the cellar is constant. The condition of the wine room should be kept stable because variable temperature and wine cellar humidity can interfere with the aging process of the wine. It will eventually affect the wines flavor after aging.

Cellar doors can be made from wood or glass. Both materials are good moisture barriers. Wooden doors can be made from redwood or mahogany. It can be plain wood, ornately hand-crafted, mixed with glass, or embellished with metal details. It can also be two-doors, depending on the design you want.

Painted Glass Wine Cellar DoorGlass doors are also nice for wine cellars to present a more modern and sleek look. Glass can be custom-designed by painting the whole glass door or it can be plain and topped with metal ornate etchings for added protection as well as design. Glass doors should be thick enough to insulate the wine room’s indoor temperature. It should also be sealed to keep the humidity inside the room invariable. You can also choose to have a Spanish style or European look for the doors of your wine room to match your whole house’s interior design.

When it comes to designs of wine cellar doors, the choice is almost infinite especially when you can have it custom-designed. As long as the door is functioning at its best, you can have the design that fits the splendor of your collections and speaks of your personal taste.

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  1. Heritage Link Brands writes:

    These are some of the best wine cellar door that suit your style. But you can choose or make your own style in your own way.

    I think the best wine cellar doors are those which had a glass in front. Because people can see clearly what are the wines available.

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