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Wine Cellar Accessories That Enhance Your Wine Cellar

September 16th, 2010

Whether you are at the beginning of creating the perfect wine cellar or you already have one created, wine cellar accessories are an important visual enhancement to your cellar. Searching for wine accessories can be made easy by using the website of Wine Cellar Innovations. Not just accessories, you can find a wide variety of decorations ranging from paintings, mosaics, stained glass and many more.

Wine Cellar Innovations also offers these types of wine cellar accessories that are created meticulously and carefully by its skilled artisans according to how you would like them to be made.

To top its list of eye-catching artworks is the Grapevine Copper Fountain with Brass Grape Clusters. This decorative addition is a wine cellar humidification fountain which is customized and completely done by hand. It flexibly matches any type of wood racking stain, thus making it a very versatile piece of artistic addition to any wine cellar.

The copper fountain is preserved with polyurethane to prevent it from tarnishing and its grape clusters can come in brass or burgundy. Water continuously flows smoothly touching the leaves (located at the centre) one by one. The fountain can be set up on the wall, in an archway, or on table tops.

Another piece of artwork Wine Cellar Innovations also customizes is Etched Mirrors. These Etched Mirrors are beautifully designed, sketched out and sandblasted also by hand only. This kind of art form can serve as an interesting focal point to your wine cellar. And, the mirror has its way of making your cellar appear larger and they are usually used in glass rack openings and archways.

To come up with a spectacular design for etched mirrors, the detailed etchings are coated with paint on the backside of the mirror so an etched image can materialize. Etched mirrors can be installed framed or bevelled however you’d like it done.

Moreover, Wine Cellar Innovations’ mosaic arts are also the most frequently requested piece of beautification people ask for. If you’d like to make you cellar appear more classic and elegant, this type of art form is the one to choose.

These mosaic pieces are also done entirely by hand with the use of high-quality antique fine china, stained glass and porcelain tiles as its primary material. During the process of making this artwork, the artist breaks the material into smaller pieces and creatively assembles them into amazingly well-thought scenery. Once the picture is done, it is grouted to a mason board and sealed with the use of a protective glaze.

Mosaic arts, just like etched mirrors, are also commonly set up in archways and glass rack openings. But to make it more different than the usual, Wine Cellar Innovations also modifies mosaic pieces which can be installed in the flooring – you can actually step on it and the mosaic never breaks.

These are only a few wine cellar art and cellar accessories to cite offered by Wine Cellar Innovations. Hand painted tiles, stained glass, murals, and rumbled stone are also made available. If you’d like to get to know more about these aesthetic additions, you can contact Christy, the Cellar Manager, and she’ll be happy to assist you.

Finally, if you want the artworks done with a bit of your personal touch, you can provide Wine Cellar Innovations with your own piece of artwork may it be family initials, family crests, or your favorite wine label. Just give a sample and our talented artists will handle everything for you.