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A Second Look At The Traditional Series

May 2nd, 2016 by

It’s hard to stay away from tradition. And why would we? Tradition should be preserved because it’s basically passing down something important from one generation to the next – be it beliefs, customs, and what-not. In the wine cellar game, preserving tradition is also very much encouraged. There are still aspects of wine cellar construction and design that need to be maintained despite the changes brought about by a more sophisticated society. And as far as wine racks are concerned, WCI also staunchly holds on to a few “traditional” aspects – as with our Traditional Series wine racks kit.


Tradition with a twist!

As far as conventional wine racking is concerned, it probably can’t get any closer to that than our Traditional Series wine racking units. The kits are composed of standard wine racks that can accommodate individual and bulk bottle storage as efficiently as possible. You get your usual fare of Individual Bottle Columns in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-column widths. Then you also have a healthy selection of bulk and large format storage racks, such as the ever popular Diamond Bins and Cubes and Rectangular Bins. There are also Tasting Centers that are conveniently designed to be fully functional and space-efficient, units that would be easy to work with into almost any area in your home.

Naturally, all these racking units sport quality craftsmanship and made of top-grade materials. As far as wine racking is concerned, you get nothing but great quality, understated elegance, as well as affordability with the Traditional Series. These are wine racking qualities that have become the “tradition” over time and are basically all that you need to create that classic wine cellar project. But there’s more to this series than that!

While indeed keeping with “tradition,” we’ve also made it a point to have our Traditional Series wine racks evolve over the years to give it added flexibility particularly in terms of style. That’s why we’ve also incorporated several finish options – accents and accessories that can really complete the look of any wine racking assembly. From custom crown and base moldings to archways, tabletops, display shelves and more, one can utilize these finishing touches to their wine cellars for a truly “completed” appearance. That also includes a healthy selection of stain and finish options to dress up your wood in. Moreover, we’ve also upgraded the Individual Bottle Columns with the new Display Row option. That means your Traditional Series wine racks can both store and showcase your bottles in style – just like the more contemporary Vintner and Designer Series.

Check out the full Traditional Series wine racking line-up and go “traditional” with a twist on your wine cellars!

“Extreme Satisfaction” With WCI Wine Racks & Services

April 28th, 2016 by

It’s not every day that you get glowing reviews for both your products and customer service. That’s why whenever we are fortunate enough to receive high praise on both accounts, we make it a point to share it with everyone. It’s always an amazing feeling when your clients give you their mark of approval because it inspires you to improve AND solidifies your reputation with potential customers. For that, we are grateful, just like what our clients Jerry and Adrienne shared here as far as their WCI experience is concerned:


Jerry and Adrienne decided to install a formal wine cellar in their newly completed basement. The location was, of course, the most ideal. But they still had to decide on the design for the space they had allotted for the project. They worked closely with one of our professional design consultants who outfitted their wine cellar with the Designer Series wine racks. Individual Bottle Columns with Displays were installed, along with Rectangular Bins below a Standard Archway with Tabletop option. The racks were uniformly stained in darker shades than the walls and ceilings and custom lighting accessories were thrown in to complete the wine room. The entire procedure – from initial consultation to the design process -was dubbed by the clients as “a great deal easier than imagined.” Needless to say, they were absolutely thrilled by the end results – and we are too!


“I am pleased to respond that we completed our basement and more importantly our wine cellar this past December.  I was extremely satisfied with all the efforts of Jordan Newman with Wine Cellar Innovations.  Jordan made the design of the specified space very easy and the WCI wine racks not only fit perfect but also looks amazing.  We had a contractor handle our installation and it went very seamlessly.  We also purchased a cooling system for the cellar that is providing a very consistent and reliable 55 degrees for our red wine collection.  The design process was a great deal easier than I imagined once I made contact with Jordan.  I would highly recommend anyone looking to install an amazing wine cellar to work with Wine Cellar Innovations.  Thank you for your follow up and for providing amazing customer service throughout the process.  I have attached a few photos of the conversational centerpiece from our new basement, please feel free to display them on the webpage and furthermore I would be happy to speak to anyone having any questions about the process.”

~Jerry & Adrienne S.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Stylish Wine Cellar Lighting

April 27th, 2016 by

How important is having the right lighting elements in your wine cellar project? Our experienced wine cellar design consultants will certainly tell you that they are really important. While wine cellar lighting may be classified as an “accessory” or “accent” to a wine cellar project, there’s no doubt that it plays an essential role as a whole. Proper lighting not only accentuates your bottles to maximum advantage but also serves to provide the kind of ambiance you’d want for your wine cellar. And if you own a wine store or restaurant, creating the right ambiance is a must. So here are some of our top recommendations for stylish lighting elements  to shine the spotlight both on your collection and wine cellar:

Recessed LED Lighting

LED Downlights

Recessed LED Downlights are a very smart choice for your wine cellar’s lighting accessories. They sport perfect thermal management and high efficient PMMA lens. With the constant current driving system, they are rated for 50,000 hours of running time. Plus, the light appears to give as much as 40 watts of light due to tight range of the beam. Recessed LED Downlights do not generate any harmful UV rays. That means they’re eco-friendly to boot! There are also choices when it comes to this lighting accent such as the Low Profile IC Can Lighting that can be used for both ceiling and soffit application, like in this sample wine cellar project:

LED Display Lighting

LED Display Lighting

A  LED Display Lighting system is best utilized to highlight your wine display racks and archways in a custom wine cellar project. Again, these warm, white LED lights do not generate any UV rays, which is a huge plus, environment-wise. They are also ETL approved and showcase impressive resistance to vibration and humidity. That’s why they’re ideal for wine cellars seeing that you’ll need to keep humidity levels 24/7. But in addition to these economical attributes, the other great thing about LED displays is that most of them come with flexible construction such as a peel-off backing to make them adhere anywhere in your wine cellar. It’s especially convenient when you want to utilize LED Ribbon Lights as backlighting for your crown moldings, archways, or high reveal displays for a classy touch to your wine room.

Fluorescent Slimlites

Fluorescent Slimlites

Fluorescent Slimlites come highly recommended when you want to invest in stained glass artwork, etched lightboxes, or other decorative applications in your wine cellar. They are the perfect lighting elements to illuminate these wine cellar accents and create a more dramatic or fanciful mood to your wine cellar. Fluorescent Slimlites usually come with built-in electronic ballast and are very energy efficient at only 7, 10 and 18 watts. They are also easy to clean and possess extremely long bulb life – rated 10,000 hour.


Technical Tuesday Episode #280: Passive Wine Cellar Built With WineMaker Racks

April 26th, 2016 by

So we’re down to the last Tech Tuesday for the month of April! A quarter of the year has gone by pretty quickly and fortunately for us, quite productively, too. We’re all pumped up and ready to bring more inspiring wine cellar projects for the next coming months. But let’s end the first month of Spring on a high note with this generous wine room, all the way from Nebraska:

Project # 273458
Series: WineMaker 
Bottle Capacity: n/a

WineMaker Series wine racks WineMaker Series

Our client Matthew decided to turn a room in the basement of their home into a custom wine cellar with the help of WCI’s wine rack kits. Since he had a pretty sizeable collection going and certainly wanted to move forward with future acquisitions, he made sure to maximize the room’s storage capacity. He wisely chose our WineMaker Series wine racks for the job. Our WineMaker Series is our most popular line for shallow-depth racking units. It comes in a healthy variety of individual and bulk bottle storage options – all at shallow-depth that you can mix and match to fit your space. That’s why WineMaker wine racks come highly recommended for entry-level wine cellar projects and for those battling with compact or uneven spaces. But these racking units are also ideal when you want to really maximize on bottle storage capacity.

Recently, our WineMaker line has received several upgrades, with the addition of 3- and 4-feet stackable units to rival Vintner. Moreover, the series now also carries Individual Bottle Columns with Bottom Stack with Display Row and Top Stack with Display Row options. And as you can see from the beautiful shots the client sent us, WineMaker also offers Curved Corner racks, along with crown and base molding packages. Thanks to these options, outfitting a room with awkward corners can be done with ease – and without losing valuable bottle storage space.

Now here’s a great little Wine Cellar 101 for everyone: This wine cellar is actually a “passive” wine cellar, being located in a subterranean basement. Passive wine cellars use ground temperature to moderate the temperature swings and make the temperature swings seasonal instead of daily. As opposed to this, refrigerated wine cellars can go anywhere in your house.


“They are working great! The nail gun was a blessing. I installed them in a room in the basement here in Nebraska. It’s a mostly passive cellar. I added a ceiling with illumination and a wall with a stained-glass door taken from an old Nebraska farmhouse. But I also put in a small vent from the HVAC for use in the summer to keep the temperature fluctuation down.”

– Matthew C.-

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