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SEAR Steakhouse Sizzles In Vintage View Wine Racks

February 23rd, 2017

The commercial wine cellar projects are pouring in this month and we’re actually just getting started! Remember last week when we featured The Edgwater and their spanking new wine storage? That was our Vintage View Evolution System. Today, be bring you yet another Vintage View project – courtesy of SEAR Steakhouse:

SEAR Steakhouse dining area

SEAR Steakhouse is quite a popular hangout for Buffalo locals, at a prime location just a few minutes from Canalside. The restaurant prides itself in its modern take on the traditional steakhouse and features a contemporary, chef-driven menu. Moreover, it also boasts of an extensive wine list and well-curated craft cocktail program. The aim of the restaurant is to provide a new concept of steakhouse dining to all its clientele.

The restaurant layout encompasses a pretty impressive 10,000 square feet of space with a modern design. But what piques our interest the most is the dining room with a 2,500 bottle “wine wall.” WCI was instrumental in equipping SEAR with a wine racking assembly that would host the restaurant’s extensive wine list. To date, SEAR offers a sumptuous wine list of around 350 labels, hand-selected by Beverage Director Brandon Ford.

Vintage View Wine Racks

So as we can very well see from these awesome shots, our Vintage View Wine Racks have once again delivered a really blog-worthy wine racking assembly. Check out all those gorgeous bottles displayed in a prominent fashion. Keep in mind that Vintage View is a label-forward racking unit, providing an easy to navigate, label-forward storage and display system. This allows for an interactive wine experience that starts at the moment you see the bottle.

You will also be surprised to learn the customization options that are available with this series. The metal wine racks actually come in four different finishes, as well as single deep, double deep, and triple deep storage options. As we have mentioned in several blogs in the past, the units are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. But their configurations also allow for split-sized bottles when mounted 5.5 inches apart. There are two ways of installing your Vintage View Wine Racks: you can either attach them to a wall or display them floor to ceiling when a Floor to Ceiling Frame is purchased. Just look at all bottles this assembly has managed to hold:

Over 2,500 wine bottles

To cap it off, SEAR also features an innovative menu featuring a wide variety of prime and dry-aged steak selections, fresh seafood, creative small plates, sauces and side dishes. Amazing food plus great wine – SEAR really sizzles this 2017!

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Let’s Talk About Wine Displays!

February 22nd, 2017

Is there a difference between “storing” and “displaying” your wine bottles? You bet there is! In a wine cellar, all your bottles need to be properly stored. But that doesn’t mean all of them have to be “displayed.” More so in a commercial wine establishment. All wine merchandise deserve to be tucked away safely and comfortably to maintain their peak taste. However, what you choose to showcase to immediately catch the eye of potential customers is purely discretionary. That’s why apart from wine racks, you also need to invest in “wine displays.” We’ve compiled some of our favorite wine display styles so let us know if they work for you, too:

Waterfall Wine Display

Waterfall Wine Display

When it comes to aesthetics in a wine racking arrangement, the Waterfall Wine Display definitely delivers. If you’re looking to adding a touch of fancy in your wine cellar or store without overwhelming the rest of the merchandise, this is the wine display to go for. Let your best and/or favorite wines cascade in an elegant fashion (hence the name “waterfall”!) in the most prominent section of your cellar or store. Cap off the assembly with some shelving displaying glassware or other wine cellar accessories.

Circular Wine Displays

Circular Wine Displays

Here is another dramatic way to showcase your best wines in a prominent manner. The Circular Wine Display is also quite a common sight in a lot of wine stores. There are several versions to this style of showcasing wine bottles. One of the most popular ones is the Circular Wine Display combined with a tabletop option. Then, you also have what they usually call as a wine display “carousel” because you can actually turn the display round and round to check out the merch. These displays also very functional because not only can you store lots of bottles, you can also draw the attention of customers to newer products.

Quarter Round Shelves

Quarter Round Shelves

We’ve had tons of wine cellar features utilizing varying versions of Quarter Round Shelves. It’s probably the most popular kind of wine display because it’s simple, straightforward, and can serve to complete any racking assembly. It is definitely one of the most space-efficient ways to store your collection of decanters, champagne buckets, glasses, and other wine accessories as well. The quarter round wine display shelf makes a flowing transition from straight racks to the wall. The curvy profile softens all those straight and/or angled edges, giving more character to your wine racking assembly.

Technical Tuesday Episode #322: Another Point For Platinum x White Oak

February 21st, 2017

Fab Tuesday greetings, wine cellar buddies! You know how they often say something really good can only happen “once in a blue moon”? Meaning, the chances of it happening again are not so hot? Well, we’ve kind of proven that wrong because this month of love, we have two – not just one – gorgeous wine cellar projects in Platinum x White Oak:

Project # 282896
Wood: Platinum/ White Oak
Bottle Capacity: 1383

Platinum x White Oak

As far as wood and wine racking combos go, Platinum x White Oak doesn’t happen that often given that White Oak is not exactly one of the more popular wood choices for custom wine cellar projects. But today, we have yet another beautiful feature that quite surprisingly is using this special wood option. Check out this compact wine cellar with an impressive 1383-bottle capacity. You can immediately see from the images that the floor area is quite narrow. Nonetheless since this is the Platinum Series, maximizing on the storage space was done with ease, thanks to custom racking units. We especially love the variety in the storage options and how the high reveals were used to counteract the otherwise cramped quarters: Curved Corner Racks with Quarter Round Shelves and custom crown and base moldings complete the look and gives this assembly a very polished appearance.

White Oak in Dark Walnut stain

Now let’s talk about the wood option. Did you guys notice anything different about these White Oak wine racks as compared to the ones in Tech Tuesday episode #320? The wood color is a bit deeper and more prominent in this project, isn’t it? That’s because this is White Oak dressed up in Dark Walnut stain. In the previous episode, the wood was utilized in its unstained state, sporting its natural, creamy color. As far as stains and finishes are concerned, White Oak actually responds to these well. It has very good workability, producing satisfactory results with hand and machine tools, as well as steam-bending. However, keep in mind that it can have adverse reactions with iron, particularly when wet, and cause staining and discoloration. If you’re planning on doing a mixed wood and metal wine racking arrangement in your wine cellar, this is something to take into careful consideration.

Platinum Series custom wine racks

All in all, we give a hearty thumbs-up to this Tech Tuesday feature. It pretty much ticks off all our buttons: functionality, style, and space-efficiency. How about you guys? Will the Platinum x White Oak combo work for you as well? Share your thoughts with us! *Cheers*

Custom wine cellar ladder



Know More About WCI’s Metal Wine Rack Collection (Part I)

February 20th, 2017

Hearty Monday greetings, wine cellar buddies! Only a few more weeks left before the first signs of Spring will be popping up. We’re super excited to welcome the much warmer weather soon. And of course, the approaching Spring season means that outdoor wine tasting sessions will be in full swing. So if you’re loading up on your wine stash, it’s the best time to think about expanding your wine storage space. It’s also time to consider your “metal” options and get to know more about WCI’s metal wine rack collection:

WineZone Shelf System

WineZone Wine Shelf System

First up is perhaps the most versatile metal wine racking product on the WCI catalogue. Think Vintner or Platinum as its wood counterpart! The WineZone Wine Shelf System boasts of groundbreaking versatility in both residential and commercial applications. And it’s not all talk because this metal racking system CAN walk the talk! These metal racks are just the right blend of art and sophistication limited only by the imagination as to how to best utilize it in your space. Note that each shelf is 48” wide x 12” deep and designed so that when installed in one direction, the labels are facing out. But by flipping the shelves over, the neck or punt of the wine bottle can face out. Either orientation allows you to store a case (12 bottles) of Splits/Bordeaux/Burgundy/Small or Large Champagne bottles. Plus, you can also integrate a black melamine shelf for other merchandising or storage options such as storing glassware, liquor, decanters, gift baskets, olive oil, and so much more.

Vintage View Wine Racks

Vintage View Wine Racks

Vintage View is perhaps our most popular metal racking line. Projects utilizing this metal racking system are just growing in number each year, much to our delight. These wine racks can easily fit into any space, like your empty walls. They are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart, as well as split-sized bottles when mounted 5.5 inches apart. While the racks are mainly designed to be attached to a wall, they can also be displayed floor to ceiling when a Floor to Ceiling Frame is purchased to give your bottles an ethereal “floating” look.

Metal Lattice Wine Racks
Metal Lattice Wine Racks

While not as well-known as Vintage View, our Black Metal Lattice Racks actually present the ultimate in racking value. These wine racks are made from heavy gauge metal with a satin black, industrial quality, baked on finish. Assembly is a no-brainer! You just need to lock the two metal grids together with the 9 wood bracket connector pieces, attach it to the wall and voila! The racks are currently designed to only hold Burgundy and Bordeaux bottles up to 3 1/4 in. in diameter, perfect for commercial applications.

And we’re not done yet! That’s just half of the collection so stay tuned next Monday blog for more. ^_^

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