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WCI Inspirations: Add Some “Oomph” To Your Wine Store

January 18th, 2017

Okay, let’s face it. Not all commercial wine establishments are easy to navigate – and easy on the eyes. Some are in a dire need of renovation or maybe just a “refresh” as they would call it. And keep in mind that if you’re a wine store proprietor, it matters that your store is clean, organized, and attractive to draw in more customers. But there’s no need to spend a fortune on a full-blown renovation. With the help of some choice wine cellar racking and accessories, you can add some much-needed “oomph” to your establishment. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Update your wine racking…

Just changing some of your wine racking units or re-arranging your racking assembly can do wonders for your store. There are so many styles to choose from these days, so just make sure you choose new wine racks that can provide maximum bottle storage and will allow you to easily organize your merchandise. We also recommend investing in point-of-purchase wine racks such as Wine Display Islands and Merchandisers. These types of racks display your bottles to full advantage and allow you to stock up at the same time. “Updating” your wine racking can also be translated to just refurbishing old but still in good quality racks by dressing them up in new stains and finishes. This is the less expensive route to take, but you’ll love how attractive your store will look right after.

Update your wine racking


Invest in wine cellar decor…

By throwing in some wine cellar decor here and there, your wine store will be able to exude that “wow” factor that will draw in the crowd. Keep in mind that shopping for wine is still, in a way, shopping. And when people shop, they like the visual experience. If you want to turn potential customers into actual ones, investing in some wine cellar decor is a must. For example, putting in new flooring will certainly give your establishment a fresher appearance. Don’t hit the panic button because nowadays, there are lots of wine cellar flooring options to suit your budget. Cork floors are very affordable and easy to maintain. Vintage wine barrel flooring is very unique and eco-friendly. Also, try changing up the lighting elements in your store. Custom LED lighting accessories are more energy-efficient and can highlight your merchandise in all the right ways.

Invest in wine cellar decor


Consider some custom cabinetry…

There will most likely won’t be a lot of cabinet areas in a wine store as opposed to wine racks. So these are easy and cheaper to customize. Change it up by switching to simple but elegant Raised Panel Cabinet Doors or go fancy with Glass Panels with Etching. You can also do Hand-Carved Panel Cabinet Doors to add more character to your wine store.

Consider custom cabinetry


Technical Tuesday Episode #317: Space-Efficient WineMaker x Vintner Combo

January 17th, 2017

Like what those IKEA ads would always say, “You make the space you have work for you,” and not the other way around. At the end of the day, it’s you who calls the shots on just how functional your given space can be – like your wine cellar. Per decades of wine cellar construction experience, not all wine cellar projects will go down the straight and narrow route. But keep in mind that nowadays, wine cellar construction can happen anywhere in your home – even on those challenging spaces. All it takes is the right wine racking products and lots of creativity. Need some inspiration? Zero in on this Tech Tuesday spotlight:

Project # 276728
Wood: Vintner / Winemaker / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 512
Where: Hamilton, OH

Curved Corner Racks

What we have here is obviously, a narrow space that was designated for a wine cellar closet. It was up for our design team to transform it into a formal wine cellar that can hold as many bottles as possible for the client who had a relatively small but growing collection. Owing to the compact size of the room, our experts chose the most suitable wine racking units to do the job – the WineMaker Series wine racks. WineMaker wine racks are distinguished by their shallow-depth configurations. We actually just talked about these shallow-depth wine racks and their amazing benefits, storage-wise, on yesterday’s blog. Today’s Tech Tuesday is definitely a great illustration of these benefits!

Shallow-depth WineMaker racks

So what does it exactly mean to utilize these shallow-depth wine racks instead of the standard ones? Basically, the racks from our WineMaker Series use less wood which make them more affordable to manufacture. Nonetheless, there’s no compromising on bottle storage security since the body of the wine bottle is fully supported within the wine racks while the neck of the bottle slightly sticks out. While this project is not yet filled, we have a photo gallery chock-full of WineMaker wine cellars that can show you guys how the bottles will look when stored.

Curved crown and base moldings

Shallow-depth aside, our WineMaker Series is also comprised of stackable racking units. With the allowing you to3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8-foot racking options, you can just stack them to any height you desire. This makes them very flexible to work with, especially in tight spaces like this project. In addition, note that Vintner racking units were also incorporated to help ease the room’s sharp corners. Curved Corner Racks with matching curved crown and base molding packages are just the thing you need to come up with this seamless arrangement. *Cheers*

Learning The Benefits Of Shallow-Depth Racks

January 16th, 2017

“Shallow-depth racks” are not exactly a foreign concept in the wine cellar world. But how many people out there working on their wine cellar projects are willing to go for this type of racking? We daresay that the popular choice would still be the standard-sized racking units and that’s all well and good when you have enough space for your project. But what about if your layout is not as straightforward? What if you need to “squeeze” things a bit to make more room? That’s where you’ll come to appreciate the benefits that come with these shallow-depth racks!

Space-efficient yet secure!

Space-efficient yet secure!

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns people have about these shallow-depth wine racks is when it comes to the security of their bottles. The term “shallow-depth” is, after all, a tad misleading. The immediate thought would be that the bottled would not be properly cradled since they won’t fit in the way they would with standard-sized wine racks. But that’s just a misconception. Shallow-depth racks provide the same safe storage for your collection while at the same time, allowing you to utilize compact spaces to the maximum. Created in short depth, these types of racks use less wood when they are manufactured. This would explain the affordable factor. Yet, the body of the wine bottle is fully supported within the wine racks while the neck of the bottle slightly sticks out. One very good example of this would be our WineMaker Wine Racks kit.

We’ve had a healthy number of projects last year incorporating WineMaker wine racking units. A lot of these were closet transformations or those involving limited floor areas. Since WineMaker provides flexible, stacking racking units all in shallow-depth configurations, it has become a popular option for projects involving space issues. The same is actually true with our Traditional Redwood series. This kit also consists of shallow-depth racks wherein the bottle necks protrude from the front. Nonetheless, both series are of excellent quality and craftsmanship with tons of style options to boot.


For a more visual illustration of how your bottles would look like when stored in these shallow-depth wine racks, we recommend checking out the various wine cellar projects we’ve completed in our photo galleries. While most of these racks have been introduced into unique wine racking arrangements, there are also stand-alone units that were made to just fit into a cabinet or sit next to a wall to host a very small collection. Either way, they definitely got the job done!

Appreciating The Natural Beauty Of Rustic Pine

January 12th, 2017

Happy Thursday to all you wine cellar fans! We hope you guys love Thursdays as much as we do and not just because it’s one step closer to the weekend (haha!). Our Thursday blogs are one of our favorites because we get to shine the spotlight on very creative DIY projects using our products as well as relatively “small-sized” custom jobs, mostly involving closet transformations. That being said, today’s feature is going to be all about appreciating the natural beauty of one of the top wood choices for custom wine cellar projects – Rustic Pine:

Beautiful Rustic Pine wine racks

We’ve said it more than once that Rustic Pine is quite underrated despite being one of the four most popular wood options for custom wine cellar projects. It still needs to be discovered (or rediscovered), particularly among neophyte wine cellar enthusiasts. Today’s project involving this very attractive wine room will definitely point prospective projects in the right direction. Check out the gorgeous racking arrangement utilizing the Platinum Series racking units in unstained Rustic Pine:

These wonderful close-up shots of the wine racks really enable us to see the soft, creamy color of the wood punctuated every now and then by subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. This is the most distinct feature of Rustic Pine. It’s a knotty grade of wood that gives off a “rustic” architectural appearance to a wine racking arrangement. That’s why if you’re after that cottage-y or old-country feel for your wine cellar project, this is the wood option to go for. Also, note that while Rustic Pine in its natural state is certainly eye-catching (as can be gleaned from these photos), the wood also lends itself to a variety of stains and finishes extremely well. You can play around with these stains and finishes in order to match your home decor. As a tip, keep in mind that Rustic Pine is actually best suited for weather finishes. This is where we strip down the intergrain matter to approximate the appearance of wood that has been aged outside for decades.

Wood grill covers on the wine cooling unit

Rustic Pine wine door

The wood wine racks notwithstanding, this wine cellar is also outfitted with Vintage View wine racks, conveniently wall-mounted to maximize the available space. The combo of unstained wood and metal gives this project a warm, rustic vibe which we really love! ^_^

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