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The Finer Details Of Our Designer Series Wine Racks

August 29th, 2016

It’s almost time to say goodbye to August – and with that, to the summer season as well. But let’s always look on the bright side of things because even if we bid adieu to the gloriously warm summer days, we’re going to be welcoming a really gorgeous season soon. Fall is just around the corner, bringing with it an explosion of awesome colors and other changes to boot. And speaking of welcoming something gorgeous, we’re going to do just that today as we go into the finer details of our Designer Series wine racks.

The Finer Details Of Our Designer Series Wine Racks

Why you should go “Designer”

Some of you who are not yet acquainted with it might be asking, “Why the Designer Series?” Well, we can give you plenty of reasons why! If you just skim through the blog archives, you will notice that the Designer Series wine racks have been very dominant in both professional and DIY wine cellar projects. In fact, just last year, it was leading the pack, slightly ahead of Vintner which had always been the frontrunner for our wine rack kits.

Why you should go "Designer"

One of the biggest reasons for the success of our Designer Series is the ability of the wine racking units to elevate “standard” racking to the look and feel of a custom project. The series is composed of a healthy assortment of racking styles that can easily outfit a room or a compact space. Moreover, the racks are easy to assemble and install which make them the smart choice for newbies. But despite the convenience in putting together the wine racks, one doesn’t have to compromise on style at all. Thanks to the variety of individual and bulk bottle storage options available as well as accents such, as the crown and base molding packages, even an entry-level wine cellar can sport an elegant and professional look.

Another reason why Designer has earned such a solid reputation as far as wine racks are concerned is the fantastic rating the series has gotten from customers who purchased the kits. Customers usually rate the wine racks based on quality, stability, ease of assembly, and price. Designer has scored really high on all these categories over the last couple of years. Most notable is the fact that customers have given the price of the series the highest rating, signifying that Designer provides the best value for their money.

Last but certainly not the least, the Designer Series, like all our other wine rack kits, is constantly evolving to meet future changing wine storage needs. Recently, we’ve added a new Lacquer option for the series as well as the choice to have the racks shipped fully assembled for a reasonable upcharge. We recommend checking out the full Designer Series product page and see all the reasons why you should go Designer. ^_^

Making The Most Of Your Compact Wine Cellar With Designer Series

August 25th, 2016

The Designer Series is back and it’s definitely back with a bang! This week alone, we’ve had two awesome testimonials about this particular series in our wine rack kits collection (check out our latest Tech Tuesday episode!). Today, it’s all about creating the most fitting wine racking design for a compact space and the Designer Series really delivered in this aspect.

Now our client Jay had this relatively small space in his home that he wanted to really maximize as far as bottle storage capacity is concerned. But what he got when he chose to purchase our Designer Series wine racking units was not just generous storage space for his collection, but a wine racking assembly that’s easy on the eyes as well. Jay gives props to our experienced consultant who worked closely with him in figuring out the design that would suit his bottle storage needs. Needless to say, the results were very satisfactory and we once again ended up with a very happy client.

Jay sent in for some Individual Bottle Columns and Rectangular Bins. The racks were stained and actually pre-assembled! So all that the client had to do was pick up the racks and bring them to his home all set for installation. According to Jay, it only took an hour for his second wine cellar to be finished. As you can see from the shot he sent us of his recently completed compact wine cellar, it looks clean and seamless with more than enough space for future bottles to be added in.

Now here’s a great 411 to prospective clients seeking to purchase these assembled wine racking units like Jay: YES, you can order your racks already assembled and ready to go upon payment of reasonable extra charges for the assembly. While Jay was a local client, WCI also provides installation services all over the country as we have tie-ups with installers who are familiar with our products and can render the services you need. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we can take care of those details for you!

The Designer Series

“Everything worked out really well! I worked with Chris Meutsch who did a great job helping me figure out the best design for the small space. I just wanted to make it functional with as high of a storage capacity as possible. I was adding my second cellar this time. The first one should have been bigger! I picked up the assembled racks and took them to my house in Hyde Park. They were hung in an hour!”

~Jay S.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: The Contemporary Wine Cellar

August 24th, 2016

So last week’s WCI Inspirations was all about achieving a “shabby chic” look for your wine cellar. Did you guys check that one out? If not, then you can do a quick once-over! For today’s design discussion, we’re going to go the opposite route – with the contemporary wine cellar.

If “shabby chic” is all about vintage and romantic themes, the contemporary wine cellar represents everything that is new, modern, and very much “today.” This is the kind of wine cellar design that would be perfect with 21s century-type homes or compact residential spaces such as condos and apartments.

Contemporary wine cellar

Achieving the contemporary look for your wine cellar

Now how do you go about achieving this contemporary look for your wine cellar? First off, you need to distinguish between and among materials that will give your wine cellar project that really “updated” feel. For example, stone and ornate wood are commonly associated with a more traditional charm, whereas metal and glass elements can give off that modern vibe. However, you can always choose to combine two or more materials in sleek lines and clean-cut corners. One of our favorites would be mixing and matching glass, metal, and wood elements, like in a glass-enclosed wine cellar project.

Next up would be choosing the shape and flow of your wine racking arrangement and other wine cellar furniture and accessories. “Contemporary” generally translates to straight-line aesthetics, sharp and/or flowing contours, and minimalist appeal. Overdecorating is definitely NOT an option. Everything has to kept simple yet exude understated elegance.  This is why metal wine racks are usually the primary choice for, although you can also go with wood wine racks and perhaps stain and lacquer them for a deep, glossy finish.

Glass and metal elements

Then you have the colors. Because the contemporary look is often synonymous with a minimalist one, bolds and neutrals should be combined to get the right balance. Black, Gunmetal, Copper, Chrome, and Off-White are just some of the more popular palettes. Then it’s all about spicing it up with bolder hues like Red, Navy, Burnt Orange, Indigo, Forest Green, and so on.

Last but the least, the fabrics. If you’re planning on building your wine cellar in an existing room in your home, like the dining area or kitchen, or you’re constructing an ample-sized wine room with some furniture, make sure that the fabrics in your couches, chairs, throw pillows, curtains, and the like, do not detract from the contemporary design. Prints and patterns are very much welcome, but stay away from florals or overly busy ones, especially if they come in pastels. Floral prints in black and white are actually in vogue these days, so long as they don’t border on vintage.

Technical Tuesday Episode #296: Lacquer It Up With Our Designer Series

August 23rd, 2016

We’re down to the second to the last Tuesday for the summer season, wine cellar buddies! Today, we’re going to talk about dressing up those wine racks and other accessories in your wine cellar to make all of them complement each other. We’re fortunate enough to score some of these great photos from a client who sent in for our Designer Series wine racks:

Project # 282508
Wood: Prime Mahogany/Designer Series
Bottle Capacity: n/a

Designer Series wine racks

As can be seen from these wonderfully clear shots, the wine cellar is quite spacious with bright, solid colors on the walls. Ordering the racks in Classic Mahogany Stain option was a really smart move because the darker hues of the stained wood make these wine racks stand out. But that’s not all that was done to these racks to make them achieve that luxurious sheen. Apart from the Classic Mahogany Stain, these wine racks were also dressed up in a beautiful Lacquer finish.

Lacquer finish on racks

We’ve talked about our Lacquer option for wine racks before and we’re proud to inform everyone that this is now available for our Designer Series wine rack kits as well. A Lacquer Finish is achieved by multiple applications of a clear coat sealant with intricate hand-sanding treatments between finishes. This gives the racks a smooth, gleaming finish and an elegant appeal to boot. And that’s not all. Lacquer also creates a barrier over the wood and increases its resiliency. This is especially true if you’re using a lesser quality wood type than the usual top hardwood choices for wine cellar projects: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Prime Mahogany, and Rustic Pine. It can also protect these lesser grade wood types from discoloration. But of course, in this Tech Tuesday feature, our client has chosen the ever durable Prime Mahogany and the lacquer option serves to really accentuate the gorgeous grain patterns and other outstanding qualities of the wood.

Lacquered Prime Mahogany wood

If you want to learn more about lacquering your wine racks as well as other stain and finish options here at WCI, check this Stain and Finish review chart. Then go ahead and give our experienced design consultants a buzz by chatting online with them or using the contact form. We are always ready to help everyone with all their wine cellar needs! *Cheers*

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