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Clients Show Lots Of Love For Their Vintner Wine Racks

October 17th, 2019

It’s Testimonial Thursday once again, wine cellar fans! Today, we are in for a treat. Our clients show lots of love for their wine cellar by sharing some of these beautiful snaps with us. Let’s take the visual tour to appreciate the finer details of this project:

Vintner Racks in Rustic Pine

As you can see from these photos, the cellar was actually built in a tight spot at the lower levels of the clients’ residence. While the location was ideal, the square footage and irregular shape of the space proved to be quite a challenge. Naturally, the clients wanted to get as much bottle storage space as they can out of this space. That means that they have to customize their racking units to suit the unusual layout. That also means they may have to spend more than what they have budgeted for the project. Fortunately, none of that needed to happen! Our Vintner Series got the job done much to our clients’ satisfaction.

Wine Bottle WaterfallThe Vintner Series is undoubtedly WCI’s most popular wine rack “kit” product. It has actually been dubbed as the “next best thing” to custom racking. The reasons are plenty! First off, Vintner provides a fantastic variety of racking styles to choose from. Apart from individual and bull bottle storage options, the series also carries wine tasting center packages, elite cabinetry, finish options, accessories and more. But it’s strongest feature lies in the flexibility of the wine racks themselves. Vintner offers 3-foot and 4-foot racking that you can conveniently stack to accommodate any ceiling height. This is true for both individual and bulk bottle storage units That means you can equip wine cellars of any size by mixing and matching the racks.

As mentioned earlier, Vintner carries a wide array of racking styles. These include designs that you might normally find only with custom jobs. One good example is the Wine Bottle Waterfall that was utilized by this project. Check out the photo above and you can see how this type of racking works very well with uneven spaces. No wonder the clients love it!

Dark Walnut stain on racks

Lest we forget to mention, Vintner also gives the opportunity to customize the wood, stain and finish options on your racks. Even if it’s just a “kit,” you can enjoy the full selection of stains and finishes that WCI has to offer. That also includes our lacquer option. ^_^

“We absolutely love her! Take a look at the photos.

~Marc G.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Learning More About Wine Aging

October 16th, 2019

For wine enthusiasts, knowledge on wine aging is essential. If you’re not a veteran collector, that knowledge becomes even more necessary. You will need to understand the nuances of wine storage to ensure your bottles will age at a graceful pace. So today, we’re going to get inspired by some known and lesser know facts about wine aging.

Delving into the history of wine aging…

The history of wine aging

How did wine get stored during the early days when the concept of wine refrigeration never even existed? The earliest evidence of this comes from 7,000 year-old pottery jugs that were buried in the dirt floor of a Neolithic kitchen in Iran. In Rome, the people there used the “catacombs” for wine storage. But it was the French who actually began the practice of digging wine caves. These caves were designed specially to store wine. French people loved their wine with a passion, so they created caves dedicated for such purpose. As time passed,  wine collectors moved from catacombs to caves, and eventually, from caves to cellars.

Importance of wine cellar cooling system

This now brings us to the present-day wine storage system. Basements remain the most recommended location for storing wine bottles. The earliest basement wine cellars were called “passive wine cellars.” Passive wine cellars are actually underground ones, emulating the caves of the French period. These cellars use ground temperature to moderate the temperature swings and make the temperature swings seasonal instead of daily. Whereas refrigerated wine cellars can go anywhere in your house, a passive wine cellar must be located in a subterranean basement. This provided the best environment for wine aging with closest ideal temperature and humidity levels.

Wine ages best at a temperature that is both cool and constant. A temperature of 55° was determined to be the perfect environment for the chemical reactions that result in good wine. In addition, a humidity of around 70% is ideal for aging wine. Decades passed and we’ve also seen the evolution of these basement wine cellars into today’s modern ones. Obviously, not every home has a subterranean basement. So ordinary basements were transformed to wine cellars thanks to technology and the birth of racking products. Wine cellar cooling systems were developed to help maintain ideal storage conditions 24/7.

As society became even more tech-savvy over time, wine storage extended to other parts of the home. These days, you can build a wine cellar practically anywhere in the home, even in compact spaces. Closets, under stairwells, pantries – these can all be transformed into proper storage spaces for wine bottles. Vital factors affecting wine aging such as temperature, humidity, and light can now be controlled to the last degree.

Cr to Vintage Cellars for wine aging information

Explore Your Commercial Wine Racking Choices With WCI

October 14th, 2019

A wonderful Monday to all of you wine cellar folks! We have some awesome stuff to talk about today, this time, with our commercial racking products. If you have not checked this section of the website yet, we highly recommend you explore it. We’ve integrated some changes into our products that your budget will definitely love:

The Vintner Commercial line…

One of the biggest changes to our commercial racking platform was the introduction of the Vintner Commercial line. Now you can enjoy the outstanding features of the Vintner kits but in a commercial setting. The units are available in the same 3-foot and 4-foot stackable configurations. That means you can create racking arrangements that can go as high as even 12 feet. You can get it with all the available racking styles: wine display islands, merchandisers, bulk and vertical bins.

It is easy and fun to mix and match the various racking styles for your wine store. Moreover, you also get crown and base molding, and center seam options. These will help give your racking assembly a really polished look. Check out the below example of the wine display islands in Premium Redwood wood option and Classic Mahogany stain. It still looks a lot like the Classic, fully customized edition of our commercial racks. Note how the bottles are resting on each other on the displays. But the shorter lead time and pre-designed styles make for the more affordable pricing. There’s no sacrifice made when it comes to quality and you get a great range of wood, stain & finish options to boot!

Vintner Commercial Racking

The Classic Commercial line…

The Classic series is WCI’s line of commercial wine racks that can be customized down to the last rail and molding. We have designed for wine stores all over the country. Each store’s bottle storage needs is quite specific. A lot depends on the volume and type of the merchandise, the space, and the style preference of the proprietor. When storage needs become this specific and detailed, customization is the best route to take. That’s where our Classic Commercial wine racks come in. Note that these units are hand built to order. That means longer lead times and of course, a higher price tag. But it’s worth every dollar you pay. Explore more of out Classic commercial racking at the photo gallery! ^_^

Unstained Rustic Pine displays

Clients Find Happiness In The Designer Series Wine Racks

October 10th, 2019

Who is a fan of small wine cellars? Before this concept came about, it was always about large wine cellars. But thanks to continuous innovations with racking products, wine storage has become more flexible over time. These days, even a closet-sized wine storage can do a lot for you, from bottle storage capacity down to style. Our clients for today’s Testimonial Thursday episode have definitely gotten the memo on this one. Check out their wonderful compact wine cellar and how they found happiness with the help of our Designer Series:

Our clients had just enough space in their home to accommodate their collection and they wanted to make the most of out it. They stumbled upon the Designer Series wine racks kit and sent for several racking units. They purchased several Individual Bottle Racks as well as Rectangular Bins. The full depth, 6-foot racks were a perfect fit for the designated space for the wine storage. Assembly proceeded without a hitch and soon after that, they got to work filling up the racks. Needless to say, they were able to grow their collection quite fast!

The photos above show a great before-and-after transformation of the space. Notice how the racks are able to provide a pretty generous amount of bottle storage. This compact wine cellar can actually accommodate around 200 bottles. You can see how proud our client Vince is of the results. They cleverly chose Grand Mahogany for their wood option. Grand Mahogany is a top tier wood for custom wine cellar projects. It is beautiful enough unstained with its almost uniform colors and grain patterns. But when stained, it becomes even more attractive. Our clients went for a Classic Mahogany stain for their racks. You can see from the photos how the wine racks emulate the hues of red wine. They found happiness in the right place so to speak – thanks to the Designer Series! ^_^

“We never thought we would fill these up but it happened so quickly. We are very happy with our racking. Looks great!” 

~Vince B.~

Technical Tuesday Episode #447: Making The Most Out Of Your Space With Vintage View

October 8th, 2019

A formal wine room is indeed goals. But you don’t need one to create some great wine storage for your collection. If you don’t have room in your home for a full-blown wine cellar, it’s all about making the space that you have work for you. Today’s Tech Tuesday feature shows us how it’s done:

Project # 318937
Wood: Vintage View / Metal
Bottle Capacity: 405
Where: El Paso, TX

Vintage View metal racks in glass-enclosed layoutOur client in El Paso wanted to have enough bottle storage in their home sans the formal wine room. So our design team got to work and put together this pretty amazing set-up. It’s wall-mount storage consisting of the metal racking units from the Vintage View Series. As you can see from the photos, the wall has been sectioned off to accommodate the wine racks. Note that Vintage View offers the racks in single, double, and triple deep configurations. That increases their flexibility, particularly with tighter spaces.

Making the most out of compact spaces

Our design team transformed the wine storage into a glass-enclosed one. This was a clever move since it gives the illusion of a larger space. Of course, it’s also making more points in terms of elegance. Glass and metal are a flawless combination. That’s why more and more glass-enclosed projects are utilizing metal racking units. With Vintage View, you also get several finish options that can work well with any theme: Satin Black, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome Plated. You will also notice that the metal wine racks add a modern touch to the wine storage. Since more and more projects are now going the contemporary route, they are certainly the perfect choice.Generous bottle storage with Vintage ViewIn the last photo above, you can actually see how generous the bottle storage is. This compact cellar can accommodate a little over a hundred bottles! These racks are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. But you also have the option of storing split-sized bottles by mounting them 5.5 inches apart. Now while the units are meant to be attached to wall-mounted, you can also choose to display your collection in a floor-to-ceiling layout. A Floor to Ceiling Frame is needed for this and can be purchased separately. *Cheers*

Ways To Glam Up Your Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellar

October 7th, 2019

When it comes to wine cellar design, it can’t get more elegant that a glass-enclosed one. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make things even better. There are ways to elevate the style factor of your glass-enclosed cellar and give it some glam. You don’t even have to worry that it will downgrade the elegant appeal at all. Allow us to show you some terrific ways to achieve this!Glam up your glass-enclosed wine storage!

Go for modern metal racking…

You can have any type of wine racking units in your glass-enclosed project. These days, a lot of these wine cellars choose metal wine racks over wood – or a mixture of both. So take it up a notch and go for some modern metal racking! WCI has a bevy of beautiful metal wine rack collections for you yo explore. Our oldies but goodies include our Vintage View Series and WineZone Wine Shelf System. But we have introduced many other collections in the last few years as well. We recommend checking out our STACT Aluminum Series and the Echelon Wave Wine Racks. The latter is crafted from extruded aluminum with a natural satin anodised finish. And just last week, we launched two more amazing metal racking products: the Ultra Wine Racks and Revue collection. Both are wall-mounted wonders that will definitely bring glam into your glass-enclosed wine storage.

Go and add some “trimmings”…

You might feel you don’t need to add anything to the exterior of a glass-enclosed wine cellar since it might ruin the elegant aesthetic. But that’s not exactly true. By selecting tasteful trimmings, you can put more character into that wine cellar project. One of our favorites is the black metal trim. This will give an industrial touch to your wine cellar and elevate that modern charm. The trim is actually a gorgeous statement of separation and transparency. Anyone can peer directly into the wine cellar and admire the enticing wine bottles nestled inside.

Go for some decorative applications…

Do not be afraid to be a little whimsical with your design choices for your wine cellar. Just because you want it to be elegant doesn’t mean everything has to be traditional. With a glass-enclosed project, some decorative applications can make for very attractive results. Our must-try is either the etched glass or painted glass application. Etched glass is intricate and dreamy. Painted glass, on the other hand, will give your wine cellar beautiful pops of color. These glam applications can be done on your wine cellar doors, windows, and even ceilings. ^_^

A Client’s Timeless Wine Cellar Tale With WCI Wine Racks

October 3rd, 2019

Everyone loves a good story. In our case, when it involves wine AND our products, then it’s not just any story – it becomes a classic. This timeless wine cellar tale by a client is a must-share. It is a testament to the quality of WCI’s wine racking products and that is something we are immensely proud of!

A timeless wine cellar taleThis beautiful wine room owned by our client Barry was constructed way back in the early 90s. It started out with initial consultations with our design professionals which eventually led to the construction of the wine cellar. Both our team and the client worked closely on the project. Worthy of note is the fact that WCI was still growing our product line during this time. Our racking collection, accessories, and other products were not as extensive as they are today. Nonetheless, there were no compromises on quality, and of course, customer service.

Decades old All-Heart Redwood wine racks The wine cellar was fully customized, with timeless All-Heart Redwood racking units taking the center stage. The client went with unstained All-Heart Redwood which worked perfectly with the rest of the furniture. All-Heart Redwood is one of out highly recommended wood options. It is very durable and resilient clear grade of wood that ages just as gracefully as wine. To top it off, all of WCI’s Redwood products are now SFI-certified, making the wood an eco-friendly choice as well.

Our client with his elegant wine cellar

“Looking back 28 years, it’s possible we may have done a few things differently if you were designing it now given all the new products you have introduced, but the cellar has most definitely withstood the test of time, and that includes not only how well the storage has worked out, but also how well the all-heart redwood has aged. It is timeless. It still smells great in there!

I certainly agree with you on the advantages of a large cellar. Being able to pull a 1995 Cabernet to have with burgers is no big deal, and certainly no need for house wines. Our “house” wines are 20 year old Bordeaux and Rhones, 10+ year old Zins, Pinots and Chardonnays, and whatever else fits our fancy with whatever food we’re serving. We moved 1,300 bottles from New Jersey to Atlanta in 1991 and all my wine buddies told me to build it bigger than you think you need. I have given the exact same advice to friends many, many times since then.

Thanks again for all the support Wine Cellar Innovations has given us from the original designs and construction to many of the remodeling projects since (wine cellar door, cellar table, moldings, cooling advice, etc).”

~Barry B.~

Technical Tuesday Episode #446: Experience WCI’s Revue Wine Racks

October 1st, 2019

Happy first Tech Tuesday for the month of October! Like we mentioned in our earlier blogs, we are expecting big this this Fall season. Today’s new product launch is definitely one of the big ones. We’re welcoming yet another brand-new addition to our metal wine racks collection. Yesterday, we talked to you guys about the Ultra Wine Racks and all the creative wine storage you can achieve with these wall-mount units. Today, we’re proud to introduce the Revue Wine Racks!

The Revue Series

A visual delight in wine storage…

There is no better way to describe the Revue Series than the units being a visual delight in wine storage. The wall-mounted metal wine racks are crafted from high-quality material that will assure the security of your wine bottles. The label-forward configuration lets you display your collection to utmost advantage. The labels are clearly visible which also makes for convenient organization of the bottles. That’s why the racks can work with either residential or commercial wine cellar projects. Moreover, since they are wall-mounted, they are the ultimate space savers. Install them anywhere in your home or store and mix and match them with your other wine cellar racking and furniture. The understated elegance of the design will certainly bring beauty and serenity to any wine cellar project.

A visual delight in wine storage!

Speaking of assembly and installation, the Revue Wine Racks are guaranteed safe and easy to install. When you purchase units at two or three bottle depth, note that there are gravity stops between bottles. This is to ensure that the wine bottles do not touch. In addition, they are also naturally earthquake resistant. The metal racking has a 5 degree angle on the arms. This is to keep the bottles angled back forward on the wall in the event of an earthquake. Each rack is securely wall-mounted using brackets. With this, you can have a floor to ceiling arrangement that also makes it convenient to add more units. In other words, you can grow your racking along with your wine collection! The Revue Series metal wine racks are proudly made in the United States. WCI offers the product in two finishes: black stain or silver metal. However, we are expecting additional colors and configurations coming soon – so stay tuned for that. *Cheers*

New In Metal Wine Racks: Welcome The Ultra Wine Racks Series!

September 30th, 2019

Merry Monday, wine cellar folks! We’re ending the month of September with a bang by welcoming a new addition to our metal wine racks collection. Let’s check out the awesome deets on the Ultra Wine Rack Series:

Ultra Wine Racks – Wall Rails

So first up are the Ultra Wall Rails. WCI offers these brilliant space savers in 1, 2, 3 and 4-foot configurations and in single, double and triple options. As the units can be easily wall-mounted, they are certainly ideal for someone looking to showcase their wine collection and not just store it. They can go anywhere in your home, not just in your wine cellars.  These wall-mounted units work with a label-forward system. That means your bottle labels will be clearly visible, making for convenient organization as well. The wall rails are available in Chrome and Satin Black Finishes which can give a super sleek and modern look to your wine storage.

Ultra Wine Racks – Wine Pegs

Next up  we have the Ultra Wine Pegs. Just like the wall rails, wine pegs are one of the most space-efficient methods of storing your collection. They can be mounted anywhere in the home or commercial establishment. The Ultra Wine Pegs give you the best of both worlds as they come in both label-forward and cork-forward configurations. That gives you options on the way you want your wine bottles organized as well. Moreover, the pegs can be mixed and matched with other racking styles to create a really unique arrangement for your wine cellar. Note that the pegs come in black, brushed aluminum, and chrome finishes to designed to give a contemporary yet elegant charm to any wine cellar project.

Ultra Wine Racks – Fusion & Diamond Fusion

Lastly, we have the Fusion & Diamond Fusion series. The Fusion wall panels come in two configurations as well: label-out and cork-out. Then you have the faceplates which are  a lot of fun to design thanks to the variety of color options. The colors include Alumasteel, Black Acrylic, Whie Acrylic, Unfinished Wood, Medium Stained Wood, and Dark Stained Wood. Play around with them and create eye-catching designs that are sure to be a hit in your wine parties. For ease of installation, take note that the faceplates are removable. That also means you can easily change the panel colors around.


Technical Tuesday Episode #445: The Four Corks in Fort Smith

September 24th, 2019

The Fall season has officially arrived! This is definitely one of our favorite times of the year for a number of reasons. Apart from the cooler weather and beautiful foliage, we’re also excited to unveil lots of wine cellar products this season. We actually have a sneak peek of those yesterday with our blog on metal wine racks. Don’t forget to bookmark the WCI blog so you won’t miss out on those updates next week. But for today, let’s take some time to appreciate the stunning details on this wine cellar project. It’s for our client, The Four Corks, in Fort Smith, AR:

Project # 314449
Wood: Custom / Vintage View
Bottle Capacity: 3936
Where: Fort Smith, AR

The Four Corks wine cellar

The Four Corks is a wine, beer and spirits store that has recently opened its doors in Arkansas. As it aims to provide the locals with an extensive repertoire to tickle their tastebuds, they enlisted the help of our design professionals. The job was to create a full-blown wine cellar with all the bells and whistles. And by that, we mean tons of bottle storage, racking variety, as well as some dramatic finishes. Needless to say, the team delivered. This wine cellar is a mix of custom racking units and metal racks from our Vintage View Series. The entire assembly can host a very impressive capacity of just under 4000 bottles. It is indeed a huge wine storage, capable of accommodating existing as well as future merchandise:

Custom racks and Vintage View Series

Here are some great shots of the completed racking arrangement. You can easily see the various racking styles incorporated into this project. Apart from the Open Diamond Bins, there are tons of custom shelves for bulk bottle storage.  There are also units designed to accommodate larger format bottles, including champagne. In order to maximize bottle storage, the metal wine racks were mounted floor-to-ceiling. This also adds to the aesthetic charm of the wine cellar. Take note that with the Vintage View Series, you can install the units two ways. You can have them wall-mounted, which is the standard method of installing the racks. However, you can also choose to display them floor-to-ceiling by purchasing a Floor to Ceiling Frame. Vintage View will let you showcase your bottles in a label-forward configuration. For a wine storage like The Four Corks, this is quite advantageous. They will be able to conveniently organize their merchandise and make it easy for customers to browse through the inventory as well.Custom racking units

The finishes chosen for this project are also on point. For the metal wine racks, a beautiful Brushed Nickel finish was applied. Vintage View offers four different finishes for the metal wine racks: Black, Black Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome. As for the custom wood racking units, they were dressed up in a muted Dusty Weathered Finish. The timeworn look is super classy and unique! *Cheers*

Dusty Weathered Finish

The Finer Details Of WCI’s Metal Wine Racks Collection

September 23rd, 2019

We have been growing our metal wine racks collection over the last few years. The popularity if this racking style has really skyrocketed and WCI responded to that demand. It all started with our Vintage View Series which was a huge hit with our clients.  Now our collection has considerably grown to offer more varied bottle storage solutions for everyone. Let’s go into the finer details of WCI’s different metal wine racking styles!

Explore the finer details of our metal wine racks collectionAs we mentioned earlier, our Vintage View Series was the first metal wine rack collection that we launched. The series has actually evolved over the years to welcome new additions into its fold. It now includes the Wall Mounted Presentation Wine Display Rack, Single Bottle Wall Mount Series, Mini 6-Bottle Tabletop Wine Rack, and the Vino Pinos, Rails, Rods and Pegs. There is also the Vintage View Case and Crate Bins dedicated to bulk bottle storage.

The next one to hit the stage would be our WineZone Wine Shelf System. This is probably one of the most versatile, if not the most versatile metal wine racking product WCI has to offer. WineZone is perfect for both residential and commercial wine cellar applications. The shelf is designed so that when installed in one direction the labels are facing out. But when you flip the shelf over, then the neck or punt of the wine bottle will be in a cork-forward position. Either orientation allows you to store a case (12 bottles) of Splits/Bordeaux/Burgundy/Small or Large Champagne bottles. But that’s not all! In addition to the Metal Shelving, a black melamine shelf can also be incorporated for other merchandising or storage options. The shelf can then be used to store other items such as glassware, liquor, olive oils, gift baskets, decanters, and case storage.

A plethora of metal racking styles to choose from

Recently, we received two more new additions to WCI’s metal racking line-up: the Ultra Wall Mounted Metal Wine Racks and the Revue Wall Mounted Series. The Ultra  collection boasts of several uniquely crafted racking styles designed to bring character to any wine cellar project. There are several sleek designs to choose from and we will be discussing those in more detail in next week’s blog – so stay tuned! The Revue Series is a label-forward system that exudes simplicity coupled with a modern and traquil vibe. Watch out for finer details of the two newest members of our metal wine racks collection by bookmarking our blog now! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #444: Vintner x Premium Redwood Comeback

September 17th, 2019

You can’t beat a classic and that’s a fact! And with wine cellar designs, there are combinations that work without fail, even as trends come and go. There are materials that are time-tested and styles that will never be outdated. Case in point: the Vintner x Premium Redwood combo. It’s time for it to make a comeback and take the center stage once more:

Project # 315278
Wood: Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1307
Where: Mount Arlington, NJ

Vintner x Premium Redwood comeback combo!Today’s stunning project is a testament to the timeless elegance of the Vintner Series wine rack kits. These units are so versatile that they can really give custom wine cellars a run for their money. The quality craftsmanship of our Vintner racks is praiseworthy and we have the client testimonials to back that up. Here you can see this beautiful racking arrangement that just flows all around the wine room. The use of crown and base molding packages and center seam trim help tie everything together to create that “built-in” look you can only expect with custom jobs.

Beautiful Dark Walnut stain on the racksNow with Vintner, take note that you are presented with quite an extensive selection of woods, stains and finishes. Even if it’s just a kit, you are able to choose a wood type that will work with your preferred wine cellar theme. In the case of client here, they stuck with the classic route with the Vintner x Premium comeback combination. Let us tell you guys that this combo will always be a winner, no matter the size of your wine cellar project.

Premium Redwood is one of the top four choices for custom wine cellars. It is an amazing specie of wood that can hold its own when it comes to resiliency, durability, and resistance to shrinking and warping. Moreover, it is a clear grade of wood at a reasonable price point. There are those who prefer Premium Redwood over All-Heart Redwood due to the variety of colors the former offers. Premium Redwood includes wood from all part of the log. The colors range from white to pink to red and reddish brown. The wood also works exceptionally well with different stains and finishes. For this Tech Tuesday, for example, the racks were stained with a Dark Walnut stain. It deepened natural hues of the wood and the effect is quite luxurious. *Cheers*

Seamless racking assembly with just “kits”

Making Your Wine Cellar An Iconic Part Of Your Home

September 16th, 2019

When they said that a wine cellar is “the next home icon,” that wasn’t just some empty claim. The last few decades have been witness to the steady growth of residential wine cellars. Moreover, thanks to the evolutions in racking materials and styles, even smaller spaces are now able to accommodate decent wine storage. If you don’t have a wine cellar in your home yet, now’s the to invest in one. We’ll share some tips with you guys on making your wine cellar an iconic part of your home:

Let’s start with homes that have enough space (or more than enough space) for a formal wine room. Our clients sent us these gorgeous photos of theirs. It’s a fully customized wine cellar with Rustic Pine wine racks in Midnight Black stain. Going custom is highly recommended when you have the room and the budget for it. As you can see from these photos, the wine cellar is really the star of the show. Check out the photo below. See how seamless the racking assembly is? Curved corner racks were utilized to smoothen out awkward corners in the room. You can also see that bottle storage is really maximized with a variety of racking styles to boot. And of course, you can also choose more eye-catching decor to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the wine room:

Now let’s talk about those with limited spaces for a formal wine cellar. How can you make it an iconic section of the home? Selecting the right racking products and materials will make a huge difference here. For example, switch it up and go with metal racking units instead of wood. You can also do a combination of both. Wall-mount metal racks are the ultimate space-savers. In addition, they are also super stylish and will give your wine storage a fresh, modern vibe. We recommend checking out our Modern Wine Cellar series such as our cable racking systems and invisible wall wine racks. Another great material to consider is acrylic, like our Acrylic Wine Racks.

Last not least, set aside a budget for embellishing your wine cellar. Accessories such as wine cellar art, lighting accents, and tabletops and countertops can add a lot of flair to your wine cellar. Even a compact wine storage can be a conversation piece when decked out with tasteful accessories. ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #443: Why Grand Mahogany Is Worth It

September 10th, 2019

A happy Tech Tuesday to all of you wine cellar fans! Today’s feature is definitely on the A-list. This wine cellar checks off all of our boxes and then some:

Project # 316934
Wood: Custom/ Grand Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 1673
Where: Elmhurst, IL

Luxurious lacquered custom tasting table in Grand MahoganyOne look at this wine room and you’d certainly say that it exudes a luxurious appeal. The wine racking is seamless and stylish and the golden brown color palette is simply elegant. As this is a custom creation, every detail was considered – especially the materials used. The wood option for this project is none other than Grand Mahogany. For those who are not yet acquainted with this wood option, we highly recommend knowing the finer details. Grand Mahogany is one of our top four stock wood choices for custom wine cellars. There are more than just a few reasons why this is worth it – and we’ll show you those!Racking this beautiful is certainly worth it!Grand Mahogany is plantation grown hardwood and sports a very eye-catching appearance. That alone is enough to lure you into investing in this. The uniform color if the wood gives it a few slight variations that go from medium to pale pink.  Moreover, the hardwood has a moderately coarse grain pattern that is straight for the most part, but also slightly interlocked in some. But Grand Mahogany is more than just a pretty face. It is a versatile wood that is comparable to sapele and cherry with it’s hardness, density, and grain texture. As far as durability and stability are concerned, it can easily match it up to sapele, hard maple, or cherry.

Grand Mahogany in Dark Walnut stain Take a look at the gorgeous racking assembly in this project. See how the wood’s natural hues are being brought out by the Dark Walnut Stain. This is yet another feature of the wood that should be highlighted. It absorbs stains and finishes really well. As you can see from these photos, the wood’s colors and grain patterns and beautifully enhanced by the Dark Walnut Stain. Lacquer was also added to give the wood that gleaming appearance that spells “luxurious.” So are these reason enough to convince you to choose Grand Mahogany? You might want to browse our photo galleries for even more stunning projects. We guarantee zero disappointments and 100% satisfaction – it’s definitely worth it! *Cheers*

Lovely design and plenty of bottle storage

Learn How To Customize Your Wine Tasting Center

September 9th, 2019

Some merry Monday greetings to all you wine cellar fans out there! Today we’re going to be talking about wine tasting centers. More specifically, we’re going to show you guys how to customize your wine tasting centers. Let’s get started by checking out this beautiful project completed by one of our clients:

As can be seen from the above photo, the wine cellar has this elegant tasting center as its focal point. From here you can see how the racking assembly is developed. This is one of the very first customization points of a wine tasting center. You can combine a variety of racking styles according to your design preference. Our Vintner Series, for example, have an assortment of configurations you can choose from. The Individual Tasting Center with tabletop is the most basic. Then you have those with Case Storage or Open Diamond Bins to accommodate bulk bottles. Fancier styles include those with Display Rows, Top Stack Displays, and Double Displays.

Next up will be the height configuration of your wine tasting center. You can have it built to match the room’s ceiling height and making it look completely built-in. If you’re working with wine rack kits like Vintner, you have the option to choose from 6-,7-,8-, and 9-feet heights. Plus, you can throw in some crown and base moldings to give your unit an additional few inches. Center seam trim can also be added to help close awkward gaps in between racking styles. You can further choose from either straight or curved trim, depending in your racking configurations.

Now it doesn’t stop there. To create the look that you really desire for your wine tasting center, you’ll need to play around with different woods, stains and finishes. Mix and match varying wood types with our bevy of stain and finish options. You can even go for our “blended stains.” Blended stains allow for even more choices when it comes to the colors and shades of your wine racks.

Last but not the least, you can also opt to have glass racks and table inserts on the tasting center. And if you’re not working from our “kits,” you may also have your archway designed to your specifications. ^_^

Clients’ WCI Wine Racks Are Standing The Test Of Time

September 5th, 2019

Happy smiles on satisfied clients do not just make our day – they are lifetime memories. Today, we are really proud to showcase this project, along with these bonus photos. Check out the beautiful smiles of our clients with their equally beautiful wine cellar:

Happy clients with their beautiful wine cellarWhen the clients sent us these snaps, they gave a heartwarming testimonial to go with it. Believe it or not, this is not a newly constructed wine cellar at all. The racking units were actually purchased way back in 2015. These are custom racking, crafted from Premium Redwood. Clients also had our team help out with the assembly and installation of the units. The end result definitely lived up to their expectations and more. We give props to their choice of wood for this project. Premium Redwood is one of our acclaimed wood options for custom wine cellar projects. And the way this wine cellar is standing the test of time, Premium Redwood is really living up to its reputation.

Premium Redwood racks standing the test of timeFor those who are not yet fully acquainted with our Redwood products, take note that WCI is SFI-certified. This means that all of our Redwood is purchased under the guidelines of SFI or Sustainable Forestry Initiative. SFI Certification provides customers with assurance that the Redwood products purchased from WCI have been harvested in an environmentally sound manner. This alone is more than enough reason for Redwood’s claim to fame.

In addition to that, the shelf-life of this wood is nothing short of incredible. Redwood racks can last for decades and age just as gracefully as those wine bottles. Premium Redwood, in particular, grows even more attractive over time. The pinkish brown hues of the wood deepen and take on a more golden shade, just like the wine racks you see in this project. Also, keep in mind that it is a clear grade of wood with hardly any knots. It comes very reasonably priced for such a clear grade of wood. This wine cellar is now nearly 5 years old and standing the test of time really well!

Elegant unstained Premium Redwood

“We love our wine shelving and purchased it in 2015. You helped us install it and we have been so happy. We referred several friends to your website!”

~Jay E.~

Technical Tuesday Episode #442: Luscious Graywash Stained Wine Cabinets

September 3rd, 2019

The first Tech Tuesday for the month of September is here – and it is a winner! How are you wine cellar fans doing? As promised, the Fall season is going to bring us some really terrific wine cellar projects. Today’s Tech Tuesday feature is just the beginning! Check out this luscious creation of custom refrigerated wine cabinets:

Project # 312734
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 674
Where: Indian River Shores, FL

Wine Sentinel cabinets in luscious Graywash stain

Wine Sentinel steals the spotlight with this row of very attractive wine cabinets for our client in Indian River Shores, FL. For those who are still not acquainted with Wine Sentinel, this is our line of custom built-in refrigerated wine cabinets. This product provides fully customized wine cabinet options that are available direct to the consumer at an affordable price point. Moreover, just last year, we added exciting new options to further design the cabinets to the client’s personal preferences. Today’s Tech Tuesday is a perfect illustration of what you can do with these options.

So here you can see the units are designed with the most elegant French doors. The French door entry system makes it a truly unique and attractive feature to prominently place in any area of the home. We also recently added an all-glass option. And of course, all entry system styles are equipped with proper insulation values and weather-stripping. Our improved models also attractively hide the wine refrigeration unit away from viewing. This is a practical feature as it ensures that the wine refrigeration unit will not get in the way of the wine racking rails inside. That way, storage capacity is also maximized.

Elegant French door entry system

Now let’s go to the highlight of this project: the luscious Graywash stain on the cabinets. Graywash is one of our newest stain offerings, along with Whitewash and Opaque White. Our Graywash stain has been carefully tested over several months to achieve this gorgeous effect that combines traditional and modern vibes. It is a semi-transparent stain, just like Whitewash. This allows the natural beauty of the wood beneath it to still  show. However, there is no texture that comes through. You will notice that the final product has a smooth finish to it. Our Interactive Wood Swatch Viewer will help you see how this stain will look in combination with different wood choices. *Cheers*

Our Traditional Series: What You Might Have Missed Out

September 2nd, 2019

The “ber” months are here! Summer is finally on its last legs and the Fall season is slowly but surely creeping in. But who’s complaining? Not only are we looking forward to the lovely Fall foliage, we’re also excited to showcase our Fall-inspired wine cellar designs. In fact, this project for our client embraces those warm, Autumn hues that we like so much:

What you might have missed out on our Traditional Series kit!

This simple but elegant project features none other than our Traditional Series wine rack kits. Our Traditional Series is quite underrated, so this is a great opportunity to show you guys what you can get with these kits. If you are not familiar with our wine rack kits, you might have missed out on some really good stuff – so let’s get down to it.

First off, our Traditional Series is comprised of short depth racking, similar to our WineMaker Series. But unlike WineMaker, the kits come in 6-foot height configurations. The shallow-depth units can securely hold the main body of the wine bottles, but allow for a small portion of the necks to stick out. This makes for a really attractive row of popping displays in your wine cellar. Essentially, you get a classic type of racking that traditionalists love for the simplicity and space saving qualities.

Second, you also get opportunities to customize your wine racks, from the wood to the stain and finishes. You can choose from either Premium Redwood or Rustic Pine for the wood option. Stains and finishes include our newest Graywash and Whitewash stains, as well as lacquer. With these different components, you are able to create the perfect storage even with a limited budget. That’s because our Traditional Series is one of our most cost-efficient kits, thanks to the shorter-depth racking.  Premium Redwood with Dark Walnut Stain

Last but certainly not the least, you will be pleasantly surprised at the selection of racking styles available with just a wine rack “kit.” The series offers Individual Bottle Storage, including Curved Corner and Half-Height units. Plus, we also recently upgraded the kits with the Individuals with Display Row. This added feature allows you to showcase your best labels to maximum advantage. You also get some great bulk bottle storage options, as well as Tasting Center packages. So if you might have missed out on this, better check it out now! ^_^


How WCI Can Make Wine Cellar Projects Work For You

August 29th, 2019

We’ve said it before and we were certainly not wrong about it. Wine cellar projects can be quite intimidating at first blush. It’s especially so for those who have never ventured into the realm of DIY projects before. Our client, John, was one of them. He admitted to the jitters that gave rise to negative preconceptions on DIY wine cellar construction. Fortunately, he was able to overcame all these and was generous enough to share his experience with us:

We make wine cellar projects work for you! John wanted to build a proper wine storage in his home. His initial thinking was that this would run into big bucks, particularly the cost of labor. He opted to do the work himself, but was also plagued with the usual fears. When he stumbled onto Wine Cellar Innovations, he was able to overcome all these, thanks to WCI’s products and services. We always find ways to make your wine cellar projects work for you! Per the client, there were so many racking options to fit any space and the quality was nothing to scoff at. Added to that, the racking units cane with instructions and were actually easy enough to assemble.

For someone with little to average DIY skills, this was certainly the cherry on top. The assembly manuals made the work go smoothly for the client and voila! Check out John’s wine storage that easily accommodated his collection. The racks are all from our Designer Series, in beautiful unstained Rustic Pine. A job well done and we are happy to be a part of his wine cellar journey:

Designer Series in unstained Rustic Pine

“Wine racks are intimidating. Wine cellars are expensive. This what I thought. Wine Cellar Innovations changed my thinking. Great, real wood racks. All kinds of designs to make it easy to fit racks to your space. Easy instructions allowed me to put them together myself. That made it very affordable to do. They even reached out several years later to just see how everything was holding, because they always gathering information on how to improve the product. I couldn’t ask for more.”

~John S.~

Technical Tuesday Episode #441: Power Of Custom Racking In Premium Redwood

August 27th, 2019

Last Tech Tuesday for the awesome month of August is up, wine cellar fans! The summer season is drawing to a close, but not our wine cellar projects. In fact, things are going to be even busier soon. The same goes for wine cellars, both residential and commercial. It’s time to start stocking up in preparation for the “-ber” months when the real festivities begin. Well, one thing’s for sure – our clients are absolutely ready for that challenge. Check out this superb set-up our team put together for them:

Project # 310600
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1030
Where: Huntsville, AL

Power of custom racking in Premium Redwood!

This project shows why you should never underestimate the power of custom racking. A custom wine cellar can be designed in any size and with any budget. With the plethora of options available, wine storage in any location in the home can be realized. Not only that, you will be able to really maximize your designated space for your collection. This wine room is certainly a fantastic example of that. Look at how roomy the layout is. You can see the variety in racking styles and how flawless the transition is. There is very good use of Individual Wine Bottle racks, High Reveal Displays, Open Diamond Bins, and Rectangular Bin Bottles. Custom crown and base moldings were also utilized to ensure that there are no awkward gaps between the racks and the ceiling and flooring.

Gorgeous custom countertop

Perhaps our favorite part of this project, though, is tasting center that was built like a peninsula in the center of the room. It offers so much counterspace for prepping drinks or accommodating appetizers. We can just imagine the clients hosting intimate wine tasting parties in this room. Conversations will flow, together with wine, around this tasting center. Also, see how there’s extra storage beneath the countertop:

Dark Walnut stain on the racks

The wood choice for this project is Premium Redwood. The clients desired a truly elegant appearance for their wine room and that’s exactly what our team delivered. The racks were stained with beautiful Dark Walnut, working really well with the flooring and ceiling. The seamless lines of the racking assembly were further emphasized by the bold colors of Dark Walnut. It’s all thanks to the power of custom wine cellars! *Cheers*

Creating 10-Foot High Wine Cellars With Our Vintner Series

August 26th, 2019

How high can you build your wine cellars? And just how high can you stack your wine racks to achieve this? Would you be able to match a room’s ceiling height without having to go the custom route? You’d be pleasantly surprised to find out that, yes, you can! Our Vintner Series has made this all possible. This mere wine rack “kit” has given a world of designing opportunities at such a reasonable cost. That’s why it’s definitely the next best thing to custom. Let’s have a look at our clients’ gorgeous 10-foot wine cellar:

10-foot high wine cellars! From these photos, you can easily see how the racking assembly is really flush against the wall. Also, the racks go all the way up to the ceilings in a seamless fashion. So how do you get this done with the Vintner Series wine rack kits?

Our Vintner Series has always been known for it’s stackable qualities. You can purchase 3-foot and 4-foot racks and stack them to any height you desire. Recently, we innovated our webpage to make it much easier for clients to purchase the exact racks and stacking equipment they need. All they need yo do is select either a 3 foot, 4 foot, 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot or 9 foot foot wine rack at the purchase page. 

Vintner Series with custom amenities!Once you have selected your desired racking height, you can now look into the add-ons. These include crown and base molding packages, center seam trim, and base platforms. These extra options will give your racks a few more inches of height boost. Basically, you can now transform your 9-foot racking arrangement to a 10-foot one! Remember, the additional molding will take your racking height up almost a foot if you have a base on it. And of course, you can also stack another 3-foot unit if you desire to go even higher.

Lots of wood, stain and finish options

Last but definitely not the least, you have the ability to customize the style of your 10-foot wine racks. With the Vintner Series, you get to choose from our most popular stock wood options. These include All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Grand Mahogany. You also get the full selection of stains and finishes, including our newest offerings: Whitewash, Graywash, and Opaque White stains. ^_^

Lovely Wine Room Decked In Unstained All-Heart Redwood Racks

August 22nd, 2019

Don’t you just love it when a room is all put together? When nothing is out of place and everything just works? We’re that way, too – with a wine room, that is! There is really something to be said about a well designed wine cellar. It just so happens we have the perfect one to show you guys today. It’s all thanks to our client who sent us snaps of this lovely wine room decked in WCI racking products. Let’s take a closer look:

Lovely wine room!

The layout of this wine cellar is so clean and elegant, just the pictures are enough to sweep us off our feet. All the racking units are custom made to the clients’ specifications. The floor area is quite generous, as you can see, so there was a lot of room to cover. But with custom wine racks, that is not an issue at all. We really appreciate the variety of racking styles utilized here. You an see that apart from the Individual Wine Bottle Storage, there are also racks for magnums and other larger format bottles. High Reveal Displays, Solid Diamond Bins with Face Trim, and Rectangular Shelves are also added into the mix.

Custom island with lacquered countertop

A beautiful tasting table which functions more like a tasting island graces the center of the room. Below it are more bottle storage racks, as well shelving to accommodate glassware and other decor. An archway with countertop, as well as a tasting center, was also incorporated. On the other side the room, Curved Corner Racks and a custom wine display are flush with the wall. Crown and base moldings and center seam trim were utilized to help remove any awkward gaps between the ceilings, flooring, and different racking styles.

Seamless curved corner racks!

Below you have a snap of the wine cellar entryway. The wine cellar door with wrought-iron design was also customized for the client. You can also see that the racking assembly is nicely completed on both ends with full height Quarter Round Shelves. The wood choice for this project is unstained All-Heart Redwood. Only the countertops were finished with the lacquer option. The racks and shelving are all unstained, displaying the beauty of All-Heart Redwood’s natural golden brown colors. This lovely wine room was  a joy to blog about – so let us know what you think of it in the comments below! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #440: Stunning Custom Ensemble With All-Heart Redwood

August 20th, 2019

We love bold colors on wine racks, especially when they are done in good taste. And today’s Tech Tuesday feature definitely falls into that category. This stunning custom ensemble is everything you could as for in a residential wine cellar – and perhaps more. Let’s take a closer look at the details:

Project # 314625
Wood: Custom / All-hHeart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1181
Where: Anaheim, CA

Stunning custom ensemble!

The racking assembly for this project is all custom-made. You can see a wonderful variety of racking styles that have been tastefully utilized. There’s lots of individual bottle wine racking which allows for storage of split, wine and champagne. High reveal displays were also incorporated, along with Curved Corner Racks. A custom archway with countertop serves as the anchor of the layout. There is even more bottle storage space beneath the countertop, courtesy of Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim. You will also find storage for larger format bottles, as well as Rectangular Shelves to accommodate boxes and crates. There is no waste of space in this project, yet the wine room feels roomy. This is the benefit of choosing custom racking. We can tailor your entire racking assembly to work with the designated space. Bottle storage capacity will be maximized without literally cramping your style.

All-Heart x Dark Walnut master combo!

As this is a custom project, the clients went with All-Heart Redwood for the wood option. The natural reddish hues of the wood are attractive enough, even when unstained. But this wood also adapts very well to various stains and finishes, especially darker ones. If you try out our Interactive Swatch Viewer, you can get a preview of how the wood will look with different stains and finishes. All-Heart Redwood’s grain patterns become even more pronounced with deeper-colored stains. That’s why to bring out a strong, luxurious feel, our design team selected Dark Walnut for the stain option. Also, thanks to the lighting elements, the reddish shades of the stained wood mimic that of red wine. Talking about luxurious style, also check out the beautiful Raised Panel ceilings. The straightforward and clean style is perfect for this wine room. It makes the wine room feel even larger and does not overwhelm the other decor. *Cheers*

Opening Your Wine Cellar Space With Wall Wine Racks

August 19th, 2019

Nothing can open up a wine cellar space quite like wall wine racks. There is a reason why this racking style has rapidly grown in popularity over the years. And that reason is the undeniable fact that it is the most space-efficient racking style there is. This gorgeous wine room designed for a client certainly gets that point across:

Wall wine racks are super space-efficient!See how open the floor area is, thanks to the racking assembly which is mounted on the walls. This gives you room for other furniture to accent your cellar. In clients’ case, they chose an elegant tasting table and some wooden crates and boxes as decor. These work really well with the wooden flooring, as well as the wine-colored ceiling.

Now let’s talk about the wall wine racking units. Here at WCI, we carry a healthy selection of this racking style.  One of our oldest lines is the Vintage View Series. The racks are available in four different finishes. They also come in single deep, double deep, and triple deep storage options. These units can hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. You can also configure them to hold split-sized bottles by mounting them at 5.5 inches apart. This is one of our super versatile series.

Talking about versatility, our WineZone Wine Shelf System definitely takes the top spot. This unit was designed with maximum storage flexibility in mind.  This system creates a beautiful variation of metal and wood wine racks that are able to fit a variety of wine, spirits, as well as wine accessories to fit your needs. Moreover, you can even use the shelf as a table top option. You will have a second shelf with glass rack attachment above that can function as a tasting station.

Stylish space savers that can open up your wine cellars!We also have the Curvy Wine Cube collection for those who prefer something with a little more flair. These wall-mounted beauties are  available in several wood types and stain options. Their unique profile will give any wine cellar that added touch of fancy without compromising on space.

Take note that you can display your bottles in either the traditional cork-forward format the more contemporary label-forward format. You can also mix and match wood and metal racking elements. Enjoy coming up with your personal style while having tons of bottle storage space. It is certainly space-efficiency racking done right! ^_^

Fine Wine x Fine Art With Our Commercial Wine Racks

August 15th, 2019

Fine wine with artistic masterpieces – you can’t get a better pairing than that! Our clients were really smart in making use of this combination. They have one of the best locations for their wine store -right inside an art gallery. That’s why they were also inspired to showcase their wine merchandise in the most attractive way possible. WCI’s commercial wine racking units were instrumental in helping them achieve that goal:

Fine wine x fine art combo with our commercial wine racks

We like how the clients made very good use of our commercial wine displays and merchandisers. They purchased several units in Premium Redwood with Dark Walnut stain option. That includes a Circular Wine Merchandiser with solid tabletop. Take note that previously, the tabletop was an accessory to the merchandiser. You had to buy it separately. But now, it comes together with the unit, conveniently making it a full set. The tabletop is a great way to advertise popular and/or new labels. In general, the Circular Wine Merchandiser of our more popular choices. It provides generous wine storage capacity in a compact format. You can easily put this commercial wine rack in high traffic areas as a standalone unit. It allows 360 degrees of visibility, making it easy for customers to browse through the store merchandise. Moreover, the display row pops out the wine bottle label. Also keep in mind that it can even be built around a variety of poles or support columns in your store.

Now here’s something that will make you guys appreciate our commercial wine racking catalog even more. We now have the Vintner line for these racks which carries almost everything in our Classic Commercial Series. Vintner offers these wine racks at the same quality but a more affordable price tag. You can even get complimentary auto cad designs prior to properly visualize your wine store’s wine storage layout. It’s taking the practical route without compromising on anything for your business! ^_^

“Our commercial wine racks are great. We use them in our boutique wine shop and wine bar housed within the J Petter Galleries Fine Art Gallery in Holland, MI.”

~Juli P.~