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Client’s WCI Wine Racks Are Magazine Worthy!

December 5th, 2019

Well, here’s an early Christmas present both for our client Dwight and us here at WCI as well! Dwight’s wine racks were featured in Lancaster County Magazine and he’s shared some terrific shots with us:

Client’s wine cellar is featured in Lancaster County Magazine!Our client has quite the collection and dreamt of showcasing it to the fullest. He purchased some racking units from our website, enjoying the variety of styles that he got to choose from. As you can see from these great snaps of the completed racking assembly, it is really quite versatile. We especially love the Open Diamond Cube wall and the Wine Bottle Waterfall. There is also a custom countertop and shelves to accommodate bulk bottle storage underneath. The varying styles make for a nice contrast of shapes and lines. You will notice that the overall design is not messy or overwhelming. In fact, there is a good sense of balance and symmetry despite the contrasting racking styles. The uniformity in the colors of the chosen stain option is partly responsible for this. The other contributing would be the choice of wine cellar accessories. Basically, everything was done in good taste!

Mix of wood and metal wine racksBut there is still one more surprise with this wine cellar project. It also has some of these beautiful wall-mounted metal wine racks. Every space in the compact room was utilized cleverly. The metal racks allow for a label-forward storage that display the client’s collection to maximum advantage. It also makes for easy organization. We love seeing bottles of different sizes being showcased in the wine cellar. They certainly are the center of attention – which is exactly the purpose of a wine cellar. The unique details of Dwight’s wine cellar rightfully earned him a spot in the magazine. And we’re just darned proud that we are a part of his big moment! It is fantastic knowing that our products really do bring about the desired results – that is, 100% client satisfaction. ^_

“My wine racks were featured in Lancaster County Magazine!
~Dwight G.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Tips In Outfitting Small Spaces

December 4th, 2019

One of the things we like about small spaces is that you can get really creative with them. Some of our most unique projects are transformations of smaller spaces. It’s pretty amazing what ingenuity can yield and we’d love to share some of those concepts with you.
Trim those corners with curved corner racks!1. Trim those corners

When working with compact wine cellar projects, one of the things you need to consider are the angles and corners. They might seem like wasted space, but with the right racking units, you can properly maximize them. We recommend outfitting your cellar with Curved Corner Racks or 90 Degree Angled Racks to achieve this. You can go with either custom units or select from our wine rack kits, such as Vintner, which carries these curved corner racking options.

2. Try some shallow-depth racking

Do not be afraid to venture into different racking styles when outfitting a compact wine storage space. You do not need to stick to standard-sized racks all the time. Other styles may prove more space-efficient, such as shallow-depth wine racks. These are racks manufactured with shorter depth compared to standard units. When bottles are stored on these racks, you’ll notice that the necks will slightly stick out. That actually makes for a really attractive display as well. WCI carries this style of racking with our WineMaker Series and Traditional Series wine rack kits. You will be surprised at the bottle storage capacity these shorter depth racks can offer.
Outfitting small wine cellar spaces3. Small wine racks can do wonders

Another type of racking that will can work wonders on compact spaces is the “small wine rack.” Here at WCI, we actually have several options, such as our Mini Stacks, Curvy Cubes, and our Wall Mount Wine Racks. The last option is easily the most popular. Wall mount units can come in either wood or metal materials. Recently, our metal wine racking products, particularly the wall-mount ones, have really grown in popularity. Vintage View is, of course, one of our oldest and highly recommended products. But we also introduced some recent additions that are both space-efficient and super attractive. The Revue and Ultra Wine Racks collections are some of them. These wall-mount units are easy to install and you’ll have tons of fun creating eye-catching arrangements with them. ^_^

Shallow depth racks allow for more bottle storage

Technical Tuesday Episode #453: Simplicity Is Beauty With Unstained Premium Redwood

December 3rd, 2019

Ho, ho, ho, wine cellar buddies! The month of holiday cheer is finally here. We’re going to kick it off with some Tech Tuesday fun, courtesy of this project using custom racking pieces and our Vintner Series wine racks kit:

Project # 314608
Wood: Custom / Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 709
Where: Cincinnati, OH

Simplicity is beauty with unstained Premium RedwoodWith wine cellars, it doesn’t always have to be intricately designed to be beautiful. As the saying goes, “Simplicity is beauty.” A clean and functional design also carries with it a certain charm. In fact, there are more than just a few clients here at WCI who prefer an understated style to an elaborate one. Today’s Tech Tuesday feature is one of those! This compact wine storage showcases the excellent craftsmanship of our racks. It also shows the natural     hues of unstained Premium Redwood. This is definitely a wine cellar that doesn’t pile on the frills and fancies. Yet, it is no way  inferior in both form and function.

Clean and beautiful racking linesAs far as bottle storage capacity is concerned, this wine cellar can actually host a little over 700 bottles. That’s pretty generous, considering the space our team had to work with. You’ll notice in the photos that the room was really properly maximized to accommodate as many bottles as possible. A combination of select units from our versatile Vintner Series and custom racks made all this possible. We especially like the countertop with extra individual bottle storage below.

Another great feature of this project is the variety of bottle storage options. Despite the compact size of the cellar, you can see that there is space for bulk bottle storage, as well as larger format bottles. To top it all off, the racking assembly flows seamlessly. This is thanks to the crown and base moldings and center seam trim. This wine cellar is indeed one of the best examples that simplicity is beauty. Even with the lack of dramatic elements, the quality of the materials and craftsmanship more than make up for it. *Cheers*

Client Is Thrilled With The Vintner Concave Racks

November 28th, 2019

If we’re going to tell you that this wine cellar is NOT custom-made, you probably won’t believe us. Because, really – how can something that looks this stunning be anything but custom? We’re not pulling your leg, though, since this wine cellar was put together using our Vintner Series wine racks kit. The client was pretty thrilled with the results:

The Vintner Concave Racks are nothing short of gorgeous!The Vintner Series has always been one of our top-selling, if not the top-selling, kits. It combines flexibility with generous bottle storage options. As far as both form and function go, the Vintner Series has you covered. And that’s not just on a residential wine storage needs scale. The commercial line for this series is also amazingly competitive. You can browse the full collection on our commercial racking section.

Now with this particular project, Vintner showcases remarkable style that can rival custom racking units. They are from the Concave Racks collection which debuted just a few years ago. The Concave Individual is comprised of 2-,3-,4-, and 5-column Individual Wine Racks, as well as a 10-Column Individual and the Concave Curved Corner unit. The racks are stackable, allowing you to maximize the height of your wine storage. Molding packages, including center seam trim and platforms, are also available. These will help get rid of awkward gaps between the racks and ceiling or flooring. That’s how you get those beautiful, seamless lines on your racking assembly!

There is no compromise either when it comes to the safety of your wine bottles. Wine bottles stored on the individual bottle wine racks are cradled on customized rails. These are carefully manufactured with beveled ends and rounded edges to ensure wine labels will not tear when the bottles are removed. And of course, you also get a slew of wood, stain and finish options to dress up your racks in style. That includes our latest stain offerings like Graywash, Whitewash, and Opaque White.

“Racks are stunning! I really appreciate your work on this and please forward to your boss so that you are recognized! Robert and Jenny (installers) were awesome to work with did an amazing job . I will recommend Wine Cellar Innovations to everyone I know. Thrilled!”

~David P.~

Technical Tuesday Episode #452: Sleek Style With Midnight Black Stain

November 26th, 2019

A merry Tech Tuesday to all you wine cellar fans out there! Can you believe that next week, the month of December is already here. That means that shopping list has to be at the very least halfway through. But if you haven’t started on it yet, don’t fret. We’re going to list down some fantastic gift ideas for your wine loving “giftees.” Stay tuned for that on next week’s round of blogs! For today, we have this absolutely gorgeous wine cellar project to sing praises to. The sleek racking style has been wonderfully accentuated by nothing less than our Midnight Black Stain option. Let’s check out the deets:

Project # 320768
Wood: Custom /All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1349
Where: Valhalla, NY

Wine racks in sleek Midnight Black Stain

We’re not gonna lie! At first glance, even we thought that these were 3D renderings of the client’s wine cellar. But these photos are actually of the real deal – the completed wine room designed by our awesome team. The racking units are all custom, tailor-made to maximize the space. You can actually see in the photos that the bottle storage capacity is quite generous. There’s also a good variety in bottle storage options. The curved corner units seamlessly blend into the room’s corners, providing more bottle storage space. So when you want your wine room to be really functional, this is the way to go.

Custom curved corner racksNow let’s talk about the visual appeal of this wine cellar. The dark-colored wine racks are certainly eye-catching and a welcome departure from the traditional wood finishes. Midnight Black Stain has really risen in the popularity ranks over the last year or so. We found that more and more clients have come to appreciate the beauty that darker-colored stains can bring. Midnight Black Stain, in particular yields jet-black hue that is just really sleek and adds a lot of character to the wood. It also gives wooden wine racks that contemporary vibe.

Variety in bottle storage options Some wood types can bring out bolder hues of the stain compared to others. In this project, the wood option is All-Heart Redwood. It is a very versatile wood that lends itself extremely well to almost all types of stains and finishes. As far as wood options go, All-Heart Redwood is considered to be one of the best choices for custom wine cellar projects. With the way this Tech Tuesday is checking off all the boxes, we couldn’t agree more! *Cheers*

Why You Need Shallow-Depth Racks In Your Wine Cellar

November 25th, 2019

Have you ever used shallow-depth racks in your wine cellar? Or have you even heard of shallow-depth racks for that matter? For those who are completely new to the concept, we’re going to give you the 4-1-1 on this amazing racking style. And for those who haven’t tried it, we give you the best reasons why you need this type of racking unit for your wine cellar project.

Shorter depth, not less quality…

Now the first thing we need to emphasize about this racking style is that the shorter depth configuration does not equate to lesser quality. Our Winemaker Series wine racks kit is a fine example of this. Winemaker is comprised of modular units manufactured in shallow depth. When wine bottles are stored, you can easily see that the necks stick out, just like in the picture above. This makes for a very attractive, popping display. But of course, some would immediately question the safety feature of this type of racking. While the depth is indeed shorter, the security of your collection is never compromised. The racks are crafted with square-cut rails to firmly hold the bottles in place.

One of the biggest advantages of the shallow depth racks is the fact that they are very space-efficient. This means that they are ideal for compact wine cellars or those built in irregular spaces. Even if larger wine cellars, you will find this type of racking highly useful, especially if you want to make room for more bottles. In homes where formal wine rooms are not possible due to space constraints, these shorter depth racks are the solutions you need. Think about under stairwell wine storage, closet transformations, or pantry conversions! Standard-sized wine racks will be an awkward fit or worse, not fit the space at all. But check out our photo gallery and see how these spaces are beautifully utilized thanks to shallow depth racking!

Apart from Winemaker, WCI also has the Traditional Series with the same shorter depth configurations. But while Winemaker is known for it’s stackable qualities, the Traditional Series racks come in 6-foot configurations only. That’s why Winemaker is said to be Vintner’s greatest rival with the “kits” since its stackable features make it so versatile. Lastly, never forget this! The shallow depth racks also have a slew of wood, stain and finish options available. That means you can achieve the look you want and make the racks work with other elements in your wine cellar. ^_^



Midnight Black Stain Brings Wow Factor To Client’s Wine Cellar

November 21st, 2019

Bold colors are always a hit during the Fall season. Jeweled tones such as ruby reds, emerald greens, and amethyst purples are very much in vogue. These darker hues always make an eye-catching statement without being too loud or too much. In fact, the element of elegance is still very much present in these colors.  So why not bring that into your wine cellars as well? Our client Stephen shares some of these gorgeous snapshots of their newly completed wine cellar. It is a show-stopper, all thanks to the stain option that they picked for their wine racks:

Wow factor brought about by Midnight Black Stain option

This beautiful racking assembly was made possible by our Vintner Series wine rack kits. Thanks to the extensive racking designs offered by Vintner, anyone can build wine cellars with a “custom-built” look. The variety of bottle storage styles coupled with wood, stain and finish options makes this series as the “next best thing to custom.” That being said, just check out the “wow” factor of this wine room! The clients shied away from the traditional woodworking finishes and instead, went for something bolder. They chose Midnight Black Stain which went extremely well with the Grand Mahogany wood option.

Midnight Black Stain can give your wood a very dramatic appearance because of its jet black hues. The darker colors are especially pronounced in some wood types, such as Grand Mahogany. Grand Mahogany has inherently uniform color and a straight, moderately coarse grain pattern. This helps the wood absorb stains and finishes really well, particularly darker ones. You can compare the swatches of Midnight Black Stain with this wood as against others, like Rustic Pine and Redwood. Grand Mahogany shows the richest shades that lend a contemporary charm to the wood:

Beautiful, bold Midnight Black Stain on racks

The image above shows a closer view of the wine cellar. The stark contrast between the jet black racks and the much lighter floors and walls is really attractive. The Midnight Black Stain also helps accentuate the clean lines of the racking assembly. The layout of this cellar might be simple, but the “wow” factor is certainly present. Needless to say, the clients were absolutely loving how everything turned out! ^_^

“We absolutely love it!!”

~Stephen H.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Your Guide To Wine Rack Heights

November 20th, 2019

How high can you stack your wine racks? If you purchase racks from WCI, how will you be able to configure them to work with your desired ceiling heights? Also, as far as storage is concerned, how do you know what kind of wine bottle dimensions will be accommodated by your racking units?

Your guide to wine rack heights

How High Will Those Wine Racks Go?

Let’s start by comparing the various wine rack series. Our wine rack kits each have their unique features that can help you decide which one will work best with your wine cellar. As far as the stackable quality is concerned, all our kits are endowed with this, except the Traditional Series. The Traditional Series racks come in 6-feet height configurations. You can add accents such as crown and base moldings to stretch the height to a couple more inches. But you will not be able to stack the units unlike the other series.

Vintner is the most flexible among the kits. The racks come in 3-foot and 4-foot configurations. They can be stacked to match any ceiling height, including up to 10 feet. The height chart illustrates in finer detail how Vintner is able to achieve what custom racks can in terms of wine rack heights. You can also see how WineMaker is able to provide the same flexibility. The only difference is that the WineMaker Series is comprised of shallow-depth racking units. The Designer Series is also quite versatile. However, it cannot provide for racking heights beyond 8 feet.

How many wine bottles can you fit in your racks?

How Many Wine Bottles Will Fit?

Now that you’ve sorted out your wine rack heights in your wine cellar, another question that needs to be tackled is on the bottle storage capacity. Wine bottles come in different sizes. You have the standard wine bottle sizes, but you also have those that are smaller and those that are in larger formats. Knowledge on bottle sizes and wine bottle dimensions will greatly aid in selecting the best wine racks for your collection.

Naturally, you’ll have to consider questions such as how tall is a 750 ml bottle of wine compared to a 187 ml bottle? How big is a bottle of wine in CL? Also, what is a 5 litre bottle of wine called? For example, it helps to know that a split or picolo is 187.5 ml in size and can hold 1/4 standard bottle or one glass of wine. The standard size is 750 ml which is equivalent to 5 glasses of wine.

The chart below shows the bottle capacity of the wine racks in various height configurations. The capacity is based of the wine bottle height and wine bottle diameter of standard-sized bottles. You will also see a comparison in the storage capacity of racks that are single-deep and those that are double-deep. Double-deep racks have significantly increased bottle storage capacity. This is the kind of racking style one should consider for larger wine collections. ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #451: Seamless Proportions With Custom Racking

November 19th, 2019

Nothing beats clean, beautiful lines in a wine cellar project. It’s like that perfectly tailored suit that, of course, comes with a hefty price tag. So if you’re wanting those seamless proportions in your wine cellar, you should be ready to spend for them. But that doesn’t mean you have to go beyond your means. Here at WCI, custom wine racks can give you the wine cellar of your dreams – and without breaking the bank. Today’s Tech Tuesday will show us how it’s done:

Project # 313945
Wood: Custom/ Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 3042
Where: Kinnelon, NJ

Seamless proportions with custom rackingThis large wine room of client has an impressive bottle capacity of a little over three thousand bottles. The racking units are all custom-made to make full use of the generous space. You can see from the photo above how clean the lines are. There are no gaps in between the racks, flooring, and ceiling. And speaking of the racks, there is a nice variety in individual and bulk bottle storage. This is definitely storage designed to accommodate a robust collection. We have no doubts that the clients will have plenty of storage for their growing collection. That includes storage for wine cases or crates, courtesy of the custom rectangular shelves. We can also design these shelves to be adjustable for different storage needs.

The wood option for this project is All-Heart Redwood. To match the lighter colored interior and flooring, the wood was kept in its natural, unstained state. The natural golden brown tones of the wood mesh so well with the rest of the room. This helps contribute to that neat-as-a-pin look, while keeping a classy vibe. Also, as we earlier mentioned, there are ways to keep the cost at bay even with all these custom features. One of those lies in the assortment of wood, stain and finish options.

For example, our client chose All-Heart Redwood. But while worth every dollar you spend, it might not suit everyone’s budget. You can look into other more affordable wood choices – like Rustic Pine. Rustic Pine is a knotty grade of wood which is also of excellent quality, but at a more affordable price range. Unstained Rustic Pine sports a gorgeous, creamy color with structurally sound knots for that perfect rustic charm. If you want to stain or finish your racks, you also get a bevy of choices – one that can match your budget. Seamless proportions at the right prices – that’s WCI custom wine racks! *Cheers*



A Contemporary Flavor With WCI‘s Cable Racking System

November 14th, 2019

Wine cellar design has really dramatically evolved over the last few decades. It’s no longer just about traditional, wood wine racks and plain racking arrangements. It’s refreshing to see more unique layouts and silhouettes, including more variety in materials. This has helped the concept of the “modern” wine cellar grow immensely in the last few years. WCI was definitely on board with this style development! We launched a newer section of our website for Modern Wine Cellars with a bevy of products and design ideas. While focusing on a contemporary flavor, our racking units still exude traditional elegance. That’s why they’re such a hit! And one of the rising stars is none other than our Cable Racking System:WCI's Cable Racking is minimalistic and elegantWhat exactly is a cable racking system? These photos from one of our most recent projects will give you the proper visuals for this design. You can see the metal racking units nestled in between the wood wine racks in the photo above. This is how cable racking works. It is basically a cable wine system made out of stainless steel material. This makes it the perfect choice for for high humidity environments. There will be no need to worry about your racks rusting out. There is no compromise either when it comes to security. The strong cables are attached to wood panels above and below for maximum safety of your wine bottles.

Sleek and contemporary design

So essentially, this racking system combines both metal and wood materials. That gives a modern feel to your wine cellar while still keeping things classy. Then wood panels can actually be customized to your style preference. You can select from a variety of woods, stains and finishes, including lacquer. You can even create a blended stain to go with the existing interior of the wine room or to match the racks with other furniture. The overall result is minimalistic, yet incredibly sophisticated. This is also thanks to the fact that the cable racking system is made from high end components.

Clean lines and quality materialsSo are you ready to add some contemporary flavor to your wine cellar project as well? Our highly experienced design consultants can help you get started! ^_^



Wine Cellar Inspirations: Which Red Wine Is For You?

November 13th, 2019

Who doesn’t love a good glass of sparkling, red wine? Reds are the life of any wine tasting party, and all the more so if they are rich, smooth, and full-bodied. But not everyone may have the same taste in reds, just like we have preferences with our whites. This then begs the question: which red wine is for you? Let’s delve into this interesting topic a little bit more!

Which red wine is best for you?

Choosing your scarlet poison…

The list would most likely go on and on if we actually talked about the wide assortment of reds out there. So we’ll narrow things down a bit by discussing about the types of reds that are good for you. Red wine in general carries a complex mix of phytonutrients, or plant chemicals, that can help your body function better. One of these compounds is popularly know as “antioxidants.” With red wine, antioxidants’ free-radical fighting capabilities are enhanced even more. “Flavanoids” is another compound, essentially, the largest type of antioxidant found in red wines. The healthiest red wines have high amounts of the antioxidant flavonoid resveratrol. Lastly, you have the “polyphenols.” Polyphenols are flavanoids containing cancer-fighting and inflammation-reducing components. But let’s list down the health benefits of red wine in less scientific terms. Research has proven that red wine improves cardiovascular health, balances blood sugars, decreases cognitive impairment, and prevents particular types of cancers, among others. It also helps with weight control by fighting against obesity.

Now what may be considered as the healthiest bottles of reds you can pop open? First off, we have the Malbec. It contains about four times the antioxidants as Merlots and about two times as much as Cabernet Sauvignons. The taste is nothing to sneer at either. Malbecs are known to have a smooth, black cherry and blackberry flavor. This is combined with a delectable, silky pour and darker, mocha-like finish. Next up is the ever famous Pinot Noir. A staple in almost any wine tasting affair, Pinot Noir is a heavenly concotion of plums, berries and almonds. The sweetness is balanced out by a flavorful, bright acidity. Healthwise, Pinot Noirs contain a healthy dose of the antioxidants anthocyanins and procyanidins. These two are popular bad cholesterol-reducing agents that make room for more HDL absorption. HDL is known as the “good cholesterol” which the body needs.

Third on the list but definitely not the least, we have the Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignons carry with them a particular flavonoid combination that offer all the same cardiovascular and artery relief other blends do. But one advantage of this red wine is that its compounds aid in stimulating the production of a protein called the “amyloid precursor.” This protein is an essential factor of neural cell health. And of course, Cabernet Sauvignon is also known to be easy on the teeth – a definite plus over the rest! So have you decided which red wine is for you? Let us know in the comments below! ^_^

*For more info on benefits of red wine, check out this resource page.

Technical Tuesday Episode #450: Blended Stains On Your Wine Racks

November 12th, 2019

It’s another awesome Tech Tuesday, wine cellar buddies! If you guys checked out our blog last time, we talked about stained versus unstained wine racks. It’s mostly a matter of style preference and WCI offers so much variety in the stains and finishes department. In fact, we have such an extensive selection that there might be options you have never even heard about. Today, we’re going to be showing you just that so read on and find out:

Project # 309562
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity:
Where: Cincinnati, OH

Premium Redwood with Blended StainFeatured today is this simple but super elegant tasting station our team put together for a local client. It is fully custom, designed according to the clients’ bottle storage needs and style preference. The racks are all Premium Redwood and, as you can see, all beautifully stained. So are you able to guess the stain color used on this project? Is it Dark Mahogany? Or could it be Midnight Black Stain? It also looks like it could be a Dark Weathered Finish, don’t you think? Close but no cigar though! Like we mentioned earlier, this project is completely customized. That includes the stain option. What was actually utilized here is what we call our “blended stains.”

Custom racking with blended stain optionWhat is WCI’s blended stain option? If you have been following our blog for quite some time, you might have an idea what this product is. We introduced it a few years back to cater to even the most finicky style “wants” of our clients. There are those who want particular shade or shades for their wine racks that our standard selections could not quite give. For example, our Classic Mahogany might not be too dark for some. However, the Midnight Black might prove to be a tad too bold for their taste. Thus the birth of our “blended” stains!

This stain option is exactly what the name claims yo be. Basically, we can blend any of our current stains together to create something custom for you. We can do it in certain percentages when we “blend” to create the perfect hue you desire. We can even take a custom match and match it up. With this option, the design possibilities are endless! *Cheers*


Luxury On A Budget With The WineMaker Series

November 7th, 2019

Can you achieve a luxury look for your wine cellar project on a budget? WCI says you definitely can! We have a wide range of racking products and accessories to fulfill any and all wine storage needs. That includes keeping things within or even under budget! Luckily, we have this rustic beauty to serve as the perfect example. Check out our clients’ wine cellar, decked out in our WineMaker Series wine racking units:

Luxury on a budget with WineMaker!We’re not exaggerating when we say that this project can be up in a wine cellar magazine. The clients were certainly very happy with the results. But what’s even better is the fact that they didn’t have to spend a fortune on it. They purchased the racks from our WineMaker Series “kits.” These kits are the more affordable alternative to custom racking. The WineMaker Series takes it even a notch higher.

The racks from this series are all manufactured with shallow depth configurations. When you store your bottles, the necks will slightly stick out. You may think that this is compromising on the security of the wine bottles. But that’s absolutely not the case! The well-manufactured square-cut rails keep the bottles nestled safely and comfortably. It is thanks to the narrow depth of the racks that the racks come at a most affordable price point. There are no compromises in quality and yet, you end up saving money!

It doesn’t end with just excellent craftsmanship though. Achieving that luxury look also requires the right amount of style in your wine cellar. With custom racks, you can have any racking arrangement created to your preference. But what about with the wine rack kits? Well, here’s something amazing about them: you get design options to enable you to create unique wine storage as well. Take a good, long look at the clients’ wine cellar. These are actually Rustic Pine wine racks in a beautiful Dark Walnut stain option. Moreover, you can easily see that there is a good mix of racking styles for individual and bulk bottle storage. With our higher end kits such as Vintner and Designer, more styles, stain and finish options are available. Still, these are all “kits” so they don’t come at a hefty price tag. It’s luxury on a budget at its best! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: What Position Should You Store Your Wines?

November 6th, 2019

If you’re the observant wine lover, you’d surely notice that wine bottles are not always stored in similar positions. You’ll see bottles being stored on the side in residential or commercial wine cellars. But you’ve most likely also seen them stored in an upright position. You usually see this being done in wine establishments, liquor stores, or your local grocery. Also, you’ve mostly likely heard or read that wine should always be stored on its side. That brings us to this question: what position should you actually store your wine bottles? Would it make a big difference if you’re storing it on its side or in an upright position? Let’s find out!

What position should you store your wine bottles in?

The big mistake you should never make…

Here’s the deal about storing your wine bottles in an upright position: it is a big mistake that will ruin your wines, especially if you’re trying to age them. The upright position is actually considered one of the top wine bottle storage mistakes. Why is this so? For one thing, the wine will not keep the cork wet in this position. That means the cork will eventually dry out. This is like a death mark for your wine. The dry cork will allow excess air inside and completely destroy the wine’s taste. You will find out – in the most awful way – that your wine will taste like vinegar. Nothing can be more devastating than that. Try to imagine that happening to your most expensive and/or rarest labels!

It’s always essential to remember that wine shares a fickle friendship with oxygen. Oxygen reacts with the chemicals in wine resulting in changes to the flavor compounds. This is why oxygen is indispensable to the aging process. However, this very same oxygen also reacts with the alcohol in wine to form acetic acid. We know this as “vinegar” in layman’s terms.  Store wine bottles on their side to achieve peak taste!Too much oxygen in your wine is highly detrimental to it. The same can be said when your wine bottles get too little or no oxygen. So how do you regulate the amount of oxygen that comes in contact with the wine? The age-old solution is, of course, the use of a cork. Natural corks, in particular,  can expand and contract as the environment changes.  When you store your wine bottle in an upright position, it keeps the cork high and dry and away from the wine.  The cork will dry out and eventually shrink, leaving gaps. These gaps will allow air to enter the bottle and let oxygen react with the wine.

Storing the wine bottle on its side keeps the liquid keeps the cork moist.  The cork stays the same size and will even expand if a warmer environment causes the wine bottle to expand. The bottle is sealed tight 24/7 and only the necessary amounts of oxygen are able to circulate inside. The air that gets in through the small pores of the cork makes for just the right amount of oxygen to age your wine at a graceful pace. ^_^

Stained Or Unstained Racks: Which Is Your Style?

November 4th, 2019

And just like that, we’re only a month away from Christmas holidays! Happy November, wine cellar buddies! Is it too early to get that holiday shopping list done? Maybe not. With all the hustle and bustle that is sure to come with the Yuletide season, it’s always good to get a head start. But for today, we’re going to be talking about something else – for your wine cellars that is. Wine storage projects can also get pretty popular during the holidays. So putting some ideas out there will certainly be a big help. If you’re going to be undertaking a wine storage project in the next few weeks, here’s something to think about: should you stain your wine racks or not?
Stained or unstained wine racks?Our clients sent us these photos of their beautiful wine room. The racks were all custom-made by WCI. The wood of choice is Premium Hardwood – unstained. That’s right! The clients opted for an unstained version for their wine racks. The natural pinkish gold colors of Premium Redwood worked perfectly with the room’s flooring and ceiling. Notice how the racks mesh with the multi-colored, faceted flooring. It’s a smart decision to keep the racking assembly as understated as possible. The layout looks clean yet exuding lots of character.

What racking design is more your style?Essentially, going for stained or unstained wine racks depends much on your style – what you want to achieve for your wine cellar. But you should also take care not to overdo it with these style elements. Otherwise, your wine racks might overpower everything else, including your wine bottles. WCI offers a terrific selection of stain and finish options to go with a lot of style preferences. If you want traditional elegance, we have Classic Mahogany and Dark Walnut stains. For a clean and neutral look, you can go with our Light Danish stain option. If you are a fan of the contemporary design, our newest stain offerings can give you just that. We have Opaque White, Whitewash, and Graywash stains, to name a few. We also have an array of finishes, such as the Dusty Weathered finish for that timeworn appearance.

Unstained Premium Redwood racks are eye-catching!Long story short, it’s all a matter of design perspective. It’s all about your style! You go with the option that looks and feels the best for your wine cellar project. And if you have trouble deciding, never forget our expert design consultants are always here for you. All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to get in touch with us! ^_^

Perfect Performance By WCI’s Custom Wine Racks

October 31st, 2019

How would you rate the performance of your wine racks when it comes to storing your precious collection? We’re pretty hyped to share this high praise given by a client for our wine racking units. Marc sent these photos of their gorgeous wine cellar, equipped with no less than our custom wine racks:

Check out this wine room’s unique entryway. It has a vintage feel to it which we totally love. Inside is a quite generously spaced are for the racking arrangement. The client wanted to use this space as efficiently as possible. Choosing to go with custom wine racks was certainly the best move. Our experienced design consultants can design wine cellars of any size and style, with any budget. It can be as small as a wine cellar closet or large and ambitious, such as a luxe wine room. WCI offers free wine cellar consultation, along with actual room plans to help clients get started on their wine cellar projects. Our design consultants will be able to provide valuable advice on which types of racks will work best with your space and style preference.

Here are some snaps of the completed racking setup. You can see that there is a nice variety of individual and bulk bottle storage options. Since the client had a healthy, growing collection, maximizing the room’s bottle storage capacity was top priority. This was achieved thanks to the custom racks that were made to wrap around the room in a seamless manner. Notice that there is even space for the bottles in between the racks and the ceilings without      making the assembly look cramped and messy.

Taking a cue from the stone hewn walls and vintage vibe of the room’s interior, Premium Redwood was the wood of choice for the racks. Premium Redwood has lighter, pinkish gold tones compared to All-Heart Redwood. But because it absorbs stains and finishes equally well, it looked bolder and elegant with the Dark Walnut Stain option. Needless to say, the client was very much pleased with the results! It was was a perfect performance and you know it can’t get any better than that!

“All of my wine racks are performing perfectly I had absolutely no issues.”

~Marc N.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Would You Go For Natural Or Synthetic Corks?

October 30th, 2019

These days, anything made with “all-natural” ingredients or materials is becomes popular in a snap. It’s fantastic to see people becoming more and more aware of eco-friendly products and switching to them. But what about when it comes to wine corks? Is going the natural route really the best option?  We’re about to find out!

Natural vs. Synthetic: What’s your choice?

The big supporters of synthetic corks and screw caps are those who make their living bottling wine or are involved with that industry. That comes as no surprise since synthetic corks and screw caps are considerably cheaper when it comes to manufacturing costs. But that’s not the only reason as well. Another strong argument in support of synthetic corks is the undeniable reality of cork taint.

Cork taint is brought about by a chemical compound called trichloroanisole (TCA), which occurs naturally in some corks. The result of this is quite frustrating to the avid wine collector who usually ends up with bottles of wine smelling like wet cardboard. Imagine popping those expensive vintages after being aged to perfection and coming across that wet cardboard smell. However, are these reasons enough to switch from natural corks to synthetic ones? Let’s look into the issues that come with these cork substitutes.

Firstly, let’s consider the fact that synthetic corks don’t adapt to the changes in their surroundings. What exactly does this translate to? Take into account that the glass wine bottles are made of expands and contracts with small temperature shifts in the environment around it.  Unlike natural cork, a synthetic one does not expand and contract with the bottle. This can lead to environmental inconsistencies which are detrimental to wine aging. The loos synthetic cork will let in more oxygen than necessary. The worse reaction is that of the alcohol in your wine bottles turning into acetic acid, or vinegar.

Secondly, synthetic corks and screw caps have a great tendency to trap unsavory gases inside the wine bottle. This can completely ruin the wine’s aroma. Take note that some of the reactions that occur within an aging wine result in sulfury gases.  With natural corks, these gases are able to dissipate. That’s not that case with synthetic corks and screw caps. Nothing can be worse than that horrid smell that these gases can produce in your wine.

Lastly, there is that great danger that these synthetic substitutes could leech chemicals into the wine. Studies have shown the unavoidable, harmful effects when plastics are ingested by the human body. You cannot be too careful when it comes to your health. If you want to keep on enjoying wine, it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. That being said, the choice is obvious: natural corks are the way to go! ^_^

Visit Vintage Cellars for more insight on this topic.

Technical Tuesday #449: Black Walnut & Metal Racking Beauties

October 29th, 2019

Happy Tech Tuesday, wine cellar fans! Spooktober is nearing the grand finale with Halloween coming up in just a few days. Have you prepped those gruesome but awesome costumes yet? We’ll tell you one thing – there’s nothing gruesome but everything awesome with today’s Tech Tuesday feature. It’s another custom project featuring a special type of wood option: Black Walnut. And while black might be a Halloween hue, it spells nothing but “elegance” with this Tech Tuesday featuring these racking beauties:

Project# 314110
Wood: Custom / Vintage View / Black Walnut
Bottle Capacity: 432
Where: Atlanta, GA

Unstained Black Walnut racksThis wine storage was built for a client in Atlanta. It is a combination of various materials that all came together really well to create a classy design with modern touches. The wood wine racks are, of course, all custom-built. Instead of the more popular choices like Redwood or Rustic Pine, the wood option for this project is Black Walnut. Our client together with our design team also decided to go with the unstained version of the wood. Black Walnut is known for its rich color. This wood sports gorgeous chocolate brown tones when unstained. The colors may vary slightly from a “nutty” to darker brown hues. It is an elegant wood visually and well suited for a custom wine cellar or wine rack application. It is to be noted that when the wood is unstained, it will actually develop a natural sheen over time.

Glass-enclosed beautiesHere are some mug shots of the completed wine storage. So apart from the custom racking units, metal racking was also incorporated (see first photo). The metal racks are from our Vintage View Series. The units come in single, double, and triple deep configurations. You can also select from three neutral but attractive finishes: Satin Black, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome Plated. One of the most outstanding features of these metal wine racks is that they are wall-mount units. That makes them wonderfully space-efficient while providing safe storage for one’s collection. Vintage View beauties can also be mounted from floor to ceiling to achieve that ethereal “floating” look.

Last but definitely not the least, this Tech Tuesday project also incorporates glass elements into the design. Glass panels were installed to enclose the racking assembly. Notice how it makes the wine storage look more spacious! Black Walnut x Vintage View is certainly a combo we ship – do you, too? Share your thoughts in the comments below! *Cheers*

Basement Wine Cellar In Vintner x Vintage View Combo

October 24th, 2019

A basement wine cellar is not a new concept at all. But a modern design to one definitely is! Modern wine cellars have become a rising trend with wine cellar projects in the recent years. No longer is wine storage being built to just store bottles in the traditional way. It  is gradually becoming a showpiece – a conversation starter that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the home. The great thing about this, too, is that one’s collection can be displayed with the proper storage conditions anywhere in the home. This is all thanks to the innovations in wine refrigeration technology. Our clients shared with us some gorgeous photos of their recently completed basement wine cellar. It is certainly modern wine storage at its best!

Stunning glass-enclosed basement wine cellarThe clients had a beautiful space in their basement to begin with. It was really built for entertaining, with comfy couches, as well as a bar. They decided to maximize space and added a glass-enclosed wine cellar as well. It was indeed a smart move. The glass-enclosed wine cellar was equipped with racking units from our Vintner Series. They oped for unstained Rustic Pine for the units. In addition, they purchased some Vintage View Series metal wine racks in a floor-to-ceiling configuration. The Open Diamond Bins with Trim and Rectangular Bins from Vintner offered tons of bulk bottle storage. The clients were even able to keep wine boxes and crates in their cellar. On the other hand, the metal wine racks helped to showcase their collection in an elegant and organized manner. Take note that Vintage View allows for a unique label-forward storage system. Since they went for the floor-to-ceiling layout, this also gave the bottles a beautiful, “floating” appearance. The wood x metal elements worked really well to give the wine storage a contemporary touch.

Vintner x Vintage View combo for a modern feelDoes this elegant wine cellar design with a modern flair appeal to you as well? You can check out more designs like this project over at out photo gallery. Then don’t forget to chat with our experienced wine cellar design consultants. We’ll help make your wine cellar dreams a reality! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Serving Temperatures For Your Favorite Wines

October 23rd, 2019

At what temperature should you serve your wines? Do different types of wine need to be served at specific temperatures? And does that affect how the wine tastes? Also, are there ideal temperatures at which to serve various wines? The answer is a big YES to all of these!

It is highly recommended to serve wines at their correct temperatures is because the temperature can impact the way the wine will smell and taste. In order to enjoy your favorite wines at their peak taste, you need to serve at the ideal temperatures. A little knowledge goes a long way and will result in the most amazing tasting experience.

Learn about serving temperatures for different wines!

Serve Sparkling Wine ice-cold at 40 to 50 degrees

Let’s start off with sparkling wines. This is obviously one of the top favorites in any formal or informal tasting event. A lot of us like to put our bubbly in the freezer about an hour before we pop it. But sometimes, we also tend to forget about it. If you pop it straightaway, you’ll have an explosion – which is definitely not a pretty sight. It is recommended to put the bottles in an ice bucket for about a half-hour before you pop. The ice cold temperature will keep the bubbles fine rather than foamy. After opening and pouring, return the open bottle to the ice bucket if it’s not finished yet.

Serving temperature varies with different wines

Serve Whites and Rosè cold at 50 to 60 degrees

For white wine and rosè, serving them cold is ideal. It is recommended to place your bottles in the fridge immediately after buying. But if you buy the wine the same day you want to drink it, you have two options of enjoying it at its peak taste. You can either leave it in the fridge for several hours, or place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Never leave it for longer in the freezer! After opening and pouring, let the bottle sweat on the table instead of putting it on ice like your sparkling wines. You’ll notice that the wine’s aromas and character will change slightly as the temperature rises.

Serve your Reds cool at 60 to 70 degrees

The most common misconception with red wine is that it is ideal to serve it at room temperature. The best way to enjoy your reds is actually serving them cool. By that, we mean an ideal temperature of 60 to 70 degrees. To cool reds down to the proper temperature, put them in the fridge an hour before serving. If you are short on time, place the bottle in the freezer for about 15 minutes – and don’t let it stay for much longer! After pouring or decanting, leave the bottle to sweat like with your whites.


Technical Tuesday Episode #448: WineMaker x Traditional Series Combos

October 22nd, 2019

What’s up, wine cellar fans? Are you enjoying the Fall season so far? One of the things we love about this season is all the fun Fall fashion we get to see. Layering is a must during this time of the year. And getting creative with how you put on your layers is part of the fun. Wine cellar projects are kind of like that, too. Only it’s “combos” instead of layers! We love playing around with different racking combinations to come up with stunning arrangements. Today, we’ll show you how it’s done with this project that utilizes not just two but three different racking series:

Project # 273553
Wood: Custom / Winemaker / Traditional / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1214
Where: Cincinnati, OH
Stain: Dark Walnut

Combo racking in Dark Walnut StainOur client’s wine room is as elegant as they come. But thanks to working with “combos,” the price tag is not a luxurious one. The racking arrangement is actually a combination of custom pieces and units from our Traditional and WineMaker Series. Both our Traditional and WineMaker Series are comprised of shallow-depth wine racks. These racks will display your bottles with the necks sticking out. There is no compromise whatsoever as to the safety of the bottles despite the shorter depth. The carefully crafted square-cut rails ensure proper bottle security. However, because of the shorter depth, the racks are cheaper in terms of manufacturing cost. This makes them more affordable. So combining them with custom units is easier on the budget.

WineMaker and Traditional SeriesSome might be apprehensive about combining custom pieces with the “kits,” though. You might think that this will either downgrade the quality of the racking arrangement or ruin its symmetry. Fortunately, we’ve got a whole photo gallery of proof that that’s not the case. Our wine rack kits carry quality products that can conveniently be integrated with other wine cellar furniture or decor. If you look at the photos of clients’ wine room, you can’t even tell that not all of the units were custom-made. That’s because with our kits, you are also given a bevy of options, from the wood down to the stains and finishes. Redwood and Grand Mahogany, for example, are top-dollar wood options that are available with most of our kits. So why break the bank when you can achieve your wine cellar goals at a price you can afford! *Cheers*



Clients Show Lots Of Love For Their Vintner Wine Racks

October 17th, 2019

It’s Testimonial Thursday once again, wine cellar fans! Today, we are in for a treat. Our clients show lots of love for their wine cellar by sharing some of these beautiful snaps with us. Let’s take the visual tour to appreciate the finer details of this project:

Vintner Racks in Rustic Pine

As you can see from these photos, the cellar was actually built in a tight spot at the lower levels of the clients’ residence. While the location was ideal, the square footage and irregular shape of the space proved to be quite a challenge. Naturally, the clients wanted to get as much bottle storage space as they can out of this space. That means that they have to customize their racking units to suit the unusual layout. That also means they may have to spend more than what they have budgeted for the project. Fortunately, none of that needed to happen! Our Vintner Series got the job done much to our clients’ satisfaction.

Wine Bottle WaterfallThe Vintner Series is undoubtedly WCI’s most popular wine rack “kit” product. It has actually been dubbed as the “next best thing” to custom racking. The reasons are plenty! First off, Vintner provides a fantastic variety of racking styles to choose from. Apart from individual and bull bottle storage options, the series also carries wine tasting center packages, elite cabinetry, finish options, accessories and more. But it’s strongest feature lies in the flexibility of the wine racks themselves. Vintner offers 3-foot and 4-foot racking that you can conveniently stack to accommodate any ceiling height. This is true for both individual and bulk bottle storage units That means you can equip wine cellars of any size by mixing and matching the racks.

As mentioned earlier, Vintner carries a wide array of racking styles. These include designs that you might normally find only with custom jobs. One good example is the Wine Bottle Waterfall that was utilized by this project. Check out the photo above and you can see how this type of racking works very well with uneven spaces. No wonder the clients love it!

Dark Walnut stain on racks

Lest we forget to mention, Vintner also gives the opportunity to customize the wood, stain and finish options on your racks. Even if it’s just a “kit,” you can enjoy the full selection of stains and finishes that WCI has to offer. That also includes our lacquer option. ^_^

“We absolutely love her! Take a look at the photos.

~Marc G.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Learning More About Wine Aging

October 16th, 2019

For wine enthusiasts, knowledge on wine aging is essential. If you’re not a veteran collector, that knowledge becomes even more necessary. You will need to understand the nuances of wine storage to ensure your bottles will age at a graceful pace. So today, we’re going to get inspired by some known and lesser know facts about wine aging.

Delving into the history of wine aging…

The history of wine aging

How did wine get stored during the early days when the concept of wine refrigeration never even existed? The earliest evidence of this comes from 7,000 year-old pottery jugs that were buried in the dirt floor of a Neolithic kitchen in Iran. In Rome, the people there used the “catacombs” for wine storage. But it was the French who actually began the practice of digging wine caves. These caves were designed specially to store wine. French people loved their wine with a passion, so they created caves dedicated for such purpose. As time passed,  wine collectors moved from catacombs to caves, and eventually, from caves to cellars.

Importance of wine cellar cooling system

This now brings us to the present-day wine storage system. Basements remain the most recommended location for storing wine bottles. The earliest basement wine cellars were called “passive wine cellars.” Passive wine cellars are actually underground ones, emulating the caves of the French period. These cellars use ground temperature to moderate the temperature swings and make the temperature swings seasonal instead of daily. Whereas refrigerated wine cellars can go anywhere in your house, a passive wine cellar must be located in a subterranean basement. This provided the best environment for wine aging with closest ideal temperature and humidity levels.

Wine ages best at a temperature that is both cool and constant. A temperature of 55° was determined to be the perfect environment for the chemical reactions that result in good wine. In addition, a humidity of around 70% is ideal for aging wine. Decades passed and we’ve also seen the evolution of these basement wine cellars into today’s modern ones. Obviously, not every home has a subterranean basement. So ordinary basements were transformed to wine cellars thanks to technology and the birth of racking products. Wine cellar cooling systems were developed to help maintain ideal storage conditions 24/7.

As society became even more tech-savvy over time, wine storage extended to other parts of the home. These days, you can build a wine cellar practically anywhere in the home, even in compact spaces. Closets, under stairwells, pantries – these can all be transformed into proper storage spaces for wine bottles. Vital factors affecting wine aging such as temperature, humidity, and light can now be controlled to the last degree.

Cr to Vintage Cellars for wine aging information

Explore Your Commercial Wine Racking Choices With WCI

October 14th, 2019

A wonderful Monday to all of you wine cellar folks! We have some awesome stuff to talk about today, this time, with our commercial racking products. If you have not checked this section of the website yet, we highly recommend you explore it. We’ve integrated some changes into our products that your budget will definitely love:

The Vintner Commercial line…

One of the biggest changes to our commercial racking platform was the introduction of the Vintner Commercial line. Now you can enjoy the outstanding features of the Vintner kits but in a commercial setting. The units are available in the same 3-foot and 4-foot stackable configurations. That means you can create racking arrangements that can go as high as even 12 feet. You can get it with all the available racking styles: wine display islands, merchandisers, bulk and vertical bins.

It is easy and fun to mix and match the various racking styles for your wine store. Moreover, you also get crown and base molding, and center seam options. These will help give your racking assembly a really polished look. Check out the below example of the wine display islands in Premium Redwood wood option and Classic Mahogany stain. It still looks a lot like the Classic, fully customized edition of our commercial racks. Note how the bottles are resting on each other on the displays. But the shorter lead time and pre-designed styles make for the more affordable pricing. There’s no sacrifice made when it comes to quality and you get a great range of wood, stain & finish options to boot!

Vintner Commercial Racking

The Classic Commercial line…

The Classic series is WCI’s line of commercial wine racks that can be customized down to the last rail and molding. We have designed for wine stores all over the country. Each store’s bottle storage needs is quite specific. A lot depends on the volume and type of the merchandise, the space, and the style preference of the proprietor. When storage needs become this specific and detailed, customization is the best route to take. That’s where our Classic Commercial wine racks come in. Note that these units are hand built to order. That means longer lead times and of course, a higher price tag. But it’s worth every dollar you pay. Explore more of out Classic commercial racking at the photo gallery! ^_^

Unstained Rustic Pine displays

Clients Find Happiness In The Designer Series Wine Racks

October 10th, 2019

Who is a fan of small wine cellars? Before this concept came about, it was always about large wine cellars. But thanks to continuous innovations with racking products, wine storage has become more flexible over time. These days, even a closet-sized wine storage can do a lot for you, from bottle storage capacity down to style. Our clients for today’s Testimonial Thursday episode have definitely gotten the memo on this one. Check out their wonderful compact wine cellar and how they found happiness with the help of our Designer Series:

Our clients had just enough space in their home to accommodate their collection and they wanted to make the most of out it. They stumbled upon the Designer Series wine racks kit and sent for several racking units. They purchased several Individual Bottle Racks as well as Rectangular Bins. The full depth, 6-foot racks were a perfect fit for the designated space for the wine storage. Assembly proceeded without a hitch and soon after that, they got to work filling up the racks. Needless to say, they were able to grow their collection quite fast!

The photos above show a great before-and-after transformation of the space. Notice how the racks are able to provide a pretty generous amount of bottle storage. This compact wine cellar can actually accommodate around 200 bottles. You can see how proud our client Vince is of the results. They cleverly chose Grand Mahogany for their wood option. Grand Mahogany is a top tier wood for custom wine cellar projects. It is beautiful enough unstained with its almost uniform colors and grain patterns. But when stained, it becomes even more attractive. Our clients went for a Classic Mahogany stain for their racks. You can see from the photos how the wine racks emulate the hues of red wine. They found happiness in the right place so to speak – thanks to the Designer Series! ^_^

“We never thought we would fill these up but it happened so quickly. We are very happy with our racking. Looks great!” 

~Vince B.~