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A Luxurious Little Retreat With Grand Mahogany Racks

October 21st, 2021

Do you want to have a luxurious little retreat at the heart of your home? As a wine lover, it’s actually not that difficult. Our clients were able to achieve that with the help of our wine rack kits. Let’s check it out:

Luxurious little retreat with Grand Mahogany racks!Comfy and spacious, clients managed to really transform this room into their own. They wanted not just a place to store their collection. They also wanted a place where they could relax and enjoy a glass of wine at their leisure. While working on a budget, clients also agreed that they did not want to overspend. Quality is important, but it also has to be balanced with affordability. They found their answer in the Vintner Series.

Wine room is classy and luxe!With clients going the wine rack “kits” route, the Vintner Series was certainly the best choice. There is an extensive selection of racking styles available for both individual and bulk bottle storage. There are even unique products like the Elite Cabinetry and Concave Racking collections. While these units are available as “kits,” there was also plenty of room for customization. Clients had the freedom to choose wood, stain and finish options from the full WCI inventory. That includes latest offerings such as Mocha, Graywash, and Whitewash stains. Other “custom” amenities were also available, such as molding packages. Base platforms, center seam trim, and even Lacquer finish were offered as well. These are accessories that can actually spell the difference between an ordinary racking assembly and “professional” looking one. That’s why the little details should never be overlooked!

Little details like moldings and trim matter!As earlier mentioned, clients also wanted to prioritize quality in their wine cellar project. When they went for the “kits” instead of custom racking, that goal was not lost. They were able to select top-of-the-line wood for their racks. They went with Grand Mahogany in unstained version. The natural,  uniform colors of the wood are just very attractive. These range from medium browns to pale pinks. Of course, there is no question about the quality. Grand Mahogany is easily comparable to Sapele and Cherry in terms of hardness, density, and grain texture. It also matches up to them in durability and stability . ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Ranking The Healthiest Wines In The Market

October 20th, 2021

Things done in moderation usually yield great benefits. Drinking wine is definitely one of them. Red wine, for example, is especially high in phytochemicals. These include resveratrol and quercetin. These are powerful antioxidants and have been shown to yield health benefits. The most known ones involve arthritis relief, and heart disease protection. That being said, we put together our ranking of the healthiest wines in the market:

Ranking the healthiest wines

Credits to: Eva Elijas from Pexels

Let’s start with the reds…

It’s a no-brainer that red wine is considered “healthier” compared to white. But even among the reds, there are some that have more health benefits compared to others. First in our ranking is Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir has a higher resveratrol concentration in comparison to other red wines. Resveratrol, as we earlier mentioned, is an antioxidant compound. It is especially good for the heart because it helps eliminate bad cholesterol. It also helps fight against cancer cells.

Next in line is Malbec. Malbec grapes have some of the thickest skins of all wine-grape varieties. This means they possess lots of resveratrol, quercetin, antioxidants. It is also rich in polyphenols that have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Last but not the least, is Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s a very popular red wine because it doesn’t cause stains. Cabernet Sauvignon has a chemical component that kills certain strains of cavity-causing bacteria. Additionally, the wine carries proanthocyanidins. These are potent antioxidants that have been shown to reduce oxidative stress in the body.

Ranking health benefits of white wines

Credits to: solod_sha from Pexels

Moving on to the whites…

Now let’s move on to ranking our white wines. Up first is Pinot Grigio. Studies reveal that Pinot Grigio contains tyrosol and caffeic acid. These compounds act as anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. Research also showed that caffeic acid in Pinot Grigio may help prevent rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

Second on the list is Chardonnay. This is arguably the most popular white in the world. Studies were conducted with people combining regular exercise with moderate drinking of this white wine. The cholesterol levels of the participants showed significant improvements.

Last on the list is Sauvignon Blanc. It’s also known as “grassy wine”  owing to its refreshing crispness. Sauvignon Blanc contains high levels of acidity and lower amounts of sugar compared to other whites. There are studies showing that the unique antioxidants in this wine may offer protection against cognitive decline. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #546: A Medley Of Custom Racking Styles

October 19th, 2021

There’s nothing we love more than a versatile racking assembly. That’s why today’s Tech Tuesday is really one for the books. The medley of custom racking styles in this project is indeed praiseworthy. Let’s take a closer look:

Project # 315465
Wood: Custom / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 916
Where: Cartersville, GA
Stain: Dark Walnut

A medley of racking styles!We can see from these photos that this wine cellar made very good use of individual and bulk bottle storage units. The high reveal displays are especially eye-catching, combined with the LED lighting elements. Notice that the layout incorporated Open Diamond Bins and Rectangular Shelves for bulk storage. That means clients can also keep wine crates and boxes in their cellar.

Fun Quarter Round ShelvingNow let’s check out the photos above. Apart from the wine racks, this assembly is also outfitted with a full-height Quarter Round Shelf. Quarter Round Shelves are perfect for capping off racking assemblies. They will give your wine cellar a flawless finish. But more importantly, they provide additional space for storage and display. You can showcase your best labels, as well as choice stemware. Naturally, you can also utilize the shelves to display other accessories. Also, see how crown and base moldings were appended to the racking setup. This comes highly recommended if you want your wine cellar to have a seamless and professional look.

Dark Walnut stain & All-Heart Redwood

Clients decided on an All-Heart Redwood x Dark Walnut combo for the wine racks. This is a classic partnership that we’ve seen in so many projects. But it doesn’t give a run-of-the-mill result. Every wine cellar with this wood and stain combo has its own charm to be proud of. That’s why if you’re unsure of the color palette for your project, this is a good option. So is this medley of custom racking styles right up your alley? Let us know your thoughts by sharing them in the comments below. You can also check out our photo gallery for more amazing Tech Tuesday features. *Cheers*

Conquering Narrow Spaces With Custom Wine Racks

October 14th, 2021

Never give up on narrow spaces in your home! There are ways to conquering these challenges. If you’re a wine collector like our client, then today’s Testimonial Thursday can definitely help you out. Clients had this extra room in their home which was like a storage space more than anything else. But what they wanted to store was their wine bottles. So they set to work, looking for wine racks that can get the job done. They found exactly what they needed when they got in touch with our experienced design consultants.

Conquering narrow spaces w/ custom racks!Since the clients wanted to put the spare room to good use, our consultant recommended using custom racking. Going custom will allow them to maximize on bottle storage capacity. Naturally, the cost will be relatively higher compared to using wine rack kits. But the space to be equipped with the racks is a compact one. So after weighing the pros and cons, clients decided to take the custom route. They were certainly not disappointed with the results.

Our team was able to help them create a versatile racking assembly that can house several hundred bottles. There are also racks built for bulk bottle storage, including space for wine boxes and crates. As you can see from the photo, the racks were installed in a floor-to-ceiling layout. This facilitated the increase in bottle storage, beyond what clients expected. It also allowed room for some frills, like the wine tasting center you see in the photo. Of course, since this is a narrow space, it was important to keep the layout clean. One of the goals was to ensure that the cellar won’t cluttered. To  attain that, crown and base moldings, as well as center seam trim were added. You can see that there are no awkward gaps or angles anywhere. Conquering those drawbacks common to a tight space was indeed achieved! ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Fun Halloween Drinking Games

October 13th, 2021

We get that Halloween is a spookfest like nothing else. But why not add a good amount of unadulterated fun to turn goosebumps into sparkles? It’s pretty simple- just add some drinking games! Naturally, if there are kids around, these games can be played with candy and chocolate instead. Here are some our fave Halloween drinking games that will put the “boo” in booze:

Halloween fun drinking games!

Credits to: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Penalty trivia, Halloween style

First up is the good, old trivia game given a bit of that Halloween flavor. You can choose to play in teams or individually, depending on the number of guests.  There will be tricky questions that will have corresponding number of points. Naturally, the goal is to get the most number of points. The team or individual with the least number of points at the end will be subjected to a drinking penalty. Here’s the “trick part: the will have zero clues as to what they’ll be drinking! Of course, before playing this game, check to ensure players don’t have any allergies.

The TikTok finger down challenge

This isn’t exactly a new game, but TikTok made it viral. So why not turn it into a Halloween drinking game! Before starting, make sure all your guests are cool with getting a bit tipsy. Each player will hold up 10 fingers. Then, each player will take a turn and says something they have never done before. If you have done it, then you need to put finger down – and do a penalty shot! The first person to put all ten fingers down loses. That’s ten alcoholic shots, so just make sure beforehand the players can hold down their liquor.

More fun with Halloween drinking games!

Credits to: Axel Breuer from Pexels

“Drink,” and not spin the bottle

Spin the bottle never gets old and doesn’t lose its charm at any party. But for Halloween, we’ll put a twist on it to make it more exciting. The host will have “bottles” (containing just one shot) of mystery drinks for each round. Players will form the usual circle and spin the bottle. Whoever the bottle lands on must choose either “trick or treat.” “Trick” will be a penalty that will be randomly picked from a bag/box/hat. If the player chooses “treat,” they’ll need to drink the mystery drink in bottle.

Let us know how it goes in case you guys try out any of these fun drinking games. Also, never forget to drink moderately! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #545: Unbeatable Hues Of All-Heart Redwood

October 12th, 2021

There are some things in this world that are naturally beautiful. You don’t need to do a lot to make their innate beauty shine. Case in point: All-Heart Redwood. It is one of the most desirable wood options for wine cellar projects because of its unbeatable features. Not by any coincidence, today’s Tech Tuesday showcases a charming racking assembly using this wood:

Project # 317214
Wood: Vintner / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity:
Where: Valhalla, NY
Stain: Light

Unbeatable features of All-Heart Redwood!This residential wine room is a pretty spacious one. Clients have been steadily growing their collection and wanted a racking layout that can also accommodate future acquisitions. Our design team tapped into the Vintner Series for the racking units. Since Vintner is so versatile, the wine room was equipped with storage for both individual and bull bottles. This definitely pleased the clients who anticipated purchasing certain labels in bulk. But functionality aside, the more eye-catching feature of this project is really the wood choice for the racks. With the help of our team, clients went with the All-Heart Redwood wood option. The results after the wine room was finished left the clients completely satisfied. All-Heart Redwood in its unstained state is a visual delight of reddish gold hues. The colors are uniform since the wood comes from the center of the log. This consistency, plus the it being a clear grade of wood, amounts to a higher end price tag. Nonetheless, it is an excellent investment.

Only Light Stain is needed to emphasize the wood’s colorsApart from its appearance, All-Heart Redwood is also top tier when it comes to durability. It is the most resistant to moisture, mildew and rot among all North American wood species. Note that it was used in subterranean wine cellars before mechanically climate controlled cellars were invented. All-Heart Redwood also displays high resistance to shrinking, warping, and checking. That means wine racks using this wood option will grow more beautiful with age.

Unbeatable natural hues of All-Heart Redwood!Last but not the least, this wood absorbs stains and finishes extremely well. But thanks to its inherently stunning colors, even simple stains will make your wine racks look incredible. In this project, the racks are dressed up in just a Light Stain option. It gives the wine room that “traditional” vibe which is really classy. Truly, the pros of using All-Heart Redwood in your wine cellar are unbeatable! *Cheers*


Clients Find Solace In Their Wonderful, Cozy Wine Corner

October 7th, 2021

The “ber” months are usually the start of a season’s worth of festivities. But these months are also the busiest. So you’ll definitely need to book in some much needed downtime ( or “me time!). Then again, you’d have to go through the whole stressful process of planning a short and getaway. Our clients didn’t want to take that route and invested in something more enduring. They found solace in the completion of their cozy wine cellar:

Clients find solace in their cozy wine cellarHaving a quiet and comfortable space to enjoy a glass of wine is a one of life’s small luxuries. Clients decided there’s no reason why they couldn’t have that. It didn’t entail a great amount of space or a huge budget on their end. They transformed a seemingly tight corner of their home into their little shangri-la. As the space was quite uneven, they decided to go for wall-mount metal wine racks. This was certainly a very smart move. In particular, they selected some wall-mount units from the Revue Series. To maximize bottle storage, clients chose a combination of single-deep and double-deep wine racks. They did their homework quite well because as you can see from these photos, the storage is pretty generous for such a compact room:

A cozy corner where clients can find solaceOnce again, the Revue Series has shown why it has steadily become more popular with wine lovers. The flexible units come in 3-Ft and 4-Ft height configurations that make them convenient to utilize. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a small or large wine storage project. These wall-mount babies will fit right in! Moreover, you can even expand your bottle capacity thanks to the different depth variations. As show in the photos, clients incorporated some double-deep units into this project. Note that there are triple-deep racks available as well, in case future expansion will prove possible.

The design is also another factor why the Revue Series became such a hit in such a short span of time. See how the racks look so simple yet sleek. The collection is inspired by the definition of French style as the word “revue” is French in origin. Thus, the racks are simple yet chic. Nothing is overdone, yet the end result is never underwhelming. No doubt, this wine cellar is clients’ place of solace. So why not start building yours as well? We are here to help! ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Learning The Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine

October 6th, 2021
The saying that “Wine is good for your health” is certainly not a new concept. Even those who don’t enjoy wine on a regular basis are aware of this. But what is the real score when it comes to the health benefits of wine? Let’s separate fact from fiction by learning what the recognized benefits really are:
 Health benefits of wine

Red wine and cardiovascular health
We’ll talk about red wine first. Studies have shown that red wine is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that prevent cellular damage caused by inflammation and oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a condition caused by an imbalance between antioxidants and unstable molecules. These molecules are called free radicals which can damage your cells. It is worthy to note that red wine grapes contain higher antioxidants compared to white grape varieties. That is why drinking reds may increase your blood antioxidant levels to a greater extent as opposed to drinking whites. Nonetheless, there is always a caveat. Drinking red wine should be done in moderation in order to get maximum health benefits. Health and medical experts recommend a glass a day equivalent to 5 ounces of red wine.
Fighting inflammation with wine
Let’s move on to the next health benefit of wine. Research has proven that wine is effective in fighting against inflammation. Wine possesses compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. Keep in mind that chronic inflammation is harmful  to the body. It increases the risk of conditions such as heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and certain cancers. Consumption of red wine in moderate amounts can contribute to reduction of this risk.
Red wine has a lot of health benefits
Wine and living a long life
So what about the claim that wine can help one live a long life? There are indeed studies that drinking moderate amounts of wine help increase longevity. This is thanks to wine’s high antioxidant content. According to the American Heart Association, an antioxidant in red wine called resveratrol is a key factor. Resveratrol can help reduce blood pressure and increase levels of HDL cholesterol (or “good cholesterol”). Moreover, in 2006, scientists reported that red wine compounds called procyanidins increase proper functioning of blood vessels. Essentially, it is all about incorporating wine into a healthy diet and lifestyle. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #544: Vintage View Cases, Crate Bins & Lockers

October 5th, 2021

Are you guys FALLing in love with fall? We hope so, because we are just so enamored with this beautiful season. If you have your fall wine shopping list all sorted out, here’s a project you should check out. This Tech Tuesday really pulls out at all the stops in the bulk bottle storage department. Vintage View gives us a lesson on how bulk storage should be done with its cases, crate bins and lockers:

Project # 318659
Series: Vintage View
Bottle Capacity: 1620
Where: Cincinnati, OH

The Vintage View Series is best known for its wall-mount metal racking units. But that’s not all that it can offer. It’s one of our most versatile collections with an extensive selection of metal wine racks. This project is a great example some of those products: the Vintage View crates, bins, and lockers:

So you can see from these photos that this is a commercial wine cellar project. The clients want room not just for current merchandise, but for future acquisitions as well. They invested in wall-mount metal wine racks, but wanted a floor-to-ceiling layout. This will allow them to showcase the wine bottles in a most attractive manner. It will also enable customers to easily locate what they want thanks to the label-forward system. Note that to achieve this, a Floor to Ceiling Frame is needed. This can be purchased separately, along with bottle retention straps for better security. And here’s a bonus: when the bottles are stored, they will have that “floating” appearance that is quite magical.

Now let’s talk about the cases, crate bins, and lockers. These units were specifically designed for bulk bottle storage. They come in a variety of configurations, starting from the single column units. They also come in short and tall height options, as well as add-on extensions. That means you can grow your storage along with your merchandise.

As far as the lockers are concerned, one of the best advantages is the safety feature. You can keep the more expensive bottles in there to prevent accidental injury. The keyed locks will also keep the bottles from being stolen. There’s even a lock and label package to help you make your store’s merchandise more organized. There are heaps of options with Vintage View – so go ahead and start exploring! *Cheers*


Finding Ways To Store More Bottles W/ The Revue Series

September 30th, 2021

When it comes to wine bottle storage, we like to stick to the “never say never” motto. Don’t raise your eyebrows just yet, wine cellar fans! We’ll lay down the context for you guys. Basically, it’s all about finding ways to store more wine bottles in your home or stores. So whether you have a formal wine cellar or not, your collection will still have a home:

Finding ways with the Revue SeriesOur clients delivered a fantastic example by finding a cozy, little alcove in their kitchen. It was the perfect spot to house their small collection. They scoured the WCI website and latched onto our wall-mount metal wine racks. The Revue Series caught their fancy and this is where the magic happens. They were able to create storage for twice the number of bottles they owned. The secret? Double-deep wine racks!

Now if this concept is totally new to you, now is the best time to get acquainted with it. A lot of racking series in the WCI catalog carry single, double, and triple deep units. But the wall-mount metal ones from the Revue Series is really one for the books. They come in 3 ft and 4t height configurations which can be conveniently installed in compact spaces. For wall storage, a standard 3 ft unit can hold 9 bottles while a 4 ft one can hold 12. Now keep on mind that this is just in the single depth format. So when you have it in double or triple depth, you’re expanding your storage capacity by a significant amount. In clients’ case, they went for double deep units. That means double the storage, 18 bottles for a 3ft rack and 24 bottles for a 4 ft one.

Ingenious wine bottle storage solutionsThis last photo gives us a good view of the kitchen cabinets, as well as the transformed space. See how the Revue racks fit seamlessly into it. Note that these wall-mount racks normally accommodate label-forward bottle storage. But with a bit of ingenuity, you can also have a cork-forward configuration. It’s all about finding ways that will best work for you: faith, trust, and hey, no need for fairy dust! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Fall 2021 Decor For Your Home & Wine Cellars

September 29th, 2021

It seemed like only days ago that we were welcoming the New Year. But now, Fall 2021 is already beginning! It’s the time when Mother Nature’s colors are in their element. When the leaves turn and the temperatures start to drop, you’ll know it’s time to bundle up. And just as autumn flavors are a big favorite in the kitchen, so are autumn decors in the home and wine cellar:

Fall 2021 home & wine cellar decor

Credits by: cottonbro from Pexels

Layer it on!

No doubt about it, Fall 2021 is where the layering fun begins. Some say that layering is an art and there are tips and tricks to it. Well, when it comes to your home and wine cellar, it’s nothing too complicated. Just select sections that you can layer on some rugs, pillows, and throws. For wine cellars, you can do it on furniture like an armchair or empty wine crates. The latter can be substituted for wicker baskets. Place throws, scarves, and pillows on the crates. Make sure to choose warm colors like burnt orange, burgundy and browns for a cozy charm. You can also add in rugs and pillows on the floor if you have space for them.

Time for candles & chocolates!

Credits by: cottonbro from Pexels

Time for candles and chocolates!

The Fall season will not be complete without candles and chocolates. So why not decorate your home and wine cellar with these? If you don’t have enough candle holders, make use of empty wine bottles. You can fit slim candles onto the mouth of the bottles. Tip: use wine bottles of varying heights to create “layers” and depth. The visuals will be fantastic. For chocolates, display them in glass containers. You don’t need to buy any at all! Hunt for old glass bowls, jars, and our favorite: wineglasses! These will showcase your decadent decor really well.

Credits by: furkanfdemir from Pexels

Fairy lights and leaves!

Nothing says “warm and cozy autumn” better than the glow of evening stars and the crunch of fall leaves. So why not replicate that feeling in your home? Fairy lights in glass jars will be the perfect representation of twinkling stars in the night sky. Get inspired and use your old wine bottles as well! Gather golden leaves and put them in transparent containers as well. Throw in some acorns, twigs, and mini pumpkins in several colors. These will make for wonderful table centerpiece and entryway decor. ^_^



Technical Tuesday Episode #543: Exquisite Custom Cabinets In Grand Mahogany

September 27th, 2021

We love wine cabinets just as much as we love wine cellars. And when you get a chance to design an exquisite project like this, you’ll love it even more:

Project # 306881
Wood: Custom / Grand Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 1154
Where: Atlanta, GA
Stain: Custom

Exquisite custom cabinets

Wine Cabinets

For those who are skeptical about embarking on a wine cellar project, don’t stress out just yet. Keep an open mind because there are other options out there. This Tech Tuesday feature might be the inspiration you need. Check out the stunning details  of the custom wine cabinets. Everything was done according to the clients’ specifications, from the racking units down to the stain option. The racks were customized to ensure a perfect fit and maximize bottle storage capacity:

Grand Mahogany racks in custom stainAs you can see from these photos, the cabinets were built along the empty wall space in clients’ home. Note that much like wine cellars, you can do anything you want with custom refrigerated wine cabinets. You can select the wood, racking styles, moldings, stains and finishes and more to your heart’s content. In clients’ case, they wanted a bit of a rustic touch in the lighting accents. Thus, these pendant lights were chosen for this project. They also wanted to match the cabinet colors with their flooring. The tile floors are in beautiful gray ombré tones. The clients and design team decided on a more solid shade for the cabinets. To accomplish this, the stains and finishes were also customized.

Exquisite pendant lightingHere at WCI, we have a pretty extensive selection of stain and finish options. In fact, the list is still growing with Mocha Stain as the newest addition. But if you want something completely custom, we have the ability to do that as well. Our Blended Stain option was created for that purpose. This stain is exactly as its namesake. WCI can blend any of our current stains together to create fully custom options for clients. We can even take a custom match and match it up. So if you want exquisite hues like these Tech Tuesday cabinets, we can make that happen! *Cheers*

Client Showcases Custom Features With Vintner x Revue Racks

September 23rd, 2021

Who says you have to break the bank to create a custom look for your wine cellar? Our clients certainly didn’t think so. The luxurious features of their wine room would get you to thinking otherwise. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: there isn’t a single custom wine rack in this project. We’re not pulling your leg! The “built-in” appearance of these racking units is a product of the Vintner and Revue Series:

Custom features using wine rack kitsThere isn’t a week that the Vintner Series hasn’t graced our blog. That’s how popular this wine rack kit is. It is the most versatile one in our catalogue, utilized in wine cellar projects of all sizes and shapes. The series boasts of a bevy of racking styles, including those taking inspiration from our custom line. It is very convenient to work with Vintner racks, thanks to the flexible configurations. The units are stackable and come in 3-feet and 4-feet height options. This makes it easy to manipulate the racks to fit any space. In clients’ case, Individual Bottle Columns were used to equip the archways. Then Solid Diamond Cubes were added to the tasting center:

Custom features w/ Vintner & Revue racks

Now along with the Vintner units, Revue metal wine racks were also incorporated into this project. You can see that some of the archways are outfitted with Revue wall wine racks. This was instrumental in increasing the bottle storage capacity of the cellar. One of the best features of these wall-mount units is that they come in single, double, and triple-deep configurations. So you don’t even need a lot of floor area in order to have that extra wiggle room for more bottles. For clients’ project, our team managed to fit in double-deep metal wine racks into some of the archways.

“The installers were great. The process went very well. We are very pleased with the work!”

~Harry C.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Bulk Storage & Your Wine Cellar

September 22nd, 2021

Are there “standards” when it comes to bulk bottle storage? We say none at all! But there are certain details that can strike the right balance between form and function. Let’s find out what they are and explore some WCI racking products that can help achieve this result.

Bulk storage & your wine cellar

Take the practical route…

Without a doubt, bulk storage can do so much for your wine cellar. You can either keep loose bottles or have them in their boxes or crates. It’s an excellent addition to your entire wine room. It will also work with almost any existing wine racks that you have. Here at WCI, we even have units that can be combined with other wine cellar furniture. One of our favorites is the Archway with tabletop or countertop option. You can add bulk storage racks below, from Open Diamond Bins to Rectangular Shelves. Now if you want something a bit more high-end, we recommend WCI’s Rotating Wine Cradles and Pull Out Wine Cradles. These are practical but stylish bulk storage models. And of course, you can always have custom ones made as well.

Adjustable shelving for your wine cellars

Never underestimate “adjustable” units…

One of the most versatile bulk storage options is the adjustable shelving unit. You can find lots of them in them in the market. But of course, WCI manufactures them to specifically cater to wine storage needs.. With adjustable racks and shelves, you can be ready for contingencies. For example, your wine boxes might come in an extra large size. Your collection might have grown faster than expected. But there’s no need to push that panic button. These adjustable units can be conveniently manipulated to accommodate these situations.

Diamond Racks and your bulk bottle storage

Yes, invest in “Diamonds”…

Yes, invest in “diamonds,” but OUR kind of diamonds. We’re talking about Diamond Wine Bins that are so flexible, wine cellar sizes don’t matter. One of the greatest features of this racking style is that it can fit multiple sizes of wine bottles. So you don’t have to worry about purchasing different racks for larger or smaller format bottles. The racks will look fabulous in any wine cellar setting. They are also multi-purpose as they can also be utilized as tasting tables, benches, and more. There are lots of styles available, but we urge you to check our Curvy Cube Series and Diagonal Bins. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #542: Never Too Small W/Custom Racking

September 20th, 2021

We’ve been binge-watching the Never Too Small series on Youtube and it did not disappoint! The video channel focuses on small footprint design and living. It features award-winning designers and their ingenious projects. Most of these are residential spaces such as micro-apartments and studios. This is certainly right up our alley as WCI caters to all types of wine storage needs. That includes compact wine cellars which have been increasing in demand as of late. Today’s Tech Tuesday is yet another small wine cellar trophy on our plate:

Project # 330526
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 427
Where: Shaker Heights, OH
Stain: Midnight Black

Never too small with custom racking!It is true that creative use of space and clever design concepts can transform the way we live. Applying that to wine cellars, it can shape the way we approach wine collecting. That’s why it is essential to carefully look into your bottle storage needs. How far are you willing to go as a collector? What is the frequency of your wine consumption? What sizes of wine bottles do you have and what else are you planning to acquire? Getting insight into these details will help you to better equip your space.

Beautiful Midnight Black Stain optionNaturally, seeking the guidance of experienced wine cellar consultants will get you there. Our clients worked closely with our team and the result is a dream come true. Custom racking units were chosen to maximize the narrow floor area. Clients had a good number of larger-sized bottles in their collection. That was taken into account during the planning stages of the layout. You can see from the photos below that there are shelves for magnums and other larger-format bottles:

Custom racks and shelvingClients had a growing collection, but they were also big consumers. So our team also recommended some Open Diamond Cubes. These are perfect for bulk bottle storage. Loose wine bottles can be easily stocked and removed for consumption from these racks. Also, thanks to smart design planning, there was even enough room for an archway with tabletop:

Lovely archway w/ tabletopGiving the wine room a seamless appearance was important as well. So crown and base moldings were incorporated to eliminate awkward gaps between the racks and the ceiling and flooring. This made the  compact cellar look tidy and spacious. Indeed, it’s never too small when you use your space creatively! *Cheers*

Finding Your Wine’s Happy Place W/ Wall-Mount Racks

September 16th, 2021

We’ve said this so many times before and we’ll say it again: You can have wine storage anywhere in your home. You can find your wine’s happy place with the right wine racking units. Our clients did their research well and were very satisfied with the results. These wall-mount metal racks were the perfect solution to their wine storage woes:

Find your wine’s happy place with wall-mount racks!A little background is in order here. Now the clients are not big collectors or anything. They enjoy their wines on a regular basis. So they were not looking into constructing a formal wine cellar. However, they still needed space to store at least a dozen bottles or even a bit more. They decided that the kitchen was the best place to have their wine storage. There was no spare cabinet or pantry to convert into one, so they had to look for another alternative. They found their answer in WCI’s wall-mount wine rack collection. To be more specific, it was the Revue Series that gave the exactly what they needed.

The Revue Series is comprised of several collections that can provide bottle storage for both residential and commercial applications. For smaller projects, the Revue Wall Series and Revue Riddling Series come highly recommended. In clients’ case, they chose these units from the Revue Wall Series. Per the name, the racks can be easily mounted to your walls with minimum hardware required. They are easy to install on almost any surface. That makes them functional and super space-efficient.

Revue Wall SeriesEven if it’s just an empty wall space, clients were able to create a happy place for their wine bottles. That is a huge success on our part for being able to provide them with the right solutions. Note that these wall-mount units also come in double and triple-deep configurations. That means there is still some leg room for more bottles if you need it. Now if you want an edgier look to your bottle storage, check out the Revue Riddling Series. You can even display these racks on your kitchen countertops! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Sustainable Materials For Wine Cellars

September 15th, 2021

We hear and read topics on all media platforms. This is something we cannot ignore. So it pays to do our part. We can start by making smart decisions with our wine cellar projects. And one of the best ways to do is is by choosing sustainable materials.

Sustainable materials for wine cellars!

Eco-friendly wood options…

Let’s kick it off by talking about eco-friendly wood options. A lot of wine cellar projects involve wood materials. If yours is one of them, then it’s highly recommended to go for wood choices that will make Mother Nature happy. One of these is Redwood. Why so? Well, let us tell you that the Redwood you get here at WCI is SFI-certified. What does that mean? Here at WCI, all of our Redwood is purchased under the guidelines of Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The certification provides customers with assurance that the Redwood purchased has been harvested in an environmentally sound manner.

Eco-friendly wood choices

Energy efficient lighting accents…

Lighting accessories play a significant role in wine cellar projects. So it will make a huge difference if you go for energy efficient ones. Here at WCI, we offer LED lighting accents, including  LED Ribbon lighting kits. These are super east to install, apart from being good for the environment. Note that a LED bulb is generally 80%-90% efficient. This means that 80%-90% of the electrical energy is converted to light. So only about 10%-20% is lost as heat. In addition, Carbon Dioxide is produced when electricity is generated. CO2 is a harmful waste product and a major pollutant. But if there is less energy needed by lighting accents, less CO2 will be produced. LED lights are indeed the sustainable way to go!

Sustainable choices w/ water-based stains

Going for water-based stains…

Stains and finishes are the icing on top of a wine cellar project. Your wine racks and other furniture can be transformed into your desired look with the right stains or finishes. But oil-based stains are not exactly the most eco-friendly choice. Thankfully, there are sustainable options like water-based ones. The actual finish is suspended in the water, not “thinned” by it. This allows it to dry quickly and have limited VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Keep in mind that some VOCs are carcinogenic or neurotoxic. Prolonged exposure to VOCs poses dangers to one’s health and the health of our planet. You’re also compromising the health of your wine bottles as well! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #541: Charm & Elegance In Dark Walnut Stain

September 14th, 2021

What North American wine lover hasn’t heard of the city of Sonoma? It is one of the most historic, if not the most historic city in northern California. It lies in the heart of the renowned Sonoma Valley winemaking region. So it’s not such a big surprise that more and more residents are wanting wine cellars in their homes. We had the opportunity to work with one Sonoma client on theirs. The charm and elegance in this project is something we’re very proud of:

Project # 335500
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 747
Where: Sonoma, CA
Stain: Dark Walnut

Charm & elegance in Dark Walnut stainThis is another small wine cellar project with standout details. The first of those is the custom racking assembly. All the wine racks have been custom fitted to the space. You can see that the cellar is equipped to hold a good number of wine bottles. There is even enough room for an archway with tabletop option. Custom shelves have also been installed on either side of the archway. The overall design is functional and tasteful.

Bold Dark Walnut stain on racksAnother notable detail in this Tech Tuesday is the stain option. It is usually recommended to use light colors on compact spaces. But in this case, the opposite was done. Dark Walnut stain was chosen to   dress up the Premium Redwood wine racks. The bold stain deepened the natural hues of the wood. The result is this arrangement that resonates luxe vibes. Of course, it certainly helps that Premium Redwood is the wood option. One of Premium Redwood’s outstanding features is its ability to absorb almost all types of stains and finishes extremely well. As it is a lighter colored wood, dark stains can really make an impression on it.

Tasteful details & Dark Walnut stain

The last photos below give us the close-up view of the racking assembly. It also shows us one final detail that contributes to the charm and elegance of this project. Check out the lighting accessories on the custom racking. The clients’ collection will be showcased to their full potential once they are stored here. We can also see how the bolder Dark Walnut stain works well with the display lighting. *Cheers*

Custom shelving in Dark Walnut stain

Clients Flaunt Curved Silhouettes On Their Wine Cellar

September 9th, 2021

Who says small wine cellars can’t be stunning? Definitely not the case when you’re working with WCI wine racks! See how our clients flaunt the curved silhouettes on their delightful project. It’a really a sight for sore eyes:

Clients flaunt curved corner racks!

That happy and satisfied expression on Greg says it all. They totally love how their wine cellar turned out and we couldn’t be more proud. Clients did a fantastic job on their racking arrangement, thanks to the help of our expert design consultants. As you can see from the photo, the space is a relatively compact one. But it was more than enough for clients’ collection. All that was needed was to equip that space with the right wine racking units. Sounds pretty simple, right? In theory, it does seem like a straightforward project. But if you are a newbie, it pays to seek professional guidance. Our clients worked with the WCI design team to come up with a functional and elegant layout. The results are exactly what the client hoped for.

Instead of the standard Individual Bottle Columns, Curved Corner racks were integrated into the assembly. This adds flair to the wine cellar despite how compact it is. The flowing, solid curves create a seamless transition that makes the cellar look so classy. Note that these racks are available in our wine rack kits as well. That means you don’t need to have them custom-made, especially if the budget isn’t up to it. Our Vintner and WineMaker Series offer Curved Corner units with reasonable price tags. We also encourage you to check out the gorgeous Vintner Concave Individuals. The racks are beautifully crafted and will bring character to any wine cellar project.

Like the old saying goes, “When you’ve got it, flaunt it!” Clients” wine cellar has everything – ample bottle storage, quality racking, and style. ^_^

We love our wine cellar!”

~Greg S.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Fall Inspired Wine X Food Pairings

September 8th, 2021

The clock is ticking to the last few days of summer! No one wants to say goodbye to the awesome warm months, but it has to be done. Fortunately, the Fall season is always something to look forward to. The wining and dining won’t stop – in fact, it will only get better. So let’s get the festivities going with some Fall inspired wine x food pairings:

Credits by: Matthew Hintz from Pexels

Bordeaux Blanc x Sensational Seafood

Transitioning your white wine list from summer to fall will be a cinch with Bordeaux Blanc. This wine has two incredible grapes mixed in—Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc. But there are also small amounts of other varieties as well. Blink and you might miss it! This wine is a bit denser than some whites, yet still acidic enough to make it fall food friendly. Our top food picks for Bordeaux Blanc include seafood with rich, garlic flavors. Shrimp, scallops, and clams are at the top of the list.

Credits by: cottonbro from Pexels

Zinfandel for Meat & Potato Lovers

Meat and potatoes are like an all-year round fare. But expect more of these dishes come the fall, especially with Thanksgiving festivities. North Americans love meat and potatoes as much as they love their wine. That’s why this pairing is quite infallible. Reds are kind of the default pick for these dishes. For the 2021 Fall season, we are definitely leaning towards Zinfandel. These smooth wines have hints of smoke and dark fruits. But you will find that other varieties carry more earthy and less fruity tones. Serve Zinfandel with potatoes, beef stew, and roasted lamb to tickle your tastebuds. You can either lean toward pinot noir-type or cabernet sauvignon-type pairing.

Credits by: Georgie Devlin from Pexels

Rosé and Fall barbecues

Listen, just because summer is ending doesn’t mean barbecue season is. In fact, the cool, Fall weather is, for us, the perfect time for those hearty barbecues. And here’s the other thing: you also don’t have to tuck your Rosés in your wine cellar. The sweet, fruity wine can definitely be on your Fall list. Grenache rosé is one variation that transfers well from summer to fall. While it is one of the fruitiest, it contains the perfect levels of tannins and acidity for fall cuisine. Our food picks include anything and everything you can put on the barbecue grill! Throw in some turkey, chicken, ham, and egg salad sandwiches for that awesome picnic platter. ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #540: Beverly Hills Wine Cellar In Vintner Racks

September 7th, 2021

Beverly Hills is the home of glitz and glamor. You have to keep up with the latest trends or you’ll feel left out. The lifestyle, in general, is focused on luxurious activities. Obviously, that includes culinary experiences. People love to wine and dine and as such, need wine storage in their homes. Our client for today’s Tech Tuesday is one of them. They commissioned our team for this classy wine cellar:

Project # 331406
Wood: Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1310
Where: Beverly Hills, CA
Stain: Classic Mahogany

The Vintner Series is once again the star of the show here. With the varied racking styles available, this elegant layout was achieved. The room was utilized to fullest, thanks to the flexibility of the units. As you can see from the photos, bottle storage capacity is really maximized. Individual Bottle Columns were  installed, along with Rectangular Bins. This gives the cellar lots of storage for both individual and bulk bottles, including wine boxes and crates. There is also room for larger format bottles, courtesy of the Magnum Wine Racks. Note that while Vintner is part of our “kits” collection, it still carries custom amenities. Hence, wine bottles are cradled on customized rails. These rails were carefully manufactured with beveled ends and rounded edges. That means your labels will not tear when the bottles are removed or replaced.

The deep, reddish gold hues of the wine racks are also a standout feature of this project. The clients chose Classic Mahogany stain for the Premium Redwood racking. This is a timeless wood and stain combo that one can never go wrong with. Again, it’s worth mentioning that with Vintner, you are still afforded a bevy of options. That extends to your choice of wood, stains and finishes. We recommend checking out our Interactive Wood Swatch Viewer. This online tool will help you achieve the look or theme that you really want for your wine cellar. So if you want elegance with a touch of Beverly Hills luxe, you can achieve it. Our clients certainly did!  *Cheers*

Client Reaps The Amazing Benefits Of The WCI Advantage

September 2nd, 2021

If you follow our blogs often enough, you’ll certainly recognize the phrase “WCI experience.” This encompasses the wine cellar journey with our clients, including their take on our products and services. But what is the “WCI advantage”? This is actually the phrase used to describe the benefits of choosing WCI products. Today’s Testimonial Thursday is a prime example:

Benefits of the WCI advantage!

As can be seen from the photo above, our wine racks are truly world-class. Even DIY projects can look this spiffy when you are working with quality materials. This is the first benefit you get from our wine racks. We pay attention to the tiniest details to ensure excellent results. That being said, all of our premium and custom collections are manufactured with radiused, smooth edges. That way, wine labels will be protected from tearing when removing or replacing bottles. Moreover, clients are assured that there are no gaps in the corners of our rack rail construction.

For those who have undergone the WCI experience, you guys know that giving options is one of our biggest campaigns. This also forms part of the WCI advantage. So apart from the standard wood, stain and finish options, we have so many others. Molding packages, center seam trim, casters, and base platforms are just some of them. But another optional part that we send out with most of our racks are the back support braces. These help make the racking sturdier. It will prevent the unit from rocking or swaying when you lift it to mount to the wall. Also take note that once mounted, our racks will not shift from side to side with or without the brace.

Lastly, let’s talk about the solid wood paneling material for our racking units. We are very proud to declare that our paneling material is made from 100% wood. We value quality and durability which is why our racks are built to last. We utilize solid wood, edge glued construction, and not MDF with strip edging and paper thin veneer. When MDF veneer materials receive unfortunate dings and nicks,  it can flake over. But with solid wood, the stain will be preserved for years to come. In addition, you can easily sand and refinish solid wood. All these form part of that WCI advantage that our client Kevin definitely reaped in his project. ^_^

All is great! The communication was good, and it came together pretty quickly once I started.” 

~Kevin J.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Cigar Humidors In Your Wine Cellars

September 1st, 2021

We know for a fact that a lot of winos out there are also big cigar fans. If you love your cigarettes as much as your wine, then a cigar humidor should be in your future plans. Cigar humidors will keep your collection fresh and in peak taste. You can literally take your sweet time consuming them, just like your wines. So we’ve put together some highly recommended brands for you to check out:

Milano cigar humidor

Credits to: Tools of Men

The Milano Humidor

For those who just need something compact for their cigars, the Milano humidor is one of the best choices. This product also doubles as a stunning piece of furniture. It boasts of a dark cherry finish, along with the tongue and groove construction. This keeps moisture inside your humidor which is very essential. It also comes with an analog hygrometer. The lock and key closure with brass fittings is very elegant. The only downside is the cost. The price tag might be a bit too much for some for a small humidor. But keep in mind that this is meant to be showcased as well!

Audew cigar humidor

Credits to: Wayfair

The Audew Electronic Cigar Cooler

Now if you’re planning on storing tobacco in dozens, you’ll need a larger humidor. The Electronic Cigar Cooler from Wayfair is worth looking into. It has two adjustable wooden shelves, as well as adjustable wooden drawers. This unit can store up to 150 cigars, either loose or boxed. It features an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the temperature. It also has a built-in fan on the back for the inside air to circulate freely between the cigars. This further allows for frequent replacement with outside ambient air, keeping your collection fresh.

Octodor cigar humidor

Credits to: Brostrick

The Octodor Piano Cedar Humidor

Now this product is a terrific combination of ample space and style. It can comfortably hold up to 100 cigars, depending on cigar type. It also sports coveted humidor features such as a front digital hygrometer, magnetic lid, and accessory drawer. The Octodor was meticulously crafted into a unique octagon shape that makes it stand out. It is also enhanced with a sleek high-gloss black piano finish. And here’s a bonus! You can even keep your lighter, cigar cutters, and travel case in the generous slide-out accessory bottom drawer.



Technical Tuesday Episode #539: A Rustic But Luxe Appeal W/ Rustic Pine

August 31st, 2021

Can rustic elements in a wine cellar still give it a luxe appeal? We say YES! Case in point: today’s absolutely stunning Tech Tuesday project. This is quite the eye-candy and highlights all the good things about the Rustic Pine wood option:

Project # 337872
Wood: Custom / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 1579
Where: Atlanta, GA
Stain: Unstained

First off, let’s talk about the decor and color palette. Our clients wanted their wine room to have a warm atmosphere. So you can see how that’s achieved here with the blend of brown, golden brown, and creamy hues. We love the choice for the wine cellar entryway, with the barn door inspired design. The herringbone floors are also a lovely touch, adding character to the room.

Now let’s talk about the wine racks. As we mentioned earlier, the “rustic” charm is what this project is going for. But the clients also wanted their  wine cellar to be pristine. So our professional consultants recommended going the custom route. This allowed for the racking assembly to be perfectly  fitted to the space. This was indeed a good decision since you can see how seamless the layout is. This elevated that old-country vibe to one that has a luxe appeal as well.

This last photo really captures the beauty of the Rustic Pine wood choice. Note that the racks are unstained which means you’re seeing the natural colors of the wood. Rustic Pine’s beast feature is its soft creamy color combined with subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. That is why this wood is sought after when a rustic architectural appearance is desired. It offers the best value by price per bottle space among all our wood options. This is because the supply is huge all throughout North America. But aesthetic is not the only thing Rustic Pine can offer. It is also highly durable and resistant to rot, mold and mildew. Plus, while it is attractive unstained, the wood also absorbs almost all types of stains and finishes extremely well. *Cheers*


Happy Client Shares Fruits Of Wonderful WCI Experience

August 26th, 2021

Testimonial Thursdays are for sharing the “WCI experience” as told by our clients. Most projects are DIY and range from small wine storage systems to full blown wine cellars. Moreover, a good number of them have come to life with the help of our professional design consultants. More often than not, clients would share with us the results. They would also provide feedback on our products and services. And believe us when we say that this is the only rising “positivity rate” we like to see.

Our client Lisa worked with our team to put together her wine cellar. She picked a mix of wood and metal racking units for her project. For the metal racks, she went with the Revue Series in single deep configuration. The Revue Series is a collection of wall-mount racks that can be utilized in both residential and commercial applications. You can get them in single, double, and triple deep configurations. That means you can really maximize bottle storage even in compact spaces. The racks are  are safe, security, and easy to install. On top of that, they are also earthquake resistant. The bottles are actually angled towards the wall. For the double and triple deep units, there are gravity stops between the bottles.

For the wood wine racks, our design team helped our client select some Wine Bottle Waterfalls. This is indeed a smart choice given how restricted space is. The cascading layout is perfect for navigating the awkward corners of the space. Note that the waterfall falling option is available with our wine rack kits. You don’t have to have one custom-made, especially if your budget won’t allow it. The Vintner, WineMaker, and Designer Series all carry this racking style. Naturally, you also have wood, stain and finish options to go along with it. Check out what Lisa has to say about her WCI experience below:

Happy client shares WCI experience

“The wine cellar is amazing! The design consultant was incredible, professional, and helpful.”

~Lisa R.~