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Making Bold Statements With With Midnight Black Stained Racks

August 16th, 2018

Who would have thought that wine cellars would evolve so much, especially in terms of design? Decades ago, it seemed like the traditional route was the only way to go with wine cellar designs. But with the discovery of new materials and trying new combinations, things have taken an interesting turn. And it’s definitely all for the better! Case in point: contemporary wine cellars.

We’ve been featuring quite a number of modern-day wine cellar projects in the blog this month. It’s pretty amazing how so many style possibilities can be created by adding modern twists here and there. Today, we’re bringing you another inspiring example. Check out the bold statements on this racking arrangement, courtesy of mixing and matching several WCI products:

We are loving the varied elements that have come into play with this project. Let’s start with the wood option. It’s Premium Redwood, dressed in beautiful Midnight Black stain. The dark hues of the wood wine racks give off a really contemporary appeal. The effect is dramatic, but still retains that elegance of a traditional racking assembly.

Now let’s talk about the racks. The wood wine racks are from WCI’s Vintner Series wine rack kits. That’s why there is plenty of opportunities to play around with the style. Vintner is our most versatile kit that offers the greatest variety of designs. It is also the only kit that offers a complete selection of stain and finish options, including lacquer.

Speaking of lacquer, this particular project actually has a 3-coat lacquer on the racks. That would explain the nice, glossy finish on the wood. The stains and finishes also work so well with the glass panels. That brings us to another element of this cellar – the harmony created by the glass and metal materials that were utilized. If you peer in closely on the picture, those racking units on the sides are actually Vintage View metal wine racks. The clients chose them in the double deep bottle storage option. See just how many bottles can be hosted by the metal wine racks? This goes to show how combining different products can yield the best results.

Last but not the least, lighting accessories were also thrown in to complete the entire set-up. Everything came together and brought about a space-efficient, classy, and truly unique wine cellar. Obviously, the clients were very satisfied with the results – and that certainly is the icing on the cake for us! ^_^



Wine Cellar Inspirations: Adding Modern Twists To Your Wine Cellar

August 15th, 2018

Modern accents to your wine cellar can give it a fresh and unique look. You don’t even need to do a full-on renovation just to achieve this. These days, there are tons of terrific wine cellar accessories that will fit nicely into your budget. And we’re ready to give you some great concepts to get you started!

Cable Racking System

Add or switch to a Cable Wine Racking system

The cable wine racking system is a minimalistic way to show off your wine bottles. After all, what screams “contemporary” more than a minimalist design? A cable wine system made out of stainless steel. That’s why it’s perfect for high humidity environments. There is no need to worry about your racks accumulating rust. Also, for the wood panels, you can choose from a variety of woods, stains and lacquer. Here at WCI, you can even opt for a “blended stain” to go with the decor or theme of your entire home. It’s also easy to incorporate a cable racking system into an existing racking arrangement. So you can either just switch your racks out completely or add to them.

Aluminum Bottle Supports

Try some trendy Aluminum Bottle Supports

Metal wine racks will definitely give your wine cellar a modern vibe. The great thing about them is that you can mix and match them with other materials. That includes wood, glass, tile, and more. Here at WCI, we launched our Aluminum Bottle Supports with Finished Panels as part of our modern wine cellar line. These units can offer tons of bottle storage even in really tight spaces. Plus, the installation process is super easy – think DIY!  The units come with finished panels that give them that sleek, contemporary charm. Set these bottle supports against any background and you’re good to go!

Colored LED lighting

Throw in some fancy wine cellar lighting

You can do this two ways. One, you can shop for a modern lighting fixture and install it smack in the center of the wine room. Think of of those modern looking chandeliers with a mixture of metal, acrylic, and crystal elements. Two, you can install colorful LED lighting accessories instead. This is a super fun way to really change up the mood of your wine cellar. If you check out the WCI photo gallery, we actually have several projects that feature these colored LED lights. You will also find that this is a less expensive alternative compared to doing a complete makeover of your wine cellar.

Do you have some more great ideas on adding modern twists to wine cellar projects? We’d love to hear them! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #395: Vintner x Premium Redwood Combo Always Works

August 14th, 2018

Tech Tuesday greetings, wine cellar fans! Today, we’re going to revisit a classic combo. This has been featured so many times in our Tech Tuesdays, but each project always has something unique to offer. It’s all owing to the timelessness of the Vintner x Premium Redwood tandem:

Project # 306745
Wood: Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1320
Where: Alpharetta, GA

Suffice it to say that the Vintner Series really delivers in all aspects of wine storage. It can provide suitable racking for any type of space. That’s because the series is comprised of a wide variety of designs and a modular wine storage application. It is so easy to work with the racking units in order to equip wine cellars of all sizes. You can also come up with really gorgeous yet space-efficient storage systems. In this particular Tech Tuesday feature, the client went for a classic look. There is a nice mix of individual and bulk bottle storage options. Base moldings and Center Seam Trim were utilized to give the racking assembly a polished and professional appearance. Plus, Quarter Round Wine Display Shelves were also added to really complete the entire set-up.

These finishes, such as the stylish moldings, seem like they’re custom amenities. However, they are available with the Vintner Series which is truly a big bonus. Thanks to these finishes, one can create wine cellars with a custom feel at a more affordable price point. And speaking of custom amenities, these include the stain and finish options, as well as lacquer. For this project, a beautiful Dark Walnut stain was chosen to enhance the natural colors of Premium Redwood. But take note that with the Vintner products, you can select from almost all of our stains and finishes. That includes the newest offerings like Whitewash, Opaque White, and Gray Wash. This means there are more design opportunities for the client that can be accomplished within budget.

This last photo is a terrific shot of the completed wine room. It’s also a glass-enclosed construction – a highly popular wine cellar style. If you have a compact space, glass panels can give it a more roomy feel. In this case, this is a pretty generously-sized room that has a bottle capacity of a little over 1300. But the glass doors make it seem even larger and enhances the elegance factor as well. Naturally, everything came together because the Vintner x Premium Redwood combo always works. Check out our photo galleries and you’ll know we’re not kidding! *Cheers*

Build Budget Wine Cellars Using WCI’s Factory Seconds

August 13th, 2018

Just last week, we talked about using second-hand wine racks and furniture in a wine cellar project. We haven’t discussed this in the blog for quite some time, so this is a terrific opportunity. It’s especially so since most clients would want to keep their wine cellar construction expenses within budget. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to make good use of “factory seconds.”

The real deal on WCI’s Factory Seconds…

Our factory seconds wine rack

Some might immediately feel skeptical at the mention of second-hand wine racks or furniture. It’s pretty much the same reaction as with ordinary furniture. So it’s essential to really lay down the hard facts when it comes to these so-called “factory seconds.” First and foremost, these racking units are not exactly used and more so that they’re not damaged. The general concept of factory seconds is that they come with factory defects. That’s why they are being sold at such a deep discount. But that’s definitely not the case with WCI’s products.

Allow us to explain in length what constitutes our factory seconds racking. In custom orders, there will be times when a rack is manufactured with an extra knot in the wood or was stained a wrong color. It can also happen that an order was cancelled half-way through the production stages. It may also happen that certain racking products have to be discontinued. This is mostly due to lack or popularity. Other times, it may be because the materials have become scarce or difficult to obtain. When any of these situations arise, the racking products have to be sold immediately. But what you’re getting are totally brand-new merchandise! They are certainly not used or damaged.

These wine racks are all very attractive and sturdy pieces of wood wine storage. However, they have to be marked down substantially in order to move them out at a quicker rate. Otherwise, they will compromise the production and storage of other merchandise. Think of it this way: our loss is the client’s savings.  Clients will also be delighted to learn that these factory seconds are not limited to wine racks. Our catalogue includes other wine cellar furniture such as doors, cabinetry, decor, and more. In fact, WCI has opened a showroom just to store the factory second inventory. You can easily make an appointment to visit if you live locally or visiting the Cincinnati area. Create budget wine cellars without compromising on quality with WCI’s factory seconds! ^_^