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Appreciating Wall-Mount Racking Goodness With Vino Pins

April 19th, 2018

Looking for some inspiration for a modern-themed wine cellar? Then you have to check out today’s Testimonial Thursday feature! This project is a stunner, exuding a combination of rustic charm and contemporary sophistication:

Etched Lightbox-style counters

As you can see from the images, this is a fully customized racking arrangement. Instead of wood wine racking units, the client opted for wine rack pegs. The pegs were mounted on a Mahogany wood base which provided for a beautiful contrast with the aluminum finish. Note that the bottles will be stored in a label-forward fashion, instead of the neck sticking out. This will make it easier to locate one’s favorite labels – one of the advantages of utilizing pegs instead of rails.

Here at WCI, you can find these pegs with our Vintage View metal racking collection. These are the Vino Pins, the stylish racking alternatives that can go anywhere in your home. Vino Pins can be mounted in the kitchen, living room or any other social area in the home. They are super space-efficient and very easy to install. You can mount the pins directly to any wall surface with the proprietary anchor systems. The Vino Pins is the only metal wine rack peg system that can mount direct to drywall, masonry or wood surface. A backer board is not even needed.

Vino Pins

To further enhance the modern vibe of this project, you will see in the first set of photos that custom lightboxes were added to the racking assembly. These custom accessories can be requested at WCI by getting in touch with our design consultants. Keep in mind that we are here to satisfy any and all wine storage needs, including the frills and fancies. Go and explore our wine cellar decor section in the website to learn more about these various accents and accessories.

Label-forward bottle storage

So if you’ve been inspired by this project to do a contemporary take on your wine cellar, we highly recommend checking this section of the website. We have lots of wall-mount racking units to choose from, including our latest Cable Wine Racking System and Acrylic Cube Series. If you’re looking for something akin to the Vino Pins but with the traditional bottle neck-out storage, try our Vino Rails. There are so many options and so many ways to customize them. Bring a contemporary edge to your wine cellar and explore these options now! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Storage For Condos And Similar Living Spaces

April 18th, 2018

Condo living has become quite a trend these days. This type of lifestyle used to appeal to the younger population in the market. But the recent years have shown that even small families seem to prefer it over detached living spaces. It also seems that condos and apartments located within or closest to the inner city are the more popular ones. And like any residential dwelling, condos and apartments have their pros and cons.

As far as cons go, space is certainly one of them. The closer you are to inner city limits, the more expensive these units are. It’s like paying for the square footage in gold. That’s why you have to learn how to get creative with your space. Case in point: building proper storage for wine bottles in these compact living areas. Here are some pretty useful tips to help you store and showcase your collection:

Wine storage for condos and apartments

Redefine “multi-purpose storage” in your unit

If there is not enough space for a formal wine room, then think outside the box. You do not need an actual “room” to house your collection. Transforming some sections in your condo will give you more than enough bottle storage space. It’s all about knowing how to work with what you have. The kitchen is always one of the best places to start. Convert a cabinet or two into your wine storage by putting in small wine racking units. If there is a kitchen island, customize the bottom portion by having some racking installed. Open Diamond Cubes or small Individual Bottle Racks are usually a popular option. Or, if you have an ample-sized pantry, turn a section of it into your wine storage.

Cable-racking system

Discover the beauty of Wall Wine Racks

The walls of your condo or apartment can actually host a good amount of wine bottles if you know how to utilize them. This is where you will discover the beauty and space-efficiency of Wall Wine Racks. These days, there are lots of styles and materials to choose from. Wood and metal racking units are obviously the popular options. But if you want something unique and really contemporary, check out Acrylic wine racks as well. The units are transparent and will showcase your bottles to maximum advantage. Wall Wine Racks offer one of the best solutions to the dilemma of wine storage in smaller living spaces. Because your collection is mounted to the walls, there’s no need to even bother with wasting any floor area in your home. ^_^



Technical Tuesday Episode #378: Exposing The Beauty Of Unstained Premium Redwood

April 17th, 2018

Stained or unstained wine racks? Which one strikes your fancy? Is one really better than the other? Absolutely not! It’s a matter of one’s style preference. If there is a certain look or theme you want to achieve in your wine cellar project, stains and finishes can definitely help you out. But unstained wine racks and furniture also have their own brand of beauty. Today’s Tech Tuesday spotlight will prove it to us:

Project # 298399
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1599
Where: Carmel, IN

Unstained Premium Redwood wine racks

Take a nice, long look at this beautiful, medium-sized wine cellar completed for a client in Carmel, IN. It can house approximately just under 1600 bottles in a variety of storage options. Let’s check these out first! You can see from the images just how versatile the racking arrangement is. There are standard Individual Bottle Columns and Open Diamond Cubes with Solid Face Trim. But to tone down the sharp corners, Quarter Round Shelves were added. They also finished off the racking assembly quite nicely.

To add more character to this project, Wine Bottle Waterfall racks were also incorporated. You can see on the right side of the first photo above how the racks are assembled in a cascading fashion into a custom peninsula. We love the way this racking style has give a unique touch to the entire set-up. No doubt, once the bottles are stored, this peninsula will really become the focal point of this wine room.

Beautiful and versatile racking arrangement

Last but certainly not the least, let’s talk about the wood option for this project. Both the client and our design team chose to go with Premium Redwood – the unstained version. You will notice that the racks sport a light, whitish-pink color that goes really well with the walls and ceilings. And since the flooring is in a darker shade, it’s makes for a lovely contrast with the racking arrangement.

We love how the unstained wood looks so raw and natural and how it enhances the excellent craftsmanship of the racks. It gives this wine cellar the feel of old-country nostalgia. But the best part is this: Premium Redwood here at WCI is SFI-certified. All Redwood products at WCI are purchased under the guidelines of SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative). That means the wood is harvested in an environmentally friendly manner. It also means that this Tech Tuesday project is an eco-friendly one! *Cheers*

Country Club Wine Cellars And Why They’re Now The “In” Thing

April 16th, 2018

Last week, we featured another country club wine cellar project in our blog – and the trend is really rising. So today, we’re going to talk about these country club wine cellars and why they’re considered to be the “in” thing. Let’s start with a bit of a historical account of these country clubs down to how they are now helping expand the wine experience for everyone.

From exclusive to embracing…

Country clubs found their roots in the 1880’s down to the early 1900’s, particularly in America. They were founded by upper-class elites. Their numbers increased exponentially with industrialization, the rise in incomes, and suburbanization in the 1920’s. Most of these clubs were privately owned. Sets of rules applied, such as membership quota and admittance by invitation or sponsorship. But one thing was quite common to these clubs – the shared interests of the members. These shared interests were varied, from business interests to sports, cultural, social, and of course, political affiliations. But over the decades, the exclusive nature of these clubs gradually weakened. This was especially so during the Great Depression when funding was at an all-time low.

With the advent of modern society, exclusionary policies were gradually dropped. While there are still rules, particularly regarding membership, they have become more embracing. Becoming part of a country club has now become focused more on the social aspect. People want to meet others who share the same interests and passions. Athletic-based clubs are probably the most popular, followed by those acting as social community centers for charitable purposes. Also, club facilities have expanded, particularly for dining and entertaining. And this is why country club wine cellars started becoming a popular concept.

Country club wine lockers

Nowadays, more and more of these clubs have made it a point to have their own wine cellars, and even “wine lockers” for their members. These lockers are now usually included in a person’s club membership. So basically, this allows one to store their favorite labels securely and share them with their guests. Inviting guests over for “socials” or recreational games  has become a springboard for wine tasting activities. Moreover, social events at country clubs feel incomplete without the presence of wine. The presence of wine in country clubs has slowly but steadily grown – and this is why country club wine cellars is the “in” thing. However, we’re pretty darned such this won’t just be a phase. Country club wine cellars are here to stay! *Cheers*