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Client Flexes His Gorgeous All-Vintner Wine Cellar

February 25th, 2021

You know what they say, “When you got it, flaunt it.” Just one look at this Testimonial Thursday feature will really make you want to flaunt it! Our client flexes his super stunning wine cellar for all of us to enjoy. The best thing about it? It features nothing less than WCI’s top wine rack kit series: Vintner.

Client flexes his super stunning wine cellar!Who’s going to say that this wine cellar doesn’t cost a small fortune? Us, that’s who! We’re not pulling your leg here, folks. Even with the luxurious details of this project, it didn’t break the client’s budget. It’s all thanks to the Vintner racking units. There was no need for client to go the more expensive custom route. Vintner offers a wide selection of racking styles for both individual and bulk bottle storage. It has further evolved with the addition of the Elite Cabinetry line. Basically, custom styles such as cable racking and steel and rod system are now available in “kits.” But that’s not all. Individual bottle storage also comes in varying designs. Our favorites include the fancy Concave Wine Racks and Wine Bottle Waterfalls.

Awesome LED lighting accessories!Here’s a closer look of the racking arrangement. There’s storage for larger format bottles, as well as wine bins and crates, courtesy of the Rectangular Bins. And check out the striking wine cellar accents! We love the archway and unique wood flooring design. But what’s really eye-catching is the clever use of colorful LED lighting accessories. That’s definitely a satisfying pose client is making as he flexes his wine cellar:

Spacious wine cellar layoutNow if you’re interested in the Vintner Series for your own wine cellar project, it has another feature that will get you totally sold on it. Even if you’re working with “kits” you actually get amazing customization options for your woods and stains. Vintner allows you to select from the top four wood choices for custom wine cellars. In client’s case, they went with unstained Premium Redwood. As for the stains and finishes, Vintner gives you access to everything! That includes our newest stain offerings like Graywash and Mocha Stain. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Building Your Personal Wine Collection

February 24th, 2021

How do you start building a wine collection? What is supposed to be your ultimate goal? Is it purely for personal consumption and satisfaction or for investment purposes? What is the difference between buying and collecting wine? Let’s explore this in detail!

Building your personal wine collection

Essential things to look out for…

If you’re just buying a bottle of wine, you buy it specifically to drink it. But usually, with a wine collector, they purchase wines not mainly for consumption. The goal is that the wines will appreciate in value over time and can be sold for a profit. However, there are also those who want to just grown their personal collection, with some consumption on the side. Eventually, they may also decide to sell some, but definitely not all of their bottles. Regardless of the end goal, the essential things to keep an eye out for when building a wine collection are pretty much similar.

The first detail to watch out for is the price. Even if you’re a beginner, it is important to pay attention to the price of the wine bottles. Analyze the current retail price, historical price trends, and the auction history of the wines. The cost of making the wine, wine region, and scarcity, and provenance are some factors that can influence the cost. Not all vintages will command a considerable price in the market. You have to be careful in getting your money’s worth.

Tips in building your wine collection

The second detail to get properly acquainted with is pedigree. As a collector, this is knowledge that you need to equip yourself with. You have to trace the wine bottle’s provenance. This includes its source, life cycle, and storage. You will also have to take a good look at the bottle’s pedigree. This would refer to its genetic characteristic, including the conditions under which it was shipped. It also includes the wine cellar conditions.

Last but not the least, you should know the cellar period or drinking window of wines. Keep in mind you are going to be spending good money in building your collection. It would be a complete waste if half or your collection needs to be consumed in a short amount of time. You’ll be forced to either just consume them or sell them at a loss. So even if your goal is mainly to have a personal collection, bear this detail in mind prior to purchasing. For example, wines like Sauvignon Blanc are meant to be consumed just in 1-3 years. But Cabernet Sauvignon bottles can be stored even up to 50 years. Do your research well to build a good mix of bottles with short and long cellar lifespan. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #513: Customized Knotty Alder Wine Racks

February 23rd, 2021

What is your wood of choice for your wine cellar project? Would you go the “safe” route and pick from the most common options? Or are you willing to be a bit adventurous and try out something different? If it’s the latter, then this Tech Tuesday should be a great inspiration. Our clients proudly showcase their adorable under stairwell wine storage. Check out their customized Knotty Alder wine racks:

Project # 329595
Wood: Custom / Knotty Alder
Bottle Capacity: 460
Where: Cumming, GA
Stain: Dark Walnut

Under stairwell storage with Knotty Alder racksUnder stairwell transformations are so unique and a  clever use of wasted space. We really enjoy seeing wine storage projects come to life in this type of layout. This one in particular is done so seamlessly! That’s because the wine racks have been customized to fit the space perfectly.

Black metal trim on glass panelsHere are some nice shots showcasing the range of racking styles. See how bulk bottle storage was taken into consideration with the Open Diamond Bins. We’d also like to point out a cool detail with the glass panels. Notice the black metal trim, including on the door? They really add character to the otherwise simple design of this project.

Knotty Alder in Dark Walnut stainNow let’s move on to the wood option. As earlier mentioned, these units were crafted from Knotty Alder. As far as appearance is concerned, Knotty Alder is quite attractive even when unstained. It is primarily light brown in color. But the wood may also vary from pale yellow to reddish-brown. In short, it is a light-colored wood. It also often features a variety of different-sized knots. But some pieces will have no knots at all. When compared to the more popular wood options, you can say it is closest to Rustic Pine.

Tons of bottle storage in a small spaceKnotty Alder is durable and possesses satisfactory resiliency. Moreover, it adapts to stains and finishes very well, including lacquer. Lacquer can be added to any stain or to the unstained wood for a glossy finish. In this project, clients chose a Dark Walnut stain option that really brought out the wood’s grain pattern. As you can see from the images, the wood and stain combo offered a rustic feel to the wine cellar. We are loving the minimalist yet elegant appeal of this Tech Tuesday. How does it rate with you? *Cheers*


Elegance Done Right With Vintage View’s Vino Pins

February 18th, 2021

The beauty and practicality of metal wine racks should really be explored more. We’re glad that more and more clients are gradually discovering this. Today’s DIY feature is a wonderful illustration of the outstanding features of metal racking. Check out this wall-mounted work of art, courtesy of the Vino Pins:

Elegant Vino PinsSo what exactly are Vino Pins? They are part of the Vintage View collection. Vintage View is one of our oldest metal wine rack series. It’s very popular, even with the advent of newer metal racking designs. Vino Pins fall under the “wine rack pegs” category. They are super space efficient since you can mount them just about anywhere in your home. Wherever you have an empty wall space, you can fill that with the pins. They are so easy to assemble and can be mounted to just about any surface. In this project, you can see the pins being mounted in custom marble-type material:

Label-forward storage with Vino Pins

Let’s go a bit more into the details of these metal racking units. As earlier mentioned, they go into almost any surface. In particular, you can mount then into drywall, masonry, and wood with the help of mounting hardware. The units usually come with collars. A collar is a small circular piece of hardware that will slide over the stud that comes out from the wall. It finish off your pin nicely. Just take note that the no collar option is not applicable for drywall application. Also keep in mind that wood/solid backing is required for no collar option.

Mount your Vino Pins on any surfaceNow what about in terms of aesthetics? How do these metal babies fare? Just look at how sleek and elegant the wine bottles look while on display. Note that the bottles are showcased in a label-forward fashion. This makes it easy to see the labels and organize your collection. Also, the pins come in two beautiful finishes: Anodized Black and Milled Aluminum. These will work with just about any design or theme in your wine cellars, dining areas, or kitchens. The minimalist style is perfect for even the most discerning wine enthusiast. Here’s an awesome add-on you’d want to keep in mind! The optional Vino Pins Extensions (VP-X) allow for transformation to two- and three-deep bottle configurations. That means you can easily grow your wine pegs together with your collection. ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wines For The Month Of Love

February 17th, 2021

Valentine’s Day may be over, but the Month of Love is certainly not! Spreading love and kindness especially during these trying times shouldn’t be limited to one day. For us wine enthusiasts, sharing our February finds is a great way to keep the positive vibes going. Here are some of our wine picks:

Wines for the Month of Love!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Côtes de Provence Rosé

The first on our list is definitely Rosé. Rosé has “Valentine’s Day” written all over it. You can’t go wrong with a bottle of Rosé and it would be even better when you have the perfect dishes to pair it with. Our choice for this Month of Love is this charming Côtes de Provence Rosé, courtesy of H&B. Try it with chicken or fish mains and strawberries or strawberry laden desserts This pale pink French rosé has delicate rose, cherry, peach and strawberry flavors that are subtle yet memorable.

Clif Family Gewürztraminer

The label might be a mouthful to pronounce, but the taste is wonderfully easy to work with. The Gewürztraminer is traditionally a German varietal. But this version by Clif Family that we are head over heels for hails from Anderson Valley in California. If you’re planning to do an intimate dinner sometime this month with whites instead if reds, this is the ticket. The wine boasts of light lemon, honey and clove notes and a floral nose. You’ll find that this dry white pairs exceptionally well with hard cheeses, white pizza, or pasta. A charcuterie board is a must with this one!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Layer Cake Malbec

Save the best for last, as the saying goes. Our third and last pick for this month of hearts is the Layer Cake Malbec. This wine will have you and your date swooning over the rich, tastebud-tingling flavors. You’ll find that this medium-bodied Malbec has notes of chocolate, blackberries and cherry is absolutely lip-smacking. For maximum taste results, we recommend serving it with some delectable chocolate mousse and a fruit and cheese platter.  It also pairs very well with barbecued dishes! Give this Argentinian delight a try and we guarantee it will leave you wanting for more.

Technical Tuesday Episode #512: Midnight Black Stain Is The New Neutral

February 16th, 2021

Hey there, wine cellar fans! How was your Valentine’s Day celebration? It’s kind of ironic how the pandemic actually created the perfect atmosphere for this occasion. The Day of Hearts is meant to be celebrated in an intimate setting after all. And while reds and pinks will surely paint the air with romance, that’s not necessarily the case with wine cellars. Bold hues are the new neutral and we are all for it:

Project # 321757
Wood: Custom / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 1018
Where: Petaluma, CA
Stain: Midnight Black

Midnight Black Stain is the new neutral!This custom project is sleek and spacious, making very good use of the area. The wine racks are able to accommodate a little over a thousand bottles. But the layout looks like it can accommodate more. This is the magic of custom wine racking. You will be able to utilize your space efficiently without sacrificing both function and style.

Bolder colors make the racks stand outTalking now about style, this wine cellar is definitely on point. The racking units are beautifully crafted and flow seamlessly around the room. There is a wonderful variety in bottle storage options. Also, the glass doors are a clever addition in making the space appear larger. But what really helps the wine racks stand out is the stain option. This project is a testament to the rising popularity of our Midnight Black Stain. The jet-black color is a dramatic departure from traditional woodworking finishes. While it lends a contemporary appeal to the wine cellar, it also enhances its elegance.

Rustic Pine x Midnight Black StainThis last photo shows a good shot of the racking arrangement in all its Midnight Black stain glory. See how the lines stand out in stark relief, emphasizing the different racking styles. We cannot wait to see pictures of this wine cellar all filled up. The dark racks will definitely make a beautiful backdrop for the wine bottles. The sane goes for the curved archway. A piece of wine cellar art will look especially stunning when displayed there. Indeed, bold colors are the new neutral in wine cellar projects. Is this the route you also want to take with yours? Talk to our experienced wine cellar consultants today and learn how you can even get a free 2D design. *Cheers*

The “Grand” In Grand Mahogany Is Not Just A Name

February 11th, 2021

The month of love also seems to be the month for regal feels! Here’s another wine cellar creation that’s just oozing with haut monde appeal. It’s a wonderful illustration of the features of the Grand Mahogany wood option for wine racks. Let’s do the visual tour and see why the “grand” in Grand Mahogany is not just a name:

“Grand Mahogany” is not just a name!As far aa styling goes, this wine room is a 10/10 in our books. The use of different materials was done i a very tasteful manner. You have the beautiful hewn stone walls framing the entryway and complementing the wooden flooring. The entryway itself is a clever mix of metal and glass. We love the use of the black metal trim around the glass doors.

Luxurious details on the wine roomNow let’s move on to the inside. The racking assembly is all custom-made to the room’s measurements and clients’ style preference. The Curved Corners and molding are instrumental for this seamless setup. We give a big thumbs-up to the variety in bottle storage options and the use of wine cellar accessories. See how Quarter Round Shelves were used to cap off the racking assembly. Of course, you can’t miss the beautiful custom archway with Rectangular Shelves at the bottom.

Dark Walnut Stain for a regal vibeAs earlier mentioned, Grand Mahogany was the wood of choice for this project. This was the perfect choice since clients wanted their wine cellar to have a luxurious look. Grand Mahogany is one of our higher priced woods and for good reasons. This plantation grown hardwood has it all! It is outstanding both in quality and appearance. This versatile wood is comparable to Sapele and Cherry when it comes to hardness, density, and grain texture. As far as durability and stability are concerned, it is on par with popular hardwoods like Hard Maple, Oak, and Cherry.

True to its name, it sports a grand appearance. The wood is uniform color, with a few slight variations that go from medium to pale pink. Grand Mahogany a moderately coarse grain pattern. It’s straight in most parts, but slightly interlocked in some cases. Moreover, you will find that the wood adapts to all types of stains and finishes extremely well. Clients chose the Dark Walnut stain option for their wine racks. The rich color brings out the gorgeous grain patterns of Grand Mahogany that spells royal elegance. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: What Assembly Method Is Best For You?

February 10th, 2021

More and more people are into DIY projects, particularly during this era of COVID-19. We think that’s actually one of the best things the pandemic has brought us. We’ve learned to become more self-sufficient and productive, especially in our homes. Speaking of DIY projects, home wine storage are definitely high on the list. Lots of clients last year purchased our racks and did the assembly and installation all by themselves. The results? Check out our Testimonial Thursday blogs for that! Now if you’re also thinking of going DIY with your wine storage, we’re here to fully support you guys. But what assembly method would be best? Here are the three top racking assembly methods:

Choose the right assembly method for you

The traditional hammer & nails method

The first & perhaps most common way to put together your wine racks is with the use of hammer and nails. We often call this the traditional method. While it is very easy to secure the tools, the actual process leaves much to be desired. This is especially the case for those who have zero to little DIY experience. The potential to miss and accidentally split the wood is quite high. The potential to harm yourself is also to be considered. We recommend going this route if you have enough DIY experience.

Using pre-drill screws

Another assembly method for wine racks is using pre-drill screws. This one is more efficient than the hammer and nails. Take note, however, that you also have to be careful during the pre-drilling stage. There’s also a chance you might harm your wood wine racks before they are even put together. Also, this is a two-stage process. First, you have to pre-drill the holes on the wood. Second, you’ll need to change your drill bit in order to put in the screws. While this is an easier option compared to the hammer and nails, it still entails DIY experience. The drill is not that hard to use, but you need to make sure that you won’t split the racks.

The modern route with a brad nailer

The third and last method is our moat recommended one. It’s using a brad nailer to get the DIY job done. We can’t imagine DIYers these days without a brad nailer. It is the more modern and faster approach with highly satisfying results. You don’t need to do any prep work and you can get things done in a much shorter amount of time. Our videos go over all these methods so you can see which one works best for you. We also offer a DIY construction kit which includes a brad nailer! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #511: The Royal Charm W/ Dark Walnut

February 9th, 2021

Dreaming of a wine cellar with a royal charm? You can make that come true, just like our clients in today’s Tech Tuesday. The regal vibes are strong on this one and we are all for it:

Project # 326064
Wood: Custom / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity:
Where: Valhalla, NY

Royal charm with Dark WalnutThe details and overall design of this wine room is really impressive. Even just from the photos, you can see how it radiates a luxurious appeal. The racking arrangement is tasteful with impeccable lines. Moreover, the chosen color palette is rich and certainly striking. Our team took tremendous care in working with clients to bring out the full potential of this wine room. It was spacious to begin with, so they were able to incorporate a generous variety of racking styles. But it’s the use of curved corner units and wine displays that made this project stand out. Angled Corner Racks and Quarter Round Shelves are a surefire combo. See how this is used in this wine cellar to create stunning, flowy transitions. Angled Corner Racks create four 22 1/2 degree angles to form a 90 degree transition from wall to wall. Tame those nooks and crannies by angling small corners and adding Quarter Round Shelves. Throw in custom curved crown and base moldings and voila! You get a seamless racking layout that is as put together as Kate Middleton’s wardrobe ^_^.

Beautiful quarter round shelves and curved cornersOf course, the custom wine racks alone will not be enough give this project that coveted royal charm. The choice of accents makes a huge difference as well. We feel that this Tech Tuesday definitely made the right ones. The wood paneled ceilings complement the wine racks perfectly. In contrast, the light-hued tiled flooring makes the area seem even more spacious.

Wine cellar exudes royal charmLast but not the least, there’s the stain option chosen for the racks. Instead of going for anything fancy, our design team and clients agreed on Dark Walnut Stain. This stain is one of our most popular products. It deepens almost all shades of wood, lending it a golden brown color. The result is a clean and elegant look to the wine racks. The choice is very apt and enhances the royal charm of the wine room. *Cheers*

Small Wine Room W/ Big Details & Waterfall Racks

February 4th, 2021

Is it possible for a small wine cellar to be packed with big details? Absolutely! The size of a wine cellar sill never be a hindrance to giving it a lot of character. Our clients gave us a really shining example with this gorgeous wine room:
Small wine room with big details!There are so many wonderful features that need to be highlighted in this project. Let’s start with the racking units. For a compact wine cellar, this one boasts of a good variety of racking styles. You can see from the photos the Individual Bottle Columns and Open Diamond Bins. But apart from these standard racking styles, the clients also went for something more unique: the Waterfall Wine Racks:

Wine Bottle WaterfallThere is a lot to love about the waterfall racking units. For one, they are actually very space-efficient. See how they can be easily tucked into tight corners? They are also the perfect solution for compact and/or irregular spaces. That’s why we highly recommend them for under stairwell transformations. Now the wine racks in this project are all custom-made to clients’ room specifications. But did you know that you can also purchase the waterfall racks from our wine rack kits? The Vintner Series, for example, offers several wine bottle waterfall options.

Tasting center with glassware storage This racking style is indeed the perfect showcase for one’s collection. Notice how the individual bottle wine storage cascades down with a waterfall of display bottles on top. It really adds a dramatic touch to the cellar. For bigger wine rooms, you can put in a peninsula or island at the center. Then you can have a waterfall display come out from a wall to the center of a room. You may also choose to line a waterfall wine display along a wall, like what our clients did here. Now keep in mind this pro tip! WCI has a single bottle deep option designed both in a left and right falling option. This is available with our wine rack kits as well. Use this to achieve a really fancy look for your wine room, no matter the size! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: A Seamless Silhouette To Your Wine Racks

February 3rd, 2021

Can you create a seamless silhouette for your wine racks if you’re going the DIY route? The answer is a big YES! There are simple yet very effective tools that can help you achieve this result. You don’t need to spend an unnecessary amount of money, especially during these financially challenging times. Here are the little known “secrets” to make your wine cellars achieve a flawless look:

Create a seamless silhouette to your wine racks!

Crown and base moldings…

Are those gaps between your racking and the ceiling and/or flooring driving you nuts? Well, throw those frustrations away and invest in some crown and base moldings instead. These amazing add-ons to your wine racks are the key to removing those awkward gaps. Here at WCI, we offer these crown and base molding packages with our wine rack kits. Take our Vintner Series as an example. OG profiled crown and OG base straight moldings are sold in 4 ft lengths, and are 1 7/16″ in height.  There are also six unique crown molding options that vary in profile and height. Every crown option is available with either a 1 7/16″ high base molding option, or a 5 1/4″ high base molding option. Naturally, you can also have these moldings customized!

Crown and base moldings do wonders

The magic of the Center Seam Trim…

If you’re using various racking styles, gaps between the units can at times be unavoidable. But there is a way to hide those unsightly gaps and give your racks a really professional silhouette. It’s all about the magic of the Center Seam Trim! This is a double sided profile molding specifically designed to cover the seam created when stacking. A good illustration would be with WCI wine rack kits. You can stack racking units from the same or different series. You can also stack units with varying bottle storage styles. But don’t expect that they will fit in seamlessly from the get-go. There will be either tiny or larger gaps owing to the different designs. But with the Center Seam Trim, those can be easily remedied. It’s highly recommended that the trim is done in the same wood, stain and finish option as the racks. This will make your racking assembly come together in a seamless silhouette!

Say goodbye to awkward gaps

Of spacer bars and bottom rails…

What are spacer bars and bottom rails? These are the neat accents that are incorporated into the wine racks to enhance their functionality. Our Vintner Series is a prime example. Spacer bars come with a dado that comfortably fits each column of your racking. The Vintner racks also come with square cut bottom rails. With these rails, your bottles are stored securely above the floor level. They are protected from accidental breakage or injury. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #510: Our Awesome Designer Series

February 2nd, 2021

A fab February to all you wine cellar fans out there! There’s no time to mope around because we are going to keep you guys motivated all month long. Let’s start with this squeaky clean number our team finished for our client in West Chester:

Project # 223896
Wood: Designer / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 917
Where: West Chester, OH
Stain: Unstained

Our awesome Designer Series!This project is a fantastic example of how awesome our Designer Series can be. The Designer Series is one of WCI’s wine rack “kits”, alongside Vintner and Winemaker. It’s a bit more low-key than Vintner, but there are so many things to appreciate about this series. Firstly, the Designer racks are all manufactured with full-depth configurations. That means the racks can hold the full body of the wine bottle, along with the 6-foot tall height. Secondly, the units are now available in 6-foot and 8-foot height options. Moreover, we also threw in some new and improved add-ons. Clients can purchase extra individual racking to stack on top of the wine racks. This means the racking assembly can reach another 20 inches high. The add-ons has made the Designer Series more flexible than before!

Lots of bottle storage variety!Secondly, let’s talk about style. This wine rack kit is certainly no slouch. There’s a robust selection of individual and bulk bottle storage options to choose from. Recent additions include the upgrades to the Individual Bottle racks. They now come with display rows and add-on top racks. For extended versatility, the Individual Bottle storage units also come in half-height options. And let’s not forget about woods, stains and finishes! You get to enjoy the full selection, including our newest stain offerings. That included the very popular Graywash stain, as well as Whitewash and Mocha. Plus, you can opt for a lacquer finish as well. Lacquer will give your wine racks that beautiful and elegant sheen. But if you want to keep things clean and understated, you can go the unstained route like our client here.

Awesome bottle storage styles!This last photo gives us a great perspective of the wine cellar’s layout. See how the beautiful tasting center with Solid Diamond bins is the focal point of the racking assembly. The Designer Series also comes with tasting centers and Waterfall Wine Racks. You can utilize them to give more structure and character to your wine cella project. Have any questions about our awesome Designer wine rack kits? Give us a call or shoot us an email any time! *Cheers*

Making Small Spaces Count With WCI’s Wine Rack Kits

January 28th, 2021

If ever there was a right time to start on a wine cellar project, that time is now. With the pandemic still hampering mobility, focusing on something productive like this is very commendable. It’s time to check out those unused spaces in your home. Take a leaf out of our client, Robert:

Making small spaces count with wine rack kitd!Making small spaces count is actually easier and more affordable than you think. Client’s cool wine storage was completed within budget and in a DIY fashion to boot. The secret? Wine rack kits! Our healthy selection provide the perfect solution for compact wine storage. There are several collections to choose from, depending on your needs and style preference. The Vintner and Designer series are both full depth modular systems. WineMaker, on the other hand, features our highly popular shallow-depth racking collection. Since these are “kits,” the prices are really easy on the budget. This is important particularly for those who are reluctant to spend a lot of money on a small project. But just because it’s more affordable, that doesn’t mean quality is being sacrificed in any way.

In this Testimonial Thursday feature, our client purchased some of our Vintner wine racks for his personal collection. Note that these are not custom units. But client was able to work with the flexible configurations to outfit the otherwise wasted corner of his home. Vintner wine racks come in 3-feet and 4-feet height options. These can be conveniently stacked to accommodate just about any ceiling height. Moreover, you can add “extras” to extend the racking height further and give your units a seamless look. These include crown and base moldings as well as center seam trim. Of course, you also have a wide range of wood, stain and finish options to choose from. This gives you so much design opportunities with your wine cellar. Our client Robert went with a Grand Mahogany wood with Classic Mahogany stain combo. This worked really well with the flooring of his home. Such amenities are usually only available with custom wine racks. But thanks to these kits, clients can count on achieving their wine cellar goals at a budget they are comfortable with. ^_^

“Wine racks are awesome!”
~Robert T.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Light Or Dark Wood Stain

January 27th, 2021

Planning on staining your wood wine racks? So which route are you leaning towards: the light or dark one? It’s actually all just a matter of personal taste and aesthetics. There are times when lighter wood stains will work better than darker stains and vice versa. But at the end of the day, it’s all about what works best for you. Nonetheless, here are some helpful design tips that will guide you to better choices:

Light or dark wood stain for your racks

Light stains for smaller spaces…

If you’re building a closet wine cellar or any similar compact wine storage, what would be a standard issue? It would be all about the limited space. You’d naturally want to maximize the space’s bottle storage capacity. However, you also don’t want your cellar to look horribly cramped. This is where lighter stains can work better than darker. Lighter colors make narrow areas appear bigger. They give a more open feel. We recommend our Light Danish Stain for these small projects. It is a light, golden stain that accentuates the tones and grains of all woods. If you want something more contemporary though, Whitewash and Opaque White stains are terrific options.

Dark stains for “luxurious” looks…

Now there are a lot of wine cellar enthusiasts who prefer a luxurious look to their wine cellar. We’re a fan of that as well! Thankfully, achieving that doesn’t require going beyond your budget. Obviously, you’d have to make sure your racking assembly is put together seamlessly. Then it’s just a matter of selecting the right stain option. Classic Mahogany and Dark Walnut stains are the favorites.  They deepen the natural shades of the wood and accentuate the grain patterns beautifully. But our newest offering, the Mocha Stain, is also a top contender. This stain is a blend of black and dark walnut to create a warm black stain.

Darker stains on wood for a contemporary look

Stains for the “contemporary” charm…

The contemporary vibe has really grown in popularity with wine cellar projects. If you’re into this look. there are both light and dark stains that can do it for you. One of our picks is the Midnight Black Stain. This jet black stain is a dramatic departure from traditional woodworking finishes. Another is the Graywash Stain. There is no texture that comes through with this semi-transparent stain. It is super popular owing to its versatility. Depending on how you style your wine cellar, you can go either classic or contemporary with Graywash. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #509: The Prowess of Vintner Racks

January 26th, 2021

Tech Tuesday greetings, fellow wine cellar fans! What better way for us to start the week than with some positive vibes? For us, it’s all about these amazing projects that both our team and clients work hard on. You read that right! We provide the products and services. But it’s the input and cooperation of our clients that really bring in the best results. Today, we’re proud to showcase the prowess of our wine rack kits – our Vintner Series to be more specific:

Project # 320519
Wood: Custom/ Vintner / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 3548
Where: Santa Fe, NM
Stain: Unstained

The prowess of Vintner wine racks!A spacious and clean layout is certainly nothing to complain about, don’t you agree? We feel that this wine cellar design is so solid both in function and form. The racking assembly can accommodate a very generous number of bottles – well over the 3,000 mark. Not only that, there is also really good variety when it comes to bottle storage. These photos clearly show that:

Amazing bottle storage varietyThe mix of individual and bulk bottle storage options can be seen all throughout the entire racking layout. We like how the Open Diamond Bins and Rectangular Shelves were interspersed into the Individual Bottle Columns. Also check out the Magnum Wine Bottle racks on the far left, right above the Rectangular Shelves. The Vintner prowess in allowing for so much bottle storage variety is indeed praiseworthy.

Clean lines with unstained Premium RedwoodNow what do you guys think about the color scheme for this wine room? The clients wanted to go the simple route. So our design team kept it clean and classic with unstained Premium Redwood as the wood option. Personally, we feel that this formula just works every time. You can’t go wrong with unstained Premium Redwood since it works with just about anything. The natural pinkish gold hues of the wood showcase the uniform grain pattern nicely. We’re a fan of light-colored wine racks as well, so this definitely checks the box. Notice that the racking arrangement provides a ton of counter space. Clients will be able to do drink preps and even hold intimate tasting parties inside this wine cellar. That’s such an ideal setup especially since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. Needless to say, the Vintner Series really delivered with this project! *Cheers*


Vintner Racks Provide Clients With Excellent Experience

January 21st, 2021

Nothing makes us happier than clients sharing their  enjoyable experience with our products and services. But with today’s Testimonial Thursday, it even goes beyond that. Our clients reveal an excellent experience that had them wanting to recommend WCI to friends. These photos they sent of their wine cellar made us really proud that we are a huge part of the process:

Excellent experience with the Vintner racksOur clients chose the Vintner Series to outfit this compact wine room. We’ve always been confident of the quality and variety offered by Vintner. But it’s always so reassuring to hear glowing feedback, especially from first-time customers. As show by the photos, our clients purchased several Individual Columns, Curved Corner units and a Tasting Center with Open Diamond Bin. They got their wine racks in unstained Rustic Pine that worked so well with the room’s walls and flooring.

Unstained Rustic PineOne standout feature of the racking arrangement is how it looks so put together, with no gaps anywhere. Notice that there are no awkward gaps between the racks, ceiling and flooring. Vintner’s super flexible configurations contribute a great deal to achieve that. But the other significant factor is the use of the right accents. Clients also purchased molding packages and center seam trim along with the racks. Vintner provides crown and base molding packages that lets you “complete” your racking assembly. The center seam trim is instrumental in letting you transition between racking styles sans the awkward gaps. These are just some of the amenities Vintner offers. You also have the ability to choose from several wood options and the full selection of WCI’s stains and finishes. It’s like being able to customize your wine racks without having to go the custom route. In other words, you don’t need to pay a custom price. This excellent experience is a Vintner trademark. ^_^

A very happy client with excellent WCI experience! “Overall, we had an excellent experience. I will definitely be recommending the company to my friends, and have already received many friends asking where we got them.”

~Michael G.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine x Charcuterie Board Pairings

January 20th, 2021

Are you a fan of charcuterie boards? We absolutely love them! One of the best things about these boards is how you they are easily customized. It’s a lot like building your wine cellar ^_^. Naturally, we also love pairing our personalized charcuterie boards with the right bottles of wine. These will be a smash hit for small, intimate gatherings while we’re still fighting the COVID pandemic. Here are some of our favorite combos:

Charcuterie board and wine pairings

Choice reds and cold cuts

Let’s start with the “newbie” charcuterie board. More often than not, this would consist of mostly cold cut meats, basic cheeses like Camembert and Swiss, and fruits. A foolproof pairing to this would be light- to medium-bodied red wines with firm structure. Some our picks are Gamay, Frappato, Zweigelt and Cabernet Franc. They are safe choices for these kinds of charcuterie boards. You will find that the wine’s bright acidity and fresh berry flavors are very refreshing. They will balance out the fatty offerings and creamy textures of the meats and cheeses. Red wines on the lighter, fruitier side can be enjoyed chilled as well.

Sauvignon Blanc and veggies

A charcuterie board usually consists of meat in various forms and cuts. But with all the many changes in people’s tastes, this is no longer the case. That’s why you can certainly customize your board to your heart’s content. One of those growing in popularity is the vegan or vegetarian option. A selection of fresh veggies, crackers and dips sounds super appetizing. Pair your board with Sauvignon Blanc to give your palate an amazing treat. The refreshing crispness of a Sauvignon Blanc works well with all kinds of veggies, especially roasted ones.

The seafood platter

For seafood lovers, no one can stop you from customizing your charcuterie board with seafood delights. Go ahead and splurge on shrimps, lobster, scallops, prawns, and more. The best thing about seafood is that you have so many options for your wine pairings. Some top choices include Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Merlot. These will pair perfectly with fillets of fish, caviar, and shrimps. For rich seafood choices like crabmeat, prawns, and lobsters, consider pairing them with White Zinfandel, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #508: Cottagecore Charm w/ Unstained Premium Redwood

January 19th, 2021

Are you guys familiar with the term “cottagecore”? Nope, were not talking about Animal Crossing here, folks. Cottagecore is actually an aesthetic inspired by a romanticized interpretation of western agricultural life. Some also refer to it as “farmcore” or “countrycore”. The style takes its roots on ideas focusing on simplistic lifestyle with a lot of natural elements involved. In other words, it is very centered on nature and the environment. The concept flourished greatly in social media circles such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. It also brought design inspirations not only for the home, but for wine cellars as well:

Project # 307706
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1561
Where: Malvern, PA
Stain: Unstained

Cottagecore charm on this wine cellarThe natural vibe of this Tech Tuesday project definitely speaks cottagecore to us. We love that the clients went with unstained Premium Redwood on their wine racks. This lends an old country charm to the wine cellar. Note that in its unstained state, Premium Redwood boasts of beautiful pinkish white to reddish brown hues. This light colored wood makes the racking arrangement look so fresh and clean, just like the air from the countryside. Obviously, this worked very well with the rough-hewn stone flooring and ceiling. See how the colors of the floors and ceilings and wine racks complement each other:

Unstained Premium Redwood racksNow let’s talk about the racking options for this wine room. The bottle storage capacity is pretty generous, easily accommodating a little over 1500 bottles. Our team filled the room with lots of individual bottle columns combined with high reveal displays. The space is actually a tad narrow, but the custom racking units really made a difference. There is even room for an archway with countertop and Open Diamond Bins at the bottom. The diamond bins will allow for bulk bottle storage. Here’s a pro tip: Open Diamond Bins or Cubes will considerably boost your bottle storage capacity! We recommend mixing them with some rectangular shelves. WCI offers shelves in either fixed or adjustable configurations. You’ll be able to store crates and boxes as well! So is the cottagecore aesthetic a “yes” or “no” for you? Let us know what you think! *Cheers*

Level Up Your Wine Cellar With Captivating Entryways

January 14th, 2021

When planning your wine cellar construction budget, make sure you have all the bases covered. That includes going over your choices for your entryways. Some think that it’s “just a wine cellar door,” but you will be surprised at the functionality and aesthetic value it offers. It’s time to level up your wine cellar with captivating entryways! Our clients from Encinitas, CA show us how it’s done:

Captivating wine cellar entryways!The intricate details of this wine cellar door is really eye-catching. This is a customized wrought-iron door that was meticulously hand forged by our artisans. There is much to be said about this type of wine cellar entryway. Firstly, it lends so much character to the wine cellar. Even if you have a compact space, you can still do something special with it, just like our clients. This type of door gives a captivating aura to the wine room. WCI has a selection these wrought-iron doors and gate, but you can have yours modified according to your preference. Clients here went for a Premium Redwood fram for their door with a beautiful Dark Walnut Stain.

Secondly, these doors are sturdy and easy-to-maintain. Note that iron is resistant to shifting climatic conditions. Premium Redwood that makes up the door frame is one of the most sustainable wood options out there. The combo is a killer in terms of durability. Thirdly, these doors actually help with insulation of your wine cellar. WCI doors have an R-5 insulation value and thick tempered panes. What does this mean for you? It simply means that it’s easier to maintain ideal storage conditions in your wine cellar. Quality entryways will lessen the burden on wine cellar cooling units in maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels.

Wine cellar door matched the wine racksThere is a wide variety of designs and styles that WCI offers with these wine cellar doors. We have standard designs that are available with only a 4-week lead time. We also have those crafted from purely wood material. Basically, clients have a plethora of choices, from glass-enclosed creations, etched or painted glass, and other decorative applications. It pays to carefully consider the kind of wine cellar door you’ll purchase and to budget for it. Just keep in mind that WCI is here to make things convenient and affordable for you. Chat with our design consultants today and let’s level up your wine cellar together! ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Organizing Your Wine Collection

January 13th, 2021

The New Year means it’s time to update that wine collection list! But before doing that, you might want to backtrack a bit and go over your current collection. Organizing your wines this 2021 should be done the smart way. That means going over your options first and deciding on what works best for you. We’ve put together some of the most recommended ways to organize your wine cellar to help you out:

Organizing your wine collection the smart way!

Organizing by color and type

Let’s start with the simplest and surprisingly really effective method: sorting wine bottles by color and type. Some of you might raise an eyebrow at this one, but trust us, it’s worth a try. This is recommended particularly for newbies. As a neophyte collector, you’d want to go with the easiest and most comfortable option. Doing it by color allows you yo simply separate the reds from the whites. You can separate further with sparkling wines. But take note this method is best for those with small starter collections.

You can do it by color and type!

Organizing by brand

Next up is one that is frequently used by those with large and/or fast growing collections. Putting wine bottles together by brand is a very effective way of keeping track of them. There are even those who develop “verticals” of their various brands of wines. What happens is that collectors have bottles of related wines, from similar vintages. So they assign different shelves in their wine cellar to represent different regions. For each of these regions, you can go further by breaking them down into varietals and also by shelves as well.

Try organizing your wines by type!

Organizing by price

Now here’s another method that comes as a surprise to some wine collectors. You may think that only wine establishments can benefit from this, but think again. Sorting your collection by price can prove to be highly beneficial. Note that wines come with varying degrees of qualities. Most varieties of wines usually contain different levels when it comes to quality. Some wines can be collected for daily consumption. But there are those that collectors want to preserve and consume only on specific occasions or when “the time is right”. Wines consumed on a daily basis are more often than not less expensive. You can store these bottles in one area of your wine cellar and segregate them further into color and type.

How would you organize your wine cellar this year, wine cellar buddies? Share your pro tips with us! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #507: Custom Wine Cabinets Make A Comeback

January 12th, 2021

It’s been a while and we missed them quite a bit. Our custom wine cabinets are making a comeback! For those who are not too familiar with this wine storage solution, this Tech Tuesday is a must-read. Our clients commissioned for these elegant units and we are excited to share the details with you guys:

Project # 317899
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 970
Where: Cincinnati, OH
Stain: Unstained

Wine cabinets are making a comeback!One of the most outstanding details of this project is that these cabinets look almost built-in. This is a perk you get when you go for a something custom like this. Our Wine Sentinel is actually our line of custom refrigerated wine cabinets specifically built to fit your desired space. It’s a reality that not everyone is ready for a full-blown wine cellar in their homes. Some don’t have enough space for it. Others don’t have the budget to overhaul or build an entire room to properly store and display their wine. Still, there are also those who don’t have the time to facilitate a major construction project. So we provided other options for our clients because that’s what we’re here for!

Customize your Wine SentinelThese refrigerated wine cabinets are fully customizable for your bottle storage needs. We can build one to accommodate not just standard-sized bottles, but magnums and other larger-format ones as well. As you can see in this project, we installed Individual Bottle Columns and Open Diamond Bins. But you can also go with our wine rack kits such as Vintner or Designer for a more affordable alternative. For compact spaces, our WineMaker Series is the perfect solution. You can also choose to go with metal racking units or a mix of metal and wood materials. If a contemporary vibe is desired, we recommend an acrylic and metal racking combo.

Customize your wood and doors for your wine cabinetsThe wine racks are not the only thing you can customize with these wine cabinets. You have the ability to select the wood, stains and finishes as well.    You can choose to go for painted versions of the Wine Sentinel doors as well. Then there’s the cabinet doors. We offer these gorgeous French doors that are equipped with proper insulation values and weather-stripping. You can also have tinted windows order to minimize light exposure to protect your bottles. Another option is mesh door panels. You can usually find them on our wine lockers. They are both functional and elegant since your collection is kept safe while allowing the bottles to “breathe”. The metal lattice design helps with open air circulation for the wine bottles. *Cheers*


Clients Praise No-Fuss Installation Of WCI Wine Racks

January 7th, 2021

The market for wine cellar design and construction has certainly grown so much over the years. Even with the pandemic shaking up the entire globe last year didn’t diminish wine cellar goals for a lot of wine lovers. In fact, staying at home only increased the need for creating that “happy place”. In a wine lover’s vocabulary, we call that a “wine cellar”! Thankfully, WCI provides all that one needs for a no-fuss wine storage. Our client Kristina shares her WCI experience, along with these gorgeous photos of their completed cellar:

Clients loved the no-fuss installation of their racks!The clients chose to go with a combination of wood and metal racking units for their wine collection. They installed the racks themselves and didn’t run into any hiccups in the process. That goes to show how convenient installation and assembly of WCI racking products are. This is especially the case with our wine rack kits. The kits, such as super popular Vintner and WineMaker series, were designed to be easily assembled even no DIY experience. Naturally, you should utilize the right tools for the job. Our design professionals highly recommend using a brad nailer or nail gun. This will make the assembly process proceed in a smooth and timely manner. You will also avoid running into the frustrating problem of accidentally breaking your wood wine racks. This usually happens when you use a hammer and nails or screws and you are not experienced enough.

Mix of wood and metal rackingLook at the seamless arrangement of the Individual Bottle Columns and Open Diamond Bins. Again, take note that these were all DIY on the part of our clients. The same goes for the metal racking units. Metal wine racks are incredibly easy to install since they are usually wall-mounted. Most of our metal racking products can be installed on any surface, such the Revue and Ultra Series. If too sure of the product descriptions, our professional consultants are just a phone call or email away. It’s definitely a no-fuss wine cellar construction experience with us here at WCI!

No-fuss assembly but DIY all the way! “The racks are just what we wanted, my husband was able to install them without any issues and we love the mixture of wood and metal racks! Fabian was amazing to work with and we have recommended your company to our friends and family who are in the market for racking.”

~Kristina A.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Recycling Your Holiday “Leftovers”

January 6th, 2021

What’s the one thing that’s constant after the holiday festivities are over? If you are thinking “leftovers,” then you are absolutely correct. Whether it’s edible or not, there will always be leftovers at the start of the New Year. Our tendency is to just either throw them out or shove them into some dark corner. Well, that should definitely change! Here are some great ideas on recycling your holiday leftovers:

Recycle your holiday leftovers!

What to do with leftover food

Obviously, food will be the very first on the leftovers list. The initial step is to sort stuff out. Those that will easily go bad should be the first to be “recycled.” These include fruits and veggies. Making a salad with them is the best option. For fruits and/or veggies that are quite mushy, whip those up into a healthy smoothie. You can also use them as ingredients for dip (like guacamole) or coulis. For food that won’t easily go bad, separate them in ziplocks and put in the freezer. Some good examples are turkey, pork and chicken. You can use these to make stew or soup.

What to do with your “plastics”

For the non-edible items, plastics seem to be one of the things we always have plenty of after the festivities. From cups to plates, utensils, and containers, plastic items really reign supreme. Unfortunately, they’re also the least eco-friendly. Everyone should already be aware that these non-biodegradable items should be disposed of properly. But before doing so, go over your plastic items first. There might be some that cannot be recycled. One example is plastic wrap. It is usually not recyclable curbside. Another would be small plastic items. Those that are approximately 3 inches or smaller can cause problems for recycling equipment. They have to be disposed as trash. Lastly, some plastics, especially sturdy food containers, can still be reused after they are cleaned.

What to do with leftover paper

Paper is another item that we find ourselves having an excess of after the holidays. More often than not, we just shove paper into trash bags and that’s that. This year, we can afford to be a bit smarter and put some leftover paper to good use. Wrapping paper, for example, can be easily tucked away and reused. They can also make for excellent DIY materials. This website DIY Joy has lots of unique craft ideas you can try out.

Do you have other ideas for recycling holiday leftovers? Share them with us!

Technical Tuesday Episode #506: Curvy And Spacious Wine Storage

January 5th, 2021

Welcome the Year of the Ox! What a ride it has been for the past year and we’re not quite out of the woods yet. But the pandemic has really taught us the values of patience, cooperation, and perseverance. All these define the Ox – a strong, dependable animal, synonymous with hard work. Strength and diligence are our weapons for 2021 – and a glass of wine or two! Our first Tech Tuesday of the year is definitely getting us ready for some wine o’clock. Let’s explore the details of this curvy and spacious wine storage:

Project # 311598
Wood: Custom / Vintner / DKS / Grand Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 373
Where: Galloway, OH
Stain: Light

Loving this curvy and spacious wine storage!The compact wine cellar trend continues into the New Year. This project that our design team completed has a bottle capacity of only nearly 400 bottles. Now that may not seem like much, but for a small, personal collection, that’s actually a generous amount of space. In fact, the way this racking arrangement was laid out fits the clients’ bottle storage needs perfectly. You can see from the photos    that the floor area is indeed a bit narrow. The room is irregularly shaped to boot. But thanks to a winning combo of custom racking and our wine rack kits, the space was cleverly maximized. The Vintner and Designer kits were chosen for this project, along with choice custom units:

Seamless transition in racking stylesThese close-up photos have nicely captured the seamless flow of the racking arrangement. Kudos to the curved corner racks for taming those uneven angles in the room. Note as well the use of  the crown and base moldings and center seam trim. We highly recommend these accents to help remove awkward gaps in your racking arrangement. It’s especially useful when you’re working with irregular floor areas and different racking styles.

Lots of room for bulk bottlesNow in the last photo above, you can see there’s lots of shelving as well. These will accommodate bulk bottles quite nicely. Also, this wine cellar has some pretty cool bells and whistles for such a small space. Scroll up to the first photo and you can see it actually has generous tasting center. In this last photo, you can also see a corner shelving unit cleverly capping off the racking layout. So how does this this curvy and spacious project rate with you guys? Share your thoughts with us! *Cheers*


Happy New Year From Wine Cellar Innovations!

December 31st, 2020

Another year has come and gone, but perhaps 2020 might just be the most unforgettable one yet. The world was really thrown off-balance with the global pandemic. But if anything, this seemingly insurmountable challenge just proved that people can rose above any situation when we all work together. Yes, the losses have been very devastating. We will never downplay that. Nonetheless, the stories of bravery, generosity, and perseverance have given us so much strength and hope to make it through.

Now a New Year is upon us and we emerge from all these a little bit wiser and most importantly, a little bit kinder. We at Wine Cellar Innovations give one last salute of deepest gratitude to the modern-day heroes: from health professionals, essential workers, and volunteers who fought every day for all of us. 2021 will still be fraught with more challenges, but love and kindness will see us through. We are excited to bring happiness to fellow wine lovers with the delivery of professional and safe wine cellar services in 2021. In our own small way, we want to give you a reason to smile and say, “Life is still beautiful!” 

Happy New Year from all of us!

Happy New Year!