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Client Praises Easy Product Assembly & WCI Responsiveness

January 16th, 2020

The combination of quality products and excellent customer service is not easy to achieve. That’s probably the foremost goal of most businesses. Without a doubt, that’s also our goal here at WCI. We work tirelessly to improve our wine cellar products to accommodate any and all bottle storage needs. But in addition, we also do our very best to ensure the responsiveness of our customer service. Our client Curtis reaffirms us that we are certainly fulfilling these goals. He sent us this wonderful photo of himself proudly showcasing his completed wine cellar:

Proud client showcases his wine cellar
Curtis purchased racking units from our Vintner Series. The racks were delivered to his home in record time. Per his testimonial, he was able to receive the contents in satisfactory condition. Some minor items were missing but these were also quickly provided to him by our team. Essentially, the client’s experience with WCI’s services can be summed up as a great one. That is something that we are truly grateful for.

Now let’s move on to the actual racking products utilized in our client’s wine cellar project. As earlier mentioned, he sent for wine racks from our Vintner Series kits. He went through the assembly and installation process quite smoothly. Vintner is our most popular wine rack kit, with excellent ratings. It scores a solid four out of five stars when it comes to product assembly. A lot of clients choose Vintner for its flexible configurations, extensive style selection, and reasonable price point. That’s why it’s considered as the “next best thing to custom wine racks.”

The ability to customize several elements of Vintner racking units is indeed a remarkable feature of the kits. You can select different height configurations in order to match your cellar’s ceiling height. You can also choose from a range of wood, stain and finish options. In client’s case, he went for Premium Redwood for the wood option and a beautiful Graywash Stain. Graywash is one of our newest stain offerings and can give your racks a bit of that modern feel. Curtis’ wine cellar boasts of a 773 bottle storage capacity and we can see how he’s really loving it. ^_^

“Everything is working great. the shipping worked out ok, and while the boxes were sometimes beat up, the contents were intact. Assembly was pretty easy too. Your responsiveness in resending the correct material quickly when I had some problems was great. That was very helpful.”

~ Curtis W. ~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Various Types Of Bottle Storage

January 15th, 2020

How do you like to store your wine bottles? Are you content with just a practical racking arrangement? Or do you prefer something with a little more pizzaz? Bottle storage can be both practical and fun. Let’s explore the ways which you can spice up your wine cellar with various types of storage styles. Our client sent some beautiful photos of their completed assembly and we’re going to use these as examples:

Various types of bottle storage
Wall-mount bottle storage

First up is what we consider as the most practical type of bottle storage: the wall-mount system. WCI carries several racking products that incorporate this style. One of the most popular ones is the Vintage View Series. Another one is the WineZone Wine Shelf system. WineZone is our super flexible racking system that provides not just standard bottle storage but can also accommodate other items. By configuring the wood shelf option, you can also display liquors, glasses, cases, decanters, accessories, and more. WCI also recently launched newer products that can add fancier touches to the standard wall-mount style. These are the Ultra Wine Rack Series, Revue Series, and STACT Series.

Using cubes and shelves

Storing bottles in bulk can be a bit tricky. Some prefer to do it in the most convenient manner without much regard the design. But just because it’s in bulk, doesn’t mean you can’t add some character to the racking arrangement. Using cubes and shelves is one way to give your bulk storage that sought-after glow-up. Try WCI’s Curvy Cubes or the bevy of choices available with our Vintner Series. Vintner has Diamonds and Cases that can accommodate generous number of wine bottles in a stylish fashion.

Wall-mount racking system
Explore unconventional racking

There are still a bunch of other ways to store your wine bottles. These are a bit unconventional but surprisingly practical as well. We love these racking choices because they can add character to even the most basic wine cellar layout. Most of these can be found with our versatile Vintner Series. Our top favorites include the Individual Concave Wine Racks and picks from the Vintner Elite Cabinetry collection:

  • Pull-Out Wine Bottle Cradle
  • Rotating Wine Cradle
  • Diagonal Bin
  • Cable Racking System

Technical Tuesday Episode #457: Commercial Wine Racks Collection

January 14th, 2020

We’ve got something up our sleeve today for all the commercial wine cellar proprietors out there! Today’s Tech Tuesday episode features a collection of WCI’s commercial racking units. Our team designed this racking arrangement for a client in Birmingham, AL and it certainly delivered. This wine room can host just a little under 1500 bottles in a really space-efficient layout:

Project # 319183
Wood: CDR / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1464
Where: Birmingham, AL

Collection of Island DisplaysFirst up we have snaps of these beautiful Wine Island Display with Countertop. The counter is 8″ deep and can be used to market related items and accessories for more impulse buys. This makes it perfect for displaying popular or new wine merchandise. Plus, there’s tons of bottle storage since the standard Island Display can accommodate about 240 bottles. Wine stores with large volume sales will definitely appreciate having this commercial racking unit. In client’s case, they ordered the island in All-Heart Redwood with an elegant Dark Walnut stain option.

Collection of Wine Display BinsNext we have these Wine Display Bins which come in several height configurations. Like most of WCI’s commercial racking products, these display bins are stackable. They are generally sold in combinations of 2 or 3 columns and can be stacked side by side in 4, 5, or 6 column widths. However, you can also customize them further to suit your wine store’s specific bottle storage needs. These display bins were carefully designed to merchandise high volume wines. We are confident that the resulting sales will make this racking style stand out as one of the highest producing wine racks in your store. Note that the display trays hold up to two over sized wine bottles. Showcase your newest wine merchandise in this manner and watch your sales skyrocket!

 Now here’s one really great feature about all of our commercial racking products: they are actually categorized into two: the Classic line and the Vintner line. The Classic Commercial Series features racking units that are hand-built to order. That means they have a longer lead time due to the more customized details. Naturally, they also sport a higher price tag. The Vintner Commercial Series, on the other hand, is our “kits” version for our commercial racking catalog. The collection boasts of state of the art production with versatile 3 ft and 4 ft wine racks. You can easily stack, mix and match the units for your store’s storage needs. And of course, since this is Vintner, quality comes at a friendlier price point! *Cheers*

All-Heart Redwood x Dark Walnut Stain

Design Options For Your Custom Wine Cellar Ceilings

January 13th, 2020

Happy Monday greetings, wine cellar buddies! Let’s talk about one of the more overlooked sections of a wine cellar project: the ceilings. More often than not, wine cellars tend to sport plain or standard ceiling designs. There is nothing wrong with this at all. In fact, if you have so much going on in your wine cellar, style-wise, it’s good to tone down on other areas. But you should also keep in mind that ceilings can bring great aesthetic impact to your wine cellar project. It’s just a matter of choosing the most suitable style. So let’s go over some design options that can take things to the next level:

Raised Panel Ceilings

The Raised Panel Ceiling

This is probably the simplest ceiling design you can have for your wine cellar. The straightforward and clean style is perfect with any wine cellar theme. It is pretty popular since it can really open up a wine room to give it a more spacious and airy feel. We love how the square or rectangular panels bring an understated elegance to the wine cellar. In addition, the curved raised panels can also be customized, such as where the wine racking arrangement incorporates curved corner racks. Want to add a bit of drama to your panelled ceiling? Try using wood case ends to create a decorative and unique soffit!

Raised Panel with No Soffit

The Raised Panel With No Soffit

Now let’s check out another version of the Raised Panel Ceilings – the Raised Panel with No Soffit. If you want to give your ceilings a certain edgy appearance, this is the design option to go for. As you can see from the image, the panels are more defined. They also showcase a lot more depth. You’ll also find that this type of ceiling works well with recessed lighting elements. We like how it adds great character to a wine cellar project while maintaining that clean and classy look.

Wine cellar ceilings with Light Boxes

Raised Panel with Light Boxes

Need something fancier for your wine cellar ceilings? Try out the Raised Panel with Light Boxes design. It is a beautiful and dramatic touch, while still properly illuminating your wine cellar. We recommend using this style for for bigger wine cellar projects with higher ceiling heights. The boxes will likely overwhelm smaller wine rooms. Here’s a fun style tip: try out the Coffered Ceiling in combination with the Light Boxes. ^_^


Client Gives Seal Of Approval To WCI Design Services

January 9th, 2020

One of our biggest motivators is definitely the seal of approval we get from our clients. And getting that at the very start of the New Year is indeed a terrific bonus! Our design team recently completed a project with our client Joshua. He looked us up, got in touch with our team, and had his wine cellar design all ready to go without a hitch. We’re now sharing the final results of this project and it is absolutely satisfying:

Client gives seal of approval to WCI servicesThe client purchased several products from our WCI for his wine room. This included not just the wine racks, but also a wine cellar cooling unit. But the more important part of the entire process was the communications between the client and our design team to ensure that things will fit and go where they’re supposed to. The years of solid experience of our design professionals certainly made an impact with the client. Everything went smoothly and the third-party installation of WCI racking products was accomplished in record time.

For those of you who are newbies to the WCI experience, this is a great opportunity to check our exactly what we have to offer. Essentially, we provide any and all types of wine cellar design and installation services, along with our very extensive catalogue of wine storage products. As far as the design phase is concerned, we provide complimentary initial design services. The client simply has to fill out the standard Design Request Form on our website. The complete package includes the following:

  • Unlimited fax, phone, or e-mail consultation.
  • An initial design + 3 revisions (if required).
  • Quotation on all “Custom Cellar Products”
  • Wine Cellar Construction Manual & Wine Cellar Innovations Master Catalog (upon request).
  • Separate quote including cost for personalized optional cellar amenities.

Note that the initial 2D design for your custom wine cellar project is completely free of charge! If you choose to move forward with it and have your own installers, like what our client Joshua did, that’s an option you can definitely have. But if you need us to do the assembly and installation work, our team of factory certified installers will be at your beck and call. Our approval rating for installations is reflected on our plethora of Tech Tuesday projects. ^_^

“Everything is great with the cellar – good back and forth with the designer, no issues with the racks and cooling unit. We had our guys do the installation and it all went well!”

~Joshua C.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: What Style Is Your Vibe?

January 8th, 2020

What are your wine cellar goals for 2020? You know   how that famous line goes: “Go big or go home.” Well, that doesn’t mean you have to take it literally. After all, not everyone is ready to take on a formal wine cellar project. Some might not have the space for it, while others might not have the budget. But if you can’t go big with size, you can definitely make up for that in other aspects – like the design. So which wine cellar style is your vibe? Let’s explore some options to find out!

The traditional taste…

You definitely can’t go wrong when you stick to a traditional design with your wine cellar project. And by this, we mean those classic silhouettes, from the racking assembly down to the wine cellar accessories. Traditional wine cellars are usually decked out with wood wine racking units and either stained or lacquered, or both. Classic Mahogany and    Dark Walnut Stain are two of the most popular choices for the traditional design. Another common style would be the presence of some decorative wood trim, tile or Vintage Wine Barrel flooring, and Raised Panel or Coffered ceilings.

The rustic charm…

There are also those who are big fans of the rustic architectural appearance. That’s actually one of the reasons why Rustic Pine has consistently remained in WCI’s top four wood options for custom wine cellars. The emphasis of this style is mostly on the natural beauty of the materials used in the wine cellar project. So more often than not, you’ll find that the wine racks will be unstained. This allows the natural hues and grain patterns of the wood to really shine. Nature-inspired textures and simple, earthy tones also characterize this look. That’s why cork or wood is usually the material of choice for the flooring. Lighting elements and other accessories also tend to be more subdued.

The contemporary feel…

As far as wine cellar design trends go, the contemporary vibe is arguably the most sought-after in the recent years. This style is best characterized with the presence of metal racking units. Some wine cellars go full-on metal racking, while others prefer a mix of metal and wood wine racking elements. The overall layout is usually minimalistic but sleek. Glass is also usually incorporated into the design layout, accentuated by other materials. One good example would be glass x black metal trim combo on the doors or entryways. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #456: Vintage View Takes Center Stage

January 7th, 2020

First Tech Tuesday of the year and we’re kicking it off with some contemporary goodness. This Tech Tuesday is right up our alley. It’s space-efficient with a simple yet sleek design. Plus, it highlights one of our most popular metal wine racks: the Vintage View Series. It takes center stage today with this storage unit designed for a client from Covington, KY:

Project # 318600
Wood: Vintage View / Grand Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 576
Where: Covington, KY

Stain: Unstained

Vintage View takes center stage!The last few years has shown a remarkable shift towards the modern wine cellar style. Our design professionals have customized a good number of Tech Tuesday projects with a contemporary flavor. These were not limited to residential wine cellar applications, but also to commercial ones. The growth of WCI’s metal racking products is certainly proof of that. We have introduced several new metal wine racking series, such as the Revue and Ultra Metal Wine Racks. But the oldies but goodies are still as popular as ever, especially our WineZone Wine Shelves and, of course, the Vintage View Series.

Vintage View has really paved the way for metal racking to become a staple in wine cellar projects. As you can see from these photos, it is just so convenient to fit the racks even in narrow spaces. That’s because the units are designed to be wall mounted. This allows one to utilize empty wall spaces without crowding the floor area. So even if you don’t have the room to accommodate a formal wine cellar, you can still create beautiful storage for your wine bottles.

Versatile wall-mount unitsOne of the most outstanding features of Vintage View is versatility. You can actually assemble the racks two ways: wall-mounted or floor to ceiling when a Floor to Ceiling Frame is purchased (available separately). Note, that these metal wine racks are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. But, it will also hold split-sized bottles when mounted 5.5 inches apart. The Vintage View units are available in three different finishes: Satin Black, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome Plated. You can also get them in single deep, double deep, and triple deep storage options. With this Tech Tuesday project’s bottle capacity of 576 bottles, Vintage View really deserves the center stage. *Cheers*



Bottle Storage Made Easy With Wine Tasting Centers

January 6th, 2020

Welcome, 2020! Let’s start this year with some truly positive energy. And we’re going to do just that by introducing some convenient wine bottle storage solutions for your wine cellar fans. We’ll be checking out WCI’s catalog of wine tasing centers!

Wine tasting centers for easy bottle storageA wine tasting center is one of the most space-efficient storage solutions you can have in your wine cellar. In fact, it can offer you the storage you need sans a formal wine room. Not everyone has enough space in their homes for a proper wine cellar. But there are still ways to provide adequate bottle storage for those wine bottles. A wine tasting center is definitely one of our most highly recommended alternatives. You can have it built anywhere in your home, even in your living space or vacant bedrooms.

Here at WCI, we offer custom wine tasting stations that can be tailor-made to your storage and style preferences. But for those with a limited budget, don’t despair! We also have affordable options available with our wine rack kits. Yes, you read that right! Our wine rack kits also carry these quality-crafted wine tasting centers. One of them is, of course, our super versatile Vintner Series. The tasting centers come in a variety of height, wood, stain and finish options. That means you can also customize them to suit the design of your home and existing furniture.

Bottle storage made easy!With the Vintner wine rack kits, you also get “insert options” for your wine tasting center. This includes a choice between Racking with Glass Rack and Table Insert and Racking with Archway and Table Insert. You’ll also be pleasantly surprised at the healthy selection of bottle storage configurations that come with the tasting centers. Some examples include Case Storage, Open Diamond Bins, Top Stack Displays, and Display Rows.

Now if you’re looking for even more affordable options, check out our WineMaker Series as well. WineMaker is known for its shallow-depth racking units and that includes the wine tasting centers as well. You pretty much get the same selections as Vintner, except that the racks are configured with narrow depths. This doesn’t affect the quality of the racks or security of the bottles at all. But it does offer a friendlier price point that you will definitely love. ^_^




Clients Celebrated The Holidays With Their Custom Wine Cellar

January 2nd, 2020

It’s indeed a very happy holidays for Joseph and Peggy as their 2019 really ended with a bang. They celebrated the completion of their stunning wine room, with all the custom details. This is our very first Testimonial Thursday for the New Year we just love everything about it:

Our clients had sufficient space for a formal wine room which is nothing short of fantastic. The task at hand was to make sure that the generous amount of space will be maximized. Apart from ample bottle storage, the clients also wanted to have space for some wine cellar furniture. Thankfully, WCI’s custom wine racking units had everything covered.Here you can see snaps of the wine room outfitted with various wood wine racking units. WCI’s racking styles are quite extensive. This enables to provide for simple storage needs all the way up to the extravagant designs that are limited only by imagination. For this Testimonial Thursday, you get to see a pretty good range of designs that were utilized. There’s tons of  individual wine bottle storage and corner wine racks that add flair to the racking arrangement:

 The next few photos below show some great shots of custom vertical displays for larger format bottles. Some of our wine rack kits like the Vintner Series also carry these displays at a more affordable price point. But if you have a specific layout and bottle storage capacity in mind, custom is the way to go.

So here you can see that there is indeed room for other pieces of wine cellar furniture. The clients were able to fit a table and some chairs, as well as some wine cellar decor. Instead of just a standard wine cellar, the room can even be used to host small, intimate wine tasting gatherings.

Despite the variety in racking styles, you can see how the racking assembly flows so seamlessly around the room. This is one of the trademarks of a fully customized wine cellar. The addition of custom crown and base moldings and center seam trim help remove any awkward gaps. The result is a smooth transition between different racking styles, as well as between the floors and ceilings. ^_^

Joseph and Peggy certainly celebrated their holidays in style and we couldn’t be happier to have been a part of it!

We’ve just completed our wine room to our satisfaction. Have a happy holiday season!”

~Joseph Lux & Peggy F.~

Round-Up Our Favorite Tech Tuesdays Of 2019

December 31st, 2019

First on the round-up is this wonderful Tech Tuesday Episode #415 featuring the Batesville Liquor Co. This is a shopping and retail store in Batesville, Indiana. The Circular Merchandiser, in particular, is a real eye-catcher. This rack offers up high wine storage capacity in a compact format. This project showcases the wide range of options for our commercial racking line, particularly the Vintner Commercial Racking series.

Commercial wine racks

Next up is from Tech Tuesday Episode #419. This lovely project is a great example of how unlikely places in your home can be transformed into the perfect wine storage. This stunning wine room was built right under the stairwell of the client’s home. Our WineMaker Series was definitely the star of the show on this project. The WineMaker Series is WCI’s most popular “kit” that offers shallow-depth racking.

WineMaker Series in under stairwell transformation

Then we have this gorgeous project for our Tech Tuesday Episode #426! Our Vintner Series happily makes its debut in this project designed for an Alaskan client. This is a generously sized wine room that needed to be maximized for the client’s collection. For the racking arrangement, they made sure that there is enough space for both individual and bulk bottle storage. This was conveniently achieved, thanks to the variety of racking styles available:

Wine cellar project in Alaska
Technical Tuesday Episode #442 is definitely on our 2019 round-up list. Wine Sentinel steals the spotlight with this row of very attractive wine cabinets for our client in Indian River Shores, FL. Wine Sentinel is actually our line of custom built-in refrigerated wine cabinets. This project also features a stunning Graywash stain option on the cabinets. Our Graywash stain has been carefully tested over several months to achieve this gorgeous effect that combines traditional and modern vibes:Wine Sentinel cabinets in luscious Graywash stain

Our client, The Four Corks, in Fort Smith, AR, brought in the beautiful Fall flavors with our Tech Tuesday Episode #:445. This wine cellar is a mix of custom racking units and metal racks from our Vintage View Series. The entire assembly can host a very impressive capacity of just under 4000 bottles. It is indeed a huge wine storage, capable of accommodating existing as well as future merchandise:

The Four Corks wine cellar

Last but definitely not the last on the round-up is Tech Tuesday Episode #449. It’s another custom project featuring a special type of wood option: Black Walnut. And while black might be a Halloween hue, it spells nothing but “elegance” with this Tech Tuesday featuring these racking beauties:

Unstained Black Walnut racks

And there you have it, wine cellar fans! Did your favorite make the cut? Well, rest assured that the New Year will usher in even more inspiring wine cellar design concepts. 2019 was a blast, thanks to you guys, so we hope you’ll stick around in 2020, too. Happy New Year! *Cheers*

Wine Lockers Galore At The Lakeside County Club

December 26th, 2019

If you are thinking of whether or not to invest in a wine locker, we highly recommend checking out today’s Testimonial Thursday. Our client, the Lakeside County Club in Houston, TX has just sent us the most amazing snaps of their completed wine cellar. We believe the visuals alone are enough to convince a certified wino to buy these wine lockers. But the details will seal the deal for sure! Check out the wine lockers galore on Lakeside’s clubhouse:

Lakeside Country Club’s wine lockersAs you can see, the country club didn’t cut any corners with this project. The club wanted to provide adequate bottle storage for their members. As a brief background, the Lakeside Country Club was actually founded in 1951 as a Private Country Club. It currently has approximately 1000 members. The amenities are quite outstanding, from golf courses down to tennis courts, and swimming pools. And of course, there’s the main clubhouse that encompasses a massive 68,000 square feet of space.

In addition to these amenities, the club also sought to provide its members with quality bottle storage. The club purchased wine lockers galore from WCI and put together this massive wine room for its members. These units come highly recommended for their functionality. The locker will keep your wine bottles super safe from injuries and other untoward incidents. The units come in several levels, starting with the one-level lockers. Moreover, each unit has a lock that can be keyed in numerous configurations, or just by a single key. You can purchase several lockers, stack them on top of each other, and even place them side-by-side in columns. You can see from these photos that this is exactly what the client did. The units were arranged in a cohesive manner for a very functional and seamless layout.
Gorgeous and seamless racking arrangementAs you can also glean from these images, these wine lockers are tasteful and really attractive. The metal lattice provides for open air circulation so the wine bottles can breathe and achieve their peak taste. However, you also have the option to choose a different door panel, like a glass or flat pane. That’s not all! These lockers also come in several wood, stain and finish options for you to mix and match. We love the dark-colored hues Lakeside picked out for theirs!  ^_^

Holiday Greetings From Our Wine Cellar To Yours!

December 24th, 2019

Merry Christmas everyone tis the season to be jolly
Ice bucket filled ready for the bubbly and decorated with a sprig of holly
Santa Claus is on his way, leave him out a glass of beer
Time for a toast, lets spread the festive cheer
Lend a hand to stuff the turkey its all hands on deck
Elegant ear-rings for a loved one and a scarf around her neck
Treat your loved one to a nice romantic date
Open your arms for a great big hug from your special soul mate
Everybody relax and chill, I love Christmas its just so brill
All around the town, festive lights burn bright
Noses red as Rudolph on this cold and frosty night
Drink a toast and savour a warm glass of mulled wine
Welcoming and refreshing I’m feeling absolutely fine
Icicles reach down as it continues to get colder
Now its time to dodge the snowballs, the yobs are getting bolder
Eat drink and be merry, pour your mum a glass of sherry

by Richard Sockett

Warmest holiday greetings to all of our wine cellar buddies! May the blessings of the season envelope your homes – and your wine cellars, too. Merry, Merry Christmas! ^_^

All You Need To Know About The Wine Sentinel

December 19th, 2019

How do you wine cellar fans feel about refrigerated wine cabinets? Is it a worthwhile investment? Do you think it would meet your wine storage needs? If you are unsure as to the functionality and cost-efficiency of these cabinets, then today’s blog will help clear up those doubts. We’ll be talking in-depth about the Wine Sentinel, thanks to this gorgeous project we recently completed for a client:

Details on the Wine Sentinel

Our Wine Sentinel has been around for a while now. But we have introduced a lot of upgrades recently to accommodate our clients’ ever evolving wine storage. The new and improved line of these custom built-in refrigerated wine cabinets allows us to fill a void that has been in the wine storage industry for years. Now clients have more extensive customization options available to them at an affordable price point. First up is the height and width of the unit. The Wine Sentinel can be tailored to fit any desired space. As you can see from these photos, our clients’ wine cabinet looks like it’s completely built-in.

Essentially, lack of space will not be an issue anymore.  If you do not have the room for a formal wine cellar, you can still create that ideal storage for your collection. Best of all, you can do it in style! Check out the snaps below. The inside racking can be configured to suit storage needs and style of the client. There are multiple wood, stain and finish options to choose from so your racks will work well with the exterior of your cabinet.

Fully customizable refrigerated wine cabinetsBut the customization doesn’t stop there. You also get these other awesome upgrades to turn your refrigerated wine cabinet into a showstopper:

  • French Door Options
  • Wood or Full Glass Doors
  • Moldings Available
  • Raised Panel Cabinetry Sides Available
  • Single or Full depth options
  • Door Handle Selection

And since the cooling unit is also part of the package, you don’t need to worry about that ruining the aesthetic of your wine cabinet. Wine Sentinel also offers the option to have the cooling unit hidden from sight. We can even camouflage it with the use of Wood Grille Covers or other similar accessories. Still need more details on the Wine Sentinel? Our experienced consultants are just a phone call or an e-mail away – so get in touch with us now. ^_^

Stunning entryways and inside racking

Technical Tuesday Episode #455: Subtle Hues With Graywash Stain

December 17th, 2019

We are down to the final Tech Tuesday of the year, wine cellar buddies! It has been such a productive year with so much variety in custom wine cellar designs. Needless to say, we are so hyped for what’s to come in the New Year. But before that, we still have this one last awesome project to share with you guys. It’s another custom creation using one of our newer stain offering – the gorgeous Graywash Stain:

Project # 319205
Wood: Custom / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity:
Where: Atlanta, GA

Subtle hues with Graywash Stain Custom Quarter Round Shelves

The subtle hues on the racking arrangement is our most favorite feature on this wine cellar. The wine racks were all crafted from Rustic Pine which is a naturally light colored wood. Rustic Pine is best characterized by its soft,  creamy color. This is combined with subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. This gives the wood that unique, architectural appearance. While the wood is already beautiful in its unstained state, it is equally stunning with various stains and finishes. Rustic Pine is particularly suited for weather finishes. This is where we strip down the intergrain matter to approximate the appearance of wood that has been aged outside for decades. Rustic Pine absorbs and retains all types of finishes extremely well. But the grain patterns become more pronounced in the dark stained woods.

Muted tones on racking for a subtle effect

Now with this project, however, the clients wanted something a bit more subtle. They wanted clean and classic lines on their wine racks, but nothing too bold or vibrant. So our design team went for the Rustic Pine x Graywash Stain combo. Graywash Stain is one of our more recent additions to our growing selection of stains and finishes. It became popular quite fast because it is truly attractive. The stain has been carefully tested over several months in order to achieve a look that is both traditional and modern. It is actually a semi-transparent stain, similar to Whitewash. That means that there is no texture that comes through in the wood. The final product is a smooth finish while showing the beauty of the wood beneath it. With a light-colored wood such as Rustic Pine, the softer shades can peek through the stain. The effect is subtle yet definitely eye-catching! *Cheers*


Wood Options To Consider For Custom Wine Cellars

December 16th, 2019

Awesome Monday greetings, wine cellar buddies! Who’s planning on some major wine cellar projects over the Christmas holidays? We’re hope you’re not thinking about using Christmas trees for your wine racks! Jokes aside, today’s blog is actually all about the wood options you can consider for your custom wine cellar. There are plenty to choose from, apart from the top four stock woods: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Grand Mahogany. So we’re going to chat about some of our  recommended choices by highlighting their best features. Let’s get started!

Wood options to consider for your custom wine cellarsFirst up is Black Walnut. Black Walnut is not a common choice for wine cellar projects, but it’s definitely a wood to consider. One of its best features is its beautiful rich color. It is a wood option that is visually and well suited for a custom wine cellar or wine rack application. Even when unstained, the wood has rich chocolate brown tones that slightly vary from a “nutty” to a “dark brown” hue. One of the things we love about Black Walnut is that when left unstained, it will develop a natural sheen over time.

The next wood on our list is Knotty Alder. Knotty Alder is primarily light brown in color. However, the unstained version also varies from a pale yellow to reddish-brown. It is one of those lighter colored woods that adapts extremely well to stains and finishes. But unstained, the wood showcases a variety of different-sized knots. Some pieces will have no knots at all, while others will have more. The knots are not as structurally sound as Rustic Pine’s, but equally exudes a gorgeous, rustic charm. Also, since it accepts stains and finishes so well, it is an exceptional hardwood for custom wine cellars. We suggest adding lacquer to any stain, or to the unstained wood, for a glossy finish.

Unstained, light-colored wine racksLast but certainly not the least, we have the very unique White Oak. In terms of color, this wood is quite special. Unstained, it has light to medium brown hues, enhanced with an olive cast. That’s why can at times see slightly greenish hues pop out. Moreover, the nearly white to light brown sapwood is not always sharply demarcated from the heartwood.  One of White Oak’s most distinguishing features is its straight grain pattern, with a coarse, uneven texture. It is highly durable against rot and produces very satisfactory results with hand and machine tools.

Do you have your own list of alternative wood options to consider for custom wine cellars? Share them with us by leaving a comment below! ^_^

Witness Client’s Wine Racking Glow Up In Light Danish Stain

December 12th, 2019

A good glow up isn’t limited to just the fashion world.  In the world of wine cellar construction, incredible transformations also happen. What’s even more amazing is that some of these transformations are achieved using our products here at WCI. And that’s exactly what we have  in today’s Testimonial Thursday:

Gorgeous wine cellar glow up!We are absolutely loving the golden glam vibe this wine cellar project is giving us. Our client purchased custom racking units off the website and had these installed in his wine cellar. He has a pretty decent collection which was growing at a healthy pace. So he decided on transforming the empty room in his home into a formal wine cellar. There was a good amount of space to work with, so maximizing on bottle storage was a priority. However, the client also wanted his wine cellar to look elegant, as well as eye-catching.

The decision to with custom wine racks was certainly the right one. You can see how the space was efficiently utilized, providing tons of bottle storage. Moreover, there is a good variety of bottle storage options. We love the use of Curved Corner Racks, as well as custom countertops with Open Diamond Bins underneath. Shelving was also incorporated to accommodate even more loose bottles. Notice how the wine racks are not even filled up yet. The client will surely have an enjoyable time growing his collection in this generous space.

Racking glow up thanks to our Light Danish Stain!

But functionality aside, we are also in love with the color scheme chosen for this wine cellar. The golden glow up is magazine-cover worthy. It looks like the Premium Redwood x Light Danish Stain combo was indeed the perfect choice for this project. Light Danish Stain allows for the gold accents that enhance the tones and grains of all wood types. This stain develops best on lighter-colored woods, such as Premium Redwood and Rustic Pine. If you’re a fan of light, clean and neutral shades, this stain option comes highly recommended. Check out more projects using this stain on our photo gallery! ^_^

“Finally finished with the installation. I now need to order a wine cellar door. Also now considering adding a cooling unit.”

~Christian B.~


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Your Holiday Shopping Guide

December 11th, 2019

Are you on the last-minute scramble to find the right gifts for special people on your list? Don’t panic just yet, because we have you covered! We’ve thrown together this holiday shopping guide to help you with those last-minute choices. Keep in mind that presents don’t need to be expensive – but they should be well thought out. Your “giftees” will definitely appreciate the fact that you put your heart into picking the perfect gift for them.

Unique holiday wine baskets!

1. Not-so-ordinary wine baskets

Gift baskets are certainly common holiday gifts. The great thing about a gift basket is that it’s easy to customize it to suit your “giftee.” If you have a wine lover on your list, then we have some great tips to turn that gift basket into something truly special. A from the usual wine bottles, chocolates, and cheese, throw in a WCI gift certificate. That’s right! Wine is a special hobby. What better way to way to bring the happiness of this season to loved ones than with a gift certificate to celebrate their love of wine. We carry these gift certificates in several denominations to suit your budget.

WCI gift certificates

2. Wrap up a wine rack

For your wine loving family or friends, try a little something different this year instead of the usual bottle of wine. Wrap up a wine rack under the tree for them! We’re sure that they will be thrilled, especially if you select from our unique racking catalog. Our wall-mount wine racks come highly recommended. They are easy to install, space-efficient, and reasonably priced. Our top picks include our popular Vintage View metal racks, Vino Pins and Vino Rails, Grain + Rod units, and the colorful STACT series.

3. Pile on the accessories

Who doesn’t love accessories? For wine lovers, WCI also has a slew of wine and wine cellar accessories to enjoy. Wrap up some of these unique items for your loved ones this season. We highly recommend the classy Wine Bottle Tags and Quake Guardian Bottle Leash. If you have a generous budget, splurge on a stunning piece of wine cellar artwork. For the men on your list, also consider our Brad Nail Gun package. You will be pleasantly surprised at how they will absolutely love it! Need more gift ideas? View our full holiday catalog and get that shopping list done in a snap! ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #454: Gorgeous Knotty Alder Racks

December 10th, 2019

Only 14 more days left till Christmas! The holiday spirit is in full swing – and so are the wine parties. And hope your wine cellars are all prepped for those. But if you need more inspiration, then we’re here to give that to you. Our Tech Tuesdays are chock-full of terrific wine storage concepts. Today, were bringing you a beautiful project, with a nice departure from our usual standard wood options. Check these stunning Knotty Alder wine racks:

Project # 277557
Wood: Custom / Knotty Alder
Bottle Capacity: 1458
Where: Atlanta, GA

The design of this wine cellar is so elegant and we love the combination of materials used. The stone-hewn columns framing the racking assemblies give off a really medieval charm. They also accentuate the rich, golden colors of the racking units.

As we earlier mentioned, the racks are made from Knotty Alder. This wood is not one of WCI’s stock-wood options. Meaning, it’s not one of those woods is readily available in the market. One of the reasons for this is the demand for the wood. Unlike Redwood or Rustic Pine, Knotty Alder is not used that often in wine cellar projects. However, we feel like it deserves the spotlight a little more because it definitely has some pretty outstanding features. These wine racks are certainly proof of that!
Now let’s get to know this wood option a little bit more. Knotty Alder in its natural state is primarily light brown in color. But it may also vary from a pale yellow to reddish-brown. While the wood often features a variety of different-sized knots, some pieces will have no knots at all. This type of wood works very well with various stains and finishes. This is one of the features that make it an exceptional hardwood for your custom wine cellar. One of the things we also recommend is adding lacquer to the racks, whether stained or unstained. It will make for a glossy finish that is just super luxe! Another great characteristic of Knotty Alder is the way it can add a rustic feel to any application. This is all thanks to the variations in knots and color in the wood. You can easily see that in this wine cellar. While truly elegant, it also exudes that warm, rustic feel. *Cheers* 

Client’s WCI Wine Racks Are Magazine Worthy!

December 5th, 2019

Well, here’s an early Christmas present both for our client Dwight and us here at WCI as well! Dwight’s wine racks were featured in Lancaster County Magazine and he’s shared some terrific shots with us:

Client’s wine cellar is featured in Lancaster County Magazine!Our client has quite the collection and dreamt of showcasing it to the fullest. He purchased some racking units from our website, enjoying the variety of styles that he got to choose from. As you can see from these great snaps of the completed racking assembly, it is really quite versatile. We especially love the Open Diamond Cube wall and the Wine Bottle Waterfall. There is also a custom countertop and shelves to accommodate bulk bottle storage underneath. The varying styles make for a nice contrast of shapes and lines. You will notice that the overall design is not messy or overwhelming. In fact, there is a good sense of balance and symmetry despite the contrasting racking styles. The uniformity in the colors of the chosen stain option is partly responsible for this. The other contributing would be the choice of wine cellar accessories. Basically, everything was done in good taste!

Mix of wood and metal wine racksBut there is still one more surprise with this wine cellar project. It also has some of these beautiful wall-mounted metal wine racks. Every space in the compact room was utilized cleverly. The metal racks allow for a label-forward storage that display the client’s collection to maximum advantage. It also makes for easy organization. We love seeing bottles of different sizes being showcased in the wine cellar. They certainly are the center of attention – which is exactly the purpose of a wine cellar. The unique details of Dwight’s wine cellar rightfully earned him a spot in the magazine. And we’re just darned proud that we are a part of his big moment! It is fantastic knowing that our products really do bring about the desired results – that is, 100% client satisfaction. ^_

“My wine racks were featured in Lancaster County Magazine!
~Dwight G.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Tips In Outfitting Small Spaces

December 4th, 2019

One of the things we like about small spaces is that you can get really creative with them. Some of our most unique projects are transformations of smaller spaces. It’s pretty amazing what ingenuity can yield and we’d love to share some of those concepts with you.
Trim those corners with curved corner racks!1. Trim those corners

When working with compact wine cellar projects, one of the things you need to consider are the angles and corners. They might seem like wasted space, but with the right racking units, you can properly maximize them. We recommend outfitting your cellar with Curved Corner Racks or 90 Degree Angled Racks to achieve this. You can go with either custom units or select from our wine rack kits, such as Vintner, which carries these curved corner racking options.

2. Try some shallow-depth racking

Do not be afraid to venture into different racking styles when outfitting a compact wine storage space. You do not need to stick to standard-sized racks all the time. Other styles may prove more space-efficient, such as shallow-depth wine racks. These are racks manufactured with shorter depth compared to standard units. When bottles are stored on these racks, you’ll notice that the necks will slightly stick out. That actually makes for a really attractive display as well. WCI carries this style of racking with our WineMaker Series and Traditional Series wine rack kits. You will be surprised at the bottle storage capacity these shorter depth racks can offer.
Outfitting small wine cellar spaces3. Small wine racks can do wonders

Another type of racking that will can work wonders on compact spaces is the “small wine rack.” Here at WCI, we actually have several options, such as our Mini Stacks, Curvy Cubes, and our Wall Mount Wine Racks. The last option is easily the most popular. Wall mount units can come in either wood or metal materials. Recently, our metal wine racking products, particularly the wall-mount ones, have really grown in popularity. Vintage View is, of course, one of our oldest and highly recommended products. But we also introduced some recent additions that are both space-efficient and super attractive. The Revue and Ultra Wine Racks collections are some of them. These wall-mount units are easy to install and you’ll have tons of fun creating eye-catching arrangements with them. ^_^

Shallow depth racks allow for more bottle storage

Technical Tuesday Episode #453: Simplicity Is Beauty With Unstained Premium Redwood

December 3rd, 2019

Ho, ho, ho, wine cellar buddies! The month of holiday cheer is finally here. We’re going to kick it off with some Tech Tuesday fun, courtesy of this project using custom racking pieces and our Vintner Series wine racks kit:

Project # 314608
Wood: Custom / Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 709
Where: Cincinnati, OH

Simplicity is beauty with unstained Premium RedwoodWith wine cellars, it doesn’t always have to be intricately designed to be beautiful. As the saying goes, “Simplicity is beauty.” A clean and functional design also carries with it a certain charm. In fact, there are more than just a few clients here at WCI who prefer an understated style to an elaborate one. Today’s Tech Tuesday feature is one of those! This compact wine storage showcases the excellent craftsmanship of our racks. It also shows the natural     hues of unstained Premium Redwood. This is definitely a wine cellar that doesn’t pile on the frills and fancies. Yet, it is no way  inferior in both form and function.

Clean and beautiful racking linesAs far as bottle storage capacity is concerned, this wine cellar can actually host a little over 700 bottles. That’s pretty generous, considering the space our team had to work with. You’ll notice in the photos that the room was really properly maximized to accommodate as many bottles as possible. A combination of select units from our versatile Vintner Series and custom racks made all this possible. We especially like the countertop with extra individual bottle storage below.

Another great feature of this project is the variety of bottle storage options. Despite the compact size of the cellar, you can see that there is space for bulk bottle storage, as well as larger format bottles. To top it all off, the racking assembly flows seamlessly. This is thanks to the crown and base moldings and center seam trim. This wine cellar is indeed one of the best examples that simplicity is beauty. Even with the lack of dramatic elements, the quality of the materials and craftsmanship more than make up for it. *Cheers*

Client Is Thrilled With The Vintner Concave Racks

November 28th, 2019

If we’re going to tell you that this wine cellar is NOT custom-made, you probably won’t believe us. Because, really – how can something that looks this stunning be anything but custom? We’re not pulling your leg, though, since this wine cellar was put together using our Vintner Series wine racks kit. The client was pretty thrilled with the results:

The Vintner Concave Racks are nothing short of gorgeous!The Vintner Series has always been one of our top-selling, if not the top-selling, kits. It combines flexibility with generous bottle storage options. As far as both form and function go, the Vintner Series has you covered. And that’s not just on a residential wine storage needs scale. The commercial line for this series is also amazingly competitive. You can browse the full collection on our commercial racking section.

Now with this particular project, Vintner showcases remarkable style that can rival custom racking units. They are from the Concave Racks collection which debuted just a few years ago. The Concave Individual is comprised of 2-,3-,4-, and 5-column Individual Wine Racks, as well as a 10-Column Individual and the Concave Curved Corner unit. The racks are stackable, allowing you to maximize the height of your wine storage. Molding packages, including center seam trim and platforms, are also available. These will help get rid of awkward gaps between the racks and ceiling or flooring. That’s how you get those beautiful, seamless lines on your racking assembly!

There is no compromise either when it comes to the safety of your wine bottles. Wine bottles stored on the individual bottle wine racks are cradled on customized rails. These are carefully manufactured with beveled ends and rounded edges to ensure wine labels will not tear when the bottles are removed. And of course, you also get a slew of wood, stain and finish options to dress up your racks in style. That includes our latest stain offerings like Graywash, Whitewash, and Opaque White.

“Racks are stunning! I really appreciate your work on this and please forward to your boss so that you are recognized! Robert and Jenny (installers) were awesome to work with did an amazing job . I will recommend Wine Cellar Innovations to everyone I know. Thrilled!”

~David P.~

Technical Tuesday Episode #452: Sleek Style With Midnight Black Stain

November 26th, 2019

A merry Tech Tuesday to all you wine cellar fans out there! Can you believe that next week, the month of December is already here. That means that shopping list has to be at the very least halfway through. But if you haven’t started on it yet, don’t fret. We’re going to list down some fantastic gift ideas for your wine loving “giftees.” Stay tuned for that on next week’s round of blogs! For today, we have this absolutely gorgeous wine cellar project to sing praises to. The sleek racking style has been wonderfully accentuated by nothing less than our Midnight Black Stain option. Let’s check out the deets:

Project # 320768
Wood: Custom /All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1349
Where: Valhalla, NY

Wine racks in sleek Midnight Black Stain

We’re not gonna lie! At first glance, even we thought that these were 3D renderings of the client’s wine cellar. But these photos are actually of the real deal – the completed wine room designed by our awesome team. The racking units are all custom, tailor-made to maximize the space. You can actually see in the photos that the bottle storage capacity is quite generous. There’s also a good variety in bottle storage options. The curved corner units seamlessly blend into the room’s corners, providing more bottle storage space. So when you want your wine room to be really functional, this is the way to go.

Custom curved corner racksNow let’s talk about the visual appeal of this wine cellar. The dark-colored wine racks are certainly eye-catching and a welcome departure from the traditional wood finishes. Midnight Black Stain has really risen in the popularity ranks over the last year or so. We found that more and more clients have come to appreciate the beauty that darker-colored stains can bring. Midnight Black Stain, in particular yields jet-black hue that is just really sleek and adds a lot of character to the wood. It also gives wooden wine racks that contemporary vibe.

Variety in bottle storage options Some wood types can bring out bolder hues of the stain compared to others. In this project, the wood option is All-Heart Redwood. It is a very versatile wood that lends itself extremely well to almost all types of stains and finishes. As far as wood options go, All-Heart Redwood is considered to be one of the best choices for custom wine cellar projects. With the way this Tech Tuesday is checking off all the boxes, we couldn’t agree more! *Cheers*

Why You Need Shallow-Depth Racks In Your Wine Cellar

November 25th, 2019

Have you ever used shallow-depth racks in your wine cellar? Or have you even heard of shallow-depth racks for that matter? For those who are completely new to the concept, we’re going to give you the 4-1-1 on this amazing racking style. And for those who haven’t tried it, we give you the best reasons why you need this type of racking unit for your wine cellar project.

Shorter depth, not less quality…

Now the first thing we need to emphasize about this racking style is that the shorter depth configuration does not equate to lesser quality. Our Winemaker Series wine racks kit is a fine example of this. Winemaker is comprised of modular units manufactured in shallow depth. When wine bottles are stored, you can easily see that the necks stick out, just like in the picture above. This makes for a very attractive, popping display. But of course, some would immediately question the safety feature of this type of racking. While the depth is indeed shorter, the security of your collection is never compromised. The racks are crafted with square-cut rails to firmly hold the bottles in place.

One of the biggest advantages of the shallow depth racks is the fact that they are very space-efficient. This means that they are ideal for compact wine cellars or those built in irregular spaces. Even if larger wine cellars, you will find this type of racking highly useful, especially if you want to make room for more bottles. In homes where formal wine rooms are not possible due to space constraints, these shorter depth racks are the solutions you need. Think about under stairwell wine storage, closet transformations, or pantry conversions! Standard-sized wine racks will be an awkward fit or worse, not fit the space at all. But check out our photo gallery and see how these spaces are beautifully utilized thanks to shallow depth racking!

Apart from Winemaker, WCI also has the Traditional Series with the same shorter depth configurations. But while Winemaker is known for it’s stackable qualities, the Traditional Series racks come in 6-foot configurations only. That’s why Winemaker is said to be Vintner’s greatest rival with the “kits” since its stackable features make it so versatile. Lastly, never forget this! The shallow depth racks also have a slew of wood, stain and finish options available. That means you can achieve the look you want and make the racks work with other elements in your wine cellar. ^_^



Midnight Black Stain Brings Wow Factor To Client’s Wine Cellar

November 21st, 2019

Bold colors are always a hit during the Fall season. Jeweled tones such as ruby reds, emerald greens, and amethyst purples are very much in vogue. These darker hues always make an eye-catching statement without being too loud or too much. In fact, the element of elegance is still very much present in these colors.  So why not bring that into your wine cellars as well? Our client Stephen shares some of these gorgeous snapshots of their newly completed wine cellar. It is a show-stopper, all thanks to the stain option that they picked for their wine racks:

Wow factor brought about by Midnight Black Stain option

This beautiful racking assembly was made possible by our Vintner Series wine rack kits. Thanks to the extensive racking designs offered by Vintner, anyone can build wine cellars with a “custom-built” look. The variety of bottle storage styles coupled with wood, stain and finish options makes this series as the “next best thing to custom.” That being said, just check out the “wow” factor of this wine room! The clients shied away from the traditional woodworking finishes and instead, went for something bolder. They chose Midnight Black Stain which went extremely well with the Grand Mahogany wood option.

Midnight Black Stain can give your wood a very dramatic appearance because of its jet black hues. The darker colors are especially pronounced in some wood types, such as Grand Mahogany. Grand Mahogany has inherently uniform color and a straight, moderately coarse grain pattern. This helps the wood absorb stains and finishes really well, particularly darker ones. You can compare the swatches of Midnight Black Stain with this wood as against others, like Rustic Pine and Redwood. Grand Mahogany shows the richest shades that lend a contemporary charm to the wood:

Beautiful, bold Midnight Black Stain on racks

The image above shows a closer view of the wine cellar. The stark contrast between the jet black racks and the much lighter floors and walls is really attractive. The Midnight Black Stain also helps accentuate the clean lines of the racking assembly. The layout of this cellar might be simple, but the “wow” factor is certainly present. Needless to say, the clients were absolutely loving how everything turned out! ^_^

“We absolutely love it!!”

~Stephen H.~