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Stack Them Up And Stock It Up With Our Vintner Stacks

December 5th, 2016

A wine racking unit that can simultaneously store bottles individually and in bulk? Who can say no to that? These days, people will always gravitate towards multi-purpose furniture – wine racks included. After all, why settle for less when there are products out there than can give you more for your money – like our Vintner Series.

Vintner has been dominating the wine cellar scene on the blog for a couple of weeks now and the popularity definitely isn’t fading. That’s because the Vintner line is really stepping it up with more and more interesting additions. Last time, we introduced the Vintner Commercial Racking Series which marked Vintner’s official debut to the commercial wine racking arena. Today, we’re going to showcase yet another fantastic addition to the general kits: the Vintner Stacks.



More room to stock more bottles!

So what exactly does the Vintner Stacks have to offer that the other wine racking styles can’t? For one thing, you are looking at a wine racking unit that can allow you to store your bottles both individually and in bulk in a number of ways. Note that the usual practice is to choose individual and bulk bottle storage racks from the catalog and combine them to create multi-functional wine storage. That process has now been simplified as you only have to choose from our selection of “stacks” to get the best of both worlds. Each racking unit is designed to store bottles both individually and in bulk. Take note: it’s “AND” and not “OR!”

But that’s not all! Like the signature feature of all Vintner Series racking units, these stacks can also be utilized in combination with other styles in the collection as well as with other wine racks in the Vintner line, the rest of the “kits” collection, and even our commercial and custom racking collections. True to form, the stacks exhibit Vintner’s flexibility factor which make them a very smart choice for those with rapidly growing wine collections.


Vintner Stacks are available in 6, 7, and 8-feet configurations and come with some custom accents such as Center Trim that can be purchased separately. And of course, you still get your healthy selection of wood, stain and finish options to really personalize the look of your wine racking assembly. Check out the product page for the full Stacks line-up and see just how much you can save on space and budget with these awesome newcomers to the Vintner family. ^_^

How Wine Racking Combos Can Give You More For Less

December 1st, 2016

What’s better than a custom wine cellar project? A custom wine cellar budget that comes UNDER BUDGET! The question is, how exactly do you do that? We have just one answer to that question: wine racking combos! This is something we’ve discussed over and over again on the blog, but it’s still a topic worth exploring with every project we handle. Plus, the timing couldn’t be more perfect because we recently completed this project with a client who was working with a specific budget. The challenge was to come up with a custom racking arrangement that had generous bottle storage capacity but would not cost them a small fortune:

Wine racking combos

What we see here is a Gold x  Vintner x Vintage View racking combo that has managed to provide the client with a set-up that can store a little over 1300 bottles. Impressive? It sure is! Note that because Vintner was utilized, that means some racking units here come from “kits” which are priced more affordably compared to custom units. But because Vintner offers such a wide variety of racking styles, putting together a unique assembly that still bears the earmarks of custom amenities, is quite convenient.

Vintage View metal wine racks

However, keep in mind that this project also utilized the Gold Series which is part of WCI’s custom line. That means that custom wine racking is still present in this wine cellar, but combined with the units from the “kits,” the overall project cost is significantly less expensive. The Gold Series is able to offer a pretty wide range of racking styles that are perfect for the economical use of 1×2 open construction. The level of flexibility of these racking units allow for the creation of maximum bottle storage, just like what our design team did for the client.

Gold Series custom wine racks

Vintner Series wine racks kit

To augment the bottle storage capacity of this project, the Vintage View Series metal wine racks were also incorporated. Notice that these wine racks were mounted on opposing walls to really make good use of those empty stretches of space. Working with these metal wine racks is a smart move because they are very reasonably priced but wonderfully space-efficient. These racks wine racks are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart, but they will also hold split-sized bottles when mounted 5.5 inches apart. You can also choose from several finish options to dress the racks up in as well as single, double, and triple deep options for your racking depth. Look for more inspiring wine racking combo projects by browsing our photo galleries today!

Unstained Premium Redwood


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Bringing Holiday Cheer To Your Wine Cellars

November 30th, 2016

Only 24 more shopping days to go before Christmas! How’s that holiday shopping list coming along? No doubt, you guys will be very busy planning out your holiday parties. And of course, we all know what that means – WINE. So have you prepped your wine cellars and have them all ready to bring holiday cheer this season? If the answer is no, don’t fret! That’s what we’re here for – check out these wine cellar decorating tips to get your wine cellars to bring in that extra “ho” in the “ho, ho, ho” this Christmas.

Cork holiday wreath courtesy of Wine Corked

Start with your entryways and windows…

Your wine cellar entryways and windows are probably the easiest to decorate. But take note that they’re also quite significant in bringing a festive ambiance to your wine cellar. Your entryways are, per their namesake, the points of entry to your wine cellar so spreading the joyful spirit should start there. Wreaths are the popular choice, but instead of buying store-made ones, why not bring out your inner artist and craft them yourself. Our material of choice? Wine corks! All you need is a foam circle for a base. Hot glue your cork collection, throw in some accents like pinecones, holly, or fruit and voila – a gorgeous wine-themed Christmas wreath. You can similarly fashion cork into individual hanging ornaments and hang them on your windows.

Holiday wine bottles

Create unique wine-themed centerpieces…

Skip the usual candles and flowers for your wine table or countertop centerpiece this year and create something very unique and in keeping with the “wine” theme. Grab some empty wine, champagne, or other liquor bottles and let your imagination go crazy with decorating them. A couple of our favorite concepts include adorning the bottle with fake cranberry clusters and evergreen sprigs, putting in battery powered LED lights inside the bottles, or spray painting them white and coating the bottles in glitter. These centerpieces are sure to be conversation starters in your holiday parties!

Put up a wine bottle Christmas tree!

Now this is probably not really a new concept, but it’s still totally awesome and unique. Sure, you have your Christmas tree (or trees) somewhere in the house, but in your wine cellar, let’s do something different and put up a wine bottle Christmas tree instead. There are tons of ways you can creative with this, but our personal favorite is fashioning a tree-shaped rack (or just buy one if the budget permits!) and just plunking the bottles in your desired style. You can even add lights and other decor as well! Here’s a really cute “Wine Christmas Tree Robot” courtesy of the Wine Wankers:

Wine Tree courtesy of the Wine Wankers

Take a snap of your wine-inspired Christmas decorating ideas and share them with us, too! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #310: Vintner Brings Variety And Space-Efficiency

November 29th, 2016

If you’re looking for wine racking units that can really “bring it,” so to speak, you don’t have to look any further than the Vintner Series. We’ve had so many projects utilizing the Vintner Series wine rack kits over the years and the popularity is not slowing down any time soon. In fact, we’ve worked on the series to expand it to the commercial wine racking realm as well due the surge in popularity of these very versatile racking units. Today’s Tech Tuesday highlights two of the most outstanding features of the Vintner Series: variety and space-efficiency.

Project #: 272489
Series: Vintner
Wood: Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 615 bottles

Compact wine racking assembly

This wine racking arrangement is what we’d call a dream come try for those who want custom wine storage but who don’t have enough space for it. Look at how the racks were put together to fit neatly into this corner of the room, occupying minimal floor space. And yet, check out the bottle storage capacity! This racking assembly can host up to over 600 bottles in both individual and bulk bottle storage options. We are impressed at the variety of storage options this compact assembly offers: Individual Bottle Columns with Displays, Magnum Wine Bottle Racks, and Fixed Shelves. You’ll notice that there’s even space for wine accessories:

Vintner Series wine racks

Functionality aside, let’s also give some love to the beautiful, custom appearance of this racking arrangement. Take note that this is NOT a custom job! The Vintner Series wine racks kit has been fondly called as “the next best thing to custom racking” because it allows so much flexibility when it comes to putting together unique designs for your wine cellar. Owing to the healthy assortment of racking styles and accessories, mixing and matching elements to come up with knockout arrangements can be done sans the custom cost.

Magnum Wine Bottle Racks

At present, our Vintner line is rapidly growing to cover even more bases. Recently, we launched the Vintner Commercial Racking Series to really accommodate commercial wine cellar projects more efficiently. But apart from that, we’ve also expanded the kits collection to Elite Cabinetry and Vintner Stacks. We will be talking about these newer additions at length in future blog posts for sure, so don’t miss out on those! In the meantime, take a grand tour of our photo galleries and see how Vintner can really bring variety and space-efficiency to your wine cellars. *Cheers*

Unstained Premium Redwood

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