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Technical Tuesday Episode #521: A Seamless Mix Of Vintner X Custom Racks

April 19th, 2021

It might sound cliché, but the understated elegance of today’s Tech Tuesday is one for the books. The seamless mix of the Vintner Series and custom racking is quite impressive. Let’s check out these stunning shots of our Santa Fe clients’ wine cellar:

Project # 320519Wood: Custom / Vintner / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 3548
Where: Santa Fe, NM
Stain: Unstained

This wine room is undoubtedly huge and not just in terms of space. It also boasts of a mix of racking styles. We appreciate the way the racking assembly was designed to accommodate a lot of bulk bottle storage as well. The Open Diamond Bins and Rectangular Bins are a great way to organize loose bottles, wine boxes and crates.

Another noticeable feature of this wine cellar are the wraparound countertops. You don’t get to see something like this often even in bigger wine cellars. But because this project is a mix of custom elements and wine rack kits, the clients are able to get exactly what they want. The countertops will be very useful as a prep station or even just displaying wine accessories. Clients chose to go with the same wood option for their countertops. But take note that there are also a lot of other choices you can work with. One of our favorites is the Vintage Wine Barrel tabletop/countertop option. But we also love the eco-friendly Cork material which is great for wine cellar flooring as well.

Last but certainly not the least, let’s shine the spotlight on the wood chosen for the racking units. Clients went for the popular All-Heart Redwood which is indeed a solid investment. All-Heart Redwood is not only excellent in terms of quality and appearance, but it is also eco-friendly. In fact, all redwood products here at WCI, including Premium Redwood, are SFI-certified. What does that mean? SFI stands for Sustainable Forestry Initiative. An SFI Certification provides customers with assurance that the redwood they purchase has been harvested in an environmentally sound manner. *Cheers*

Learn All About WCI’s Extensive Racking Systems

April 15th, 2021

We’re not pulling your leg here when we say that WCI has one of the most extensive collection of racking systems in the country. We’ve spent decades of hard work to provide versatile wine storage solutions to our clients. Naturally, we’re very proud to have achieved that! Another happy client shared their beautiful wine cellar with us today. We’re super impressed at how their project turned out:

Learn about our extensive racking systems!So how do you choose a racking system that will suit both your wine storage needs and preferred style? It’s time to learn about everything that WCI has to offer! First on the list is definitely our custom wine racks. We can be design for wine cellars of any size and to suit the client’s budget. With custom racking, you can easily outfit any space designated for your wine collection. Take note that we offer a free wine cellar consultation and potential clients even get wine cellar design room plans.

But if the custom route is not for you, there are tons of other ways to get your dream wine cellar. Our wine rack kits is one of them. These “kits” are budget-friendly, yet boasting of excellent quality and craftsmanship. Some collections even have “custom” amenities lets you achieve highly personalized results. The Vintner and WineMaker Series are just examples of these amazing kits.

Now how about those who lean towards a more modern look to their wine storage? WCI actually developed a racking system to cater to just that. Our Modern Wine Cellar Series. This collection ushers in a minimalistic yet elegant design for your wine cellar. You can come up with unique arrangements thanks to the variety of platforms to choose from. The series offers an assortment of woods, stains and finishes for the floating platforms. But for that truly ethereal look, you can opt for the newest addition: acrylic bottle supports.

Extensive racking styles & storage options

You might also be thinking that these racking systems only apply to residential applications. That’s certainly not the case! WCI wine storage solutions encompass both residential and commercial wine cellar projects. So rest assured we also have a pretty extensive selection of commercial wine racks. That includes both wood and metal racking units. We invite you to check out our full commercial racking catalog, including the highly popular Wine Lockers and Curvy Wine Cubes. ^_^

“Love the racking system!” 

~Bill W.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Our Spring Fling Wine Picks!

April 14th, 2021

Spring is symbolized by beautiful blooms, fruits in season, and in our case, delicious wine. We prefer sweet and fruity flavors during this time of the year and we want to share our best picks with you. Here are some our recommended Spring fling wines we hope you’ll enjoy:

Our Spring Fling wine picks!

Photo by Olenka Sergienko from Pexels

Sparkling White Asti

Up first on the list is the sparkling white Asti from Italy. Asti is a sweet white made from the white muscat grape, known in Italy as Moscato Bianco. The residual sugar levels are 90 g/l so it is indeed bursting with honeyed flavors. But the mousse prevents that cloying aftertaste you usually get from the wine. It is quite low in alcohol content which makes it perfect to serve to guests who are not heavy drinkers. We find it works best when paired with mild desserts like sponge cake, Japanese cheesecake, and soufflé.

Citrusy Tuscany Red Blend

Juicy and rich, the Aldobrandesca Aleatico Red is rich in citrus and apricot flavors. Aleatico is one of Italy’s great ancient red grapes lending itself to roses and a moderately sweet red. This is fully destemmed and vinified in steel with no oak. The wine is full-bodied and well balanced, mildly earthy and peppery. It works great as an aperitif or with chocolate or chocolate-covered treats. We find this red pairs very well with eclairs, chocolate trifle, or some good, old home-baked brownies.

A “Berry” Sparkling Rosé

It won’t be a Spring fling with wine if you leave out Rosé on the list. That’s why we’re definitely putting one in ours! Martini & Rossi sparkling Rosé is a delectable concoction of strawberries and raspberries. It is a refreshing taste that will tickle the tastebuds and will really make you feel that Spring is in the air. The wild strawberries and raspberries produce a sweetness that is wonderfully balanced by pink florals. You’ll definitely enjoy al fresco dining with this wine. Serve some creamy and/or chocolatey desserts with it like tiramisu, banoffee pie, mango float, or flan.

What sweet wines are you planning to enjoy now that patio season is in full swing? Share your list with us, too! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #520: Stand Out In Unstained Premium Redwood

April 13th, 2021

There are reasons why there are those who prefer unstained wood over stained ones. One of those big reasons is when you want to showcase the natural beauty of the wood. This actually happens more often than not in wine cellar projects. Some wood options stand out in their natural state, like Premium Redwood:

Project # 329744
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1094
Where: Lexington, KY
Stain: None

Stand out in unstained Premium RedwoodWe’ve featured so many wine cellars using Premium Redwood wine racks, shelves, and cabinets. It’s a top quality wood with so many outstanding features.   One of those features is its ability to absorb almost all kinds of stains and finishes extremely well. But it’s about time we refocused on Premium Redwood, the unstained version!

Lovely natural colors of the woodCheck out the gorgeous colors of the wood up close. This is Premium Redwood untouched, showcasing its beautiful shades and grain patterns. Note Premium Redwood includes wood from all part of the log. The colors vary from white to pink to red and reddish brown. With the right lighting elements, the wine racks sport a golden glow that is very attractive.

Lots of versatile racking styles So you can see from the photos that there is a pretty good variety of racking styles in this project. The units are all customized to clients’ specifications. The result is an impressive bottle storage capacity for the wine cellar at a little over 1000 bottles. We like how functional and pretty cost-efficient this Tech Tuesday turned out. That’s because Premium Redwood is a tad easier on the budget compared to All-Heart Redwood or other similar clear grade wood. Since the clients decided for the unstained look, that also helped bring the cost down. It also goes to show that whether stained or unstained, wine racks can look amazing:

The unstained racks really stand out!This last photo of clients’ wine cellar might be our favorite. We like seeing how the racks stand out against the flooring and ceiling. It was indeed the right move to go for unstained wood give the color scheme of this project. Look at how the gold tones are being accentuated by the light hues of the flooring and ceiling. The seamless fit of the custom racks and natural colors of the wood are just chef’s kiss! *Cheers*

STACT Racks Bring Stunning Contemporary Charm

April 8th, 2021

The photos clients sent us of their wine cellar project had us “ooohing” and “aaahing” from the first glance. It is a stunning contemporary creation, courtesy of the STACT L-Type series:

STACT L-Type racks bring contemporary charm

Modern Wine Cellars

A modern take on the traditional wine cellar design is always a welcome concept. Modern wine cellars have risen in popularity at a rapid pace. We love the minimalist appeal, clean lines, and space-efficiency a contemporary style can bring. Clients’ wine cellar encapsulates all these details. They did a fantastic job selecting the furniture and decor for the sitting area. And thanks to the extensive selection of racking products here at WCI, getting the right wine racks was a no-brainer.

Wall-mount STACT units bring focus to clients’ collection

Label-Forward Wine Storage

Clients opted for some STACT L-Type units that allow for label-forward bottle storage. This was a smart move because they bring the focus to the clients’ collection. Moreover, the rails and glass panel doors complement each other perfectly. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. One of the most outstanding features of the STACT wine racks is the ability to fully customize them. You read that right! These racks are incredibly customizable and expandable to fit your walls the way that you want. That’s why you can install them anywhere, even in the kitchen or the living area.

Note that one unit is composed of three parts: the panel, aluminum supports, and wall brackets. The aluminum bottle supports are engineered to bring maximum bottle storage capacity. They are precision machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized for a clean, elegant finish. But the backbone of the STACT wine rack system are the wall brackets. These are designed to securely connect to each other and attach directly to the wall. The panels are then hung from the wall brackets without the aid of any tools. The brackets are the subtle highlight that appears between each panel.

Minimalist racks bring elegance to wine cellar Last but certainly not the least, you have the panels. This is where the style factor of the racks come in. The panels come in ten beautiful finishes. You have walnut, white oak, zebra wood, gray oak, piano black, pure white, electric orange, gunmetal gray, blackout, and citrus green. Each panel is crafted to exacting specifications and pre-installed with anchors for a secure mount.

“The wine cellar looks exactly as I envisioned! I am highly satisfied with them! We had to custom-make additional structure and trim to weld to the wall. Thankfully, the end result was amazing.”

 ~Ana M.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Storage Do’s And Don’ts

April 7th, 2021

How did your Spring Break 2021 edition go, wine cellar buddies? Mobility is still not the level we’re used to pre-pandemic, but we’re really getting there. Thankfully, enjoying a good bottle of wine can be done at the safety of our own homes. But in order to do that, we have to store our wine bottles the right way. So here are some wine storage do’s & don’ts to help keep us on our toes:

Wine storage do’s & dont’s!

Choose your wine cellar cooling unit wisely

The basement is still the ideal location to build a wine cellar. But you can definitely have wine storage anywhere in your home, especially if you can’t accommodate a full-blown wine cellar. You will just need to make sure that you maintain the ideal wine storage conditions. You don’t need to go and buy the biggest or most expensive wine refrigeration unit to achieve this. What’s important is purchasing the most suitable one. Consider the key factors such as wine cellar size, bottle storage capacity, apart from location. If you are unsure of what to get, it’s highly recommended to chat to an experienced wine cellar consultant.

Wine cellar “accessories” have big roles

More often than not, we tend to forget the smaller details in a wine cellar project. We may regard them as “small” since they are considered as accessories, but they have big roles to play. We’re talking about wine cellar doors, flooring, ceiling, moldings, and the like. A properly insulated wine cellar door can do wonders for maintaining ideal wine storage conditions. The same can be said for picking the most suitable material for the flooring. The ceilings, on the other hand, can really raise the aesthetic appeal of your wine cellar to greater heights. They deserve the same attention as choosing your wine racks.

Don’t forget these wine storage tips!

Don’t forget to maximize your space

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large space for your wine storage. You must prioritize maximizing bottle storage capacity. This doesn’t mean that you will forego style. You can achieve both function and form thanks to the plethora of wine cellar products in the market today. But generous bottle storage must be considered first. Then you can work a unique design around that. The reason is simple. Even if you may not be a hardcore wine collector, you will still need that extra bottle storage. These wine storage do’s and don’ts can do wonders to your collection. Trust us! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #519: Custom, Classy & Compact Wine Cabinet

April 6th, 2021

You know that saying “Go big or go home”? Well, you can forget about that when it comes to wine storage. No, don’t take this in a negative light! What we simply want to get across is the reality that small wine cellars can still pack a punch. In this Tech Tuesday’s case, it’s a custom, classy & compact work of art!

Project # 327562
Wood: Custom / Grand Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 125
Where: Chicago, IL
Stain: Classic Mahogany

Custom, classy wine storage

Wine Cabinet Furniture

We’ve been a big advocate of wine cabinets because they are just that amazing. The best thing about wine cabinet furniture is that you can have them built to match any space. If you have generous space in your home, it can be easily transformed into the perfect storage for your collection. But if space is limited, your options on the other hand, are definitely not. Check out how this project is designed to fit the clients’ needs. It is built with racking for individual and bulk bottle storage, easily holding up to 125 bottles. What’s more, it’s outfitted with a Quarter Round Display to showcase choice glassware and other wine cellar accessories:

Wine cabinets have so much to offer!

One of the most outstanding features of custom wine cabinets is that they can give a truly built-in look for your wine storage. You can select racking units, doors, stains and finishes to match the room’s decor. You have a choice whether to make the cabinet blend in or stand out. Think about how much fun it will be playing with colors and textures to get the design you want. And don’t forget the lighting elements!  All these will let you showcase your collection in a custom, classy way.

We invite you to check out our Wine Sentinel product page for all the deets on designing wine cabinets for your space. The newly upgraded customization options include, but are not limited to:

  • Height and width unit
  • Inside racking configuration
  • French Door option
  • Wood or full glass doors
  • Molding packages
  • Multiple wood, stain and finishes

Small spaces CAN still have a big impact. It’s all about knowing how to work with the right products and services! *Cheers*

Easy And Efficient Wine Storage Solutions For Your Home

April 1st, 2021

Wine storage doesn’t have to be large or fancy to get the job done. Not everyone has room for a full wine cellar in their homes. But of course, you have to ensure that your wine bottles are securely stored. This calls for an easy and efficient racking assembly. It goes without saying the quality should never be sacrificed. WCI has many options for clients who are going down this route with their wine storage plans. Our client, Wrea, is one of them and she is very happy with the results:

Here you have a straightforward racking assembly that can easily store several dozen bottles. There is even room for bulk bottle storage, as well as for wine boxes and/or crates. It fits nicely into this area in the client’s home, taking up minimal floor space. The racks are unstained but seamless, a testament to the fine craftsmanship of our wine racks.

Wine Racks Kits

You can have a racking arrangement like Wrea’s custom-made to your heart’s desire, or you can browse through our wine rack kits.  There are several ways to create easy and efficient bottle storage like this. We have the Vintner, Designer, and WineMaker Series at your disposal to help you come up with unique wine storage. Vintner and WineMaker are very flexible when it comes to the racking configurations. Designer offers units in 6-feet height configuration, with a variety of customizable add-ons that make it easy to equip your space.

Small Wine Racks

Another terrific alternative to custom units are WCI’s line of small wine racks. The Mini Stack Series, in particular, is a gem that will work wonders on compact spaces. Explore different racking styles and have fun mixing and matching them. There’s also the huge bonus that these racks can be shipped fully assembled to your home. Speaking of compact spaces, we also encourage you to check out our Urban Living Series. These “packages” were specifically designed to suit condo or apartment living. This collection takes some of our best wine cellar components and puts them together to give smaller living areas the perfect wine storage solution. ^_^

Everything is great!”

~Wrea M.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Most Recommended Racks For Wine Stores

March 31st, 2021

What are some of the top customer expectations from a wine store? Obviously, merchandise would be the foremost one. A wine establishment with a robust inventory is definitely worth the patronage. But that’s not all there is to it. Customers also expect that the merchandise will be displayed in an attractive yet easy to navigate manner. That’s why choosing the right wine racks is key. WCI has a very extensive selection of commercial racking products. Here are some of our most recommended wine racks for wine stores:

Revue Interlock Series for wine stores

The Revue Interlock Series

The Revue Series is one of the newest additions to the WCI metal racking catalogue. It was an instant hit thanks to its modern and space-efficient design. The wall-mounted units are sure to add beauty and serenity in your wine establishment. For this purpose, we recommend checking out the Revue Interlock Series. The racks are indeed a visual delight, allowing you really highlight your store’s merchandise. The racks incorporate a label forward system and come in single, double, and triple deep options. There is also a nice variety of stain options to choose from.

Secured Wine Lockers

Secured Wine Lockers

We feel that this type of racking is something that wine stores need. Wine lockers are second to none when it comes to securing highly valuable merchandise. They can be conveniently stacked to create “levels” and save a lot of floor space in the process. There are several options for the door panels. You can go with metal lattice for open air circulation or glass panels for better visibility. You can also go with a regular flat or raised wood panel. Note that the locks can have numerous configurations depending on the locker “levels”. But you can also have opt for a single key lock. To date, more and more country clubs, restaurants, and bars have been using our wine lockers.

Circular Wine Merchandiser

Circular Wine Merchandisers

Wine merchandisers are no doubt one of the best ways to store and display bottles in a commercial setting. But apart from the standard ones, there are also units that are both unique and functional. That’s why one of our top picks is definitely the Circular Wine Merchandiser. It enables high wine storage capacity in a compact format. We recommend stationing this unit in high traffic areas. The circular configuration allows for 360 degrees of visibility. Moreover, the display row pops out the wine bottle label. It’s the perfect way to showcase best-selling and/or new labels! ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #518: Killing It With Wood X Metal Racks

March 29th, 2021

Small wine cellar projects are killing it in 2021! We are totally loving them because they show that space is no longer a hindrance to having proper wine storage. Today’s Tech Tuesday is a real winner, both in the functionality and style departments. Let’s get the vibe check on this one:

Project # 328626
Wood: Vintner / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 912
Where: Melbourne, FL
Stain: Midnight Black

Killing it with wood x metal wine racks!

Clients had a straightforward albeit compact space to work with for their wine cellar. They hooked up with our experienced design team to come up with the best layout. The goal was to maximize bottle storage capacity and give the room a clean and seamless look. Props to our WCI wine cellar experts for coming through with the desired results:

Vintner Racks with Midnight Black Stain

Metal and Wood Elements

The racking assembly is a mix of wood and metal elements. For the wood wine racks, clients chose to go with the Vintner Series in Rustic Pine wood option. We are all for this combo since Rustic Pine is a wonderfully cost-efficient hardwood. Rustic Pine supply is huge and it gives the best value by price per bottle space. It is a knotty grade of wood that is easier to manufacture. This results in a bigger yield and lower cost compared to a clear grade of wood like Redwood. Moreover, Rustic Pine adapts to stains and finishes extremely well. See how the elegant the racks look in Midnight Black Stain:

Rustic Pine wood option

As mentioned earlier, one of the main goals is to maximize bottle storage capacity in this compact wine room. Our design team turned to metal  racking units to get the job done. Specifically, the Vintage View series was utilized to achieve this goal. These wall-mount metal wine racks offered lots of additional bottle storage in the small space. You can see from the photos below how the racks were strategically installed on the walls and corners. A Satin Black finish was chosen for the metal racks to match the wooden ones. Note that these Vintage View lovelies also come in Brushed Nickel and Chrome Plated finishes. All in all, this wood x metal combo is really killing it! *Cheers*

Killing it with Vintage View metal racks

Clients Give Stamp Of Approval To WCI Racks & Services

March 25th, 2021

It’s one thing for clients to give their stamp of approval on either our products or services. But it’s a whole different ballgame when they give the thumbs-up for both. Today’s Testimonial Thursday gave us the validation that we need every so often. Our clients sang praises to both our wine racks and services. Their happiness and satisfaction over their completed wine cellar definitely made our month!

Clients give stamp of approval to our products & services!For those who don’t have that “WCI experience” yet,  we are confident in saying that we are able to walk our talk. As you can see from these photos, our racking products are second to none when it comes to quality. We can help achieve wine cellar goals, regardless of the size, bottle capacity, and location. That’s because we are able to customize everything to suit the client’s wine storage needs and preferences. This includes customizing accessories as well such as the moldings, trim, flooring, ceilings, and even lighting. But of course, we also take into account the client’s budget. That’s why we developed an extensive line of wine rack “kits.” These kits provide clients with a ton of racking options without letting them go the custom route. We’ve seen the amazing ways our client got creative wit these kits. We understand the reality that not everyone is ready or able to take on a full-blown wine cellar project. But with these kits, our clients are able to build proper wine storage in their homes. The best part? There is absolutely no compromise on quality!

Stamp of approval for the “WCI experience”

Now let’s talk about WCI’s brand of wine cellar services. We help clients build their dream wine cellars from the ground up. That means we are with them every step of the way, from the initial planning and budgeting stage down to the final clean-up. Note that our services extend to both residential and commercial wine cellar applications. So whether it’s a personal collection or a commercial wine establishment, we can get the job done. Start your WCI experience by booking a free consultation today. We can’t wait to have your stamp of approval as well! ^_^

“The wine racks arrived in good condition, assembly went smoothly, and installation was very straight forward. Working with your staff was excellent! I am very satisfied with the outcome; your products and my wine cellar are now complete!”

~John M.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Spring Decor In Your Wine Cellars

March 24th, 2021

Spring is REALLY here and we are so ready for it! We also want to make sure your wine cellars will be prepped for this awesome season. With all the wine tasting activities the warmer weather will bring, your wine cellars need to be in their best shape. We outlined some super helpful Spring cleaning tips last time. Today, it’s all about Spring decor in your wine cellars:

Spring decor in your wine cellars

Photo by Natalie from Pexels

Bring in the greens and more!

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to decor in wine cellars is whether or not flowers and/or plants can thrive in there. Yes, you can actually bring in plants inside your wine cellars. But you have to choose very carefully. Succulents come highly recommended. These are “water storage” plants. Some parts are more thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. Succulents actually thrive well indoors, but you still need to give them plenty of sunlight. If your wine cellar has windows, place them near the windows. Otherwise, let them have a few hours of sun each day before bringing them back to your wine cellars. Put them in tiny clay pots or DIY vases made from ceramic or tin. Note that succulents do not grow well in glass containers.

Make it bloom in your wine cellar!

Flowers are one of our most favorite symbols of Spring. Our homes certainly won’t be complete without them. So why shouldn’t they be in our wine cellars as well? You can go for the real thing or just mock-up ones. You can even do a combination of both. The thing with real blooms is that you just have to be diligent with them. Once they dry out, throw them out ASAP. Do not let dying flowers stay in vases or other similar containers. They will give birth to rot, mildew or worse, a breeding ground for pests. You absolutely don’t want THAT in your wine cellar!

Throw in some DIY crafts!

What better time to let your talented fingers fly than the wonderful season of Spring? Transform those empty wine bottles, wine boxes, and crates into beautiful wine cellar decor. Paint some bright colors into wine bottles or put in some fairy lights for a fun and fanciful touch. Turn wood wine boxes or crates into containers for wine cellar accessories. You can make them even more unique by sanding them down and staining or painting then. ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #517: Classic & Classy With Vintner x Designer

March 23rd, 2021

Can a classic wine cellar design also be a classy one? We say a big YES to that! But can a classy design also be affordable? Oh, it definitely can! When you take the WCI route with your wine cellar project, you get what you want at the price that’s right for you. We’ll let today’s Tech Tuesday do all the explaining for us and let’s take a closer look:

Project # 326271
Wood: Custom / Vintner / DKS / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 811
Where: Reynoldsburg, OH
Stain: Midnight Black

Clients Proudly Showcase Their “Wonder Wine Cellar”!

March 18th, 2021

Small wine cellars have really conquered the wine cellar scene. It’s does bring a big sense of fulfillment when you can equip a compact space and do so in style. Our clients proudly showcase what they call as their “wonder wine cellar.” They put together this gem, utilizing every inch of available floor space beautifully. In fact, even their dog Bacchus gives the paws-up on this one:

Clients showcase their “wonder wine cellar”!You know how they say you shouldn’t trust everything you see in photos? Well, believe us when we say that these photos are 100% legit. This small wine room has the look and feel of a large, open space. It’s all about creating the right racking arrangement. WCI, in particular, has a slew of racking products dedicated specifically to outfitting small projects. While you can go the custom route, like our clients, keep in mind you have other options as well.

Wall-mount wine racks are one of the most popular solutions to compact wine cellars. That includes the clever use of wine rack pegs and rails. But note that you can still utilize “standard” racking styles as well. Our Mini Stacks can give you that and so much more! This series offers compact, quality units that you can work into any space. Plus, there’s a healthy variety of styles to choose from.

Now if you’re looking for something with a bit more flair, check out our Curvy Cubes. The unique yet ergonomic configurations of these racks are worth every dollar you spend for. The cubes can either be stacked or wall-mounted and even come with display tray options.

We’d also love for you to check out our Acrylic Wine Racks. These units offer a minimalist appearance and will give your bottles that magical “floating” appearance. Since it’s just as clear as glass, it will also give the illusion of a larger wine cellar. We offer several kit variations of acrylic options, including for wine pegs. Having your own “wonder wine cellar” is just a phone call or email away! ^_^

“Everything came out beautifully. You helped me create a wonder 300+ wine cellar in a 7’x7’ space. I really appreciated your willingness to replace the molding pieces that came broken. Our well-aged dog Bacchus enjoys the coolness and other features of the cellar as much as we do!” 

~Robert R.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Cellar Spring Cleaning Guide

March 17th, 2021

The Spring season means a lot of things and one of those is the age-old activity called “spring cleaning.” This happens in our homes and yards, but it’s certainly not limited to those places. For wine lovers, getting things in shape HAS to happen in our wine cellars. So here’s a little wine cellar spring cleaning guide to get you started:

Wine cellar Spring cleaning guide

Spruce up those wine racks

Obviously, wine racks will take up a huge chunk of the space in your wine room. Wood or metal, these racking units need to be kept in good condition. There’s no big secret to this – all you need is to occasionally polish them. Naturally, you have to check what polishing products are most compatible with your wood and/or metal wine racks. You wouldn’t want to strip your wood wine racks of their natural colors. You also want to make sure that your metal racks maintain a beautiful sheen. Just keep in mind though that you have to make sure your racks are dust-free before polishing. Then let the racks air-dry before replacing the bottles.

Spring cleaning also needs to be done in your wine cellars!

Clean wine bottles & glassware

Glassware you use often should be cleaned immediately after use. But for those you only use occasionally, it’s recommended to keep them clean as well. You have to separate the high quality from the standard ones first. You can pop the latter in the dishwasher nice and easy. But this is not recommended for quality glassware. Washing by hand is the best way to prevent unnecessary damage. Hold your glasses by the stem while cleaning. As for wine bottles, you just need clean pieces of cloth. Damp cloth is recommended if the bottles are quite dusty. Then wipe them down with a second piece of completely dry cloth.

Spruce things up for wine tasting this Spring!

Dust, dust, dust!

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of dusting your wine cellars. Removing unwanted particles from  wine racks, wine bottles, and other furniture is a must. Do it as thoroughly as possible to keep away mold and mildew. For wine racks, shelves and cabinets, make sure to remove all the contents first. Note than you can dust stuff in batches, particularly for large wine cellars. You may need to use a damp rag for stubborn dust particles. Don’t forget to wipe off excess moisture and make sure your racks are completely dry before putting back your wine bottles. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #516: Luxe Details At Affordable Price Point

March 16th, 2021

Are you the type who cringes at the word “budget-friendly”? Do you associate it with something of inferior quality or there’s a “catch” of some sort? Well, we’re positive we can change your mind especially when wine cellars are involved. In fact, this Tech Tuesday will do it for us! Check out the luxe details of this wine cellar project. The amazing part? It’s at an affordable price point:

Project # 320751
Wood: Designer / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 1305
Where: Orlando, FL
Stain: Dark Walnut

We won’t be surprised if a lot of you will think that this wine cellar ran into big bucks. But the truth is, this completed project came exactly within clients’ budget. Yes, clients wanted a luxurious theme for their wine room. They also wanted the generous space allotted for the same to be really utilized. All these goals were achieved without ruining the clients’ budget. There’s no huge secret – just going about things the smart way. Our design team decided to go the wine racks kit route. The result was a significant price compared to going for custom racking. They chose the Designer Series in Rustic Pine wood option. Now this is winning combo both in terms of function and cost. Let’s explore the reasons why!

As you can see from the photos, the racking arrangement is comprised mostly of Individual Columns with Display Rows. This racking style combines all the elements of the standard Individual Bottle with the aesthetic advantage of beautiful display rows. These display rows let you feature your best and/or favorite labels. Moreover, your bottles are showcased in a secure manner while properly storing them. The 15 degree angle the display row keeps the cork moist. Function-wise, there is definitely nothing to complain about. Price-wise, your budget will absolutely love it!

Now let’s talk about the wood option. Rustic Pine is one of the top wood choices for custom wine cellar projects. But unlike the rest, it’s on a more affordable price point.


Clients Add Funky Flavor To Their Metal Wine Racks

March 11th, 2021

Even with just a small wine cellar project, there are lots of ways to make it special. Our clients for today’s Testimonial Thursday are setting a terrific example. We just love the funky flavor they gave to their racking arrangement:

Funky flavor on clients’ wine racksOur clients went with purely metal racking units for their wine room. It’s a narrow space, but they managed to make it work! They wisely chose the Vintage View Series for this project. This series is one of the very first wall-mount wine racks promoted by WCI. Even with the influx of newer collections, Vintage View is still one of our most popular offerings. There are a number of good reasons for this. One would be its flexible configurations that make the metal wine racks a real space saver. They come in single deep, double deep, and triple deep storage options. That means you can get twice or even thrice the amount of bottle storage even in a narrow space. These metal wine racks are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. But you can also adjust the units to store split-sized bottles by mounting them 5.5 inches apart. This compact wine cellar serves as a great example as it can hold in excess of 300 bottles.

Vintage View metal rackingNow while these wine racks were originally designed to be wall-mounted, that’s not the only option. You also choose to display your collection in a floor to ceiling fashion. All that’s needed is Floor to Ceiling Frame which can be purchased separately. This is what our clients went for and we think it’s pure genius. When the racks are filled, those wine bottles will look like they’re “floating”. And don’t you worry because can also purchase bottle retention straps for enhanced bottle security! Last but not the least, note that the Vintage View racks come in four different finishes. Take your pick from Black, Black Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome. Any of these neutral finishes will work with almost any style. See how our clients went for a funky flavor to their wine room with the geometric wall pattern. Explore the full Vintage View product line on our page to see more of what the series has to offer. ^_^


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Spring Themed Wine X Food Pairings

March 10th, 2021

The official start of the Spring season is only a little over a week away! But as early as now, we are already seeing telltale signs of new life in Mother Nature. It’s indeed a wonderful feeling made even better when we think about future wine tasting activities. So we’ve decided to share some of our favorite Spring themed wine and food pairings:

Rhubarb and sweet wines

Rhubarb plants start to wake from their winter dormancy as warmer weather creeps in. The delicious pink stalks are usually ripe for the picking from March and April onwards. Rhubarb is used in a lot of yummy dishes, particularly desserts. Now let’s talk about its wine pairing. You will need something to tone down the sour tang of rhubarb. You will notice that sour aftertaste can make most dry wines taste harsh. Choose wines with some sweetness as the residual sugar will balance that acidity. We recommend classic styles such as Sauternes to New World styles like Late Harvest Torrontes from Argentina. Late harvest wines with tropical honeyed notes will complement rhubarb delicacies quite nicely. We love paring these wines with rhubarb pie, crisps, of poached rhubarb with vanilla ice cream.

Spring themed wine x food pairings

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

Salmon & other fish x Sauvignon Blanc

Once Spring season comes, the fishing season will definitely be close behind. So fish lovers will be having a feast in the next few months to come. If fish is in your Spring picnic and/or barbecue menu, make sure you get the best wine pairings as well. Our top pick is Sauvignon Blanc for obvious reasons. The minerality and herbaceous notes of a classic French Sauvignon Blanc goes well with salmon cooked with herbs or citrus. We recommend Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumé from the Loire Valley. For salmon or other fish with a buttery or creamy sauce, you also go with Chardonnay. Choose one with some oak tones highlight the fish.

Pizza, pasta & wine for Spring themed meals

Photo by Sam Lion

Pizza, pasta & light reds

We can indulge in Italian dishes all year round, but Spring themed flavors are something to look forward to. Pizza and pasta with veggies and fruits that come with the season are truly a palate pleaser. To make the experience even more enjoyable, pairing them with light reds is a must. At the top of our list are Beaujolais, Sangiovese, Pinot Noir, and Côtes Du Rhône. For Beaujolais, we are leaning towards the Cru Level Beaujolais. Even with its light body, the wine will age for as long as ten years in your cellar. This wine also goes great with lunch meat platters or other types of charcuterie! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #515: Cherry W/ Blended Stain Racks

March 8th, 2021

Cherry wood for wine racks? Who can say no to that! Our clients definitely didn’t because it was Cherry all the way for them. We don’t usually have many projects with this wood option, but when we do, they deserve the spotlight. There is something inherently luxurious about this wood and we’re here to tell you guys all about it:

Project # 328078
Wood: Custom / Cherry
Bottle Capacity: 1235
Where: Tiffin, OH
Stain: Blended

Cherry Wood wine racksThis beautiful wine room is so cleanly laid out it can only be described as flawless. There is nothing extraordinary in the racking arrangement once you take a good look at it. But the quality of the materials and level of craftsmanship cannot be denied. This is a custom project which means all the wine racks were specifically designed to fit the space. You can see how the floor area is carefully utilized to ensure maximum bottle capacity without making it looked cramped:

Blended Stain on racking unitsWhile the design may be simple, the quality of the work is indeed top-notch. The clients certainly made the right decision in going for this wood option. Cherry is a very popular hardwood often used in furniture making. You’ve likely seen how “heirloom” pieces are more often than not crafted from this wood. It is of medium density with good bending properties. This makes the wood easy to machine and manufacture. It also nails and glues well. You will also find that Cherry adapts very well to sanding and staining. It produces an excellent, smooth  finish.

Customized wine racks in Cherry woodMoving on to the stain used, notice that the natural hues of Cherry wood really stands out. Since it adapts to stains and finishes extremely well, even standard stains would have worked. But this project took it a notch higher. The units are dressed up in our Blended Stain option. So what is a “Blended Stain”? It is exactly what the name suggests! We can blend any of our current stains together to create something custom for you. We can even take a custom match and match it up. Here you can see how the natural reddish brown shades of the wood are really enhanced. Cherry is generally. light pink in color and darkens over time to a rich reddish hue with a lustrous patina. A blended stain can really help bring out these wonderful features! *Cheers*

Lustrous blended stain on racks

Clients Build Peaceful Oasis With WineMaker Racks

March 4th, 2021

There’s no time like the present to invest in a spot in your home where you can really de-stress. With the pandemic still having the upper hand, creating a peaceful oasis is definitely worthwhile. Our clients grabbed this opportunity to transform a room in their basement into a haven for wine lovers:

Clients’s create peaceful oasis with WineMaker!We are loving the cozy atmosphere of this wine room – and that’s just from the photos! Our clients did a terrific job tailoring the room’s design to match their style preference. But what we’re most happy about is the fact that our racking products played a significant part in this project. In particular, it’s our WineMaker Series that deserves the credit. The WineMaker Series is one of our highly popular wine rack “kits,” especially with smaller wine cellar projects. That’s because the units come in shallow-depth configurations. This makes them so convenient to work with in compact spaces. Since clients wanted the racks flush against the wall, these WineMaker racks were perfect for the job.

Mocha Stain on Premium Redwood racksNote that the wall is actually handcrafted by clients, along with the surrounding shelving. They certainly did a fantastic job! We also give a two thumbs-up to their choice for stain for the racking units. They chose to go with a bold Mocha Stain option. This is one of our newest stain offerings and is available with our wine rack kits. The dark stands out beautifully against the lighter hued walls. To those who are still not familiar with our WineMaker kits, this is one of the perks. WineMaker provides pretty impressive amenities that can let you “customize” your racks. It’s almost on par with the elite Vintner collection and more budget-friendly!

Clients love the peaceful vibe of their wine room! “I wanted to share how we built the wine racks into our handcrafted wall to create a room that resonates with a peaceful aura. All shelving that surrounds and flanks the wine racks was made by hand by Lisett and me to showcase the display. The room was part of an entirely unfinished basement before we started.”

~James G.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Quaint Wine Cellar Accents To Love

March 3rd, 2021

Wine cellars are a lot like your homes. Yes, they need to be functional, but you also need to make them your own. That means putting in touches of your personal style. WCI offers a very healthy selection of quaint wine cellar accents that we’re sure you’ll love. Here are some of our top picks:

Quaint custom moldings!

Custom wine cellar moldings

Moldings are actually more than just wine cellar accessory. The role they play is pretty significant. They are instrumental in completing your racking arrangement, giving it a seamless and professional look. They are responsible for blending in any gaps between the wine racks, the ceiling, and the flooring. But that’s not all! If you go custom, you can add more detail and character to your racking arrangement. You can have decorative wood trim incorporated into the molding. It’s also easy to give your racks a “built-in” appearance.

Unique materials for tabletops & countertops

Dramatic tabletops & countertops

Adding a tabletop to your wine cellar is not just for practical purposes. The aesthetic appeal it can bring is also huge! There are lots of options you can play around with. It’s all thanks to the variety of materials available. WCI, for example, offers Vintage Wine Barrel, Mosaic, Tile, Corian, and Cork.    Design-wise, there are also so many concepts to explore. Our photo gallery is obviously the best place to start. But some of our favorites include a center island-style tasting table and peninsula with Waterfall Wine Racks.

Enchanting “light box” ceilings

Enchanting “Light Box” Ceilings

The impact of wine cellar ceilings should not be underestimated. Even if you have a small wine room, a well designed ceiling can bump the “wow” factor to several levels. While there are lots of styles to choose from, our personal picks are the “light box” ceilings. The first is the Raised Panel with Light Boxes. They lend a quaint charm while properly illuminating your wine cellar. However, we do recommend this type of ceiling for larger wine cellar projects with higher ceiling heights. For smaller wine rooms, the second one will work perfectly. It’s the Etched Light Box ceiling. It is constructed from durable All-Heart Redwood and quality glass. It is not only super elegant, but it’s also second to none when it comes to quality! You can go with WCI’s standard design for the etchings or with one you prefer!

Technical Tuesday Episode #514: Combining Custom & Wine Rack Kits

March 2nd, 2021

One of the things potential clients always fear about large wine cellar projects is that it would be too expensive. We’re not going to argue about the fact that they really need to be budgeted for. But we can say with certainty that you CAN stay within budget or even come under that. Our client for today’s Tech Tuesday spotlight did just that. The secret? It’s all about combining custom and wine rack kits:

Project: #329792
Wood: Custom / Vintner / Rustic Pine
Bottle Capacity: 3910
Where: Atlanta, GA
Stain: Midnight Black

Rustic Pine in Midnight Black Stain wine racksThis massive wine room has a storage capacity of just a little under 4,000 bottles. For a residential cellar, this is indeed impressive. Our clients carefully planned for this project, particularly when it came to the cost. They already had the perfect space in their home for a full-blown wine cellar. Now all our design team needed to do was to make sure the generous space is maximized without going over the clients’ budget. So both our team and the clients decided to work with custom units and the Vintner wine rack kits. The results were highly satisfying!

Combining custom and wine rack kitsCheck out this stunning layout! A custom archway and tabletop serves as a focal point of the racking arrangement. There’s a wonderful variety of bottle storage styles, including accommodations for large format bottles. Moreover, the transition between different wine rack styles is simply flawless. Keep in mind that Vintner top-grade in our “kits” collection. The series allows for a lot of amenities that you’d think you’re actually going the custom route. One of those is the ability to select from an extensive assortment of woods, stains and finishes. In this case, the Vintner racks were perfectly matched with the custom units. Rustic Pine was the wood of choice, along with a super stunning Midnight Black Stain option:

Seamless racking transitionsPerhaps the most eye-catching feature of is this massive tasting table/island smack in the center of the wine room (see photo below). This custom piece was done to the clients’ specifications. Notice that there are tons of extra storage underneath for bulk bottles. The shelves can easily accommodate wine boxes and crates as well. Naturally, this can only be done by customizing your wine cellar furniture. The clients were more than willing to spend for this though, thanks to combining with the Vintner kits. The budget was balanced perfectly yet no corners were cut! *Cheers*

Impressive custom wine tasting table/island

Client Flexes His Gorgeous All-Vintner Wine Cellar

February 25th, 2021

You know what they say, “When you got it, flaunt it.” Just one look at this Testimonial Thursday feature will really make you want to flaunt it! Our client flexes his super stunning wine cellar for all of us to enjoy. The best thing about it? It features nothing less than WCI’s top wine rack kit series: Vintner.

Client flexes his super stunning wine cellar!Who’s going to say that this wine cellar doesn’t cost a small fortune? Us, that’s who! We’re not pulling your leg here, folks. Even with the luxurious details of this project, it didn’t break the client’s budget. It’s all thanks to the Vintner racking units. There was no need for client to go the more expensive custom route. Vintner offers a wide selection of racking styles for both individual and bulk bottle storage. It has further evolved with the addition of the Elite Cabinetry line. Basically, custom styles such as cable racking and steel and rod system are now available in “kits.” But that’s not all. Individual bottle storage also comes in varying designs. Our favorites include the fancy Concave Wine Racks and Wine Bottle Waterfalls.

Awesome LED lighting accessories!Here’s a closer look of the racking arrangement. There’s storage for larger format bottles, as well as wine bins and crates, courtesy of the Rectangular Bins. And check out the striking wine cellar accents! We love the archway and unique wood flooring design. But what’s really eye-catching is the clever use of colorful LED lighting accessories. That’s definitely a satisfying pose client is making as he flexes his wine cellar:

Spacious wine cellar layoutNow if you’re interested in the Vintner Series for your own wine cellar project, it has another feature that will get you totally sold on it. Even if you’re working with “kits” you actually get amazing customization options for your woods and stains. Vintner allows you to select from the top four wood choices for custom wine cellars. In client’s case, they went with unstained Premium Redwood. As for the stains and finishes, Vintner gives you access to everything! That includes our newest stain offerings like Graywash and Mocha Stain. ^_^

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Building Your Personal Wine Collection

February 24th, 2021

How do you start building a wine collection? What is supposed to be your ultimate goal? Is it purely for personal consumption and satisfaction or for investment purposes? What is the difference between buying and collecting wine? Let’s explore this in detail!

Building your personal wine collection

Essential things to look out for…

If you’re just buying a bottle of wine, you buy it specifically to drink it. But usually, with a wine collector, they purchase wines not mainly for consumption. The goal is that the wines will appreciate in value over time and can be sold for a profit. However, there are also those who want to just grown their personal collection, with some consumption on the side. Eventually, they may also decide to sell some, but definitely not all of their bottles. Regardless of the end goal, the essential things to keep an eye out for when building a wine collection are pretty much similar.

The first detail to watch out for is the price. Even if you’re a beginner, it is important to pay attention to the price of the wine bottles. Analyze the current retail price, historical price trends, and the auction history of the wines. The cost of making the wine, wine region, and scarcity, and provenance are some factors that can influence the cost. Not all vintages will command a considerable price in the market. You have to be careful in getting your money’s worth.

Tips in building your wine collection

The second detail to get properly acquainted with is pedigree. As a collector, this is knowledge that you need to equip yourself with. You have to trace the wine bottle’s provenance. This includes its source, life cycle, and storage. You will also have to take a good look at the bottle’s pedigree. This would refer to its genetic characteristic, including the conditions under which it was shipped. It also includes the wine cellar conditions.

Last but not the least, you should know the cellar period or drinking window of wines. Keep in mind you are going to be spending good money in building your collection. It would be a complete waste if half or your collection needs to be consumed in a short amount of time. You’ll be forced to either just consume them or sell them at a loss. So even if your goal is mainly to have a personal collection, bear this detail in mind prior to purchasing. For example, wines like Sauvignon Blanc are meant to be consumed just in 1-3 years. But Cabernet Sauvignon bottles can be stored even up to 50 years. Do your research well to build a good mix of bottles with short and long cellar lifespan. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #513: Customized Knotty Alder Wine Racks

February 23rd, 2021

What is your wood of choice for your wine cellar project? Would you go the “safe” route and pick from the most common options? Or are you willing to be a bit adventurous and try out something different? If it’s the latter, then this Tech Tuesday should be a great inspiration. Our clients proudly showcase their adorable under stairwell wine storage. Check out their customized Knotty Alder wine racks:

Project # 329595
Wood: Custom / Knotty Alder
Bottle Capacity: 460
Where: Cumming, GA
Stain: Dark Walnut

Under stairwell storage with Knotty Alder racksUnder stairwell transformations are so unique and a  clever use of wasted space. We really enjoy seeing wine storage projects come to life in this type of layout. This one in particular is done so seamlessly! That’s because the wine racks have been customized to fit the space perfectly.

Black metal trim on glass panelsHere are some nice shots showcasing the range of racking styles. See how bulk bottle storage was taken into consideration with the Open Diamond Bins. We’d also like to point out a cool detail with the glass panels. Notice the black metal trim, including on the door? They really add character to the otherwise simple design of this project.

Knotty Alder in Dark Walnut stainNow let’s move on to the wood option. As earlier mentioned, these units were crafted from Knotty Alder. As far as appearance is concerned, Knotty Alder is quite attractive even when unstained. It is primarily light brown in color. But the wood may also vary from pale yellow to reddish-brown. In short, it is a light-colored wood. It also often features a variety of different-sized knots. But some pieces will have no knots at all. When compared to the more popular wood options, you can say it is closest to Rustic Pine.

Tons of bottle storage in a small spaceKnotty Alder is durable and possesses satisfactory resiliency. Moreover, it adapts to stains and finishes very well, including lacquer. Lacquer can be added to any stain or to the unstained wood for a glossy finish. In this project, clients chose a Dark Walnut stain option that really brought out the wood’s grain pattern. As you can see from the images, the wood and stain combo offered a rustic feel to the wine cellar. We are loving the minimalist yet elegant appeal of this Tech Tuesday. How does it rate with you? *Cheers*