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Client’s DIY Wine Library Is Surefire Attention-Grabber!

February 15th, 2018

The pace at which wine storage has evolved over the years is nothing short of amazing. New and improved wine cellar materials and products have really revolutionized the concept of wine storage. They have helped the creativity of the individual achieve even greater heights. As a result, DIY wine cellar projects have become more unique and inspiring. Today’s Testimonial Thursday is certainly proof of that and then some:

Remember how we always emphasized that you can build your wine storage anywhere in your home? Our clients show us how it’s done with this stunning re-purposed bookcase. They purchased some Curvy Cubes from the WCI online store, in particular, the Concave Curvy Cubes with Diamond Insert. They replaced the shelves in this old bookcase shown in the photos with the wine racks. With just a little tweaking around, they managed to fit two of the racks on each shelf for a total of eight racks. But that’s not all! They also did a little more work and transformed the smaller shelving into wine bottle displays. These gave them extra bottle storage space, as you can see from the snapshot below:

The cubes are able to hold a maximum of 12 standard-sized bottles. Since the client purchased eight of them, that’s approximately around 96 bottles that can be stored in the cubes alone. With the addition of the display shelves, the client could very well host over a hundred bottles in this clever little wine library. It makes us extremely proud to see WCI products being utilized in highly unique ways in these DIY projects. It only goes to show how versatile our racking units are and how they can provide storage solutions to any and all wine storage needs.

While the clients did not choose to stain the cubes, we’d still like to throw in this useful tip. If you want to achieve a built-in look for your wine cabinet, there’s no better way to do it than with custom stains and finishes. With our very healthy selection, you will be able to dress up your racks to match an existing piece of furniture, like this bookcase.

We purchased four of the diagonal wine racks and then put them together and placed two of them on two shelves of a re-purposed bookcase. They work fantastic and look even better. Everyone who sees them comments on them and can’t believe that we didn’t but them that way. The quality of them was great and very easy to put together, a few screws and we were done. A fabulous addition to our Wine Library!”

~Kenneth S.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine-Inspired Decor For Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day, wine cellar buddies! So how are you planning on spending this romantic day? Naturally, with us, there’s always going to be wine involved. After all, what’s hearts’ day without a fantastic bottle or maybe two? But popping open a bottle isn’t the only thing you should do. Make this romantic occasion even more memorable with some wine-inspired decor. Here are some terrific concepts you can try out not just today but for the rest of the month of love:

Classy centerpieces!Inexpensive yet classy centerpieces

Okay, so the romantic vibes are definitely in the air this month. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner for two or a sumptuous meal for the entire family, some wine-inspired centerpieces are in order. We absolutely love this one which totally takes a leaf out of Beauty And The Beast. All you need to do is gather a few wineglasses you don’t use anymore – so don’t get hasty and throw the old ones out. Grab your favorite blooms (plastic flowers are okay, too) and carefully cut off the stems. Mix some water with either Sprite, a penny, salt, crushed aspirin or charcoal and put inside a bottle sprayer. Spray your cut blooms so they’ll last longer. Cover them with upturned wineglasses! To make it fancier embellish the stem of the wineglass and top the base with a candle or fruits.


Improvised floral arrangements

Improvised flower arrangements!

Of course, Valentine’s Day won’t be complete without some beautiful floral arrangements. But instead of taking the lazy route and buying pre-arranged bouquets, take the time for some DIY ones. Not only will these look way better, but they will reflect your feelings as well. A personal favorite of ours is the shoe floral arrangement. It’s like one way of telling your significant other that you’re “head over heels in love” with them. Simply arrange your favorite blooms in a shoe and embellish with leaves, twigs, and branches. To keep them fresh, spray with hairspray. Choose a man’s shoe or boot and give it to your hubby or boyfriend, or dad as well!

Always room for dessert!Revolutionize your dessert presentation

For sure, dessert will a highly anticipated course in your V-day meal. In keeping with the wine-inspired theme, serve your sweet concoctions in a unique way. One popular recommendation is by serving dessert in wineglasses or champagne flutes. For example, instead of the usual fruit cups, prepare yours in a wineglass or champagne flute for a fancier charm. To add more drama to the presentation, use glasses in various sizes and heights. As an extra sweet touch, fill up transparent or semi-transparent empty wine bottles with candies, such as cinnamon hearts. Your dinner table will have never looked so adorable! ^_^



(Photo and concept credits to Wine Sisterhood and Artistry in Bloom . Thank you!)

Technical Tuesday Episode #369: The Perfect Compact Glass-Enclosed Cellar

February 13th, 2018

When you have the right tools at your disposal, there will never be such a thing as “not enough space” in a wine cellar project. Case in point: our most recent Tech Tuesday accomplishment. Since last year, compact wine cellars have dominated the wine cellar scene. This year might be no different, especially if more and more people can see what compact wine cellars can offer them:

Project # 300466
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 407
Where: Naples, FL

Glass-enclosed wine cellar

Let’s check out this simply perfect creation for our client in Naples, Florida. Naples is one of the wealthiest cities in the good, old U.S. of A. Real estate is also pretty pricey in the city, with homes being priced in the millions range. That’s why if you own real estate in Naples, you would do well to increase the selling points of your home. One of the ways to do this is to either construct a wine cellar in your home or do some remodeling of your old one. If there are those who are still not convinced that a wine cellar is indeed the next home icon, we’re hoping this blog will! It may not be a formal wine room, but this compact, glass-enclosed beauty ticks off all the boxes for wine storage:

Unstained Premium Redwood wine racks

This is a custom-built project utilizing unstained Premium Redwood wine racking units. You can see from the photos how it looks wonderfully built-in. It’s tucked perfectly into that lone corner by the wall, making it a focal point of the home. The glass-enclosed element is a huge factor in this project’s aesthetic charm. It lends the illusion of more space while also giving the wine cellar that necessary timeless appeal. Here you can see the advantage of custom wine cellars and how they can be constructed to suit any wine storage need.

Now as far as the racking arrangement is concerned, there is very good variety in bottle storage options. For a small wine cellar estimated to hold just a little over 400 bottles, the storage options are quite impressive. You have Individual Bottle Columns with Displays, Rectangular Shelves, and even a glass rack with tabletop. The floor area is cleverly used, as well as the racking heights. Again, since this is a custom project, there is one hundred percent control over the racking heights. No doubt about it, this compact beauty brings in all the goods: space-efficiency, quality, style, and affordability. ^_^

What’s New With WCI’s Traditional Series Wine Racks

February 12th, 2018

At WCI, there will always be wine racks to suit every storage need, style and budget. So if you’re one of those who is working with both limited space and budget, we have just the racking solutions you need. As far as our wine rack kits go, they are all designed to provide more affordable wine storage. However, there are still even more affordable options within the kits themselves. When it comes to resolving both space and budget issues, our Traditional Series wine racks can definitely do it for you.

Fully upgraded racking units

Now we’re quite aware that our Vintner Series has been sweeping the popularity charts all last year. As the front-runner for our kits, Vintner is certainly doing us proud. Nonetheless, it’s not the only one that’s bringing it’s A-game. Our Traditional Series wine racks have recently been upgraded with more bottle storage and customization options. It’s one big advantage is its price point. It’s worthy to note that the Traditional Series is comprised of shallow-depth racking units. That means with this kit, we can keep the cost low while providing clients with quality bottle storage.

So what exactly has the Traditional Series to offer? Like we earlier mentioned, this line has been upgraded to accommodate a variety of storage needs. Let’s start with the wine racks. We’ve incorporated Display Rows into our Individual Bottle Columns, allowing one to showcase their best labels to maximum advantage. In addition, customers can now also choose from the complete selection of stain and finish options, including Lacquer. Keep in mind that as far as the wood choice is concerned, this series is available only in Premium Redwood or Rustic Pine. These are two of the most affordable wood species with the best value by price per bottle space. It’s one of the main reasons for the attractive price point of the Traditional Series.

Apart from the racking units, we have equipped the Traditional Series with additional wine racking accessories. These accessories work to give your racking arrangement a complete and polished look. To illustrate, the series now has Curved Base and Crown Moldings aside from the standard Straight Base and Crown Moldings. Glass racks and tabletops are also available options with the standard Archway. Last but definitely not the least, we also offer select Hand-Painted Murals for Traditional Series Archway openings. Explore and discover what this wine rack kit can do for you and make the most out of your budget! ^_^