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Technical Tuesday Episode #365: Vintner Sophistication In Dark Walnut

January 16th, 2018

How much are you willing to spend to have a sophisticated looking wine cellar? If numbers alarm you, then we’re here to assure you that it’s not that bad. On the contrary, owning a sophisticated looking wine cellar is surprisingly affordable. That’s because you can do it with wine rack “kits.” That’s right, wine cellar fans! Since here at WCI, you have both custom and kit options to choose from, you can realize your wine cellar goals within your budget. Our client from Strongsville, OH just did and check out their completed wine room:

Project # 300021
Wood: Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1206
Where: Strongsville, OH

Sophisticated Vintner racking

If this doesn’t classify as a sophistication for a wine cellar, we don’t know what does. The photos of this latest Tech Tuesday project have really wow’ed us. We’re quite sure you guys would agree with us when we say that the racking assembly exudes a luxurious appeal. But did you know that this entire assembly was put together just using kits? Vintner has done it again! With the help of the extensive racking styles from our Vintner Series, our design team was able to pull this beauty off:

Versatile individual and bulk storage racking styles

Here are some terrific shots of the wine racks. There is obviously so much variety in bottle storage, with the combination of individual and bulk bottle units. Our team utilized the stackable Individual Bottle Columns which are available 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, and 9-feet configurations. They mixed and matched these with some Open Diamond Bins with Face Trim and Rectangular Bins. Crown, base, and center trim moldings were incorporated to give the arrangement a clean, finished look. Last but certainly not the least, the racks were done in Dark Walnut Stain. This stain option is a fantastic choice since it brought out the golden brown colors of the wood. The racks are all crafted from Premium Redwood which is usually a shade or two lighter than All-Heart Redwood. But with the Dark Walnut Stain, the deep golden brown hues are more prominent, giving this wine room a truly sophisticated look:

Dark Walnut Stain option

Note that before you select your stain and finish option for your wine cellar project, you can actually have a visual of how it will look like. Our Interactive Wood Swatch Viewer will allow you see how different wood types will look with various stains and finishes, including Lacquer. You will also notice that some wood types retain stains and finishes better compared to others. Premium Redwood, as used in this project, is a terrific example. Chat with our design consultants today and start building your own sophisticated wine cellar within budget! *Cheers*

Reasons Why Vintner Racks Get Top Ratings From Clients

January 15th, 2018

Our Vintner Series is surging ahead of the pack and showing no signs of slowing down. And we’re definitely all for it!  That’s why we’re here today to talk about the reasons why our Vintner Racks get top ratings from clients. Frequent followers of our blog will definitely notice the dramatic increase of Vintner projects being featured here. That includes commercial applications since the series has also expanded to provide a commercial racking line for customers. It’s certainly not all talk, though. Vintner indeed lives up to the hype. Let’s find out how:

Client loving her Vintner wine racking assembly

Amazing variety in racking styles

For a wine racks “kit”, Vintner has truly come onto its own, particularly in terms of wine racking styles. It’s only with this series that you can select from a great variety of designs to complete your wine cellar project. Clients are absolutely thrilled to find out that they can create custom assemblies with these ready-to-assemble units. Plus, they are even more thrilled to learn that they won’t be paying custom prices for them. With Vintner, you get full depth and modular wine racks that can equip wine cellars of any size. The height options have been expanded to let you choose from 3- and 4-feet racks down to 9-feet ones. You also get Curved Corner Racks and the latest Vintner Individual Concave to help store wine when a 90-degree directional transition is needed.

Fantastic customization options

One of the biggest factors that influenced Vintner’s rise in popularity is the customization options for this series. Normally, you’d find these types of amenities in custom wine racks. But Vintner has slowly but surely incorporated some of these customization options. For example, you get to select your wood choice for your Vintner racks, as well as your stains and finishes. This includes the Lacquer option which comes highly recommended if you want your racks to sport a glossy, luxurious appearance. The series also offers packaged “sets” for crown and base moldings to eliminate awkward gaps between the racks, the ceilings, and/or floors.

Gorgeous Vintner wine room


Stylish units for bulk bottle storage

Let’s face it. Storing wine bottles in bulk can at times lead to style issues. That’s why one must resort to custom racking to be able to store bottles in bulk fashionably. Vintner has found a way – or rather, ways – around that! With the bevy of choices such as the Diamonds and Cases, the Vintner Elite Cabinetry, and and the Vintner Stacks, one can get very creative with bulk bottle storage. And of course, don’t forget that there’s the Vintner commercial line for volume storage as well. ^_^

Unmatched Client Satisfaction With The Vintner Individual Concave Rack

January 11th, 2018

If you’re going to have just one wine rack for your wine bottles, then better make it a show-stopper. Our client Don is definitely starting the new year right when he chose this beautiful 5-Column Individual Concave Rack from our Vintner Series:

Vintner has been steadily expanding to provide tough competition for custom wine racking. In the recent years, this wine racks kit has evolved so much both in form and function. Presently, not only can Vintner provide you with space-efficient racking units, it also gives you a plethora of styles to choose from. These Individual Concaves are actually one of the latest additions to the Vintner family. They come in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10-Column configurations. This makes is convenient to stack them one on top of the other or side by side, expanding your racking arrangement in a horizontal fashion. There is also the Curved Corner Concave which will provide an excellent solution to attractively store your wine where a 90 degree directional transition is needed. But you can also utilize the racks to add more character and creativity to your wine room.

Now here’s one other thing that should really get you sold on the Vintner Individual Concave: it is fully customizable. That’s right, wine cellar buddies! The Concave comes in several height configurations, from 3-feet down to 9-feet. You can also choose your wood, stain, and finish options. For stains, this includes our newest Whitewash and White Opaque Stains. For the finishes, you get to choose between lacquered racks or no lacquer. That’s not all though. Our client Don actually had his rack personalized by having us add a custom top to it. You can definitely request for such customization preferences as well. Check out his full testimonial and review:

“I am very pleased with our wine rack.  It came in a timely fashion, was packaged very well and was fairly easy to assemble.  I did use a brad gun, which I believe made the task much easier and created a better finished product.  Also, I had your shop make a custom top for the rack because I wanted it to have more of a “finished” look like a piece of furniture since I was putting it in my finished basement.  I’ve gotten great comments from anyone who has seen it.  I’m thinking about getting a second one to stack on top of this one once I have it filled.  Couldn’t be happier with the product!


~Don W.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Racking Styles To Explore For The New Year

January 10th, 2018

Time for your weekly dose of wine cellar inspirations, wine cellar buddies! Since 2018 is off to a pretty energetic start, let’s go with the flow and explore more unique avenues. And as far as wine cellar projects go, it will always be about the wine racks. Step out of your comfort zone and check out some of these stylish racking styles. We guarantee that having them in your wine cellar will attract more than just fleeting attention.

Get an invisible acrylic wine rack to let your wine bottles float in the air. This Invisible Wine Cellar Series takes large sections and parses them out like a riddling wine rack concept where neck holders give the elegant appearance of floating wine bottles. Each wine bottle is securely held via the specialized wine slots but provides a high end modern feel to your wine room.

Invisible Wine Racks

Talk about unique! Having “invisible” wine racks in your wine cellar is sure to be a stunner. But how exactly can that be achieved? Did you know that apart from the usual wood and metal materials, wine racks can also be crafted our of acylic? Yup, you read right – acrylic! WCI in fact launched our Acrylic Wine Racks just around two years ago. With a glass wine wall and acrylic back racking, customers love the sparse, uncluttered, and elegant view these wine rooms bring to their living areas. You can also add an even fancier twist by turning your assembly in to an invisible wall with the Acrylic Cube series. The alternating concave and convex racking units result in a clear minimalist modern beauty perfect for small cellars or large wine rooms.

Wall Wine Racks

Now Wall Wine Racks  are not exactly a new trend in wine racking. But nowadays, they have evolved particularly in terms of the style factor. Take the Wall Wine Rack Series here at WCI as an example. The wood boards have holes manufactured in them for the bottle necks to go in and be properly supported. So basically, you have the punt facing you making the label visible to be read. This is not possible with a neck forward design. And of course, there are multiple stain and finish options. You can also choose to have an  unstained version and paint them any color you want.

Aluminum Bottle Supports with Finished Panels

The Aluminum Bottle Supports with Finished Panels are space-saving wonders that can offer tons of bottle storage even in really tight spaces. They are easy to install and can go just about anywhere in your home. But it’s the finished panels that really make them stand out. The background can be customized in multiple colors making your design possibilities practically limitless.