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From “Unnecessary” Closet To Under Stairwell Wine Cellar

June 29th, 2017

A lot of our favorite wine cellar stories come from those who have discovered (or re-discovered!) a much better use for “unnecessary” spaces in their homes. We sometimes take these spaces in our home for granted, but there’s actually a wine cellar waiting to happen in there. So when our client Jeffrey sent in these before-and-after snaps of their recently completed DIY under stairwell wine cellar, we simply just can’t wait to showcase it.

Per our clients, they were able to transform the “awkward, unnecessary closet” off of their garage area, located under the stairs, into a proper wine storage for their wine collection. It seems our clients are quite fond of European wine and brought quite a lot of them back home from their European trip. Naturally, they didn’t want these bottles to remain in those plastic containers for long. They set about purchasing some of our Traditional Series wine racks in Rustic Pine, specifically, the Individual Bottle Columns.

Our Traditional Series wine racks kit is one of those kits with shallow-depth racking units, akin to the WineMaker Series. This makes these racks a very smart choice for compact or uneven spaces, just like the unused closet space in the clients’ garage area. The racks are available in 6-feet height configurations and a variety of bottle storage options that can be easily mixed and matched. The clients happily testified to the ease of assembly of the racks and how a few simple adjustments resulted in a perfect fit for the designated space.

The Traditional Series in Rustic Pine

“Thanks for reaching out… we love our wine racks! As does everyone who sees them!

I’ve attached photos of the before/after of the “wine cellar” we built in an awkward, unnecessary closet off of our garage area under some stairs. The racks are fantastic for the price and super easy to use. They’re holding all the wine we brought home from Europe very well!

We did affix them to the walls for added security. And they assembled super easy, we were even able to adjust the height ever so slightly so they fit perfectly in the space.

As 50% of our little dual military family is deployed, so the only one left to show is Cooper… who was actually in Europe with us when we procured all the wine!”

~Jeffrey B.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Racking Choices For Your Non-Wine Spirits

June 28th, 2017

Just because you own a wine cellar doesn’t mean you can’t collect other spirits as well. There’s so much out there to enjoy (although admittedly, we still think wine’s the best!) – champagne, whiskey, beer, scotch, ale, and so much more. So how would you store these bottles in your wine cellar? It’s pretty awesome that nowadays, more and more wine racking units have become more versatile as to be able to store other liquor as well. Here are a few racking choices to consider for these non-wine taste teasers:

Quarter Round Shelves

Quarter Round Displays/Shelves

For faithful followers of the blog, you’ve surely seen these in a lot of our projects, particularly our Tech Tuesdays. There are lots of selections available in the market these days for this type of bottle storage. They are aesthetically pleasing and allows you to showcase your bottles to maximum advantage. Some displays let you store your bottles lying down, but most of them will have you storing your bottles in an upright position. There are also “mini” versions that you can have built into your other furniture, specifically your islands or peninsulas, or under archways.

Rectangular Open Wine Bins

This type of racking is popular with bulk bottle storage. A lot of wine cellars utilize these bins because you can store both loose bottles and cases or boxes in them. Alternatively, they make for great storage for your non-wine spirits. We find that they are especially useful when you want to hoard boxes of your favorite beer. Most of the Rectangular Open Wine Bins you can find in the market come with fixed shelves. Nonetheless, the customer demand for adjustable shelves has also increased in the recent years, making more of these units with adjustable shelves available.

Vertical Display Bins

Vertical Display Bins

While this racking style is used more with commercial establishments, we find that they can also be compatible with residential wine cellars. These bins are very versatile because they can accommodate various bottle sizes. Of course, the ideal bottle size for storage in these bins is the standard 13 1/2″ wine bottle measurement. But you can still store smaller or larger sizes quite comfortably. Just keep in mind that you will most likely not be able to store as many or a specific number of bottles that these bins were originally designed for if you utilize them for non-wine beverages.

Do you have your own racking choices to share? We’d be delighted if you share your ideas with us! ^_^

Technical Tuesday 339: Your Home Wine Tasting Center With Vintner

June 27th, 2017

What will your home wine tasting center look like with the Vintner Series? Our Tech Tuesday showcase for today will give you an idea or two of what to expect. And believe us, after you’ve seen these snaps, you’re going to be wanting one for your home ASAP:

Project # 290499
Wood: Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 624
Where: Hamilton, OH

Home Wine Tasting Center

Now is this a perfect fit or is this a perfect fit for the client’s home? There’s a convenient little space in the client’s residence that was just waiting for a wine cellar project to happen. And happen it did, thanks to our Vintner Series wine racking units. Here you can pretty much see just how the racks were able to come together in a smooth manner, making the tasting center appear like it was fully customized. But remember – this is just from our “kits” line. That means these are NOT custom-made, but “standard,” ready-to-assemble units in this series that can still give your wine cellar that personalized, organized look. Since our Vintner line has been steadily expanding, we have managed to provide so many bottle storage options that can be mixed and matched to fit any space in one’s home. As you can see from these photos, the client chose Open Diamond Cubes, Individual Bottle Columns with Displays, and Wineglass Racks for their home tasting center:

Vintner Series wine racks

The only custom item in this project is the beautiful countertop. To complement it, our team dressed up the racks in Classic Mahogany stain which really made them pop out against the much lighter colored walls. This will prove to be a huge advantage because once the racks are filled up, this tasting center will become one of the focal points and conversation starters in the client’s home. And by all means, if you love your collection, they should be given the focus they deserve in your home. Does it need to be a formal wine room? Nope! Does it need to break the budget? Definitely not! With Vintner, you can have something as elegant and functional as this home wine tasting center to keep both you and your wines happy. So go ahead and stop wasting that empty space in your home. Talk to our experienced design consultants and see what your home wine tasting center would look like with the Vintner Series. *Cheers*

Custom Stains And How They Can Change Your Wine Racks

June 26th, 2017

You guys should probably realize by now that we’re a huge fan of stains and finishes on wine racks. After all, we talk about that a lot on the blog! Of course, we also love the natural look on unstained versions of racking units and other wine cellar furniture. But when it comes to achieving varying styles or unique looks for your wine cellar project, custom stains and finishes are definitely the way to go.

Custom stains and finishes

We we’re quite lucky to have our team take on this absolutely gorgeous project just recently. The completed wine room looked marvelous and would be a perfect example of how custom stains and finishes can be a real game changer. The racks are all from our Platinum Series and Rustic Pine was the wood of choice. Note that Rustic Pine already sports a natural “rustic architectural” appearance in the wood’s natural state. However, it lends itself to a variety of stains and finishes, enabling you to come up with different styles for your wine cellar. Rustic Pine is particularly suited for weather finishes. This is where we strip down the intergrain matter to approximate the appearance of wood that has been aged outside for decades.

Dusty Weathered stain treatment

So in this particular project, the wood was dressed up in special Dusty Weathered stain and treatment. This stain option is designed to give your wood that classic, timeworn look. The wood is run through a proprietary process that strips intergrain material down below the grain in the same fashion that outside exposure striates barn siding over 50-70 years. This is something that works particularly well with certain species of wood such as Pine, Redwood and Oak. A custom topcoat is applied and the color plays on the grayish-brown hues to complete the weathered appearance to the wood. As can be gleaned from closer shots of the racks and custom shelving below, the wood showcases a well-worn palette that is very reminiscent of old-country charm:

Beautiful Rustic Pine wood option

Speaking of customs stains and finishes, WCI has actually raised the bar on this one with our introduction of “blended” stain options as well. “Blended stains” is where we offer a 90/10, 80/20, 70/30, 60/40 or 50/50 ratio of our stock stains. So say you want a Classic Mahogany or Dark Walnut stain on your racks, you can get that in the previously quoted ratios, depending on how much lighter or darker you’d want the hues on your racks. Your design possibilities are practically limitless with WCI’s custom stains and finishes! ^_^