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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Inspired Holiday Shopping Guide

November 25th, 2020

Feeling the stress of holiday shopping slowly gnawing at you? Don’t let that ruin the fun! We can still celebrate the most wonderful time of the year safely and stress-free. We’ve come up with some cool, wine inspired holiday shopping guides for you. We actually put put a previous one last blog, so you can check that out as well.

Wine inspired gifts like these cabinetry accents

Custom cabinetry accents

First up is something that both wine lovers and non-wine lovers will love. Did you know that WCI carries an extensive line of gorgeous cabinetry accents?  If you want to give your new or existing cabinetry or shelving a truly custom look, this will definitely do the trick. Our cabinet hardware and wine drawer pulls come in a variety of beautiful designs. We especially love the Antique Grape Clusters and the E Series knobs and pulls. The best thing about these accents is that your “giftee” can use in it any of their cabinets and shelves at home!

Vino Pins and Rails

Vino Pins and Rails

The Vintage View Series is one of the pioneers of meta wine racking here at WCI. This collection of wall-mounted wine racks has evolved so much in the last few years. The latest addition are the Vino Pins and Rails. These wonderful bottle supports are perfect for both large and compact spaces. You can mount them literally anywhere! Their size, price and design make for one of the most unique wine inspired holiday gifts ever. The metal bottle supports come in different stunning finishes such as  Gunmetal, Golden Bronze, and Gloss Black. But you can also get the pins in gorgeous Acrylic material!

Oasis Plus cigar humidifier

Oasis Plus for the wine and cigar lover

Do you have a wine and cigar lover on your holiday gift list? Then here’s something to really end their year on a high note: the Cigar Oasis PLUS 3.0! This wonderful product is the most powerful active humidifier in its size. You will note that the compact design is perfect for small cabinets, end tables, and coffee table humidors. Two of the standout features of this product are the built-in system and built-in Smart Humidor Wi-Fi. The built-in system accurately monitors the humidity and uses a quiet fan to circulate the air in the humidor. This helps eliminate those “musty” odors so common in well-sealed humidors.

Need more wine inspired gift ideas to round up your holiday shopping list? Check out our full gift guide on the WCI website! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #453: Compact Goodness With The Modern Series

November 24th, 2020

Compact wine storage is really climbing up the popularity ladder! We can’t even keep count of the number of projects we’ve had this year for this type of wine storage. But we DO remember what our favorites are and today’s Tech Tuesday is definitely one of them. Our Modern Wine Cellar series takes center stage once again, bringing in all that compact goodness:

Project # 323777
Wood: Custom / Grand Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 138
Where: Boca Raton, FL
Stain: Graywash

Compact wine storage with the Modern SeriesRight off the bat, you can see how it’s possible to create proper wine storage even from a narrow space. You’re not seeing a formal wine room here. Nonetheless, we’re confident no one will question the ample bottle storage capacity of this racking assembly. That’s not all, no one will also say that this set-up lacks style. In fact, it’s super eye-catching, thanks to the Modern Wine Cellar Series.

Beautiful Grand Mahogany wood bottle supportsIf you follow our blog, you’ll note that this is not the first time we’ve talked about this type of racking. We’ve had several beautiful wine cellar projects involving this contemporary design. It is actually one of our newer offerings that was launched a few years back. The goal was to create a design that will appeal even to the most discerning wine collector. As you can see from the photos, the racking layout is really quite unique. The wood platforms are held up by metal supports that run  from the ceiling to the floor. The wine bottles are nestled in these platforms to give them an ethereal “floating” appearance. But it doesn’t end there. The wood platforms can also be customized to cater to one’s preference. You can have your pick from WCI’s abundant selection of wood, stain and finish options. Our clients here went with a stellar combination of Grand Mahogany and Graywash Stain:

Custom shelving incorporated into the Modern SeriesYou might also notice from this last photo that the racking assembly incorporates shelving as well. Again, keep in mind that everything can be customized! Adding these shelves will allow the clients to accommodate bulk bottle storage, including wine boxes and crates. Last but not the least, if you want a more whimsical touch to your wine storage, you can go for the acrylic option. That’s right! The Modern Wine Cellar Series also offers these bottle supports in beautiful acrylic material. *Cheers*


“Life Is A Cabernet” Thanks To The Vintner Wine Racks

November 19th, 2020

The Vintner Series is certainly not backing down from taking the “bestseller” of the year title this 2020. Today’s Testimonial Thursday shines the spotlight on yet another happy client. For Brittany, life is indeed a Cabernet and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

As you can see from these snaps, our client did an amazing job with their wine closet transformation. This space was the perfect size to host a small collection. Moreover, thanks to the Vintner Series, they were able to maximize the bottle storage capacity. You can see here how the 3-foot and 4-foot Vintner racking units work so well in compact spaces. These racks’ claim to fame are their stackable qualities. It is so easy to build racking layouts that you can utilize even in rooms with irregular dimensions. WCI has gone the extra mile to make it more convenient for customers to purchase from the Vintner collection. You can now get exactly the racks and stacking equipment you need by selecting a 3 foot, 4 foot, 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot or 9 foot foot wine rack at the purchase page.

Of course, the options you have with Vintner are not limited to the height configurations of the wine racks. Notice how the client chose a bold colored stain on their units. You actually get the full selection of stains to choose from with Vintner. That includes our newest offerings such as Whitewash, Graywash, Opaque White, and Mocha. Moreover, you can even opt for a Lacquer finish on your racks. As for the wood, you have at your fingertips the four top choices for custom wine cellars. All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Mahogany are all available with the Vintner line. This is also one of the best features of this wine rack kit. You get these “custom” amenities that you can get very creative with. The result is wine storage that satisfies both function and aesthetic.

Now the client has room for all the Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc that they want – and more! ^_^

”I love my wine racks. They’ve been great!”

~Brittany G.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: November Wine Holidays To Celebrate

November 18th, 2020

How good are you at keeping track of your wine holidays? Did you know that the month of November has quite a number of them? If you missed out on the first few, there’s no need to fret. We’ve put together a list so you won’t forget anything else. So go ahead, pop those wine bottles and enjoy!

November 2020 Wine Holidays

First up is November 1, 2020 which is International Xinomavro Day. If you missed out on celebrating this wine holiday, make sure you mark those calendars for next year. The Association of Winemakers “Wines of North Greece” recognizes the charismatic “Xinomavro”, as it holds the top rank among the Greek varieties. The association decided to establish the “International Xinomavro Day” in order to promote the noble variety around world.

November wine holidays!

Credits by: Southern Foodways Alliance

Next up is November 7, 2020 which is a heavy favorite with wine lovers across the globe. We hope you were able to toast this one – the International Merlot Day! Along with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot, Merlot is one of the primary grapes used in Bordeaux wine. It is also the most widely planted grape in the Bordeaux wine regions. Merlot is also one of the most popular red wine varietals in many markets. It goes without saying that this wine deserves to be celebrated!

November 12th is this year’s International Tempranillo Day. If you missed out, remember these hashtags #TempranilloDay or #Tempranillo . They always make the Twitter trends because, hey, what wino doesn’t love the earthy, fruity taste of this wine? Don’t forget that this wine holiday always falls on the 2nd Thursday of November.

Credits by: DimiTalen

So how about today, the 18th of November? Well, we hope you have your wineglasses ready because today is National Zinfandel Day! Zinfandel is often called the “beginner’s wine.” If you started your wine journey with a bottle of Zin, then never forget to celebrate it! Zinfandel Day falls on the 3rd Wednesday in November every year.

Tomorrow is also another wine holiday – a terrific excuse to pop open another bottle or two. Beaujolais Nouveau Day actually falls on the 3rd Thursday of November every year. This year, it’s on the 19th!

Last but definitely not the least, mark your calendars for the 24th of November.  It’s a special day for Carmenère lovers! The wine is treasured for its supple red-and-black berry flavors. It is quite similar style to Merlot. But it is distinguished from the latter with its herbaceous green peppercorn accents. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #452: Victorian X Blended Stain Overtones

November 17th, 2020

When you’re going for a custom wine cellar project, you should go all out! And we don’t mean spending an obscene amount of money to get what you want. That’s because our highly experienced design consultants here at WCI can get you exactly what you want at the price you can afford. Our clients can attest to that with this gorgeous Victorian x Blended Stain overtones on their custom wine room:

Project # 302443
Wood: Custom/Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1530
Where: Duluth, GA
Stain: Blended


The styles that emerged during the lifetime of England’s second-longest reigning monarch are present even today. The  influences from the Victorian age very much evident in art, architecture, design, and decor. Note that this era was a period of prosperity for Great Britain. Notably, that era placed high value on beautiful things and ornate details. Money was no object and it became known as an ostentatious style. Thankfully, you don’t need to go beyond your budget to incorporate this theme into your wine cellar.

Victorian x Blended Stain overtones

Our clients worked closely with our team to recreate details reminiscent of Victorian overtones. They took inspiration from Gothic spires, vaulted ceilings, moldings. Notice the stone archways and beautiful stone mosaic flooring in this wine room. Unique lighting accessories were also thrown in for added aesthetic.

Blended Stain on wine racks

Now let’s move on to the wine racks. They were customized to fit perfectly into the stone archways. You can see the high-quality craftsmanship of the racking assembly as it looks completely built-in. There is also a good variety of bottle storage options, including lots of room for bulk bottles. The wood option for this project is Premium Redwood. This is a more reasonably priced wood compared to Grand Mahogany or All-Heart Redwood. Nonetheless, it is no slouch when it comes to durability and resiliency. Moreover, it absorbs stains and finishes very well.
Loving the stone archways!

Moving on to stains and finishes, see how the racks are dressed up in a very bold stain color. This is also one of the characteristics of the Victorian style. It’s all about the play of dark and light palettes, interwoven with different textures. Instead of the Midnight Black Stain though, clients chose to go for the Blended Stain option. What is our Blended Stain option? It is exactly what the name suggests. Did you know that here at WCI, we can blend any of our current stains together. This allows us to create something completely custom for our clients! We can even take a custom match and match it up. *Cheers*

Lighting accents on archway

Simple Yet Stunning Silhouettes With Revue Racks

November 12th, 2020

The Revue wine racks are on a roll! We love how our clients enjoy creating simple yet stunning silhouettes with them. Today’s Testimonial Thursday adds another one on the list. This beautiful glass-enclosed wine storage is a work of art and we are excited to share the details:

Stunning wall-mount Revue racks Our clients from Cleveland were not looking for a formal wine cellar for their small collection. They wanted a simple yet space-efficient wine storage in their kitchen/dining area. When they stumbled upon the Revue Series, they struck gold. These wall-mount units allowed for so much creative freedom, even with small spaces. Indeed, the racks provide for visual delight by showing off your collection in a show-stopping way. You will notice that the bottles are displayed in a label-forward fashion. This makes it convenient when organizing your bottles, especially for bigger wine cellars.

Simple yet eye-catching arrangement on the Revue racksNow how do these racks measure up in terms of ease of installation and assembly? You will be delighted to learn that it rates a full five stars! You can get the units in 3-foot and 4-foot height configurations. This makes it easy to stack and combine them into different racking arrangements. The 3-foot rack can hold a maximum of bottles in single depth format. The 4-foot one can store up to 12 bottles. But take note that these Revue racks come in single, double, and triple deep configurations. Purchasing in double, or triple depth will expand your metal wine storage considerably. It’s the perfect storage solution especially for smaller spaces.

Last but not the least, you definitely won’t cramp your style with the Revue racks. Just look at how elegant our clients’ set-up turned out! The units come in two finish options: satin black or silver metal. The finishes will work with any decor or theme, so you won’t have to worry about anything style-wise. Want more design inspirations using these wall-mount beauties? Explore our photo gallery for more examples! ^_^



Wine Cellar Inspirations: Setting The Mood With Thanksgiving Wines

November 11th, 2020

One thing we love about wine is that you can still enjoy it under any circumstances. Lockdown? Quarantine? Social distancing? You can do it all with a bottle of wine, or two, or more! So this Thanksgiving 2020, there’s no cause for the blues. Even with just your family or very small circle of friends, you can have fun the safe way. For our part, we’ve put together some Thanksgiving wines we’d want you guys to try out:

Set the mood with Thanksgiving wines!

Aim to please with Pinot Noir…

Per Food & Wine, avoid trying to match wine with individual flavors or dishes. Instead, try going for bottles that complement a wide variety of foods. Pinot Noir is a classic dinner wine choice that you can’t go wrong with. We have a soft spot especially for fine-boned and delicate Pinots like many of those made in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Connoisseurs agree that Pinot Noir is a food friendly wine. It’s perfect for showcasing fall flavors such as cranberry, red apple skin pumpkin, and allspice.

Spice it up with Syrah…

Syrah or “shiraz” grape is a highly recommended presence on the Thanksgiving table. If you are planning on serving a variety of dishes, this is one of the wines to pop open. Shiraz can bring a spicy edge or a meaty character to your Thanksgiving spread. You will find that this wine increases the complexity while graciously handling the cornucopia of flavors in the dinner table. With traditional turkey dinner, Syrah is an especially good choice with its prevalent peppery notes. It partners well with herb-infused stuffing and with both white and dark turkey meat.

Round it up with Riesling…

For your Thanksgiving dinner whites, we have Riesling as one of our top picks. This white can either be bone dry or fairly sweet. It has a tried and true history of excellence with dishes that are spicy, salty, or sweet. Whether from Alsace, Germany, or Washington, Riesling whites are sure to give your palate pleasure this Thanksgiving dinner. Riesling’s innate flavors of apple, apricot, and honey, and its clarifying acidity pair well with heavy meals. Cue in the Thanksgiving fare of turkey, sweet potatoes, and roasted veggies. ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #451: Be Awesome In Acrylic Vino Pins

November 10th, 2020

It was just last week that we were talking about mixing up materials in a wine cellar project. Imagine our delight when today’s Tech Tuesday followed through with it! Let’s show you guys how to be awesome in these acrylic wine racks:

Project # 290737
Wood: Custom / Acrylic
Bottle Capacity: 216
Where: Atlanta, GA

Be awesome with acrylic Vino Pins!This small wine storage is packed with big details. First up, of course, is the unique racking assembly. Since the space is limited, the client and our design team decided to go with wall-mount wine racks. But instead of the standard units, they opted for these super space-efficient Vino Pins. The pins are part of the Vintage View Series. This collection has grown so much over the years, making a really memorable mark for metal wine racks. One of the best features of the pins is that you can have them anywhere in your home. They can easily be mounted in the kitchen, living area, den, and be the perfect canvass for your collection.

Glass x acrylic elements equals awesome!Here we can see how this section of the client’s home was cleverly enclosed in glass panels. The combination of glass and the acrylic Vino Pins makes this wine storage look bigger than it actually is. Another outstanding feature of the pins is the ability to mount them directly to any wall surface with the proprietary anchor systems. This is the only metal wine rack peg system that can mount direct to drywall, masonry or wood. You do not need a backer board at all! Moreover, they are wonderfully stylish as well. The Vino Pins now come in acrylic material that is being used in this project. Acrylic is almost as transparent as glass, very durable, and lends a fresh, modern take to your wine cellar:

Try these awesome acrylic Vino Pins! Apart from acrylic, you can instead opt for finishes on the original aluminum material. Select from stunning finishes like Gunmetal, Gloss Black, and Golden Bronze, to name a few. Also take note that optional Vino Pins Extensions (VP-X) allow for transformation to two- and three-deep bottle configurations. You can do this now or even at a later time. It’s such an amazing way to grow your wine cellar with your collection. Be awesome today with the Vintage Vino Pins, Pegs and Rails! *Cheers*

Compact Multi-Purpose Wine Storage From Vintner

November 5th, 2020

What’s better than having space-efficient wine storage? How about a compact AND multi-purpose one! Our client Scott proudly showcases his wine rack-slash-counter-slash-tasting table, courtesy of the Vintner Series:

Client loves his multi-purpose wine storage!

The Vintner Series is always full of wonderful surprises as far as wine cellar projects go. Today’s Testimonial Thursday is one of our favorites because it really shows how versatile Vintner is. The client actually worked with a WCI design consultant in order to put together this creative little number. Solid Diamond Cubes were put together to serve as both storage for the client’s collection and as a base for an elegant tasting table. You can see from the photo that the cubes can hold a good number of bottles. But the best part is the easy access to them which is so ideal for those impromptu wine nights.

Our client decided to go with Grand Mahogany for the wood option. Since it’s a compact wine storage, we consider this little splurge as really clever. Grand Mahogany is admittedly the most expensive among the top four choices for custom wine cellars. But spending those extra dollars is definitely worth it. This plantation grown hardwood is not just eye-catching, but it is also very versatile. It sports a beautiful uniform color, with only slight variations, ranging medium to pale pink. In terms of hardness, density, and grain structure, it stands on equal footing with sapele and cherry. It also matches up to popular hardwoods like sapele, hard maple, and cherry when it comes to durability and stability.

Scott decided to go with a Light Stain option for his wine racks. The subtleness of the stain brought out the uniform grain pattern of Grand Mahogany, as can be seen in the photo. The multi-purpose wine storage looks simple yet luxe and client is just loving it! ^_^

“Guillermo was great and we really love the final product!” 

~Scott Y.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Designing A Modern Wine Cellar

November 4th, 2020

The modern wine cellar charm is really gaining ground with more and more wine cellar projects. There is something to be said about clean, sleek likes with pops of color and use of different materials. If you are down for a contemporary wine cellar design, then we’re here to help. We’ve put together these pro tips for designing a modern wine cellar:

Designing a modern wine cellar

Play around with your wine racks

One of the best ways to give your wine cellar that modern vibe is by mixing up your racking units. Instead of sticking to standard wood wine racks, go ahead and explore other options. These days, wine racks come in various styles and materials. Metal wine racks, of course, rank among our recommendations. Metal wine racks have “contemporary” written all over them. But we also highly recommend checking out acrylic wine storage units. They are especially entrancing when used with a cable racking arrangement. Another style to explore would be wine pegs and rails. Mix and match these different styles and let your creativity lead the way.

Designing a contemporary wine storage with metal racking

Experiment with lighting accents

You will be pleasantly surprised at how lighting accents can change the look of your wine cellar. It can convey moods, create ambiance, and even change how the size of the room feels when you walk in. We are quite fond of the concept of LED lights behind metal racking. Recessed lighting on archways and wine displays also come highly recommended. Take it up a notch and try vibrant, colorful LED lighting. This will give your wine cellar a modern feel while keeping low heat emissions. LED lights are resistant to vibration and humidity, environmentally friendly. They also have lower voltage with no UV generation.

Try out different stains and finishes

Try out different stains and finishes

This is perhaps one of our most popular pro tips. Stains and finishes can conveniently change the look of your wine cellar. You can go from “blah” to “wow” with just staining or finishing your wine racks and wine cellar furniture. Some stains and finishes are tailor-made to bring that contemporary look to your wine cellar. Our top picks include Midnight Black, Graywash, Whitewash, our special Blended Stain option, and our newest Mocha Stain. ^_^_

Technical Tuesday Episode #450: Wine Cellar Accents You’ll Love

November 3rd, 2020

Aaaand just like that, we’re now in the month of November. 2020 is sure one hell of a roller coaster year but we’re nearing the finish line. We’re super fortunate that the wine cellar business has still been going string though. In fact, people actually had more time this year to focus on home construction projects. That includes custom wine cellars! In today’s Tech Tuesday, we’re going to show you guys wine cellar accents you’ll surely love. Check this beauty out:

Project # 310761
Wood: Custom / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1009
Where: Bryson City, NC

Wine cella accents to love!This lovely number ranks high in our list of favorite residential projects. It has a terrific variety of bottle storage options. We love the mix of Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim and the Individual Diamond Bins. They give the racking arrangement a more unique silhouette. Speaking of unique, this wine cellar is chock full of interesting details. Let’s go over them one at a time, starting with the flooring.

You’ll love our decorative applications!

Artistic Flooring

Instead of wood or cork floors, this project went with artistic stone flooring. Note that wine cellar floors also hold a lot of aesthetic appeal in your wine cellar project. They help a lot in maintaining ideal wine storage conditions, but they can also give your wine cellar an amazing facelift. Here you can see how pops of color from the flooring add to the attractiveness of the wine room:

Custom etchings on glass and mirrors

Timeless Accents

Now let’s talk about the glass and mirror accents on this project. One of the best pro tips for smaller wine cellars is utilizing glass and mirror elements. These help create the illusion of larger spaces. But that’s not all! Glass and mirrors are timeless and absolutely classy. You can’t go wrong with incorporating them into any wine cellar design.

You’ll love the variety in our wine racks!The client took it a step further and opted for some decorative applications on the glass. You will notice that these glass etchings were done on both the mirrors and wine cellar door. All our etchings at WCI are sandblasted. We offer four standard etching designs but we can also customize according to the client’s preference.

You can easily from our collection of images or provide us with your own design. Some popular requests include family initials, family crests and vineyard scenes. Feeling a little bit more adventurous? You will love our painted glass option! We have a plethora of wine cellar accents to cater to every style. All it takes is a phone call or e-mail and we can help you get started! *Cheers*

Sandblasted custom etchings

Of Open Diamonds, Glass And Wall-Mount Wine Racks

October 29th, 2020

Mixing different types of materials in a wine cellar project can be quite tricky. If you do too much, it will end up looking all over the place. If you do too little, it will be pretty boring which is kind of unfortunate. After all, you’re spending good money on your wine cellar, so the results have to be satisfying. Our client Jeff certainly did his homework with his home wine cellar. Check out this  breathtaking blend of open diamonds, glass, and wall-mount wine racks:

Of diamond bins, glass and wall-mount racks

Open Diamond Shelving

The harmony of the materials used in this project is definitely worthy of mention. First we have the beautifully crafted custom Open Diamonds, shelves and countertops. Grand Mahogany was the wood of choice, drenched in Dark Walnut Stain. The racks work very well with the other wood furniture in the room. Since they are custom made, notice how seamless the racking arrangement is. It wraps around the room with no awkward gaps anywhere:

Classy glass-enclosed set-up

Metal Wall-Mounts

Next up are the metal wall-mount wine racks. If you’re not aware of this yet, now is a good time to understand the functionality of these racks. Wall-mount units are second to none when it comes to space-efficiency. They do not take up any floor space and you can mount them just about anywhere in your home. There are even those that can be mounted on almost any surface, such as the STACT and Revue series. Moreover, these racks are easy to install.

You can even choose between a cork-forward or label-forward storage system. In this client’s case, he went with a label-forward configuration so the bottle labels can be showcased. Thanks to the space-efficiency of the metal wine racks, there’s generous floor space left for a seating area:

Tasteful mix of diamond bins and metal racks

Elegant Glass

Last but not the least, we have the glass elements in this project. One can never go wrong with a glass-enclosed wine cellar. It’s very elegant and enhances all other design aspects extremely well. It comes highly recommended, particularly with smaller spaces. Glass entryways give off the illusion of wide and open areas. You can definitely see how it gets the job done with client’s wine cellar!  ^_^


It looks great and planning to buy some more wines 🙂”

~Jeff H.~


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Throwing A Safe Halloween Wine Party

October 28th, 2020

Why have just a Halloween party when you can turn it into a Halloween WINE party instead? You read that right, wine buddies! This year, Halloween celebrations may look a little different, but the fun won’t stop. It’s all about partying the “safe” way. That means keeping it intimate, staying in cohort circles, and serving food and drinks in a safe way. Here are some useful tips on throwing your Halloween wine party:

Throw a Halloween wine party the safe way!

Credits by: wavebreakmedia_micro – freepik

Improvised wine tasting…

Usually, we like to pour wine for our guests as this is  a great way to get everyone engaged in the party. But this year, we can do things differently to minimize health risks. It won’t change the fun factor in the equation though! We recommend preparing the wines to be tasted beforehand. Put these in separate wineglasses for your guests. If you don’t have enough wineglasses, there’s nothing wrong with substituting some plastic ones. The dollar store actually sells some pretty funky plastic “wineglasses.” Also, it’s best if only the host/s do the refilling for the wineglasses. That way, you’ll avoid having different hands touch the same surface on the wine bottles.

Skip the buffet-style spread…

Admittedly, buffet-style is one of the easiest and most enjoyable to prepare. But this year, it’s wise to stay away from this dining style because of the health risks. Since Halloween wine parties need to be kept intimate, let’s take this chance to become more creative. Put hors d’oeuvres and other finger food in separate containers. We love those tiny candy containers or cupcake paper liners. For the main dishes, put then in separate carton or box containers. Our favorite are the noodle or bento box recyclable ones. That way, your guests will be able to take as many tidbits as they can without the fear of cross-contamination. It also makes for easy clean-up!

Pre-pack the sweet treats…

Obviously, you can’t celebrate Halloween without the treats. Chocolates and candies usually come individually packaged – and that’s great. But it still pays to be extra cautious these days. Instead of pouring everything into a bowl for your guests’s little ones (or the adults with overly sweet tooth!), put the treats in goodie bags. The kids will actually love it and find it easier to keep track of their loot.

Have an awesome Halloween weekend, wine and wine cellar fans. Stay safe! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #449: A Very Vintner Affair

October 27th, 2020

This is it, wine cellar folks – the last Tech Tuesday for Spooktober! Halloween is in a couple of days, but there are no tricks here, just lots of treats. Today’s wine cellar spotlight is a very Vintner affair. The Vintner Series is really a class on its own and this project can shows us all the reasons why:

Project # 327475
Wood: Custom / Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 400
Where: Alachua, FL
Stain: Light

Vintner Rotating Wine Cradle

Vintner’s Elite Cabinetry Line

The focal point of this racking arrangement is definitely the Rotating Wine Cradle. This unit is part of Vintner’s Elite Cabinetry line. It was uniquely designed to showcase your wine bottles in a beautiful but practical manner. As the name suggests, you can easily rotate the display and store or remove the bottles. The Rotating Wine Cradle is available in 3- and 4-foot height configurations, in true Vintner style. That makes it very versatile. You can conveniently stack one on top of the other to as high as 12 feet. Moreover, as you can see from these photos, you can also mix and match it with other racking elements.

This uniquely designed display unit will showcase your wine bottles beautifully. The Rotating Wine Cradle is available in 3-foot and 4-foot height configurations, making it very versatile. Stack one on top of the other to as high as 12 feet and mix and match it with other racking elements. The Rotating Wine Cradle is available in the four top wood options: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Grand Mahogany. You also get to select from WCI’s full line of stains and finishes, including lacquer.
A very Vintner affair in Light Stain

Here are more snaps of the racking assembly. Some custom pieces were also incorporated, along with the Vintner kits. Do you like the color scheme of the wine cellar? We really love the soft golden tones on the wine racks. Premium Redwood was the wood of choice for this project, coupled with a Light Stain option.

Since Premium Redwood sports naturally pinkish gold hues, these have become more enhanced. It’s a simple yet tasteful Vintner affair and we love every detail. How did this wine cellar rate in your books? Share your thoughts with us!


Premium Redwood with Light Stainaaaa

Happy Client Uses WCI Services The Second Time Around!

October 22nd, 2020

One of the sure signs we’re doing things right is when first-time clients become returning ones. The sense of fulfillment that brings is unmatched! So imagine our reaction when our client Michael sought our services for the second time around. We were absolutely thrilled he chose WCI for another wine cellar project. But what’s even better was what he had to say about the results:

Client uses WCI services for the second time!This generous-sized residential wine cellar was designed by client working with the same WCI design consultant. It’s a full-on custom racking layout, with popping displays and wine bottle waterfalls. You can see how the chosen racking styles give a lot of character to the wine room. The bottles are not just being stored securely, but also showcased in tasteful manner.

One of the focal design points of this project is the addition of custom archway with tabletop. Notice that the wine room has two of them! They provide a touch of fancy to the racking assembly, especially with the presence of wine cellar artwork. The lovely pops of color from both the artwork and wine bottles are definitely refreshing. This was actually cleverly achieved thanks to the wood and stain option combination. Both client and designer agreed on a Rustic Pine x Light Stain combo for the wine racks:

Our second time designing for client’s custom wine room!Rustic Pine has a naturally soft, creamy color. The wood, though, is punctuated by structurally sound knots all throughout. This gives Rustic Pine a unique look – a rustic architectural vibe. The Light Stain option really brought out the grain patterns of the wood but still keeping that overall subdued effect. This made the racks the perfect canvass for the colorful wine bottles. The archways were done in the same wood and stain combo as well. This also accentuated the pieces of wine cellar artwork. Client satisfaction was achieved the second time around and that certainly made our month! ^_^

“I have used the service a second time, with the same designer, and couldn’t be happier!” 

~Michael B.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Starting Your Holiday Gift Guide

October 21st, 2020

Halloween is not the only big occasion coming up. There’s an even bigger one and we are all both excited and anxious for it. That’s right, wine buddies, the Christmas holidays is upon us. And we all know what that means – the holiday shopping rush. This year, it might prove to be even more of a challenge given the whole COVID-19 situation. That means we need to be on our toes a little bit more. Getting started as early as now on our holiday gift guide will help ease the stress of the mad season rush. Today, we’ve curated a list of hot picks from the WCI product catalog just for you. Plus, if you need more help, our experienced consultants are just an email or phone call away!

Holiday gift guide

Funky wine bottle storage

First up is something any of the wine loving people on your gift list will definitely love. WCI hosts a very healthy selection of wine bottle storage units. That means we also have tons of wine racking choices for the perfect holiday gifts. Our top recommendation would be some funky wine racks that can be installed anywhere in one’s home. The wall-mounted collections are a heavy favorite since they are easy to install and space-efficient. They will work with any existing racking assembly and/or home decor. Our faves include the STACT collection, the Grain + Rod Series, and the newest additions: the Revue Series and Ultra Wine Racks.

The cigar humidor

Cigar Oasis Humidifier Plus

More often than not, wine lovers are cigar lovers as well. If you have someone like that on your list, then we have just the thing. Check out the Cigar Oasis Humidifier Plus. This amazing product is the most powerful active humidifier in its size. The compact design is perfect for small cabinets, end tables, and coffee table humidors. Naturally, it’ll fit into a home wine cellar of any size as well!

Wine cellar art makes for an amazing holiday gift

Wine cellar paintings & murals

Any wine lover on your holiday list will certainly jump for joy at a lovely piece of wine cellar artwork. All of our wine cellar painting and murals are hand painted and custom created to each customer’s taste and dimensions. These wine art masterpieces are created on canvas and they can be painted in acrylics or oils. You can choose from our existing collections or customize your own. Working within a budget? That’s what our free initial quotes are for! We will work with you to come up with the gift artwork you desire at the price you can afford. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #448: Golden Glow With Unstained Premium Redwood

October 20th, 2020

Taking the unstained route in your wine cellar project? We say – go for it! As an inspiration, check out today’s Tech Tuesday feature. The golden glow on these unstained wine racks is simply stunning:

Project # 312970
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 820
Where: Valhalla, NY
Stain: Unstained

Golden glow of unstained Premium Redwood

The details on both racking arrangement and design on this wine cellar give off such a delightful vintage vibe. The wine racks are all custom so you can see how the entire space is utilized. The racks fit perfectly against each other and are flush against the walls and flooring. There are no awkward gaps anywhere, befitting of a custom creation. We especially love the custom shelving and cabinetry under the curved archway. Note that everything is crafted from Premium Redwood.

Thanks to the client going the unstained route, you can really see the gorgeous grain patterns on the wood. Premium Redwood is one of the top wood choices for custom wine cellar projects. It is such a decently priced wood with amazing features. Apart from being durable and resilient, it absorbs stains and finishes extremely well. The natural colors of the wood ranging from pinkish white to golden brown are worth showcasing unstained.

Lighting accents can make your wine cellar glow!

Let there be light

One of the accessories that brought out the golden glow of this wine cellar is the lighting. Here at WCI, we have a great selection of lighting accents to choose from. They are made to both highlight your collection and add aesthetic value to your wine cellar. For example, the shelves here are equipped with LED Display Lighting. It will serve to accentuate the wine bottles stored.

For archways, we highly recommend using LED Downlights or Fluorescent Slimlites. They are especially useful when you have a piece of wine cellar art or glass-stained artwork in your archway. Also don’t forget that you can get the LED lights in different colors as!   *Cheers*

Wine Cellar Inspirations: The Vintner Series Elite Cabinetry

October 14th, 2020

Who says wine racks have to look all the same? That would make for a very dull wine cellar and these days, no one wants that. There are so many styles to choose from in the market. Moreover, you can even customize the racks to suit your preferences. But of course, those little perks cost money. Spending some extra cash is not a luxury everyone has, especially in these trying times. WCI has come up with a unique cabinetry line to answer to the need for style and affordability. Our wine rack “kits” were developed for that very purpose – to combine form and function with reasonable pricing.

The Vintner Elite Cabinetry collection

Among all our wine rack kits, the Vintner Series is the most versatile. You get a plethora of options, whether it’s for individual or bulk bottle storage. You also get the opportunity to customize some design aspects of your racks, such as wood, stain and finish options. That’s why the series has been dubbed as “the next best thing to custom.” Our Vintner line is also constantly evolving. Almost every year, new products get added to the ever growing catalog. One of those additions we are most excited about when it happened was the Elite Cabinetry line.

The Elite Cabinetry collection really took wine rack “kits” to another level. We took inspiration from some of our popular custom models and translated them into “kit” versions. Needless to say, they’ve been a hit with clients. Here are just some of our favorite picks:

Vintner Elite Cabinetry

Acrylic 9 Column Individual Racking

Taking a lead out of our Invisible Wine Cellar Series, this racking unit is both classy and modern. It takes large sections and parses them out like a riddling wine rack concept. The neck holders give the appearance of floating wine bottles which is just so wonderfully whimsical. Just like the original concept, the wine bottle is securely held via the specialized wine slots.

Cable Racking in Vintner’s Elite Cabinetry line

Contemporary Cable Racking w/ Display Rows

Our Cable Wine Racking system is one of our most sought-after styles. We introduced this as part of our Modern Wine Cellar series. The shift to a more contemporary design in wine cellar projects grew steadily over the years. WCI aimed to provide such a style to clients in a more affordable package. The units are crafted from stainless steel. This is perfect for high humidity environments. You won’t have to worry about your racks rusting out.

Steel Rod & Wood in the Elite Cabinetry line

Rod Wine Storage Cabinet

The inspiration for this one comes from our Steel Rod & Wood series. Combining wood and steel wine racks is the latest trend in modern wine cellars. Here you have stainless steel rods, married to the wood of your choice. Clients can customize this type of design with any wood and stain combination!



The Revue Wine Racks Make A Stellar Comeback

October 14th, 2020

This month, the Revue Series makes a stellar comeback in our client’s completed wine room. Marluce was thrilled with the results and we can’t blame her. The client’s racking arrangement looks so clean, open and modern. Moreover, they have tons of wine bottle storage to grow their collection for the next couple of years. Check out this stunning set-up:

Stellar details on the Revue racks

Revue Series

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Revue Series yet, now’s the best time to get acquainted. The collection features these wall-mount racking units that are second to none when it comes to space-efficiency. Each rack is able to hold 12 bottles in the single depth format. But it also comes in double-deep and triple-deep configurations.

Purchasing in double, or triple depth will expand your metal wine storage considerably. The racks come in 3-foot and 4-foot heights which can be easily stacked to create generous bottle storage. This is exactly what our client did in their wine room.

Revue Series makes a stellar comeback!Functionality notwithstanding, the Revue wine racks are also a visual delight. They come in satin black or silver metal finish to give your wine cellar that sleek, contemporary appeal. The material and design of the racks work so well with almost anything. See how the units in black metal finish stand out so well agains the wood panelled walls. Also notice that the bottles are stored in a label-forward manner. This is quite beneficial because it makes for easier organization. Plus, for those with large collections, you won’t need to do a treasure hunt to find the labels you want.

Now here are two additional fun facts about these Revue wine racks that really make them so stellar. One, these racks are 100% homegrown – made in the good, old US of A. That’s why it can’t be beat in terms of quality. Two, there is this teeny but essential detail on the racks: they were crafted to be angled towards the wall for earthquake resistance. Your bottles are not only showcased in style, but kept secure at all times as well!

“The wine racks are awesome. The sales person who helped me out was really helpful. Thanks!”

~ Marluce G.~

Technical Tuesday Episode #447: Keeping It Bold & Simple

October 13th, 2020

Ever notice how darker colors give structures more definition? We’ve definitely seen that in wine cellar projects. Today, we happen to have an excellent example, thanks to our clients from Marietta, GA. We completed this beautiful wine storage for them, keeping things bold and simple just the way they wanted it:

Project # 317240
Wood: Custom / Vintage View / Grand Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 952
Where: Marietta, GA

Stain: Midnight Black

We cannot deny the fact that this racking arrangement just screams “good taste.” The wine racks are tastefully combined to provide individual & bulk bottle storage for clients’ collection. Note that the wine racks are all customized. You can see how the assembly is so seamless that it looks almost built in. As for the wood option, clients chose to go with Grand Mahogany. Grand Mahogany is a top tier choice, especially for custom projects like this one. It is on par with Sapele, Cherry, and Oak in terms of durability and stability.

Midnight Black Stain

But for us, the defining point for this wine cellar is the stain option. The racks are all dressed up in Midnight Black Stain. Note that Grand Mahogany has a fairly uniform grain pattern and absorbs stains and finishes very well. It is able to really project the dark, elegant shades of the stain. We also love the stark contrast between the wine racks and the light-colored walls and flooring.

The decision to go with Midnight Black Stain is really a smart one. The lines and angles on the wine racks are so much more defined. Darker colors tend to have this result. That’s why one of our favorite style tips is to add black metal trim to glass panels or entryways. It adds character to the overall design of a wine room. You can actually do this with pops of color as well – it doesn’t need to be black. Touches of bold tones can give your racking arrangement aesthetic appeal on top of the function. This Tech Tuesday is a winner in our books for keeping things bold and simple. It is space-efficient, classy & definitely lived up to the clients’ expectations. Did it also live up to yours? Share your thoughts with us! *Cheers*



Client Loves Authentic Feel Of Basement Wine Cellar

October 8th, 2020

How would you rate your online shopping experience? Virtual malls and shops have really taken over the scene, especially during this pandemic. But for us here at WCI, that’s actually quite advantageous since we’ve been marketing our products online for years and years. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver both personal and online wine cellar design services. Today’s testimonial from our happy client is a validation of our efforts. Stephen loves the authentic feel of their basement wine cellar and shared these beautiful photos with us:

Client loves authentic feel of his wine cellarFor a residential wine cellar, this one is definitely a winner in terms of both space and style. The client proudly did the design of the cellar himself. Then he went about purchasing wine racks from the WCI website. Now if you think that this sounds a bit of a tall order, we can definitely assure you it’s not. WCI has curated a simple yet thorough process for purchasing racking products online. If you are a complete newbie, don’t fret! We even provide initial design consultation services which is wonderfully free.

Great racking varietyOn the WCI website, potential clients are able to access our short and long design request forms. They are easy to fill out and you can send all files related to your wine cellar project for our team to review. The best part is that we provide you with a complimentary 2D design of your project. That means you get actual visuals of how your wine cellar space will turn out. Think of how convenient that is, especially when purchasing wine racks and other accessories. You will avoid the stress of second-guessing everything and the trauma of purchasing products that won’t with your wine cellar layout. So even if you’re a complete newbie with wine cellar construction, you won’t be floundering around in the dark. Both are products and design services are authentic – guaranteed to bring 100% customer satisfaction!

Happy clients with their wine cellar

“My cellar is doing great! I actually designed it myself and purchased the racks based on the dimensions I was able to fit into the room in my basement. I particularly like how the old stone foundation enhances the “in the cellar” feel.” 

~Stephen A.~


Wine Cellar Inspirations: Halloween Wine & Food Pairings

October 7th, 2020

Trick or treating may be a little different this year, but it’s certainly still happening. There’s no way we’re cancelling Halloween and we’re pretty sure you guys feel the same way. Doing the trick or treat tradition within our own communities and with health and safety measures in place will keep the Halloween spirit alive. And as for the Halloween parties? We can still do in in small, intimate groups in our  homes. Make this a Spooktober to remember with some of these fun wine and food pairings:

Halloween wine & food pairings

credits by: Freepik


Sangiovese and Midnight Thriller Pizza

Pizzas are a staple with parties, even Halloween parties. If you have kids around, pizza definitely must be on the menu. But let’s put a spooky spin on the usual pizza preparations. Use black or dark food coloring to dye the sauce. Shape the toppings into something resembling internal organs. We recommend using sausages, black olives, red peppers and pepperoni. This will enhance the creepy effect! For the adults, pair the midnight thriller pizzas with Italian grape Sangiovese.

credits by: The Pure Taste

Proseccos and Pumpkins

What is Halloween without pumpkins? But we’re not just talking about the decor. There’s also bound to be pumpkin on your Halloween dinner menu. We recommend some hearty pumpkin pie. Also, here’s a clever appetizer or finger food idea: pumpkin seeds. Roast the seeds with a little salt and oil for that perfect Halloween snack. Your guests won’t be able to stop munching on them! Offer them a glass of Prosecco and watch everyone have a spooktastic time. Keep in mind sparkling wine serves as an elegant aperitif. The off-dry fruitiness of Prosecco will pair perfectly with the crispy, salty seeds.

Sauvignon Blanc and Ceviche

Fancy a little seafood on the menu? Ceviche may sound like such a fancy dish, but it’s actually very easy to put together. It can be made of any combination of seafood and fish. Cook your seafood combo in acidic juices like lime or orange. Add spices to your tastebuds’ desire. You can throw in some seasonal veggies on the side like corn, or fruits like apples or blood oranges. Ceviche is a natural pairing for Sauvignon Blanc. The lightness of the dish, the fruity flavours and the racy acidity all compliment Sauvignon Blanc’s best qualities. ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #446: Elegance At Its Best With Diamond Bins

October 6th, 2020

Have you ever dreamed of owning a magazine-worthy wine cellar? Well, dream no more because you can definitely make that come true. Take some inspiration from today’s Tech Tuesday spotlight. This project our team completed for our Atlanta client is elegance at its best:

Project # 327328
Wood: Custom / Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1733
Where: Atlanta, GA

Elegance at its best with Diamond Bins!The visuals of this wine cellar are really something else. It is just stunning from any angle. But if you take a closer look, you will see that it is actually quite simple in its layout. The choice of racking style, though, made a significant impact in the design. Notice how the racking consists mostly of Open Diamond Bins with perimeter trim. The bins on both sides, flush against the walls, make the wine cellar feel more open. And it doesn’t just look spacious – it has a pretty generous bottle storage capacity. Thanks to the Open Diamond Bins, this wine cellar can actually hold up to a little over 1700 bottles.

Elegance at its best with Dark Walnut Stain!Diamond Bins are one of our top favorite racking styles. Not only are they space-efficient, but they are also so easy to combine with other units. The bins were designed specifically for bulk bottle storage. But apart from offering practical storage solution, these diamonds also add so much aesthetic value to any racking assembly. Here at WCI, we offer them in several designs. Moreover, you can find them with our wine rack “kits,” particularly with our Vintner, WineMaker, and Designer series, and not just with our custom line. These diamonds will hold bottles of various sizes, including larger-format ones.

Note how the perimeter trim adds to the sturdy appearance of the bins. This was a finishing detail only previously offered on our top of the line custom racking. Now you can have these custom amenities with our Vintner kits! We also offer our Diamond Bins with solid face trim. The trim certainly helps with the seamless transition of the wine racks, particularly when they are stacked on top of each other. For our clients’ project, Premium Redwood x Dark Walnut Stain combo was chosen for the racking. We love how Dark Walnut deepened the color of the wood. It matches the ceiling while making a beautiful contrast with the flooring. This wine cellar is indeed elegance at its best! *Cheers*



Compact Custom Wine Storage Done Right

October 1st, 2020

Ever found yourself in a situation where you wish you had that “perfect fit” piece of furniture? We’re pretty sure most of us have been down that route at some point. And honesty, it’s not that different with wine cellars. You’ll also find yourself struggling with  getting wine racks to fit seamlessly. It’s even more so when you’re trying to work with smaller spaces. Thankfully, we can show you how compact wine storage can be done the right way. Check out our client’s sweet 52-bottle unit:

Custom compact wine storage done right!

Mini Stack Series

One of the biggest advantages of custom racking is that you can have it designed to fit any space. But WCI also carries small wine racking units that can get the job done for you. One of these is our Mini Stack series. It offers small, quality racking units that you can work into any space. There are a variety of styles to choose from such as the Individual Wine Rack, Bin Wine Rack, Diamond Slat Wine Rack, Open Bin Wine Rack, and even a Glass Rack unit.

Curvy Cubes

Another highly recommended product to get that compact storage done right is our Curvy Cubes. These cubes are so unique that they became an instant hit when we launched them some years ago. You can create some pretty amazing wine storage in almost any area in your home with these units. They will fit nicely into small, empty spaces such as cupboards, pantries, kitchen cabinets, and the like.

Now if you want a more whimsical touch, we invite you to check out our Acrylic Wine Rack series. The collection is quite similar to our Curvy Cubes. The difference is in the material. Instead of wood, you have these clear, almost glass-like transparency on your racks. It certainly lends a fanciful feel, particularly when your wine bottles look like they’re floating.

Of course, we still have several other small racking products you definitely need to check out. Visit this section of our blog and start exploring? Whether you go the custom route like our client or work with our “kits,” you’ll get the results you want. That’s compact storage done right only here at WCI! ^_^



Wine Cellar Inspirations: Building A Garage Wine Cellar

September 30th, 2020

Can you build a wine cellar in your garage? You totally can! In fact, you can build a wine cellar anywhere in your home. There are just some additional considerations to be taken when building in a different location than the basement. The basement has the closest conditions to ideal wine storage in terms of temperature and humidity levels. So if you’re constructing the wine cellar somewhere else, you’ll have to make adjustments. For a garage wine cellar, here are our top tips:

Building a garage wine cellar

Measure your wine cellar size…

You most likely won’t need your entire garage converted into a wine room, unless you do want it that way. So the first thing you’ll need to do is measure the enclosure for your wine cellar. Take into account your current collection and how fast you’re growing it. You’d want to have enough space to accommodate future additions as well. Once you have the measurements finalized, you can now decide on the  materials for your enclosure. Glass is one of the most popular ones. But you can also do a mix of glass and wood, glass and metal, and so on.

Decide on your wine cellar cooling unit…

This one is a no-brainer. Since you won’t be building in the basement, you’ll need the most suitable wine cellar cooling unit for your garage wine cellar. That means it should be able to maintain ideal wine storage conditions 24/7. There are lots of units of varying sizes and brands available in the market. But you need to choose one that will cater to your wine cooling needs. For example, there are ducted, ductless, and through-the-wall units. Which one will work best for you? Do you need to do a heat load calculation? We highly recommend getting in touch with an experienced wine cellar construction consultant on this one. Fortunately, that’s exactly who we have on our team here at WCI. We are just an email, chat, or phone call away!

Select your wine racking style…

Now we come to the fun part – designing your racking assembly. Your first consideration should be maximizing your cellar’s bottle storage capacity. There are tons of styles to choose from and you can definitely combine them. Wood wine racks are very common and popular, but metal units are gradually gaining ground as well. Personally, we love the mix of wood and metal wine racks. Wall-mount ones are super space-efficient. But floor-to-ceiling arrangements are simply stunning. So go ahead and let your creativity take over! ^_^