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Why Our Redwood Gets The Ravest Reviews

October 8th, 2015 by

Redwood has held on to the title of our “most popular wood option” when it comes to wine cellar projects for quite a long time now. It also seems that it’s not going to give up the crown any time soon. We can certainly understand why that’s the case, but it’s also only fair that everyone else knows the reasons why this wood specie is a champ in the books of most wine cellar enthusiasts.

A class all on its own…

Gorgeous Redwood wine racks

Needless to say, Redwood is really a class all on its own because this softwood specie has somehow managed to combine all the essential elements of a top-grade wine cellar wood option: quality, durability, cost-efficiency, and even eco-friendliness. Note that Redwood is actually classed as a “softwood” instead of hardwood, earning for itself another title, “The Prince of Softwoods.” Nonetheless, even though it’s considered as the lightest of softwoods, Redwood has established a solid reputation of providing sufficient strength and resilience for a wide variety of uses. There are basically two types of Redwood: Clear All-Heart Redwood and Premium Redwood, both of which we carry here at WCI.

Except for some slight variations in color, grain patterns, and performance characteristics, both types of Redwood are at par when it comes to quality and value. In general, Redwood boasts amazing resistance to shrinking, warping, and checking in addition to durability. This would explain why the wood ages beautifully, particularly in unstained wine racking projects. You will be able to witness how the wood takes on an increasing darker depth of color as it oxidizes, giving it a more elegant vintage appearance.

Beautiful unstained All-Heart Redwood

Now all these features notwithstanding, there’s another factor that makes this wood specie really stand out from among the rest on our product list – it comes with the SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) stamp of approval. That means that the Redwood manufactured here at WCI is being harvested in an environmentally sound manner. Below are just some of the snippets from our highly satisfied clients who have experienced just how outstanding Redwood is as a wood choice for their wine cellar projects:

“”We made the best choice eight years ago in choosing Wine Cellar Innovations! Our basement wine cellar recently flooded and our All Heart Redwood wine racks became water stained. Instead of WCI taking our order to replace the damaged parts, they recommended we sand the damage away. Guess what? It WORKED! THANK YOU to Wine Cellar Innovations for your superior All Heart Redwood wine racks!”

~Adam and Theresa Burick~

“We LOVE our wine cellar.  We renovated a 1926 basement into a wine cave and it was really a seamless process thanks to Wine Cellar Innovations. The only problem is that we never want to leave the basement. The design and sales team was great with their communication of details and the installer had the skill of a surgeon.”

~Pam & Scott Drew~

We Make It Happen With Smart Wine Racking Wood Choices

October 7th, 2015 by

Selecting the most appropriate wood specie for your wine racking project is actually a much bigger deal than you think. It’s not always about choosing the most affordable or the best “quality” wood. Of course, these are essential factors you’d need to consider, but your wood choice should be based on the total package, a balance of all the essentials and not just one or two of them.

That being said, WCI took the time to actually provide you guys with the answers to the classic question: “What is the best wood for my wine cellar?” Indeed, there is a wide variation in wood species and of course, personal preferences are varied as well. So what we did was put together a broad spectrum of wood choices in a healthy assortment of colors, grain patterns, and finishes to accommodate our customers’ needs and tastes as we as that ever pressing factor – the budget.

We make it happen with extensive wood selections!

Wide variation in wood species

In a nutshell, WCI has put together the top five quality woods based on their inherent characteristics such as durability, resistance to rot, mildew and insects as well as warping, checking, and shrinking, variety in grain patterns,  manufacturing cost, and so on. These are: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, Prime Mahogany, and a fifth choice which we’ve dubbed as Your Choice of Wood. The latter was aptly categorized because it’s basically a collection of all the commercially available wood species WCI is able to provide to its clients. As far as the top four wood options are concerned, we actually purchase them in quantity and pass the savings on to our clients. That means the “affordability” factor is taken into great consideration as well!

Prime Mahogany & Rustic Pine

So how are we able to provide such an extensive selection of wood choices in the Your Choice of Wood category? The answer is quite simple. WCI actually has a fully integrated mill which takes lumber from a rough-sawn stage all the way through the finishing details. Thanks to these capabilities, we can manufacture wine cellars in any wood commercially available. Check out the list of wood species we have manufactured in. Note as well that we base the prices on the current market value of the wood, ensuring our clientele a fair price tag on our products all the way.

Select Wood Samples

And here’s something everyone should also keep in mind: our select woods list is not exclusive. If you don’t see the type of wood you want for your wine cellar project on the list, all you need to do is contact us and we’ll do our best to secure the best pricing on it for you. For example, if you’re looking for fire-retardant-treated wood for your wine cellar, we can easily advise that our Redwood fits the bill quite well. The superior performance of redwood lumber under fire exposure has been known for decades. “Recent testing by numerous laboratories in response to new standards for decks in California’s wildland-urban interface has reaffirmed redwood’s reputation as a fire-safe decking product,” as reported by the California Redwood Association.

In other words, you name it and we’ll make your wood choice happen for you! Get in touch with us today and we’ll definitely help you find your answer to the best wood option for your wine cellar. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #256: Bottle Storage Variety In Your Wine Cabinets With The Platinum Series

October 6th, 2015 by

Variety in wine bottle storage doesn’t necessarily translate to having a large wine cellar. That variety can be achieved even in a limited space, especially if you’re working with the right products. WCI has already established that by utilizing creative methods along with our flexible racking products, maximizing bottle storage capacity in any kind of space can be done almost effortlessly. Case in point – today’s Tech Tuesday showcase:

Project # 260132
Wood: Platinum / Clear Alder
Bottle Capacity: 595
Where: Fayette, GA

Platinum Series Racking

So what we actually have here can technically be called a “wine cabinet.” But note that this is a custom-made wine cabinet which means it comes with several perks that a standard one definitely won’t be able to offer. First off, this elegant project was created with racking units from the Platinum Series. This alone should be enough of an explanation (if you’re an avid WCI blog follower, that is!) why this cabinet can hold nearly 600 bottles. And that’s not all. Check out the snaps below and see just how varied the bottle storage options are:

High Reveal Displays

So here you have Individual Bottle Columns with High Reveal Displays for Wine, Champagne, and/or Split Bottles with Beam Supports, Diamond Bin Bottles with Face Trim, Solid Vertical Displays, and Wood Case Bottle shelves, coming together to provide individual and bulk bottle storage. To cap off the entire assembly, some choice add-ons were incorporated, like the stylish Quarter Round Shelf and Archway with Tabletop option. And as a clever style scheme, glass panels were utilized to enclose the assembly, making it appear more like a compact wine room than just a wine cabinet:

Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar

Here’s a much closer look at the wine racks. We’d also like to point out that the racks were crafted from Clear Adler which is not really a common wood option. Nonetheless, we are able to provide select woods apart from the popular choices (All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Prime Mahogany) thanks to our fully integrated mill which takes lumber from a rough-sawn stage all the way through the finishing details. Owing to these capabilities, we are able to manufacture wine cellars in any wood commercially available. Check out this section of the website to find out the select woods we have manufactured in. Note that our product prices are based on current market values, so our clients really get their money’s worth. You can also check out our Wood Swatch Simulator as some of these select woods are featured there as well.

Clear Alder Wine Cellar

Essentially, even if you opt for a wine cabinet as opposed to a full-scale wine cellar, bottle storage variety shouldn’t get compromised – not when you have us here at WCI to help you out! *Cheers*

Ultimate Versatility With The WineZone Wine Shelf System

October 5th, 2015 by

When you’re looking to store more than just wine bottles in your wine cellar, you’ll need a racking system that’s truly versatile. And when we talk about the “versatility” factor in a wine rack, we can’t think of anything else than the WineZone Wine Shelf System. This most recent addition to our line of metal racking displays allows you to create your own design to meet your storage needs. That’s not all! WineZone also allows you to “redesign” your racking assembly to keep up with the changing times, particularly if you intend to really “grow” your wine collection, like our client here:

WineZone Wine Shelf

We’ve recently finished this impressive wine room for a client in the Big Apple who wanted enough space to house a large and steadily growing collection. So our design team whipped up this super spacious arrangement estimated to hold approximately 2388 bottles. But remember, since this is the WineZone Wine Shelf System, there’s more to this than meets the eye! First off, the shelf is designed so that when installed in one direction the labels are facing out. This makes it way more convenient to locate your labels (and if you’re running a wine establishment, a real time-saver for your customers!) and organize them accordingly. Now when the shelf is flipped over, then the neck or punt of the wine bottle can face out. Either orientation allows you to store a case (12 bottles) of Splits/Bordeaux/Burgundy/Small or Large Champagne bottles. Plus, you can change the shelf out at any time by simply removing the bottles and flipping it over.

Install Photos for WineZone Wine Shelf

Let’s go to the fun part. So in addition to the basic metal shelves, you can also integrate a black melamine shelf for other merchandising or storage options. With this, you will be able to utilize your shelves for storage of a variety of other items such as, but not limited to: glassware, other types of liquor, olive oil, decanters, gift baskets, and even for case storage. And there’s more! Believe it or not, but you can actually also use the shelf as a tabletop option with a second shelf with glass rack attachment above to be utilized as a tasting station (check out the picture above).

Metal Wine Racks by Wine Cellar Innovations

Also, it pays to keep in mind that the WineZone Wine Shelf System will work in combination with any of our WCI racking products as well – wood or metal. That includes our wine cellar accessories, too, especially for commercial purposes such as sign caddies, price tracks, and more. Check this section of the website out for more tips and tricks on how to play around with the shelving configurations and see all options today!

Commercial Metal Wine Racks