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Wine Cellar Inspirations: How To Style Your Metal Wine Racks

June 20th, 2018

Metal wine racks aren’t that cookie-cutter as some people make them out to be. There are those who tend to shy away from metal wine racks thinking they can’t do much design-wise. But that’s definitely not the case! Here are some inspirational tips to help you style yours:

Discover metal wine racks

Discover racking styles for various storage needs…

There are actually quite a number of designs you can explore for your metal racking units. Here at WCI in particular, we carry an assortment of options. Take for example our WineZone Wine Shelf system. This is probably our most versatile line. The shelves can store not just wine bottles, but a variety of other items as well, including glassware and olive oils. You can achieve this by integrating a black melamine shelf for other merchandising or storage options. Then there’s our Vintage View Series which has two configurations. You can either wall-mount the racks or display them in a floor-to-ceiling fashion. WCI also carries the STACT Aluminum Racks that are basically wall-mounted units. The panels, aluminum bottle supports, and wall brackets work together to create modern and sophisticated layout.

Space-efficient metal wine racks

Combine metal wine racks with other elements…

One of the strongest features of metal racking is it’s compatibility with a lot of other material. A classic example is a glass-enclosed wine cellar. For this type of wine cellar, metal racking units come highly recommended. They will showcase one’s collection beautifully, especially if you throw in lighting accessories as well. Metal wine racks also work extremely well with their wood counterparts. In fact, a wood and metal combo brings a unique charm to any wine cellar project. We have lots of great examples of these in our photo gallery so do check them out for inspiration!

Wall-mount STACT wine racks

When there is room for customizing, go for it…

Remember that there will always be room to customize. Just because these are metal racking units doesn’t mean you’re without any options. You can actually choose different finishes or if not, accessorize your racks to give them more character. Our STACT Aluminum Racks are probably the best examples for this. The panels come in ten different finishes, including some really vibrant shades like Electric Orange and Citrus Green. For those that cannot be customized with finishes, you can accentuate the racks instead. Custom lighting is one of the most popular ways of enhancing them. Another is by wall-mounting the racks into an artistically designed wall or surface. ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #387: All-Redwood Shines In Blended Stain Option

June 19th, 2018

We can’t sing enough praises for All-Heart Redwood as one of the top wood choices for custom wine cellars. Clear All-Heart Redwood is actually the most expensive part of the Redwood tree. But it’s definitely worth every dollar spent. We’ve featured so many Tech Tuesdays utilizing this wood option, but there are more coming. That’s how popular and worth your money All-Heart Redwood. Today’s project is another living proof of that:

Project # 294608
Wood: Custom / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 666
Where: Atlanta, GA

Blended Stain Option

We’ve been receiving more requests lately for these smaller-sized wine cellar projects. Naturally, most if not all of them, are residential wine cellars. Our team really enjoys designing for small wine rooms because it’s quite challenging. You have to maximize on bottle storage capacity while trying to pull out an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. While focusing on space-efficiency, you must also make sure style is not compromised. So in this particular project, our design team decided to take full advantage of All-Heart Redwood’s outstanding qualities.

As you can see from the snaps below, the racking assembly is very neatly put together. There is room for both individual and bulk bottle storage. The racks are installed in such a way that the entire assembly looks absolutely seamless. But of course, as far as the assembly is concerned, it’s not something people have not seen before. So to make up for the pretty standard design, our team decided to duplicate it. Moreover, the second assembly was made to jut out, giving more character to the layout:

Beautiful All-Heart Redwood wine racks

However, what really made these All-Heart Redwood racks stand out is their color. Notice that the racking units are sporting a uniform dark-colored stain. It gives them such a bold and elegant appeal, don’t you agree? This is all thanks to WCI’s Blended Stain option. That’s right! Blended Stain is a more customized approach to staining and finishing your racks. Even with all the stains and finishes being offered, we realized that there are still clients who’d want something different. There are also those who’d want their racks to be a perfect match with their other furniture.

The Blended Stain option takes care of all these. We are able to give our clients a 90/10, 80/20, 70/30, 60/40 or 50/50 ratio of our stock stains. For example, you want to go with Classic Mahogany stain with your wine racking units. You can have this stain in the previously quoted ratios. That way, you have more control on how much lighter or darker you’d want the hues on your racks. Since All-Heart Redwood has the ability to absorb stains and finishes extremely well, it was a match made in heaven. This Tech Tuesday really shines in our Blended Stain option! *Cheers*

It’s Time To Check Out WCI’s Upgraded Commercial Racking Line!

June 18th, 2018

We’ve been launching new wine cellar products since the beginning of the year. Our Vintner Series has been the most aggressive one so far. But it’s not just our wine rack kits that have undergone some upgrades. Today, we’re going to check out the latest updates to WCI’s commercial racking line. We did a bit of work on our product pages as well to make online shopping more convenient and enjoyable. So here’s the latest scoop in the commercial wine racks section:

Our expanded Commercial Racking line

The Vintner Line vs. Classic Wine Displays

WCI’s commercial wood wine displays have now been grouped into two main categories. These are our Vintner wine displays and the “Classic” display racks. The latter is essentially comprised of our original selection of wood wine displays.  This now makes it easier for clients to decide which direction they’d want to go. Should they go with the classic racking units which are hand-built to order? Or are they leaning towards more affordable options without compromising on quality?

If they choose to go with the Classic commercial series, a longer lead time is involved. But they can have the units fully customized to suit the needs and style of their wine establishment. Moreover, half-height racks can also be purchased under this series. With Vintner, you get 3-feet and 4-feet stackable wine racks. These can be easily mixed and matched and stacked on top of each other to accommodate almost any ceiling height. There is a shorter lead time as well, making it convenient to complete rush projects. Note that both series include the following:

  • Industry exclusive vinyl base and caster options
  • Complimentary auto cad designs
  • Commercial financing options

Wood Wine Merchandisers and Islands

Introduction of Multi-Use Storage Racks

We have also exerted more effort to make our commercial racking collection more versatile. While we cater mostly to wine storage, our products are not exclusive to that purpose. We fully understand that in a commercial wine establishment, other types of liquor will also be in the line-up. That’s why we recently launched these multi-use storage racks, as well as accessory storage units. These racks can hold almost any type of liquor, including beer and soda. In fact, Vintner has its very own Beer Storage Rack for displaying beer cans and bottles.

Sales-Counter Desk Checkout Components

Sales Counter – Checkout Desk Components

Last but certainly not the least, we’ve come up with an entirely separate section for our sales counter and checkout desk components. These add-ons will help complete your store’s set-up while providing extra storage for other items as well. All sections for these components come standard with durable Cork Tabletops:

Now go ahead and whip your wine store into shape and shop our upgraded commercial wine cellar products! ^_^




Vintner Vertical Wine Display Bins Complete Client’s Tasting Room

June 14th, 2018

When your client’s business is called “Ancestry Cellars,” there are some very specific terms that come to mind. For us, we immediately thought of “connections” or “establishing connections.” And it’s not just about any connection either. It also has a lot to do with family – with bonds between people. Turns out we were right on the money (or the wine, if you prefer)!

Today’s Testimonial Thursday focuses on our client Ancestry Cellars and how they made use of our Vintner wine racks. Ancestry Cellars was founded and proudly owned by the Morin family. Jason and Erin valued family and tradition above all else and this served as the inspiration for their wine establishment. Per the Morins, each of their wines hold a special place in their hearts. Their wines have individual backstories that tie in with their family’s history. That’s why the winery is not just a business to them. It’s their way of helping create lifelong friendships and memorable experiences. And this is done with their genuine wines rooted in family tradition.

Ancestry Cellars second tasting room

The hard work and sincerity of these entrepreneurs paid off as they recently opened a second tasting room. Their original location is in their Woodinville production facility and tasting room in the warehouse district in WA. But they have expanded to a new location in the heart of downtown Manson. WCI is very happy to have taken part in the growth of the Ancestry Cellars, thanks to our wine rack kits. As mentioned earlier, the client sent for some of our Vintner Series racking units, specifically, for the Vertical Wine Display Bins.

The versatility of these bins is perfect for any commercial wine cellar application (and residential, too!). The units are stackable, just like most of the Vintner wine racks. They are available in 3-feet and 4-feet height configurations. That means you can stack them to accommodate any ceiling height. Moreover, since it’s our Vintner line, there are plenty of customization options. In the client’s case, they ordered their bins in Rustic Pine for the wood and Midnight Black Stain for the stain option. Note that you can further customize your bins’ base options as well. You can select from a base with either brown or black vinyl, or just go for a “no base” platform. Last but definitely not the least, you can also add in custom moldings. We love how clean and spacious the new tasting room looks:

Our Wine Display Bins

“They are working out great in our second tasting room. ”

~Jason M.~