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The Most Stylish Vintner Racks For Your Wine Cellar

March 25th, 2019

One of the most enjoyable moments in the wine cellar construction industry is the evolution of wine racks. Decades ago, it used to be just all about function. But with society getting more and more modernized, that has changed as well. Now we can see various racking designs popping up everywhere. Apart from the the configurations, the materials utilized have also become more versatile. Naturally, WCI is working hard to keep up with these changes. Most notably, it’s our Vintner Series that’s really stepped up its style game. Check out the most stylish racks from the kit that can make a huge difference in your wine cellar:

Vintner Elite Cabinetry

The Diagonal Bin Wine Rack

This is actually the most recent addition to the Vintner Elite Cabinetry line. The Elite Cabinetry collection was launched only a few years back and has rapidly become a favorite of WCI clients. The units in this collection mirror our custom racking, but at a more affordable price point. In true Vintner fashion, the racks allow for the creation of a custom look sans the custom cost. The Diagonal Bin is the newest member of the Elite Cabinetry family. The unique design is both elegant and contemporary. Note that the diagonal pattern of the racking unit can be rotated pointing up or down. And of course, the unit is stackable, making it very space-efficient.

Individual Concaves

The Individual Concave Wine Rack

Years ago, WCI launched the Curvy Cubes series. It was such a huge hit among wine cellar fans. The cubes added so much character to any type of wine cellar project. Drawing inspiration from those curvy profiles, we launched the Individual Concave racking line for Vintner. They come in 3-foot and 4-foot height options, making them very flexible. You can stack the concaves up to as high as 12 feet with no problem at all. But functionality aside, this racking style is one of the most attractive ones you can find. You can easily add drama even to an existing racking arrangement by just integrating some of these gorgeous concave units.

Cable Racking System from Vintner

The Arcylic 9 Column Individual Wine Rack

This beauty is also from the Elite Cabinetry collection. It is one of the newer additions, along with the Cable Racking Individual. It’s the more budget-friendly version of the Cable Racking System. Instead of wood or metal, it sports Acrylic material. Acrylic is just as transparent as glass and is such a great material for wine cellars. It gives the bottles that ethereal “floating” appearance which only the Vintage View Series could do before. ^_^

Client Adds Dramatic Touch With LED Lights To Rustic Pine Racks

March 21st, 2019

Creativity is where it’s at here at WCI’s Testimonial Thursdays! Today, we bring you this wonderful DIY wine storage from our client Nick. He was pretty proud of how everything turned out and didn’t miss the chance to showcase the results:

Nick proudly showcasing his wine storage

Here’s Nick striking a pose with his stunning wine racking arrangement. His project is another inspiring example of how you can build wine storage anywhere in your home. In his case, he transformed a section of his IKEA cabinets into a spot to host his collection. He purchased some individual bottle column racks from WCI in Rustic Pine. He then went for a Midnight Black Stain option for the wood. It was definitely the perfect choice! The jet black stain matched the dark shades of the IKEA cabinet. It seems like the racks were completely built-in! That is one of the biggest benefits of staining your wine racks. You can get it to match your existing furniture or decor. Midnight Black Stain has become quite a popular option for custom and DIY wine cellar projects. It’s a dramatic departure from traditional woodworking finishes with a contemporary appeal.

Voila! Electric blue LED lights!

But this is not all that the client has accomplished. To add a fanciful touch to his racks, he also integrated some LED lighting accessories. Check out the snap above! The electric blue LED lights are certainly eye-catching, aren’t they? Lighting accents are a clever way to bring more focus to your wine collection. They accentuate both the wine bottles and your racking units as well. The client did really well in choosing bright colors for the lighting. They create a great contrast with the dark shades of the racks and cabinet. And get this! Our client also informed us that he made it so the lights can change in a fade set to multi-colors. What else can we say but “Bravo, Nick”!

Elegant Rustic Pine racks in Midnight Black Stain

“The racks arrived as ordered and yes, I used a nail gun to put the together. Attached are three photos of the racks. I placed them in the center of an IKEA cabinet arrangement which form a square with the racks in the center. I also put LED rope lights behind the racks as you will see in one of the photos. I can change the light colors or have them change in a fade set up to multi colors. We are very pleased with the results.”

~Nick G.~


Wine Cellar Inspiration: Some Of Our Favorite Wood X Stain Combos

March 20th, 2019

We’ve always emphasized on the significant role stains and finishes play on a wine cellar project. They can certainly help you achieve the them you want. Moreover, they can help refresh the look of an existing wine cellar. You don’t even have to do a complete renovation. Naturally, they also increase the aesthetic appeal of a wine room. So today, we’re going to be sharing some of our favorite wood and stain combos. There are plenty of styles to choose from, but in our books, these stand out the most:

All-Heart Redwood x Whitewash Stain

All-Heart Redwood x Whitewash Stain

All-Heart Redwood is one of the most popular wood choices for custom wine cellar projects. Unstained, this beautiful wood ranges in color from pink to reddish-brown. However, it is usually cinnamon in color. Now the Whitewash stain is one of our newer selections and gives a whitish cast to the wood. It is a versatile stain that complements the clean, open themes of modern decor. The effect is that of the seaside appeal of old New England. This wood and stain combo adds a gorgeous definitive texture to the wood. The beautiful grain pattern of All-Heart Redwood is emphasized wonderfully.

Rustic Pine x Midnight Black Stain

Rustic Pine x Midnight Black Stain

Rustic Pine is one of our absolute favorite wood options. In its unstained state, it comes with varying degrees of small, medium, or large knots. It sports a pale yellow, varying from deep yellow to reddish-brown. One of its outstanding features is its affordability and ability to retain stains and finishes really well. But with darker stains, the wood exudes a bold and modern vibe. And Midnight Black Stain does the job with a dramatic flourish! The jet-black stain is a dramatic departure from traditional woodworking finishes. Wine racks and furniture look absolutely stunning with this combo. Now if you want to increase the elegance factor, we also recommend adding a coat of lacquer to the wood.

Grand Mahogany x Light Danish Stain

Grand Mahogany x Light Danish Stain

Grand Mahogany is a superior hardwood that is extremely attractive even when unstained. With it’s uniform color, it has a few slight variations that go from medium to pale pink. The hardwood has a moderately coarse grain pattern. We totally love dressing up Grand Mahogany racks in Light Danish Stain. In contrast with racks stained with Midnight Black Stain, this gives off a warm and soft ambiance. Light Danish Stain exudes a golden hue which accentuates the tones and grains of all woods. This combo is best for those who want a clean and uncomplicated style for their wine cellar.

Technical Tuesday Episode #424: Glass-Enclosed Beauty In Dark Walnut

March 19th, 2019

Much warmer Tech Tuesday greetings to our fellow wine cellar fans out there! Finally, the season of Spring will officially begin tomorrow. Since Spring is the season of beginnings, it’s also the best time to get inspired with wine cellar design concepts. This is one of the best times of the year to tackle a wine cellar construction project. So we hope that today’s Tech Tuesday feature will tickle your fancy:

Project #307757
Wood/Series: All-Heart Redwood/Custom
Bottle Capacity: n/a
Where: Honolulu, HI

Glass-enclosed beauty

Our team completed this gorgeous wine room for a client in the state of Hawaii. It is quite a generous sized project and has so many design aspects that need to be highlighted. The first one would definitely be the racking arrangement. The client went for fully customized racking units. Thanks to that, they were able to get exactly what they want in terms of the wine room’s style. You can see that there is an impressive variety in bottle storage options. Apart from individual bottle racks, there are also shelves to accommodate wine boxes and crates. Custom cabinetry was also integrated into the racking assembly. This is coupled with crown and base moldings, as well as center seam trim for the racks. As a result, the wine cellar exudes a very polished and professional appearance.

Amazing custom racking Glass panels section off the wine cellarNow let’s talk about the design for this wine room. The detailing is certainly worthy of mention. The actual cellar is separated by glass panels from the tasting area. However, all the wood elements in the room showcase uniformity in terms of the colors and textures. There is great symmetry, even though the actual wine cellar was sectioned off. Talking about the wood, the clients went for All-Heart Redwood in Classic Mahogany stain option. The rich, reddish-brown stain enhanced the natural hues of All-Heart Redwood. The overall effect is a traditional feel that reeks of elegance from every angle. The wonderful thing about this stain option is that it also showcases the grain patterns of the wood. All-Heart Redwood is a top-notch choice for custom wine cellar projects. One of its admirable features is its ability to absorb stains and finishes extremely well. Dark finishes, in particular, accentuate the wood’s natural grain patterns. This is why Classic Mahogany was the right choice for this project. Did this glass-enclosed beauty win your heart today as well? Let us know what you think in the comment section below! *Cheers*

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