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DIY Under Stairwell Transformation With Our Traditional Series

November 16th, 2017

What’s pouring, fellow wine and wine cellar lovers? It’s that time of the week again – our Testimonial Thursday feature. It’s been quite a while since we featured a DIY under stairwell transformation project on the blog. So we’re pretty lucky that our client Jeff sent us snaps of his completed wine cellar:

Jeff and his DIY wine under stairwell wine cellar

Jeff definitely looks happy and proud of his handiwork in this picture. And who can blame him? He put together this cozy little nook under the stairs in his basement. It’s the perfect spot for his small collection, with some added perks. We liked how he accessorized the space and how everything works with the rough-hewn stone walls and wooden floors. Naturally, we also give a big thumbs-up to his wine racking choice. He purchased Individual Bottle Column racks with Display Row from our Traditional Series wine racks kit.

Our Traditional Series is one of those kits carrying our shallow-depth racking units. Just like the WineMaker Series, these racks are manufactured with shorter depth, making the neck of the bottles slightly stick out. This configuration doesn’t compromise the safety and comfort of the bottles though. In fact, the body of the bottle is fully supported, as you can clearly see from the great shots of Jeff’s assembled racks here:

Traditional Series in Premium Redwood

Unlike the Winemaker Series, however, the Traditional Series wine racks are available in 6-feet height options only. Nonetheless, you can still easily mix and match them with other racking styles in the series, as well as with other racking elements. They are very versatile, with lots of options for both individual and bulk bottle storage. The series also carries a wonderful selection of of Tasting Centers, perfect for compact wine storage.

Our client Jeff ordered the racks in Premium Redwood, but they are also available in Rustic Pine. The latter wood choice is even more affordable. Moreover, all our stain and finish options are also available with this series. Your budget will certainly love the Traditional Series and all the fringe benefits that come with it.

“The rack was not too difficult to build.  I used a brad gun and a hammer.  The wood split a couple times but is still structurally sound. I built this wine cellar with my own bare hands – tiled the floor, put stone on the walls, and put up the rack. This is the space in the basement under the stairs.  I hope my photos are competitive!”

~Jeff L.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: Our Top Picks For Holiday Wine Decor

November 15th, 2017

What’s your theme for this year’s holidays? Will it be the traditional red, white and green for a “holly, jolly Christmas?” Or will you go something modern and sophisticated? Or maybe you’d want to bring out a nostalgic flavor? Perhaps a touch of some retro fun will be good, too! There’s always something so special and exciting about planning for decor for the holidays. In our case, we’re all for wine-themed decor because after all, we can’t get enough of wine! So here are some of our top holiday wine decor picks that we hope you can use, too:

Holiday wine decor ideas

Candle-filled wine and champagne glasses

Don’t chuck out those old wine and champagne glasses just yet. They will definitely come in handy for your Christmas parties this year. Fill them with gorgeous scented candles! You can choose to fill the air with your favorite scents, like pine, cinnamon, or apple for a truly holiday flavor. You can also to opt for those artificial candles you can easily get at Walmart or Costco. Putting them in wine or champagne glasses will really tickle the fancy of your wine-loving guests. A note of caution, though! Make sure you use heat-tempered glassware and they don’t have hairline cracks on them. Otherwise, go for the artificial candle option.

Wine-inspired Christmas ornaments

Cork wreaths, centerpieces, and Christmas ornaments

If you don’t collect wine bottle corks, now’s the time to start doing so. You’ll be wonderfully surprised at how handy they can be for DIY Christmas decor. They are so easy to work with, too. A glue gun will suffice, unless you plan on using something with stronger adhesive properties. Creating Christmas wreaths with wine corks is such a fun project that allows you to explore your creativity. But that’s not all! You can also try other stuff, like making DIY coasters for your wineglasses, or even vases for your table. And of course, you can decorate these corks and make fancy Christmas ornaments out of them, too.

Light up your wine bottles!

Wine bottle lighting accessories

Now while you’re at it, don’t just get rid of your empty wine bottles as well. You can make some very holiday-ish decor out of them by filling them up with lights. There are LED bottle lights being sold in stores or can be bought online. Most of them are battery powered and rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry of the lights running out – literally. They will make for super attractive and festive holiday wine decor that even your non-wine guests will love. ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #358: Modern Appeal With Vintage View Racks

November 14th, 2017

Only five more Tech Tuesdays to go before Christmas! This is how we’re doing the countdown to the big “ho, ho, ho.” We’re expecting some pretty amazing things to happen in 2018, starting with the trend towards modern wine cellars. It’s, therefore, not a coincidence that today’s Tech Tuesday is a push in that direction. Check out the modern appeal of this wine cellar project:

Project # 274628
Wood: Custom / Vintage View / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 741
Where: Fulton, GA

Vintage View Series

Just this year, we’ve  focused a lot on our contemporary/modern wine cellars campaign. In fact, we have dedicated a whole section for it under the Custom Cellars category in our website. There are so many racking styles to choose from and your imagination is the only limit. We’ve taken on more and more requests for sleek and modern wine cellar designs this year, showing a positive reception to this type of wine cellar. However, there are also those who do not want to go full-blown contemporary. Our client for today’s Tech Tuesday is one of those. They also want to retain a touch of that traditional wine cellar elegance with wood elements. Our professional design team certainly delivered on this one. With a combination of metal and wood racking elements, this spacious assembly with a modern touch was brought to life:

A modern appeal

Our Vintage View Series was utilized to give this project a contemporary flavor. As far as metal wine racks go, our Vintage View is definitely one of our most popular products. This is all thanks to the easy to navigate, label-forward wine storage and display systems. They serve to provide an interactive wine experience that starts at the moment you see the bottle. Our Vintage View racks also feature a most space-efficient, wall-mounted configuration. This makes them ideal for entry-level or compact wine cellar projects. But they will also work with any size or type of wine cellar, including commercial applications. Note that Vintage View racks come in four different height variations (1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-feet) as well as single, double, and triple-deep options. You can also choose from four types of finishes: Black, Black Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Chrome.

Custom Rectangular Bins

To keep the “traditional” charm in this project, our design team added some custom Rectangular Bins to accommodate bulk bottle storage. The wood wine racks were crafted from unstained All-Heart Redwood and look simple and classy. All in all, this project is certainly very functional and with room to accommodate future acquisitions, as well as possible expansion. *Cheers*


Commercial Racking Updates: See What You’ve Missed!

November 13th, 2017

It’s Motivation Monday, wine cellar buddies! And it’s about time we should get motivated because the Christmas holidays are nearly here. That means we have to get that holiday shopping list going. Now for all you wine store proprietors out there, this blog today is definitely for you. WCI has been working diligently all year long on improving our racking products. One of the areas we really focused on is our Commercial Wine Racks. Here’s a run-down of all the great stuff we added to our commercial racking catalog:

Beer Storage Racks

This is available specifically with our Vintner Commercial Series. Now you can build a nice racking assembly for your beer collection as well. The Vintner Beer Storage Rack will display and store your beer bottles and beer cans in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way. You can even choose to store them in cases as this rack is very durable. Moreover, you can coordinate it with our other retail wine racking, available in all the popular matching wood and stain options. The Vintner Beer Storage Rack is a free standing unit. The posts on either side, as well as the backing provided, give it stability. Note, however, that this product is not stackable.

Maximum Display Merchandiser

For wine establishments with high volume sales, this is the kind of rack you’ll definitely need. The Maximum Display Merchandiser is a stackable unit with adjustable storage capacity. You can choose to prominently display those wine bottle labels in either a side to side format with storage for 3 bottles deep. Or, you can also mix and match and use the rack in a front to back storage format as well. The first option will let you store approximately 96 bottles. The front to back format will hold up to 128 bottles. Manage your storage capacity and display functionality to its highest potential with the Maximum Display Merchandiser!

Stackable Fixed Shelf Cabinet

Our Fixed Shelf Cabinet is one of our more popular commercial racking styles. But we’ve managed to make it even better. This year, we rolled out our “stackable” version of the cabinet. It definitely attracted a lot of attention from the get-go. Because of its stackable nature, this racking style is now even more flexible. You can stack one on top of the other to accommodate almost any ceiling height. You can also incorporate the rack with other racking elements in your wine store.

And these are not all that you may have possibly missed! Stay tuned for more commercial racking updates next week. ^_^