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Technical Tuesday Episode #400: Multi-Combo Racking In Premium Redwood

September 18th, 2018

What’s better than combining racks from two different series? A multi-combo racking, of course! And guess what, Tech Tuesday buddies? That’s exactly what we have in store for you today. Let’s get to know the deets on this elegant multi-combo project for a client in North Hollywood, CA:

Project # 307689
Series: Custom / Vintner / DKS
Wood: Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 476
Where: North Hollywood, CA

Vintner and Designer Series with custom racking

We’ve featured projects that mix and match our wine racks lots of times on the blog. But today’s feature utilizes not just two, but three different racking series. Our design team put together this seamless racking assembly by combining units from our Vintner and Designer Series wine rack kits, as well as some custom pieces. It was a smart decision since as can be gleaned from the images, this is a pretty compact space they had to work with. The floor area is a tad narrow, but the ceiling height is quite good.

In order to maximize the limited space, the racks from WCI’s “kits” were augmented by custom units. So in the image below, you’ll notice that there is a nice variety in storage options to accommodate both individual and bulk bottle storage. There are standard Individual Bottle Columns, Solid Diamond Cubes with Face Trim, and Rectangular Bins for wine boxes and/or loose bottles. Also, take note that there are actually two Individual Tasting Centers incorporated in this assembly. That means there’s also glass racks to accommodate the client’s stemware. All in all, this wine cellar has covered all the bases, storage-wise.

Two Individual Tasting Centers

Now let’s talk about the add-ons that served to give this project a really completed look. The wood choice for all the racks is Premium Redwood in Dark Walnut stain. By keeping the wood and stain option uniform, symmetry and balance are maintained in this racking arrangement. Various racking series may have been used, but everything fit together perfectly. We also have the crown and base moldings to thank for that. As we have emphasized in a number of projects, these moldings help remove gaps between the racks and flooring, as well as the ceilings. And along with the Center Seam Trim, they create a seamless and professional appearance for your wine cellar.

Last but definitely not the least, by using multi-combo racking, it helps bring the cost down. That’s because a good number of the racks used are from the “kits” and not custom-made. We highly recommend checking out our Racking Comparison to get a good grasp on the cost per bottle of kits as against custom units. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save by going the multi-combo racking route! *Cheers*

How To Utilize WCI’s Wine Cellar Design Request Services

September 17th, 2018

So you’ve most likely come across our blog posts highlighting our wine cellar design services. The big question is: have you tried them out? For potential clients, sending out a design request can present some uncertainties. What exactly do these design services cover? How much will it cost? How long does it take for the company to reply? Well, we’re here to put all those worries to rest. We’re going to give you all the necessary deets on our design services – so read on and find out!

Here’s what you can expect from WCI’s design services…

Once you’ve firmly decided to push through with your wine cellar project, the first step is to fill out WCI’s online design request form. We have three different types of request to accommodate the various needs of clients. You can choose from the Kit Racking, Custom Racking, and Retail Store Racking online forms. Kit Racking is for when the client wants to utilize products from our wine rack kits (Vintner, Designer, WineMaker, etc.). Use the Custom Racking if you wish to commission for custom units, and not the pre-designed ones from our kits. And for commercial wine establishments, we also have the Retail Store Racking form.

WCI Design Request services

The online form has three main sections: Room Specifications, Planning Your Wine Room, and Submit Form. Each section has detailed questions that will guide us in coming up with the design that will truly satisfy the client. These include specifications for the budget, wood and stain choices, and the option to submit existing floor plans/layouts.  After the form has been submitted, the client will receive a wine cellar design package that includes:

  • Unlimited fax, phone, or e-mail consultation in regards to the wine cellar design.
  • An initial design + 3 revisions (if required)
  • Quotation on all “Custom Cellar Products”
  • Wine Cellar Construction Manual & Wine Cellar Innovations Master Catalog (upon request)
  • Separate quote including cost for personalized optional cellar amenities

In addition, the client will also receive a free 2D design of the wine room. There is one hundred percent no strings attached to this! Receiving the 2D design doesn’t put one under the obligation of contracting out WCI’s professional services. You are free to decide whether you’d want to push through with the project or not. We believe in creating healthy and meaningful business relationships with potential clients. That’s why at WCI, we promote transparency in all our services. ^_^

Bag And String Wine Delivers The Goods With Our Commercial Display Racks

September 13th, 2018
Bag and String Wine Merchants is a boutique wine and liquor store located in the historic downtown area of Lakewood NY. It is just blocks from the beautiful Chautauqua Lake. The store has made it a long-term goal to gather unique wines from around the globe. Bag and String Wine aims to provide unparalleled service, wine education and a selection that meets the customers’ needs and budget. That’s why they have worked hard on growing their collection to reflect the widest variety of wines possible. And WCI was only too happy to learn that our commercial racking units have provided this client with the bottle storage they need:

Wine Display Islands

These lovely photos of the assembled racks really made our day! As you can see, there is quite a nice variety of storage options going on here. The Wine Display Islands and Wall Merchandisers, in particular, have featured prominently in the store. They have also purchased several racks from our Vintner commercial line. As you can see from the photos, the freestanding units are comfortably housing the merchandise – with room to spare:Bag & String Wine Merchants store

The client made a smart move in selecting some of our most popular racking styles. Take for example the Wine Display Islands. The standard unit from our Classic line can provide full bottle capacity of up to 240 wine bottles. But you can also choose the Island with 2 Display Rows to showcase more of your best-selling labels. These are point-of-purchase racks, designed specifically to drum up wine sales. Customers can easily browse and view the labels of the wines they are looking to purchase.¬†Moreover, we have actually upgraded the design of these islands in our Vintner commercial line. Each wine bottle has a bottle slot to rest in so the bottles don’t rest against each other. This makes for very secure storage and prevents the merchandise from accidental breaking.

Our happy customers from Bag & String Wine!

Then you have the Wall Merchandisers. WCI has a pretty extensive selection of these. There are so many racking styles to choose from, including those with half-height configurations and adjustable shelving. Take note that they can all be customized with different woods, stains, and lacquer. The client purchased all their units in Rustic Pine, with a Dark Walnut stain option.¬† Bag & String Wine made use of a good number of these merchandisers. They mixed and matched the units up to yield a generous bottle storage capacity. These racks serve the store’s purpose well, since their goal is to continuously expand their collection. That way, they will be able to cater to even the most discerning customers. ^_^

Wall Merchandisers

Wine Cellar Innovations: Why Custom Wine Cellar Art Is Worth It

September 12th, 2018

Some things are really worth splurging on in your wine cellar project – like custom wine cellar art. Of course, you can always choose to have standard pieces instead. But if the budget permits, going for something custom is recommended. Let’s explore some of the reasons why:

Wine cellar art adds unique character to your wine room!

It adds unique character to a wine room…

A unique piece of wine cellar art in your wine room is definitely one way to increase its aesthetic appeal. Even just a single painting or mural can really bring the theme together. Since it’s custom-made, you can opt for vibrant colors or go for muted, earthy shades. Naturally, you are free to choose the concept you want translated into an artwork. Scenic captures and vineyards are the usual favorites. But you can opt for something different, like famous landmarks or wine countries you’ve visited. Also, because it’s customized, you can also choose the medium you prefer. Acrylics and oils are the more popular mediums. However, you can experiment with other materials, such as mosaic tile, tumbled stone, or hand-painted tiles.
Beautiful Tumbled Stone art
It adds value to the wine cellar…
No doubt about it, an artistic masterpiece will definitely add value to any wine cellar. That’s why it’s actually worth shelling out the money for. Keep in mind that nowadays, a wine cellar can become one of the best selling points of one’s home. So it only makes sense to make it as appealing as possible. Even if you have an existing cellar, you’d be surprised at what a fine piece of wine cellar art can do for it. You don’t need to undertake a full renovation and incur unnecessary expenses. Just replace some of the more worn wine racks and furniture or repaint/refinish them. Invest in a really good piece of wine cellar artwork. Throw in some lighting accessories to help accentuate the decor – and voila!
Mosaic wine cellar artwork
It can enhance the ambiance of your wine store…
Proprietors of wine cellar establishments all know the importance of creating an inviting ambiance. If you want to drum up the sales, you will need to catch the customers’ attention – enough to make them stay and shop. Adding pops of color into your store is one clever way of enhancing the ambiance. And choice pieces of wine cellar artwork can certainly do that for you. Our Testimonial Thursdays have featured lots of wine stores incorporating artistic creations into their racking arrangements. Most of the time, the artwork is framed against wine cellar archways. In some cases, murals are commissioned to be painted directly on the walls. ^_^