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Technical Tuesday Episode #383: Practical Yet Stylish With Wine Lockers

May 22nd, 2018

How goes it, Tech Tuesday buddies? This month, there has been some really good variety with our Tech Tuesday features. We’ve still got another one up our sleeve! This time, we’re focusing more on the practical aspect of wine storage. But that doesn’t mean style is totally put aside. See how we make these two elements work with each other in this project:

Project # 279305
Wood: Custom/ All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 828
Where: Mount Kisco, NY

Secured Wine Lockers

This wine room was designed for a client in Mount Kisco, NY. As you can see, the arrangement is comprised of our Secured Wine Lockers. This is one of those custom jobs that utilized nothing but our Secured Wine Lockers and we’re very happy with that. That’s because it gives us a great opportunity to showcase the outstanding features of our lockers. Let’s start with the basics. First off, these are Individual Bottle Lockers which you can stack to your heart’s desire. They are available in several “levels,” starting with the one-level units down to the five-level ones. Second, they are sold by the column and can be customized in a number of ways. Since they are stackable, you can match them with just about any ceiling height. Lastly, you can customize your lockers in a number of ways. This is how you throw in style to balance the practical aspect out.

Customize your wine lockers!

Now let’s talk more about the customization options. There are several elements that you can play around with to make these lockers truly your own. One is the wood choice. The Secured Wine Lockers are available in all our four top wine cellar wood options. Next is the stains and finishes. Currently, there are four stains you can choose from: Light Stain, Classic Mahogany, Midnight Black, and Dark Walnut. You can also go for the unstained version, which is what our clients chose for their wine cellar. As for the finish, you can select to have lacquer or no lacquer on your racks. Another aspect you can customize is the door panels. As you can see from the photos, our clients went with mesh panels for the lockers. You can pick from mesh, glass, flat, or raised panels. The last two options actually deal more with the practical features of the lockers. One of these is the base of your racks. You can choose to have a Vinyl Base, with or without casters. Moreover, the Vinyl Base is available in brown or black hues. The second one is the keying configuration. You can also choose to key all locks in the same or key them separately. The latter option requires no additional charge. *Cheers*Lockers with mesh panels


Ways To Give Your Wine Bottles A “Floating” Look

May 21st, 2018

Do you want to achieve an ethereal look to your wine cellar? Do you want to have your bottles look like they’re floating on air? We’re sure that THAT would be a real conversation starter! And the good news is this: yes, you can certainly do this. WCI can offer a number of ways to for you to create that wonderful illusion. Check out these racking selections that can help give a dreamy, “floating” appearance to your wine cellar project:

Acrylic Cube Series

The Invisible Wine Rack Series

The series name itself is a dead giveaway, don’t you think? This series utilizes acrylic wine racks in a riddling wine rack fashion. Essentially, large sections are taken and parsed out where neck holders give the elegant appearance of floating wine bottles. The specialized wine slots ensure that each bottle is safely tucked into the racks. Moreover, since the acrylic material is transparent, the labels can be clearly seen. This racking style will give a high-end, modern feel to any wine room. Another variation of this style is the Acrylic Cube Series.

Modern Wine Cellar Series

The Modern Wine Cellar Series

We’ve featured this series more than just a few times in the blog. It’s one of our newest products and was designed to appeal to the most discerning wine collector. It is gradually rising in popularity and for some very good reasons. For one thing, wood and metal supports are installed within platforms in a ceiling to floor configuration. This is what’s responsible for making the bottles look like they’re suspended in thin air. In addition, there are multiple wood, stain and finish options available with this series. But if you want a really dramatic effect, we also have the acrylic bottle supports as an additional option.

Vintage View Series

The Vintage View Metal Wine Rack Series

This is WCI’s oldest, and to date, still the most popular metal wine racking series. Vintage View is noted for its ability to provide easy to navigate, label-forward wine storage systems. The series comes in two configurations: the wall-mount units and the floor-to-ceiling displays. A Floor to Ceiling Frame needs to be purchased separately for the latter. This floor-to-ceiling display will give your wine cellar that beautiful “floating” look that is sure to be an attention-grabber. Vintage View is one of our most flexible metal racking products. When wall-mounted 7.5 inches apart, the racks can hold standard-sized bottles. However,  they can also easily hold split-sized bottles when mounted 5.5 inches apart.



WCI Mini Stack Series Provide The Perfect Wine Storage

May 17th, 2018

Going “small” in your wine cellar project doesn’t mean compromising on the essential things – like bottle storage. Our Mini Stack Series can offer the perfect wine storage in your home, even if there is limited space. But that’s not the only standout feature of these small wine racking units. There is more to appreciate about them and today’s DIY is a terrific example:

The Mini Stack Series

The clients who purchased our Mini Stacks were actually in the business of designing model homes in the real estate market. In one of the these model homes, they want to include a “wine room.” Naturally, since it was just the “staging” process, there was no point in constructing a permanent wine cellar. After all, the potential buyer might have a different style in mind for the wine room. So when they stumbled about the Mini Stack Series, they definitely found what they were looking for. These stackable racking units are compact and flexible. It is easy to stack them and outfit a room with a unique racking assembly. There are several bottle storage styles available, including one for glassware.

By stacking them one on top of the other and/or side by side, expanding wine storage can become so convenient. It’s also makes it less stressful to move the racks around if you want to change the layout or add other accessories. Moreover, these racks are crafted from quality Premium Redwood with nice assortment of stain and finish options to boot. That means you can also match the racks up with any existing decor in a room. Take this project, for example! The room was already painted with light walls and darker-hued hardwood floors. The clients chose to go with unstained versions of the racks and we think it’s a smart move. The natural pinkish-gold shades of Premium Redwood really come through in this instance:

Fully assembled wine racks

Last but definitely not the least, our Mini Stack wine racks ship fully assembled. All that you’ll ever need to do is arrange them in your home and you can immediately start storing your bottles. For model homes, this is a huge time and money saver!

“The racks arrived on time and shipped well.  After we pulled them out of the box, we just set them out. We are a builder and I was outfitting a particular room that we were showing as a “wine room”  for one of our model homes. They  are not used to capacity at this time but it’s working for us.”

~Colleen W.~

Wine Cellar Inspirations: DIY Racking Ideas For Your Wine Cellar

May 16th, 2018

Is your budget a little too tight for a formal wine cellar project? Don’t lose hope! You can still bring to life that wine cellar of your dreams. All you need to do is expand your imagination and rely on some DIY racking ideas. Putting together a racking assembly is not rocket science. Even if you’re a newbie, the right products and tools can give you the desired results. So don’t fret over those extra dollars! Instead, get inspired by these smart DIY racking ideas:

Dining Room Displays

Dining Room Wine Displays

The dining room is one of those areas in the house that can be conveniently transformed into a wine storage space for your collection. For example, the cabinets storing dining ware sets can be converted so a portion of the same can host the wine bottles. If there is an empty wall space, you can have a compact wine cellar built into it. In the alternative, you can also choose to have racks wall-mounted onto the said space. Assembling and installing the racks can be done DIY, especially if you’re planning to wall-mount them.

Wine Cellar Closet

Wine Cellar Closet Transformations

This is another racking concept that has become very popular in the recent years. A wine cellar closet can work in any residential setting. But it works especially well with living spaces with limited space. The great thing about a wine cellar closet transformation is that you can definitely go full DIY with it. All you need is to decide on an empty or unused space in your home that you’d want to convert into wine storage. Some of the more common ones are the coat closet, broom or shoe closet, or the pantry. But we’ve also had clients who converted an office space and even an extra bathroom. Once the space is decided, you can decide on your racking units and other accessories. Our small wine racks collection has lots of styles that will work very well with wine cellar closets.

Under Stairwell Wine Cellar

Under Stairwell Transformations

More often than not, people love to stash their junk in that little area under the stairs. But don’t be so quick as to take that space for granted! With a bit of ingenuity and hard work, you can turn that under stairwell space into a pretty awesome wine storage for your collection. More than just a few of our clients have done this. Some have taken the professional route and had their cellars customized by design professionals. But others took the DIY route with equally satisfying results. Browse through this section of our photo gallery and see what these wine cellar fans have wrought! ^_^