Wine Refrigeration

Wine storage began in the underground caves of Europe. These caves provided the consistent storing conditions that allowed wine to age at an elegant pace. By convention, these conditions have become the standard for modern wine cellars: The ideal wine cellar temperature range is 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity. Our wine cellar refrigeration systems maintain these ideal conditions, gracefully aging your wines, then keeping them at their peak for years to come. Nothing is more detrimental to your wine than extreme heat or cold.

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Find out how we create wine racks and custom wine cellar solutions.
WineZone Ductless Split Refrigeration

Our industrial quality Winezone Ductless Split Refrigeration systems are ideal for any wine cellar.

WineZone Split Air Handler

The Winezone Split Air Handler is located outside the wine cellar and the supply and return air is ducted to and from the wine cellar.

WineZone Accessories

Parts, warranties, and add on components for our WineZone Wine Refrigeration Units.

Wine Guardian

Wine GuardianĀ® wine cellar cooling units are capable of multiple installation configurations, including through-the-wall, remote mount, indoor, or outdoor placement.


These wine refrigeration units are ideal for your entry level wine cellar.


The Breezaire wine cellar refrigeration unit is self contained. These affordably priced units are ideal for new wine collectors.

Wine Cellar Humidification

Wine Cellar Humidification Humidifiers Humidity Wine Cellars Refrigeration unit