Vintner Series Measuring Guide

Vintner Series
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Step 1: Measure your room. The premise behind the Vintner Series wine racks was to create a custom fit floor to ceiling wine storage application for rooms that have an 8' or taller ceiling height. You can utilize the Vintner Series wine racking collection to rack walls all the way up to almost 22 feet. The following guide was created to educate our customers on how to create a seamless floor-to-ceiling look using the Vintner Series wine racks.

Step 2: Choose your wine racks

Step 3: Choose your moldings

How To Customize                   

Customization Calculators
Below are some calculators that will assist you with determining the heights you can achieve with the various wine rack height options and the various molding options.

We would suggest that you start by reading through this entire page first, however, to familiarize yourself with all the components available to make this wine racking system work.

Few other quick notes: Due to the fact that you can install the double stacked moldings in various heights on the front face of the rack, the heights given in some calculations when using the double stacked moldings, are extremes, and may have some flexibility still in the calculations. Please note all heights listed for any 5 1/4" base molding can only be achieved when purchasing the coordinating platforms available for each wine rack kit.

Enter your exact measured ceiling height here in inches :

Below are all the options available to you to obtain full floor to ceiling wine storage using the Vintner Wine Rack Series. If no data appears, then the height you entered cannot exactly be fitted floor to ceiling.



Choose quantity of racks to be stacked and moldings below to calculate the overall height of racking.
3 ft vintner qty:

4 ft vintner qty:

crown molding:

base molding:


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What size molding package should you choose to achieve a custom fit?
Below is a chart that shows the heights you can achieve with various molding options. Choose a molding option based on your ceiling height. There are two base molding height options, and there are minimum and maximums listed below. The heights have a minimum and maximum height because you can install the moldings in various heights on the front face of the rack, the double stacked moldings allow you to adjust the height of the molding when installing it. Please note all heights listed for the 5 ¼” base can only be achieved when purchasing the platforms available for each wine rack kit.

Component Options
The following component options are available for this series:

Base & Crown Molding Packages – There are 24 options available, with varying heights and profiles. Each package is 48” in length.

Stackable Beam Support – If you choose to stack your wine racks, this piece is mandatory as it stabilizes the racks into one combined structure. This piece comes standard with and is included in every wine rack kit package, but is also available for purchase by itself if extra is needed for any reason.

Center Trim – 3 ¼” tall double sided profile molding has been designed to cover the seam created when you stack your wine racks. Each package is 48” in length.

Platform – Utilize a platform specifically designed and engineered to elevate each wine rack kit, to achieve maximum height. You must also purchase this special platform in order to use the 5 1/4" base molding package. This platform can support one wine rack, or two stacked. The platform is 3 13/16" High, and will allow you to maximize the rack height in any room. Please note : If you order the platform stained, only the top will be stained, as majority of customers will be attaching base molding to the front of the platform. If you would like the front or the side of the platform to be stained, you should order a half pint of stain from us to touch it up. Please call us directly to order stain.

Wine Racks – There are many different styles of wine racks available in the Vintner Series Collection. The standard height of each wine rack in the Vintner Series is  47 3/16”. The combined height of two wine racks and the stackable beam support is 95 1/16” when it is not on a platform and does not have any moldings attached to it. The overall height of two wine racks stacked, with the beam support, and sitting on a platform is 98 7/8”.

Filler Paneling Material – Matching paneling material is available to fill in any gaps that you might have. Each Filler Material package comes standard with 2 – pieces that are 48” tall & 6” wide. This paneling material is meant to be cut to fit on site.