WineZone Ductless Split Refrigeration

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Winezone Split Refrigeration System Diagram for a Wine Cellar

Winezone Split Refrigeration System Diagram for a Wine Cellar

Our industrial quality Winezone Split Refrigeration systems are ideal for any wine cellar. Split Refrigeration systems are available in sizes from 1,500 BTU and larger and are built to last under the most demanding conditions.
* Installation by qualified HVAC technician is required.

  • Featured wine cellar refrigeration evaporator is quiet and attractive.
  • Designed for a 55 degree temperature differential for wine storage.
  • Designed to maintain 55 - 75% relative humidity in wine cellars.
  • Other evaporator options are available but not shown.
  • FREE BTU Analysis.
Heat Load for Ductless Split Systems
  cubic feet length width height condenser
WZDSCM15 288 6 6 8 indoor - outdoor
WZDS2800 648 9 9 8 indoor - outdoor
WZDS3800 968 11 11 8 indoor - outdoor
WZDS5700 1800 15 15 8 indoor - outdoor
WZDS8800 3528 21 21 8 indoor - outdoor

Heat Loads are based on the following conditions:
  • R-13 in all walls
  • R-19 in ceiling
  • Vapor barrier on all walls and ceiling
  • Concrete slab floor is sealed
  • Space above wine cellar is conditioned
  • Rectangular room
  • 3 above grade exterior walls
  • 1 interior wall
  • 1.5 watts of light per square foot
  • Residential Application
  • 8' ceiling height
  • 20 square feet of glass in interior wall
  • Square room rounded down to nearest whole foot
If your wine cellar does not meet these specifications, please request a heat load calculation be done for your space.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Condensers
Indoor Outdoor
indoor   wine cellar refrigeration outdoor   refrigeration condenser
Both the indoor and outdoor wine cellar refrigeration condensers work with the wall mounted evaporator.
Water-cooled condensers are available.

Sound Blankets for Compressors
For those who are concerned about noise levels, Sound Blankets for compressors can be purchased for an additional charge.

sound blankets for refrigeration condensors

Coated Evaporator Coil
Coated evaporator coils are recommended for those with exposure to corrosive environments such as saltwater.

coated evaporator coil for corrosive environments