Wine Cellar Flooring

What you’re stepping ON in your wine cellar can be just as important as what you’re stepping into – your wine room.

There are several exciting selections below for your wine cellar flooring that include cork flooring, vintage wine barrel flooring, painted tile flooring, and mosaic flooring. What’s fun about the selection process is finding the perfect design that blends well with your shelving and racks to create a beautiful and lasting environment for your wine collection.
Cork Flooring

Enhance your custom wine cellar with the natural beauty of cork flooring.

Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring

Reclaimed wood components from wine barrels are used in wine cellar flooring and give your custom wine cellar the feel of being right in the heart of wine country.

Painted Tile Flooring

Choose from our collection of original painted tile designs for your custom wine cellar or create a customized piece by providing us with your own image ideas.

Mosaic Flooring

These Mosaic flooring pieces are created entirely by hand for custom wine cellars with a unique blend of antique fine china, stained glass, and porcelain tiles.