We Make It Happen With Cool Adjustable Shelves & Corner Cabinets!

September 24th, 2014 by

Check it out, wine cellar fans! It’s the last We Make It Happen feature for the month of September. The shopping season is starting and it’s definitely high time for us to get inspired with some awesome holiday wine gift ideas. We’re actually going to give you guys some early-bird teasers on tomorrow’s Testimonial Thursday episode, so don’t forget to tune in for that. In the meantime, let’s enjoy more custom wine cellar goodness as we feast our eyes on this wonderfully functional and funky project decked out in WCI’s custom adjustable shelves and corner cabinets:

We Make It Happen With Cool Adjustable Shelves & Corner Cabinets!Now this residential wine room was built to accommodate a fairly fast-growing collection. So essentially, there was a prerequisite need to maximize the allocated space as much as possible. True to form, the WCI design team was able to accomplish exactly that, bringing to life this wine cellar with a little over 1600 bottle storage capacity. The secret lies in the custom adjustable cabinets which can be manipulated to accommodate a wide variety of products – wine, champagne, and other liquor bottles; individually or in bulk, including wine cases or crates.

We Make It Happen With Cool Adjustable Shelves & Corner Cabinets!One of the focal points of this assembly though, is this really cool custom Corner Cabinet crafted out of Premium Redwood. See how it’s specifically structured to fit perfectly into its designated space in the wine room? That’s the beauty of custom-made wine storage: you’re able to maximize wine storage space while minimizing cabinet footprint and overall space requirements. This corner beauty is designed to fit into those uneven grooves, taking advantage of space that is often not usable. It makes for a great spot to showcase your fine glassware and other wine accessories. Of course, you can also choose to display your best vintages here if you want and lots of other stuff, too. Your imagination is basically the only limit there is!

Make your custom wine cellar goals a reality at a budget that works for you by chatting with our professional design consultants today. We will definitely make it happen the way you want it to! Catch you all next week for our first October episode. ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #204: Fall Elegance With Dark Walnut-Stained Platinum Racks

September 23rd, 2014 by

You can really tell when seasons are officially changing because of the trends. Clothes, shoes, food, and of course, even home and wine cellar designs. Well, we for one are totally “falling” for the Fall season because of the jewel-toned hues and bolder styles, just like we couldn’t wait for Starbucks to bring back that Pumpkin Spice Latte and Salted Caramel Mocha flavors (haha!).

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 241824
Wood: Platinum/All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 988
Where: Jackson, MS

Technical Tuesday Episode #204: Fall Elegance With Dark Walnut Stained Platinum RacksThat being said, let’s check out this beautiful Dark Walnut creation combining the top racking units from our Platinum Series. It’s a very elegant assembly with flawless racking transition and symmetry, compliments of the versatile features of our top-of-the-line custom wine racks. When you’re intent on getting only the best results from your wine cellar project, the Platinum Series is really your best bet with over 120 wood, stain, and finish options to choose from, along with the extensive variety in bottle storage.

Technical Tuesday Episode #204: Fall Elegance With Dark Walnut Stained Platinum RacksFor this project, it’s mostly a conglomeration of the series’ Individual Bottle Columns. Note that there are several styles you can work with and mix and match them up for both functional and unique arrangements:

  • Split, Wine, & Champagne Individual
  • 15 Degree Display Single Level
  • High Reveal Display
  • Wine Display Lighting
  • Magnum Individuals
  • Large-Format Wine Bottles (3-6 Litres)
  • Single & Double Deep Storage
  • 15 Degree Display Multiple Levels

 Also, don’t forget that the series also offers Earthquake Resistant Wine Racks which are a really good investment (don’t forget that big quake that hit California and Napa Valley just last August!).

Technical Tuesday Episode #204: Fall Elegance With Dark Walnut Stained Platinum RacksThis assembly also features custom Adjustable Shelves and Solid Vertical Displays to accommodate larger-format bottles. Combined with the raised panel ceilings, the outcome is that of an organized and seamless racking set-up that gives of the wonderful illusion of so much space despite it’s original 988-bottle storage capacity.

Technical Tuesday Episode #204: Fall Elegance With Dark Walnut Stained Platinum RacksHere’s a terrific shot of the cellar, allowing us to see the entire arrangement.  Thanks to the custom LED lighting, the racks are much more enhanced. Note that this is also another glass-enclosed project, which makes the custom lighting elements almost a necessity. Nothing can enhance the elegance factor of a wine cellar better than the play between light and glass as we have emphasized more than just a few times in all our other past creations.

Technical Tuesday Episode #204: Fall Elegance With Dark Walnut Stained Platinum RacksLast but certainly not the least, it pays to keep in mind that since the racks are all crafted out of All-Heart Redwood, they retain stains and finishes exceptionally well. Redwood is known not just for its resiliency and durability, but in its ability to morph into various amazing looks depending on the stain and finish option you dress the wood up in. This is why the deep colors of Dark Walnut show up marvelously in this project, giving the wine cellar a luxurious charm.

Next week, it’s the final Tech Tuesday for the month of September! We have something quite special lined up for you guys so don’t miss out. Plus, since the holiday shopping season is here, don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list for the latest deals and discounts on our racking products. *Cheers*

Conquering The DIY Wine Cellar Project Jitters

September 22nd, 2014 by

Exactly how does one start on a wine cellar project? Well first off, you start by being DETERMINED to see that project through from beginning to end. That means not being deterred or worse, intimidated by the challenges proffered by the task. Bear in mind that that wine cellar construction is no rocket science, but there are essentials that need to be complied with. Also, as far as wine rack assembly and installation are concerned, it matters a lot if you work with the right tools as we have always emphasized on almost all our DIY features.

We’re lucky that a lot of our clients have been sharing their DIY experiences with us, particularly with the results they get from using our racking products. But we’re especially lucky today because one of our more recent clients actually sent in “before and after” shots of his newly finished wine room:

Conquering The DIY Wine Cellar Project Jitters

Dough had this adequately spaced spot in his home all prepped up for his custom wine cellar. You can see from the image above how all the necessities were already complied with: studding the space to frame the cellar,  soffits, insulation and vapor barrier. That leaves the wall coverings, ceiling, and flooring and of course, the wine racking assembly. As soon as the latter is ready to be installed, Doug sent in for our Vintner and Designer racks in classic Premium Redwood and set about mixing and matching them up. Here’s a sweet and short account of his installation and assembly experience:

“I’m very happy with how the rack turned out!  Eric was great to work with and he went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied.  The delivery was fine.  I must admit that when the kit was delivered and I opened each box, inventoried it and laid the parts out on my basement floor, it looked pretty intimidating.  However, once I started assembling it, kit by kit, it all came together.  The nail gun worked well and the whole rack fit the room well.

I’ve attached some photos, but because the space is small (4 ft by 10 ft), it’s hard to get a very good perspective.  Everyone that’s seen it, thinks it’s great!”

~Doug H.~

Conquering The DIY Wine Cellar Project Jitters So here’s the “after” shot of the completed project. Notice how neat and trim the assembly is, all the way down to the Standard Archway with tabletop and Open Diamond Cubes. Thanks to professional services provided by our WCI consultant and the use of the nail gun, Doug attested that everything went smoothly. There’s definitely nothing “amateurish” about this wine cellar in our honest opinion!

Learn more about starting your very own wine cellar project by skimming through our How To Build A Wine Cellar article and check out our Testimonial Thursday archives for more DIY inspirations. It’s time to conquer those DIY jitters and make your wine cellar dreams come true! ^_^

Building Works Of Art In A Snap With WCI Wine Rack Kits

September 18th, 2014 by

When you think about it,WCI wine racks are kind of like building blocks. They’re so easy to fit together and there’s just so much you can do with them. They’re like the unofficial LEGO of the wine racking world! So the analogy is kind of dorky, but it’s appropriate as well. This Testimonial Thursday spotlight will give us a better illustration of this point:

Building Works Of Art In A Snap With WCI Wine Rack KitsThis is once again, a Designer dream project that can host well over a thousand bottles in a variety of individual and bulk storage options. It’s probably no secret anymore that the year 2014 has been dominated by the Designer Series wine racks kit with the majority of wine cellar projects, both custom and DIY, utilizing it.  Our client Sue’s wine cellar is no exception because this Dark Walnut-stained beauty is all done up in Designer, complete with the custom crown and base moldings on the entire racking arrangement. At a glance, we can see it’s indeed a versatile layout, decked in Individual Bottle Columns, Open Diamond Cubes, Vertical Displays, and Open Diamond Bins below Standard Archway with tabletop. Notice, too, how various bottle sizes can be squeezed in, including magnums and other larger-format bottles.

Building Works Of Art In A Snap With WCI Wine Rack KitsWe absolutely love the wood and stain selections for this assembly: All-Heart Redwood drenched in Dark Walnut stain.  All-Heart Redwood, we should remember, is one of the highly recommended wood choices for custom wine cellars. Resiliency and durability notwithstanding, this wood specie is one of those that really ages gracefully. As the tree grows the heart takes on minerals which give it those gorgeous reddish brown tones and increases the wood’s resistance to decay. We actually have this sample that was left buried for 2,000 years and is as good today as the All-Heart Redwood used to build your wine cellars. How amazing is that!

Building Works Of Art In A Snap With WCI Wine Rack Kits

“We love our wine racks.  They look beautiful. The full cellar holds over 1,100 wine bottles!”

~Sue S.~

We give props to Sue for the fab finishing touches done on the cellar. We are all for those intricate metal accents (mirror, table, etc.) that work so well with the deep colors of the racks. And to think that this custom goodness was all brought to life by just putting stuff together from a “wine rack kit”! Try your hand at your own DIY racking assembly, too. You’ll love how fun and hassle-free it will go and it’s only with WCI wine rack kits. ^_^