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We Make It Happen With “Urban” Racking Choices

June 24th, 2015 by


“Urban living” has become a whole lot different than it was like say, ten years ago. Sure, things have become more modern and styles have become more sophisticated but along with these positive changes, some sacrifices had to be made. One of these is in terms of living space in residential establishments.

Indeed, the nearer you are to civilization, the more scarce (and expensive!) space is. So people have been finding really creative ways to make things work – and that includes us! We’ve been more than aware of how people living in compact residential areas like apartments and condos have been struggling with space issues. So we are doing all we can from our end as well to make it happen for them – especially when it comes to keeping their wine bottles properly stored.

Go “urban” with your racking choices!


When we planned the launch of our Urban Living Series, foremost on our minds was tackling the problem of “space” in modern residences such as apartments, condos, and other similar living flats. The goal was to create modular wine storage packages that would offer suitable bottle storage options to fit clients’ needs under these conditions and of course, at an affordable price.


Of course, it goes without saying that we also incorporated style elements into the packages. This is why the Urban Living Series is comprised of 85% Vintner wine racks, 10% Designer, and 5% from our custom line. Essentially, you get just the right combination of variety in your bottle storage options coupled with a unique design. And naturally, these packages are configured to be as space-efficient as possible, giving you 6-, 7-, and 8-feet package alternatives.


As far as the design elements are concerned, we’ve also incorporated a generous range of choices in terms of the wood type, stain and finish options, including lacquer. Basically, the client has up to four wood types and five stain options to choose from. But the pretty awesome features don’t end here! We’ve also taken into consideration the reality that a lot of people engaged in “urban” living don’t have the luxury of time to actually put together a wine racking project, no matter how easy the assembly and installation process is. So we also had the foresight to include the option to ship the components fully assembled!


Check out the full range of the Urban Living Series collection today and see how you don’t have to make any more compromises when it comes to your wine collection. Plus, our 6-Foot Series is on a whopping 40% off sale so grab it now while you still can! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #241: Bottle Storage Variety At Its Best With The Platinum Series

June 23rd, 2015 by

Variety in bottle storage options in your wine cellar is a MUST for a number of reasons. First off, it allows you more freedom to grow your collection. A wine cellar that can host just standard-sized bottles wouldn’t be that much fun at all, unless you’re looking at starter wine cellar projects.

Second, “variety” also translates to flexibility. You will find that the more versatile your storage options are, the easier it actually is to work with them in the designated space in your home or store. Lastly, with variety comes more opportunities to spice up the look of your wine cellar so you have the style factor covered as well. Let’s take a look at this latest Tech Tuesday feature to further illustrate these points:

Project # 261258
Wood: Platinum / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1130
Where: Fulton, GA


So here we have a pretty spacious creation designed to host approximately 1130 bottles. The racks were made to span the entire perimeter of the room, making good use of the sharp corners to create a neat, tight, and seamless assembly. The hero of this project is of course, the infallible Platinum x All-Heart Redwood combo. We’ve featured tons of wine cellars using this wood and wine rack combination but each is quite unique in it’s own way. That’s one of the top selling features of the Platinum Series.


With the Platinum Series, accommodating one’s collection in both individual and bulk storage options is a breeze. The wide selection of racking units along with the highly flexible configurations allow for both straightforward and creative mixing and matching. So while you’re utilizing seemingly “standard” wine racks such as Individual Bottle Columns, Diamond Bins, Wine Shelves and so on, you can still design your wine cellar to be truly your own.


In taking a much closer look at this project, you will notice that there’s nothing too unusual about the choice in racks and even in the cellar’s layout. Yet, the simplicity of the arrangement lends itself to a classy aura. Again, this is the beauty when you have variety in your bottle storage options. By bringing in just a few accents such as the Archway with glass rack, crown and base moldings, and custom LED lighting into the mix, this cellar is showcasing a lot more character. Just imagine how it would look like when it’s all filled up!


Experience bottle storage variety at its best in your wine cellars by learning the right combos to work with. Our experienced design consultants are just a chat away to help you achieve just that! *Cheers*

Fuss-Free DIY With Discounted Factory Seconds

June 22nd, 2015 by

If it’s your very first time engaging in a DIY wine racking project, what should be the top things to look out for? Right off the bat, we’d list down these three: quality material, ease of assembly, and space-efficiency. And guess what? You can actually have all these plus a few more impressive features when you choose WCI wine racking products.

It’s always worth mentioning that our foremost consideration here at WCI is to provide the most appropriate solutions to specific wine storage needs. That’s why our products are very varied and of course, flexible. So for neophyte DIY-ers, you’d be pleased to learn that we can provide you with racks that are not only durable, easy to assemble and install, and space-efficient BUT – with the added bonus of being reasonably priced as well.

Sounds too good to be true? It may at first blush, but when you get up close and personal with our discounted “Factory Seconds,” you’ll definitely think otherwise. We highly recommend our factory seconds to newbies since they are crazy affordable! Do not let the name “factory seconds” confuse you. These racks are nowhere near used or of garage-sale quality. They are perfectly new units that are being marked down so they can be sold at a faster rate.

Why so? Well, it happens from time to time that a rack is manufactured with an extra knot in the wood, was stained a wrong color, the order was cancelled half way through production, or it becomes discontinued due to lack of popularity. These racks need to be quickly moved out and the best way to do it is stamp them with rock-bottom price tags. Our loss becomes your savings since you get brand-new wine racks sans the brand-new cost!

Even better, a lot of these units sport custom features such as stain and finish options, moldings, decorative hardware, and so on. They are also easy to assemble and install. If you’re working with tighter spaces in your home, you’ll also find that the configurations can be played around with to create that perfect fit. Below is a fine example of a completely beginner DIY racking project by our client Ray:


“Your wine rack was super easy to assemble with a nail gun.  Many of my friends were so impressed with the quality and look.  I located it in a closet under a staircase.  The wine rack freed up lots of space in that closet and made it super easy to locate each wine.”

~Ray M.~

Smooth Sailing DIY With The Vintner Series

June 18th, 2015 by

Still having doubts as to whether or not you can handle a DIY wine racking project? WCI racking products will wipe all those worries away, just like we did with a good number of beginner DIY-ers. A lot of these successful and pretty eye-catching DIY arrangements were made possible thanks to the easy configurations of our racks. Don’t forget that WCI wine racks are always all about the “rack-and-stack” features to help clients all over the globe grow their wine cellars along with their collection.


So let’s check out this assembly completed by our client Stuart. He sent in for some Individual Bottle Columns and Open Diamond Bins from the Vintner Series and proceeded to work on the racks using (of course!) a trusty nail gun. Per Stuart, putting together the racks took him just around two days. He did he installation at a later date but labeled the entire experience as “great” and “totally easy.”

IMG_6556edit “Everything went great – thanks for asking! Was totally easy to assemble with the nail gun! I assembled all of them in two days (or less) during Thanksgiving break and then waited until Christmas break to install them. The install definitely took more time and the hardest part was aligning everything up and making up for a floor that wasn’t perfectly flat. But with a few shims it was really not a problem.

The last thing I’ll do is trim them out. Maybe just trimming the center – don’t really think I need trim on bottom and top would take too much (plus I have a little storage room up there).”

~Stuart S.~

IMG_6707editHere are a couple more shots of the finished project. Look at how the racks blend seamlessly with each other and wrap around the room. You’d think that the assembly was done by a professional when the reality is, it just took the aid of a nail gun and capping things off with a few wine cellar accents here an there (we love that tabletop and glass rack!).

Now here’s an absolutely useful tip when utilizing WCI wine rack kits like the Vintner Series: don’t forget to check out the Finish Options available for you. Note that the client mentioned trimming the center of the racks. But did you know that the Vintner Series actually offers a center trim package as well. We can do all those little “extras” for you for a slight upcharge so that when your racks are assembled and installed, all that’s left to do is fill them up. Experience smooth-sailing DIY wine racking projects only here at WCI! ^_^