Wine Storage Solutions For Condos, Apartments, And Other Compact Living Spaces

January 22nd, 2015 by

So how many of you guys live in condos, apartments, or other similar compact residences? We’re willing to bet there are a lot! So the next question is this: how many of you want to have a custom wine cellar in your relatively limited space? Our client Glinda is definitely on the “YES” list! And guess what? She was able to get what she wanted, thanks to the right racking elements afforded by our wine rack kits:

“We have a small condo so we ordered a wine rack that was smaller in nature. We can have about 155 bottles. This was relatively easy for my husband to put together!  Photo attached. We get all kinds of compliments.”

~Glinda S.~

Wine Storage Solutions For Condos, Apartments, And Other Compact Living Spaces

What Glinda actually sent for was our WineMaker Series Individual Tasting Center with Displays and Open Diamond Bin. This Tasting Center is part of our “wine kit bundles” which we have been talking quite a bit since last year. Thanks to these “kit bundles,” anyone can have custom bottle storage in their homes, even when you live in compact residential arrangements such as condos and apartments.

Check out how the Tasting Center fits snugly into a corner of the condo and providing both individual and bulk bottle storage for the client’s small collection. The Archway and Tabletop option added to the assembly also offers a great space for accessories as well as wine cellar artwork. And of course, that tabletop will also serve as the perfect spot for mixing up one’s favorite taste teasers and to showcase some choice glassware.

Note that this wine racking module is available in 8 Ft & 7 Ft options. The 8 Ft Option is basically compatible with stacking double 4 Ft Options, and the 7 Ft Option is compatible with stacking 4Ft Options on the bottom, and 3Ft Options above. That gives one the opportunity to play around with configurations in order to accommodate the designated space in one’s home.

Currently, we also have a specific series for condo and apartment living! Check our our Urban Series  collection – modular wine storage packages for those enjoying the urban lifestyle.

We Make It Happen With Modular Wine Storage Packages

January 21st, 2015 by

We Make It Happen With Modular Wine Storage Packages

We seem to have lately been flooded with requests and queries for starter wine cellars or racking arrangements that would work best in compact spaces. It only means one thing. At the very start of the year, more and more people are already seriously considering proper storage spaces for their bottles, even if it may not necessarily be a formal wine room.

We Make It Happen With Modular Wine Storage Packages

Now we know we’ve introduced this latest addition to our wine racks kit line last year and did a couple of posts on it as well. But it’s time to shine the spotlight on it again and get old clients reacquainted with it, too – the WCI Urban Living Series. This series was launched for a specific purpose and that is to provide modular wine storage packages for apartment and condo living.

Cozy, stylish, and totally space-efficient!

We Make It Happen With Modular Wine Storage Packages

It’s ironic how in the past, wine storage solutions were hardly considered for wine enthusiasts living in apartments, condos, and other similar compact residences. Urban living had become quite the trend decades ago so it’s only fair that there should be proper wine storage solutions for it as well. Hence, the Urban Living Series!

We Make It Happen With Modular Wine Storage Packages

The Series comes in 6-, 7-, and 8-feet package options with 4 wood types and 5 stain and finish options to boot. In addition, the packages are comprised of 85% Vintner racking elements, 10% Designer, and 5% custom-designed racks to suit any and all storage needs of the client as well as the style preference. You’ll also be pleased to find out that thanks to variety in layout and design options, there are packages that are perfect for spanning stubborn, uneven corners in one’s apartment or condo. Check out a few of these winning combos:

Since these belong to our “kits” line, these cozy, stylish, and space-efficient packages are also amazingly affordable. And don’t forget that we also offer an option to ship the components of the package you pick fully assembled! Yes, siree! You can get your wine tasting center all set-up and ready to be filled out the moment the racks reach your doorstep.

We Make It Happen With Modular Wine Storage Packages

When you wish for us to make wine storage solutions happen, we do our darndest to make them happen! So get in touch with us and grab an Urban Living Series package for your apartment or condo today. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #222: Working It In Compact Spaces With WineMaker

January 20th, 2015 by

The month of January seems to be a time for dealing with storage space issues in wine cellar projects. That’s probably why it isn’t so surprising to find our WineMaker Series taking the center stage. Let’s find out from today’s Tech Tuesday episode:

Name: Bill Airy
Project # 254724
Wood: WineMaker/Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 429
Where: Douglas, CO
Technical Tuesday Episode #222: Working It In Compact Spaces With WineMakerNow here you have a classic example of a closet transformation with the help of choice racking pieces from the WineMaker collection. The compact space was cleverly laid out with standard Individual Bottle Columns, Individual Bottle Columns upgraded with Bottom Stack with Display Rows, Open Diamond Bins, and an Archway with Tabletop Insert, all in Premium Redwood with beautiful Classic Mahogany stain.

At a glance, one can actually conclude that this wine cellar can host quite a number of bottles despite the limited floor space. In fact, it can store up to just a little over 400 bottles. There’s no big secret to this pretty impressive space-efficiency feature of the racks. It all lies in the fact that the WineMaker Series racks are specifically configured with shallow depths compared to regular wine racks. This enables a racking arrangement to be squeezed into a compact space while still providing safe and comfortable storage for the bottles.
Technical Tuesday Episode #222: Working It In Compact Spaces With WineMaker

The other commendable thing about WineMaker is that for such a cost-efficient wine racks kit, you can still get custom amenities, including all stain and finish options to enhance the style factor of your wine cellar. For example, you can get custom moldings and platforms to really finish off the appearance of your racks. You also get our industry-exclusive Stabilizer Bracing System to ensure utmost durability and stability of the racking assembly. Notice that in this particular Tech Tuesday project, the completed cellar looks so spacious and polished. But you’ll be surprised to find out that the client didn’t spend outrageously big bucks to achieve this! Technical Tuesday Episode #222: Working It In Compact Spaces With WineMaker

“Everything worked out great. We used an installer that was recommended to us by Nick Ferol and he was really good. So no problems with delivery or installation.”

~Bill A.~

Now if ever you’re caught between the proverbial rock and literal tight space, you know exactly how work the kinks out. Have a chat WCI professional design consultant today to start the ball rolling! ^_^

The Vintner Series: Why These Racks Work Every Time!

January 19th, 2015 by

Looking for durable, excellent quality wine racks that are at the same time easy on your pockets can be quite the challenge. More often than not, people find themselves struggling to keep their wine cellar projects within budget. This can be a bit stressful, especially if you’re trying to turn out a really unique look for your wine cellar. But who says you have to compromise on anything? With the WCI wine rack kits, you can actually have it all!

Our wine rack kits provide an ample selection of bottle storage options that can be conveniently mixed and matched to create racking arrangements to suit any type of wine cellar project. Whether you’re looking to outfit a spacious room in your home or just squeezing in some bottle storage space, these wine rack kits can address all those needs. Our cream of the crop Vintner Series will show everyone how it’s done!

The Vintner Series: Why These Racks Work Every Time!“Extremely pleased with the entire process with Wine Cellar Innovations. I checked various sites and found their customer service outstanding. I gave them the measurements of the room I wanted to put the racks in and in a short period received a drawing which I made a few adjustments and then placed my order. They were very thorough and I received the boxes in about a week. They were very easy to out together and finished the project by myself in a weekend (it fits 1,200 bottles). The quality is extremely good and very pleased with the end product and would order again without question. I had one damaged piece and they sent a replacement the following day. Everyone who comes over admires it and think that I spent tens of thousands of dollars on it.”

~Christian H. ~The Vintner Series: Why These Racks Work Every Time!

Christian purchased these Individual Bottle Columns, Magnum Wine Bottle Racks, and Open Diamond Bins, all from our Vintner Series. As mentioned, the assembly and installation by the racks were all DIY and everything turned out smoothly. This alone was enough to make us quite proud of our products. But the client even went as far as indicating that WCI’s customer service was top-notch as well and there’s a huge possibility of him ordering more stuff in the future. Such patronage on his part is something we consider as priceless. It only goes to show that we ARE achieving our ultimate goal which is to always guarantee customer satisfaction in every project handled or purchase made.

The Vintner Series: Why These Racks Work Every Time!

Christian sent us some pretty good close-up shots of the completed racking assembly which, by the way, was all done up in unstained Premium Redwood. Notice the uneven corners of the room and how he managed to fit the racks in quite nicely. They transitioned really well from one rack to another and from the floor to the ceiling. And as the client would put it, the end result looked like it cost a small fortune when it didn’t!

You guys can check out the stuff Christian purchased in our Vintner Series section of the website. We’ve incorporated some nifty product upgrades just last year such as the Bottom Stack with Display Row and Top Stack with Display Row on all our Individual Bottle Columns. For more inquiries, feel free to shoot us an e-mail as well or chat with a WCI expert today! ^_^