Looking Into The Gold Series Skyrocketing Popularity

August 24th, 2015 by

Remember how we mentioned that this month seemed to be the “golden” month for wine cellar projects? Well, that really seems to be the case because we’re back with yet another Gold Series feature. This time around, it’s a racking assembly with a much bolder statement coupled with stellar use of the individual and bulk bottle storage options afforded by the series.


So here we have a really roomy wine cellar showcasing just how varied the racking styles of the Gold Series is and how flexible the configurations are. The Individual Bottle Columns alone have been spiced up so to speak in a combination of Individual Bottle Columns with High Reveal Displays, Split, Wine & Champagne Individual, as well storage for magnums and other larger-format bottles. Interspersed with them are Open Diamond Bins and Open Vertical Wine Displays. The result is an arrangement with a capacity for just a little over 1300 bottles. For a residential wine cellar project, this is quite impressive, especially when you have bottle storage variety on top of the extensive bottle capacity.


But let’s now take a closer look into the Individual Bottle Storage racks carried by the Gold Series and see why they’re not only popular but one of the most practical choices you can have as well. With the Gold Series, you get this type of wine racking style in single and double deep options with spacing for half-bottles, wine, champagne, magnums and other larger formats. Moreover, the cost per bottle is amazingly budget-friendly at around $6.78 per bottle. That means for say, 250 bottles, you will probably end up spending a little under $1700 and under $3400 for 500 bottles. If that isn’t cost-efficient, we don’t know what is! And as far as racking style is concerned, you get an assortment of options: Split, Wine, Champagne Individual, 15 Degree Wine Bottle Display Row, High Reveal Display, Magnum Individuals, Large Format Wine Bottles (3-6 Liters), and more.


Bulk bottle storage is no second fiddle either in the Gold Series catalogue. From Diamond Bins to Case Storage, and gorgeous wine displays, putting together unique and super spacious assemblies is about as easy as paying for the racks. This irresistible combination of function, form, and affordability gives us more than enough reason why the popularity of our Gold Series line just skyrocketed – and we have all these project features to prove that!


Why You Can’t Go Wrong With Prime Mahogany

August 20th, 2015 by

In  wine cellar project, you pretty much get varied choices with a number of things, from your wine racks down to your wine cooling system, your stain and finish options, accents and other decor, and of course, your wood choice. The latter can be quite confusing at times because let’s face it – there are tons of wood species to choose from and it’s really a personal preference when you get down to it.

That’s why here at WCI, we help you narrow it down to the cream of the crop, so to speak – the top quality wood species for your custom wine cellar project. However, also keep in mind that we STILL offer a broad spectrum of wood choices in an assortment of colors, grain patterns, and finishes to suit our customers’ needs and of course, their budget. This being said, let’s go check out this stunning little number – a glorious, glass-enclosed wine closet built for a client in Ulster, NY:


This is a Vintner creation, crafted from 3-Column Individual and 3-Column Individual with Display, Open Diamond Bins, Solid Vertical Displays, Adjustable Shelf Cabinet, and Curved Corner Racks. As usual, Vintner has delivered a seamless set-up, along with custom crown and base moldings. But the racking elements notwithstanding, the other standout feature of this project is the wood choice which is none other than the elite Prime Mahogany.

And why do we say “elite?” Perhaps it has to do with the fact that this wood option is not as popular as Redwood or Rustic Pine since it’s categorized as the “pricier” wood specie. Then again, it might also have to do with the fact that Prime Mahogany is considered a top-grade dense hardwood, utilized mostly in the crafting of high-end furniture, interior finishing, and cabinet-making.

However, the Prime Mahogany we have here at WCI is heads above the general appellation mahogany like Indonesian and Malaysian mahogany. They are actually less expensive and are a mixture of subspecies with widely different colors and grain patterns mixed together. When you get down to it, Prime Mahogany is a moderately priced hardwood because the supply is pretty abundant throughout Southeast Asia. And of course, this wood specie exhibits impressive resistance to shrinking, warping, checking as well as to rotting, decay and infestation.

Last but not the least, note that Prime Mahogany is already quite eye-catching unstained – like this wine closet we’re featuring right now. But it also lends itself beautifully to stains and finishes that serve to really highlight the wood’s variety of grain patterns. All these features and so much more just goes to show that you can’t go wrong with Prime Mahogany – and even your budget will agree to that!

We Make It Happen With Commercial Wine Displays

August 19th, 2015 by

In a commercial wine establishment, you essentially have two goals: having enough merchandise to meet your customers’ wine needs and having enough space in your store to put them all in. And of course, these goals are easier said than done – like almost everything else. Thankfully, WCI has a solid selection of commercial wine racking units that can properly address both goals. So watch as we make that happen with our most popular commercial wine racking product – the WCI Wine Display Island:

264786-4-(O'Bryan's-Wine-and-Spirits)-Install-Pics-1editIn general, wine display islands are already one of the most, if not the most, in demand style of commercial wine racking. That’s because they allow for convenient and safe storage of wine bottles as well as advantageous display of the merchandise. Customers won’t have a frustrating time trying to locate the labels they want and the displays make it easier to catch their eye, particularly when you’re trying to showcase new products.

But what makes WCI wine display islands even more unique is the fact that we’ve always taken it upon ourselves to “leveling up” our racking products in order to address the evolving needs of our clients. That being said, we’ve taken the necessary steps to modify our display islands and raise the bar when it came to their functionality. We’ve added two shelves to each side of the rack to allow more merchandising flexibility when it came to stocking the bottles. So basically, this enables the displays to really highlight a store’s most in-demand labels.  And of course, it only makes sense that the visibility of 40 more wine labels can easily translate into more wine sales.

Note that wine display islands are commonly grouped together in rows throughout the center areas of wine stores. This enables the store to really put their merchandise “out there” for the customers. Moreover, it’s a very space-efficient method, seeing as these display islands can be easily mixed and matched together for maximum bottle storage. Keep in mind, too, that the height of this type of commercial wine rack is perfect for label visibility without blocking one’s view of the rest of the store.


While this commercial wine establishment didn’t opt for certain upgrades on the racks, it’s also important to remember that with WCI’s commercial racking products, you can choose to have Vinyl Bases that will raise your racks above the ground by a good 4 inches. You can also choose to have casters installed for greater mobility of the racks in your store. And of course, you get a nice variety of wood, stain and finish options to match your store’s existing decor. In this project, our client went with unstained Prime Mahogany.

Check out more commercial wood wine displays as well as our expanding selection of commercial metal wine racks for your establishment today! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #249: Going The Right Direction With The Gold Series

August 18th, 2015 by

Seems like the month of August is the “golden” month this year, what with the steady stream of wine cellar projects involving our Gold Series custom wine racks.  It’s refreshing to see clients exploring the unique features each particular racking series have to offer. And what’s even more enjoyable are the truly satisfying results post-installation:

Project # 241096
Wood: Gold / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 930
Where: Williamson, TN


So just last week we did a run-down of the various reasons why the Gold Series is a smart move when you’re aiming for a “custom” project on a budget. That’s because as far as the cost per bottle is concerned, the Gold Series presents an amazing cost of $6.78 per bottle compared to even the Basic Platinum Series tagged at $11.22. In other words, you get maximum bottle storage without having to max out your budget.


Now let’s check out this elegant wine room showcasing the various racking styles the Gold Series has to offer. Here we can see a clever mix of Individual Bottle Columns with High Reveal Displays, Fixed Shelves, and Open Vertical Displays. Note that one of the Gold Series’ most outstanding features is on how the racking products in this collection are focused on the economical use of 1×2 open construction. This would explain why one is able to outfit an average-sized wine room such as this one and enable it to accommodate an impressive number of bottles. For the record, the bottle capacity for this cellar is just a little over 900, which, in our humble opinion, is certainly not too shabby:


Functionality aside, let’s not forget that the Gold Series is no slouch when it comes to providing unique appearances for your wine cellar project. Today’s Tech Tuesday feature is certainly proof of that. Apart from the bevy of racking units in either Premium Redwood or Rustic Pine, you also get a healthy selection of accents and accessories from custom flooring and ceilings to entryways, custom cabinetry integration, custom crown and base moldings and more. So go the right direction with your wine cellar  AND your budget and check into our Gold Series custom wine racks today. *Cheers*