We Make It Happen With Hot Gift Ideas

October 22nd, 2014 by

Just a little over two months to go before we can unwrap those goodies under the tree. But of course, before that happens, we have to make sure we’ve also wrapped up the stuff that needs to be under that tree for our “giftees” this season. So how many of you have actually completed their shopping lists? For those who haven’t even gotten a head-start yet, it’s time to get cracking because you can never tell when stocks might run out. Worse, prices will definitely soar when you get much closer to the holidays.

That’s why here at WCI, we can help you literally wrap up that holiday gift list with our hot gift ideas! We’ve already lined up a 2014 Wine Lover Gift Giving Guide and all you need to do is check this section of the website out. We’ve got a whole slew of wine and wine racking goodies conveniently categorized by price to suit your budgets.

We Make It Happen With Hot Gift Ideas

So let’s say you have someone on your list who’s well on his way to building his very own wine room. Or it could be that you, like our client who sent in these awesome shots of the racks purchased, are building that wine room as a surprise for  your very special someone these holidays. With our 2014 gift guide, you can easily select racking products, including accessories and even highly useful tools to help complete those wine cellar projects.

We even have an array of Gift Certificates in various denominations as well as Autocad Room Plans to surprise your aspiring wine connoisseur. And as if these amazing goodies were not enough, you can even mix and match the gift items pretty much the way you can mix and match our wine racks. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend or can afford. But because you can do your shopping by price, even a limited budget won’t keep you from  completing your list and in style, too.

We Make It Happen With Hot Gift Ideas

Take this Vintner Individual Diamond Bins that a client purchased for an “in progress” wine room she was working on for her hubby. While constructing gradually, she was able to finish the project thanks to essential yet affordable pieces offered by WCI:

“Here are photos of the wine racks in an ‘in progress’ wine room I was building at the time for my husband as a surprise gift.  A contractor friend assembled the wine racks and did use a nail gun.”


Let your giftees experience the joy of unwrapping presents that’s truly close to their connoisseur hearts this season and let us make it happen for you with our 2014 Wine Loving Gift Guiding Guide. Shop now! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 208: Classic Comeback With The Platinum x All-Heart Redwood Combo

October 21st, 2014 by

It looks like the Platinum Series is making a huge comeback this month, particularly on our custom projects. It’s not such a big surprise though, since when you have the right budget for a custom wine cellar, it’s makes perfect sense to go with our top-of-the line racking selections.

Project # 226294
Wood: Platinum / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1525
Where: Harris, TX

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 208: Classic Comeback With The Platinum x All Heart Redwood Combo

So here’s an assembly that has “functionality” written all over it. And we’re not just talking about standard functionality features. This wine cellar boasts a bottle storage capacity of over 1500 in a pretty compact space. Thanks to the extensive variety offered by the Platinum Series, it was quite an effortless task to come up with an arrangement that can accommodate that many bottles. And speaking of variety, notice how the individual and bulk bottle storage options were cleverly combined to really maximize on the floor area.

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 208: Classic Comeback With The Platinum x All Heart Redwood Combo

Here’s a closer shot of the racks which are all crafted from unstained All-Heart Redwood. It’s worth mentioning that when it comes to wood choice for custom wine cellar projects, All-Heart Redwood is one of the best, if not the best picks. It’s second to none when it comes to resiliency and durability and this wood specie ages gracefully, just like the bottles in your cellar. We have solid proof of the wood’s longevity in this sample that was buried for over 2,000 years and is still as good as any freshly milled All-Heard Redwood utilized in wine cellar projects at present.

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 208: Classic Comeback With The Platinum x All Heart Redwood Combo

Now notice that apart from the Open Diamond Cubes with “X” interlocks, Open Vertical Displays were also installed to augment the bulk storage capacity of this project. But the unique thing about it is that the design team ingeniously interspersed the vertical displays with the Individual Bottle Columns as can be seen from the image above. So apart from increasing the functionality factor of this assembly, the combination also provided additional aesthetic charm.n This is one of the strengths of the Platinum Series given the wide range of racking models you can work with to come up with imaginative arrangements each and every time.

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 208: Classic Comeback With The Platinum x All Heart Redwood Combo Technical Tuesday Episode No. 208: Classic Comeback With The Platinum x All Heart Redwood Combo

To cap off the entire racking set-up, crown and base moldings were incorporated to fill in the gaps between the wine racks and the ceiling and flooring. So you can actually see how the racks flow around the room more smoothly with the essential help of these moldings. The Platinum Series offers an impressive selection of these custom moldings, including fancy, decorative carved ones.

Discover more fab Platinum x All-Heart Redwood and other racking combos by scouring our Tech Tuesday archives! *Cheers*

Gold x Vintner: DIY Clever Combos Make The Grade

October 20th, 2014 by

Creativity when it comes to wine racking assemblies stems from being able to work with various products, mixing and matching and coming up with unique results. This is actually what impresses us the most with DIY projects. We always look forward to what our clients will turn out using the wide range of racking products we provide. We have been wonderfully surprised on more just several occasions with the results which is why we make it a point to showcase our clients’ works, just like Dave’s here:

Gold x Vintner: DIY Clever Combos Make The Grade

Dave purchased some racks from our Vintner Series kits as well as choice pieces from the Gold Series custom line. He has this nice little nook in his home that’s just waiting to be turned into a proper wine cellar. The existing interior is quite vintage with the brick ceilings and matching brick-red painted walls. So Dave’s decided to go for racks in Premium Redwood and dressed up in Dark Walnut stain.

Style-wise, we give this a two-thumbs up because the color scheme is just perfect for fall. Configuration-wise, we salute this project as well, seeing how the client has managed to work the individual and bulk bottle storage racks together pretty well. We especially give props to the way he utilized the Open Diamond Cubes on either side of the archway to give the arrangement the illusion of spaciousness. But for the record, this cellar can actually host a little over 700 bottles. That’s certainly impressive for a DIY residential project. It only goes to show how our clients can do so much with our racking units, no matter the type of space they’re working with.

“Just thought I would send you a picture. Everything looks great. Thanks for your help. I just need to order a set of small steps from you.”

~Dave A.~

Interested in more DIY inspirations utilizing racking combos from the WCI catalogue? Then tune in to our Testimonial Thursdays and scour the archives, too! Our Testimonial Thursday episodes provide more detailed narratives on how our clients from all across the globe have come up with awesome assemblies thanks to our products. Check them out, get inspired, and be the next one to shine only here at WCI! ^_^

Factory Seconds: Snag Them Before They’re All Gone!

October 16th, 2014 by

It’s Factory Seconds fever this month! It’s pretty timely because of course, we’ve been anticipating holiday rush to start as early as last month. It’s the perfect opportunity to snag bargains before they all run out of stock. Remember that when it comes to affordable custom wine racks, you can’t get a better deal than our discounted factory seconds. These amazing items have been tagged with prices so low we’re practically giving them away. And there’s nothing shady going on here, folks, unlike some secondhand Sallies that would usually raise an eyebrow or two. This testimonial from our client Bruce is more than enough proof of the quality of our discounted racks:

“I did purchase one of your factory second wine racks for a DIY project at my home in Tucson Arizona. It was a simple wire rack that was easy to put together with the instructions provided. After close examination I couldn’t find any flaws in the product to classify it as a “second”. No need for a nail gun to assemble this- just a power drill to attach it to the wall. It arrived fine- no shipping problems at all. Thanks for a great product!”

~Bruce G.~

Factory Seconds: Snag Them Before Theyre All Gone!

So what our client actually purchased is this beautiful and oh-so-space-efficient 65 Bottle Black Metal Lattice Wine Rack. It goes without saying that WCI’s metal lattice racks are the ultimate in racking value. You are afforded an ample amount of storage without having to compromise on space at the same time. This type of racking can be comfortably mounted even in compact places in one’s home as what our client Bruce did here:

Factory Seconds: Snag Them Before Theyre All Gone!

Bruce had a cozy little nook set up for a home bar. There’s just enough space for preparing his favorite taste treats as well as store AND showcase some fancy glassware. Now all that’s left was to purchase some racks that will allow for storing as many bottles as possible considering the limited space. Flipping through our Factory Seconds catalogue gave Bruce the answer he’d been seeking in the form of our Metal Lattice Wine Rack.

Factory Seconds: Snag Them Before Theyre All Gone!

Our Black Metal Lattice Racks are crafted from heavy gauge metal and accentuated with a satin black, industrial quality, baked-on finish. Assembly is a straightforward process, done just by locking the two metal grids together with the 6 wood bracket connector pieces and attaching it to the wall. The metal rack is designed to hold Burgundy and Bordeaux bottles up to 3 1/4” in diameter, as well as Split/Half 375 ml sizes.

There are currently still some of these metal lattice racks left, in several bottle storage configurations. Note that all of them listed in our Factory Seconds catalogue are going for way cheaper prices. So get a move on and snag a custom wine rack or two this holidays before they’re all gone! ^_^