Customizing Your “Man-Cave” WCI-Style!

March 19th, 2015 by

Man-caves are a neicessity when you have member/s of the male persuasion in your home. You’ll learn that this is inevitable! Be it your husband, fiancee, boyfriend, father, or brother, HE will need to have his very own sanctuary. In most cases, it will be the basement or garage turned into their personal space. Others would prefer to take over the den or a spare bedroom and convert it into their little piece of geek utopia.

Still, there are also those who are wine-loving “geeks” and would most likely want their man-caves to be able to host their what else? Wine bottle (and most most likely other liquor as well!) collection, of course! Our client David is one of those and with the help of our Winemaker Series wine racks kit and a trusty nail gun, he was able to complete his man-cave, replete with his personal wine collection:

20150105_145114editSo David had this cozy little bar tucked away into a corner of his home. As can be gleaned from the snaps he sent us, there was plenty of space for his glassware and other bric-a-brac. The only thing that was needed was a wine racking set-up that would fit in that tight space beside the glassware cabinet. This was easily remedied with our Winemaker 3-Column Individual with Display Row!

As you can see from the photo below, the 3-Column Individual with Display Row offered the perfect storage for several bottles with each bottle individually cradled. Plus, the display rows on top allows one to show off their wine labels. Note that these racks are equipped with flexible configurations that can enable you to stack on top of each other to maximize the height of your wine storage. A word of advice though: keep in mind that all of our Winemaker wine racks must be mounted 1 1/2″ off the wall to ensure proper wine bottle stability.


This is actually not the very first “man-cave” DIY project that our customers wrought with the use of our wine racking products. Here are a few other samples that you can find in our blog archives. Most of them were achieved with the use of our wine rack kits (Vintner, Designer, Winemaker, and the Traditional Series) and other small wine rack options: Mini-Stack Series, Curvy Cubes, Urban Living Series and more:

241223-photo-1edit image1edit Wine-rack-2edit Itching for your own “customized” wine-inspired man-cave, too? It’s as easy as popping open a bottle of wine! All you have to do is start browsing our product pages for the right racking elements and chat with our professional consultants. You’d be pleasantly surprised when everyone at home will suddenly want to share the “man-cave” as well! ^_^

We Make It Happen With The Space-Efficient Gold Series

March 18th, 2015 by

Let’s talk about space-efficiency in a wine cellar. It probably goes without saying that this is one of the essential factors any enthusiast would consider in a wine cellar project. It doesn’t matter whether you have a really large space to work with or a more compact one. Ultimately, your goal would be to maximize that available space and ensure that you get the amount of bottle storage you need.


Our client Will is on the same page as everyone else in this matter. He had an ample area in his home that was just waiting to be transformed into a very functional wine room with tons of storage for his fast growing collection. So in order to make the best use of the available floor area, he chose to work with our Gold Series custom wine racks.


At the outset, it bears emphasizing that the Gold Series provides a great variety of flexible racking styles that one can easily mix and match to come up with very creative assemblies. More importantly, these racking units were specifically designed to focus on the economical use of 1×2 open construction. So after clearing up the boxes upon boxes of wine bottles out of the room, rows of Individual Bottle Columns, Open Vertical Wine Displays, and High Reveal Displays were installed. Check out the visually inspiring before-and-after shots of the cellar post-assembly!


“We are very happy with it. Chris did the installation, there were no issues and we are very pleased with the new cellar. The room is transformed!”

~Will P.~

The Gold Series definitely ticked off all the boxes on our client’s list as far as the completion of his custom wine cellar is concerned. Here are just a few of the other awesome features you can be sure WILL happen when you go for this custom racking option:

  • A choice between Premium Redwood and Rustic Pine wood
  • Beautiful angled curved corners for that seamless look
  • Fixed shelves for wood cases
  • Custom cabinetry integration
  • Full 13 1/2″ bottle coverage
  • Proper storage not just for wine but also for champagne, magnums & larger formats
  • Gorgeous “extras” such as raised panel ceilings, murals, flooring, and entryways

Even better, we’ve built some online tools to help you get started! Share your ideas with our design team with the help of the My Projects Folder. All you need to do is sign up for the My Projects Folder when you see something you like anywhere in our website, all you need to do is bookmark it or save it to that folder for future reference. You can then choose to share it with us when you are ready for a design!

Make your wine cellar dreams happen today because we’re here to help sort out any and all of your wine storage needs. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #229: Eddie Merlot’s Takes Denver By Storm In Our Platinum Series!

March 17th, 2015 by

Guess who’s back bigger and better than ever? It’s Eddie Merlot’s and this time, they’re taking Denver by storm! Now Eddie Merlot’s is one of our oldest and loyal clients and we’ve been very proud to have been a significant part of their expansion projects. Our racking products have helped give the concept of “elegance” in a steakhouse a whole new meaning so we’re totally thrilled to work with them once more.

Project # 190075
Wood: Platinum / All-heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1931
Where: Allen, IN

The whole campaign of Eddie Merlot’s revolves around creating an atmosphere where hospitality and the comfort of guests should be top priority. That’s why the properietors always aim to provide the finest personal service, highest quality of foods, freshest ingredients, and of course, world class facilities for all the guests to enjoy a memorable experience. This, of course, includes installing “facilities” like functional yet eye-catching wine racks. And for that purpose, our professional design team trotted out only the best in the WCI custom product line: our Platinum Series custom wine racks.


If you have followed our previous projects on Eddie’s you’d notice right off the bat that their racking arrangements are more or less consistent. This is something that we really approved of since it identifies as Eddie Merlot’s as one of those commercial establishments that carried the “Wine Cellar Innovations” mark. See how versatile the racking set-up is with the clever combination of individual and bulk bottle storage options from our top-of-the line Platinum Series.


Our design team pulled out at all the stops with Individual Bottle Columns, High Reveal Displays, Curved Corners, Wine Shelves and accents that only the Platinum Series can deliver such as the Radius Front Tabletops and full Quarter Round Shelves. Custom curved crown and base moldings added to the character of the racking assembly and are instrumental in giving it that “flowing” look that spells nothing but elegance.

190075-12-(EDDIE-MERLOT'S-Englewood)-Install-Pics-4edit Everything is done in Eddie Merlot’s favorite wood option: All-Heart Redwood. For the record, their previous branches where WCI installed racking assemblies for their wine collection were also done in this highly popular wood specie. It’s actually a no-brainer since Redwood is not only amazingly durable and resilient, but the natural wood color is very attractive. In fact, the unstained version is widely utilized in a lot of wine cellar projects, although one of its best features is its ability to absorb stains and finishes extremely well.

Visit the Eddie Merlot’s website as well as their social media pages for more information on their menus and wine lists, locations, reservations and more. *Cheers*

Quality Products x Quality Services Make For Happy WCI Clients

March 16th, 2015 by

The Designer Series is making a comeback after a short hiatus and it certainly does it in style! We were certainly “wowed” by these snaps our client Michele sent us after having completed their wine cellar project. For a DIY arrangement, it certainly exudes a professional flair, thanks to the seamless flow of the racks.

image1editBelow is a wonderful shot of the arrangement, particularly the way the racks wrap around the curved wall in a flawless manner. Since it’s the Designer Series, combining functionality and style is as effortless as installing the racks themselves. Essentially, the clients went with the most popular style of wooden wine racking: Individual Bottle Columns.

But rather than the standard Individual Bottle Columns, they chose to go with the more updated Individual Bottle Storage with Display Rows. The same goes for the Curved Corner with Display. The addition of a Standard Archway with tabletop, glass rack, and Open Diamond Bins below, as well as capping off the ends with a Quarter Round Shelf really made the entire set-up come together and gave it character on top of class.


“I absolutely love my new wine  racks. The designer I had answered all of my questions in a timely manner and he was very knowledgeable about the product. They were delivered quickly and we had no damaged pieces. We assembled them in one day with the nail gun and it was not as hard as we thought it would be. Overall I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend Wine Cellar Innovations to anyone who is  interested in designing their own wine cellar.”

~Michele H.~


Quality products aside, we’re also quite proud to showcase the range of WCI’s professional services. Note that apart from the initial free design consultation, we also offer a “custom’ wine cellar consultation process to complement our “custom” products. Our end goal is always customer satisfaction which is why we take our services from the very start of a project and down to the final stages. That includes post-installation services such as making sure that your wine cellar is cleaned to your standards before we leave.

In the case of DIY projects such as this one, we don’t say adios until we’re one hundred percent sure our customers have received the products they purchased in the condition we guaranteed them to be. In more than just a few cases, products or specific parts thereof that were either erroneously delivered or inadvertently damaged were promptly replaced. This quick action on our part has earned us our clientele’s trust and loyalty, things we’re determined to keep for life!