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Seamless Silhouettes For Your Wine Cellar

July 27th, 2015 by

Whether you’re talking about a custom-made wine cellar project or a DIY one, there’s one essential feature that will really pull it together – “seamlessness.” In it’s most basic definition, this simply means the quality of being smoothly continuous or uniform. When applied to wine cellars, it points to none other than the the racking arrangement, particularly the transition of the racks from floor to ceiling and from one unit to the other.


It is this “seamless” quality in a wine racking assembly that gives the wine cellar a professional aura. That’s why if you check out our DIY features in our Testimonial archives, you’ll see more than just a few tributes to the polished appearance of our racking products after the clients have assembled and installed them all by themselves. There’s really no secret in achieving this smooth transition though. It all lies in the very flexible configurations of all our racking products as well as certain add-ons that serve to really complete any arrangement.


This amazingly spacious custom wine cellar we’re featuring today can serve as a wonderful illustration of the concept of seamless wine racking silhouettes. First off, this is a Gold x Vintner combo which basically means our custom Gold Series line augmented by choice pieces from our popular wine rack kits series – Vintner. Whether it’s at first glance or upon further scrutiny, no one (except of course our design team!) would be able to tell that the assembly is comprised of units from different collections. Look at how each element fits perfectly into the other, creating that “smooth transition” from one racking style to the other.

264213-2-(Taylor)-Install-Pics-5edit We also invite you guys to closely inspect these subsequent shots, especially with the way the assembly snugly hugs both the floor and ceiling as well as the sharp corners of the room. Those racks look almost built-in, don’t they? One very useful tip to making your racking assembly really blend in with the existing interior and/or decor is finishing or staining the racks in the same color as other furniture or elements in the room. This is easily achieved thanks to the extensive selection of stain and finish options we carry here at WCI. So strike up seamless silhouettes for your wine cellar projects the WCI way now!

264213-2-(Taylor)-Install-Pics-3edit And as always, the “little” add-ons are actually significant in completing seamless silhouettes for your wine cellar. We’re talking about these custom crown and base moldings that help blend in those awkward gaps between the floors and ceilings as well as from one racking unit to the other.


Get Full “Metal” Gear For Your Wine Cellars With Our Metal Wine Racks

July 23rd, 2015 by

Metal wine racks seem to be on a roll this week! We’ve done quite a lengthy feature on them on this week’s Tech Tuesday and now they’re back in the spotlight in this really stunning set-up:

269976-0-(vv-install)-Install-Pics-4editIt’s about time that people start paying attention to what our metal racking products can offer and particularly in this case, our Vintage View Series. Notice that this wine room is built from beautiful stone materials that radiate rustic elegance. The addition of the Vintage View racks has definitely completed the look, along with the strategic lighting elements.

269976-0-(vv-install)-Install-Pics-3editNow notice that for this project, the racks were chosen to be installed from floor-to-ceiling instead of mounting to a wall. This is made possible with the use of a Floor-to-Ceiling Backer which is ideal for displaying your wine collection behind a glass wall, in the center of a room, or when mounting to a wall is not feasible or desired.  Since this room is constructed out of rough-hewn stone material, wall-mounting is not an option. The floor-to-ceiling assembly will instead give the bottles (as can be seen in the following shots) the appearance of being “suspended in air.” Design-wise, this is quite unique because it gives off an ethereal quality to one’s wine cellar.

269976-0-(vv-install)-Install-Pics-2editThe really great thing about these Vintage View wine racks is that they possess so much flexibility. Since you can either wall-mount or install them floor-to-ceiling, mixing and matching configurations will enable you to come up with a ton of eye-popping arrangements. For example, all of the 3Ft & 4Ft Wall Mounted Wine Racks, as well as the Wall Mounted Presentation Rack can be used with the Floor to Ceiling Frames to create unique and interesting designs. And don’t forget that while these metal wine racks are designed to hold standard-sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart, adjustments can be made to enable them to accommodate split-sized bottles by mounting the racks 5.5 inches apart.


Get full “metal” gear for your wine cellar project and scour for more metal wine racking choices at the WCI website. You might also want to check our custom wine cellar accents and accessories such as decorative cabinetry and hardware to complement your assembly. ^_^

We Make It Happen With “Rustic” Wine Cellar Appeal

July 22nd, 2015 by

When we think of “authentic” wine cellars, what’s the image the comes to mind? In our case, it’s that rustic appeal reminiscent of that vintage, old-country charm. Admittedly, the trend these days is towards more modern elements in wine cellar projects. Nonetheless, there is still something truly unique and attractive about recreating that old-country elegance and WCI actually has the perfect ingredients to help you concoct this:


Let’s check out this wonderfully spacious wine room our design team has put together for a client in Arapahoe, CO. It can  comfortably store over 1,000 bottles and showcases a nice variety of individual and bulk bottle storage options. In actual, the floor area of this wine room is not exceptionally spacious. However, choosing the right type of racking units has really maximized the room’s bottle storage capacity. It’s all thanks to Winemaker’s shallow-depth configurations.

264643-1-(Lester)-Install-Pics-2editWe’ve made quite a detailed discussion on the blog the last time about our shallow-depth wine racks and the many advantages they can offer, particularly when you’re building in a compact space. In our kits series, the Winemaker and Traditional Series both carry these shallow-depth racking units. A quick perusal of this chart here will tell us that apart from allowing one to maximize on space, shallow-depth wine racks also offer a more affordable cost per bottle. That’s why they come highly recommended for entry-level wine cellars and/or for those working on a strict budget.


But form and functionality aside, the more eye-catching feature of this project is its genuinely “rustic” appearance. We owe it all to the wood choice used here – Rustic Pine. As far as recreating that vintage, old-country flavor in your wine cellar goes, no other wood option will be able to do the job as effortlessly as Rustic Pine. The wood itself boasts a naturally soft, creamy color combined with subtle streaks and structurally sound knots. These features give the wood that near-perfect rustic architectural appearance.

In addition, Rustic Pine lends itself to a variety of stains and finishes to match your home decor. It is particularly suited for weather finishes where we strip down the intergrain matter to approximate the appearance of wood that has been aged outside for decades. The wood is known to absorb and retain all types of finishes extremely well. And of course, there’s no beating it for cost! This wood choice is our best value by price per bottle space because the supply is huge. Rustic Pine is a grade that includes knots which give a bigger yield and lower cost compared to a clear grade of wood.

So make your “rustic” wine cellar dreams happen at a price your budget will love with Rustic Pine!

Technical Tuesday Episode #245: Creativity Goes A Long Way With Vintage View Wine Racks

July 21st, 2015 by

Just how creative can you get with WCI’s wine racking units? Today’s Tech Tuesday showcase can give you more than just a hint on that! Let’s check out this super unique project that our design team completed for a client, again, in Hamilton, OH:

Project # 252218
Wood: Gold & Vintner & Vintage View / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 918
Where: Hamilton, OH


We’re quite excited to feature this wine cellar since it highlights just how varied and flexible our wine racking products are. Notice that this is another “mix-and-match” assembly, but this time, with metal wine racks thrown into the mix. For those of you who are still not properly acquainted with our metal wine racks collection, it’s highly recommended you guys check out this section of the website. We’ve been slowly but surely expanding metal wine racking options for our clients and as far as space-saving features go, these babies have tons to offer.


Now this project has been equipped with our Vintage View wine racks in 27-bottle, 3-feet tall, and and triple-deep configurations. Vintage View has been our very first metal wine racking collection and we’re quite proud of the level of functionality it can bring to any wine cellar project.


To start off, Vintage View wine racks come in 3- and 4-feet height options as well as single deep, double deep, and triple deep storage options. They were initially designed to hold standard-sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart. However, tweaking around with the configurations will allow the racks to hold split-sized bottles as well by mounting them 5.5 inches apart.


But here’s the truly awesome feature these metal storage wonders possess: they can either be attached to a wall or displayed floor to ceiling when a Floor to Ceiling Frame is purchased (available separately). So when you want to really maximize your available space on one hand, or make more space in a compact area in the other, both are totally achievable thanks to the wall-mount capacity of the Vintage View racks. In addition, mounting them will give your wine cellar that magical “floating” illusion. That’s why we hope to snag snaps of this wine cellar when it’s all filled up because we have a pretty good idea of how eye-catching the bottles will be.


Capping off this project are superb racking elements from the Gold Series custom line and our ever versatile Vintner Series wine racks kit. Since the Gold Series is part of our custom line, creating unique tasting centers that cater to both your storage and design needs can be a snap. Check out these awesome assemblies our team put together:

252218-6-(sara-vance-waddell)-Install-Pics-6edit 252218-6-(sara-vance-waddell)-Install-Pics-5edit 252218-6-(sara-vance-waddell)-Install-Pics-4edit

And don’t forget! Since you’re doing wine racking combos with the wine rack kits involved, it also helps bring down the cost considerably. Creativity indeed goes a long way when you have the right tools to work with! *Cheers*