Discover WCI’s Versatility With Our Home Builders Services

May 21st, 2015 by

We wouldn’t be called “Wine Cellar Innovations” if our versatility is limited to just our racking products. We are pretty proud to say we’re living up to our name because versatility extends to our services as well. So today, we’ll shift the focus and delve more into the scope of WCI’s wine cellar services – in particular, our “Home Builders services.”

Our client Mike happened to be one of those home builders who decided to try out our Home Builders Services. This particular model home located in good old Minnesota features a beautiful, vintage-themed kitchen and wine room. To stay true to the said vintage charm, Mike sent in for some Individual Bottle Columns with Display and Open Diamond Bins from our Traditional Series wine racks kit.


Mike coursed his orders through our Home Builders Services program which basically provides full turn-key services for complete custom wine cellar and wine racking project needs. All points of project needs can be handled from wine storage design, layout, manufacturing, refrigeration, interior décor fitting, wine cellar doors, as well as factory trained installation services.  In addition, there are some pretty awesome perks that one can enjoy from this program:

Note, too, that a Certificate of Insurance is available upon request when needed for your specific project. This gives clients the guarantee they crave that their wine cellar project will proceed in the smoothest route possible.


“Everything went fine with our wine shelving order.  It did not take long at all to get them.  We purchased them to display in one of our model homes which is now open in the Spring Preview Parade of Homes in the the Twin Cities area (MN).  I will be ordering a few more of them shortly as we have sold a couple of homes now that want to replicate the same thing. 

We did add a wood top to the center and also used a couple extra trim pieces to go around solid tops we put on the top of the wine racks too. I put them together myself and figured it out pretty easy.  I did use a trim nail gun which I am sure saved a lot of time on installation and made it a lot easier.”

~Mike G.~

Sign up for our Home Builders Services today and learn more about what we can do for your model homes. Also, if you register as a Contractor with us, you get access to exclusive e-mail promotions, special contractor pricing, and a special gift to boot. So come on and discover just how “versatile” we are in terms of our wine cellar services!

“Wine Closet” For Hubby Or Daddy? Definitely!

May 20th, 2015 by

Now that Mother’s Day has come and gone, we might want to focus our attention on Dad a little bit. Of course, Father’s Day isn’t until the 21st of June, but who says we can’t start our gift list for Dad earlier? Also, since we’ve been getting more and more wine racking concepts inspired by the “male persuasion” so why not go with the flow and shine the spotlight on them, like this newest DIY project our client Debra sent us.


So Debra sent us some “before” photos (above) of their storage closet before they decided to just go and get creative. There was actually a good enough space for a proper wine storage despite looking quite compact. With the help of our Traditional Series wine racks kit in Rustic Pine, our client transformed that storage closet into this pretty sleek racking set-up:


“I had this ‘Wine Closet’ built for my husband as a surprise and he absolutely loves it. I assembled the wine racks and they were easy. See the before and after pictures below. Great site. I have shared with many people. Thank you!”

~Debra F.~

Indeed, wine closet transformations are one of the most practical solutions you can have when a formal wine cellar project doesn’t really fit into your plans at the moment. But WCI racks have actually taken this to another level because you can fully customize your wine closet to suit not just your storage needs but style as well. So in this case, Debra had her hubby’s preferences in mind when she chose the racks as well as stain and finish options to make the assembly look bold and luxurious.

Now if you need more design inspirations, you’ll find that our photo galleries and blog archives contain a treasure trove of wine closet transformations. Or, why not shoot us an e-mail or chat with our professional design consultants for a truly hands-on experience of the WCI services. We’re always here to bring the best storage solutions to the table for you – or in this case, to your wine cellars! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #237: Winemaker Series Recap

May 19th, 2015 by

A wine cellar is built over time. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not just a one-day, one-week, or one-month endeavor. Consider it to be a lot like your wine collection – it grows over time. That’s why we always say that your wine racks should grow together with your collection.

Of course, it’s to be expected that your storage needs will change as well and adjustments have to be made to accommodate them. This is where your choice of wine racks will really make a huge difference. If you’re a newbie to the wine cellar construction game, starting small is your best bet. Thankfully, WCI’s wine rack kits give you the right amount of flexibility to accomplish just that!

Start it right with Winemaker!


When it comes to “starter” wine cellar projects, our Tech Tuesday archives are filled with lots of inspiring ones. You’ve seen us feature compact closet and under stairwell transformations, home bars, wine tasting stations, and so on. And if you are quite observant, you’d notice that these newbie wine cellars are usually decked out in our Winemaker Series wine racks. Why so?

Well as far as “starter” wine cellar projects are concerned, Winemaker offers very flexible freestanding options that can help one maximize the available space intended to house one’s collection. All Winemaker units feature shallow depth racks that are perfect for compact areas. You also get a variety of height options, including 3- and 4-feet racking heights. These allow for much flexibility in creating racking arrangements that are both functional and attractive.


Note that the racks must be mounted 1 1/2″ off the wall to ensure proper wine bottle stability, and will therefore add 1 /1/2″ to the listed dimensions. And speaking of stability, it’s also good to keep in mind that all our wine rack kits and not just Winemaker have undergone “kit upgrades” in the form of our industry-exclusive Stabilizer Bracing System. Spacer bars are sent with a dado that snugly fits each column of your racking. Plus, all the racks sport a 1 7/16″ square cut bottom rail. This allows the bottles to be securely held above the floor level so the bottle does not break accidentally by hitting a hard floor.


Check out more of our Winemaker cellar features in our photo galleries and Tech Tuesday archives. Indeed, it’s a no-stress, no-pressure, and totally fun wine cellar project when you work on things slowly but surely. *Cheers*

Winner Of April Wine Photo Contest 2015

May 18th, 2015 by

Aaaand we have a winner, wine folks! Our April Wine Photo Contest to celebrate 30 years of wine cellar innovation and excellence has finally come to a close. We’ve had some pretty awesome entries and it was a blast seeing so many great photos of people using our racking products in really unique ways.

So for the month of April, our lucky winners are Phil and Lisa Stiffler – congratulations! These folks have just snagged $250 that they can splurge on some serious wine shopping at And that’s not all! Every new photo entry for April also received a free set of Bottle Tags. Now how’s that for generous giveaways? Plus, the fun isn’t even actually over yet.

Our Wine Cellar Photo Contest is still in full swing as we’re gearing up to announce the big winners for this month. There’s still plenty of time to participate and take a shot at $250 worth of wine goodness. All you need to do is take a photo of your wine cellar or wine racking set-up created from WCI wine racks with you or a family member pictured in it. Hashtag #WineCellarSmile and upload to it on  Twitter, Instagram, or on our Facebook page. You can also use this form on our website.

The winner will be randomly drawn at the close of the month. Plus, all previous April entries will still be carried over to our May contest. So hurry up and crank up those photos! That $250 wine shopping spree is just waiting for you. ^_^