Technical Tuesday Episode #227: Crazy And Cool Commercial Racking Combos

February 24th, 2015 by

Commercial wine racking fever is on! Remember how we opened 2015 with a slew of custom and DIY commercial wine racking projects? Well, the heat is still definitely on because we’re bidding adieu to the month of love with this very dynamic creation:

Name: Adam Dunefsky
Project # 254893
Wood: Prime Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 1772
Where: Westchester, NY

Technical Tuesday Episode #227: Crazy And Cool Commercial Racking Combos

As far as combining commercial wine racking products is concerned, today’s Tech Tuesday feature is definitely a winner. We give props to our design team for putting together this 1772-bottle capacity cellar that utilizes some of our most functional and flexible display units. The image above and the succeeding one below showcase some great angles of the Six Shelf Vertical Wine Display Bins combined with the super practical Wine Lockers.

Technical Tuesday Episode #227: Crazy And Cool Commercial Racking Combos

Our Six Shelf Vertical Wine Display Bins were purposely designed to help establishments maximize wine label visibility. The shelf is configured in such a way that you have one wine bottle displayed prominently out front while leaving storage for four (4) more bottles behind each display. Also, in response to the evolving variety of wine bottles on the market today, we redesigned the distance between shelves to 15″ to allow for taller bottles.

As for the Wine Lockers, they have been gaining more popularity as of late, particularly in country clubs, wine stores, restaurants, bars, and public storage areas across the country. These secured wine locker storage racks have attractive metal lattice for open air circulation, as well as locks that can be keyed in numerous configurations or as one single key. Each column contains 5 locker compartments with a total bottle capacity of 60 per column. Presently, these lockers are now offered standard, by the column, to match the existing height of our other commercial wine display racks. They’re the perfect place to keep those expensive and rare vintages!

Technical Tuesday Episode #227: Crazy And Cool Commercial Racking Combos

In addition to the foregoing racking elements, this project also incorporated a Circular Wine Carousel that allows one to display up to 144 wine bottles in a compact area. The Carousal conveniently displays a total of 12 standard-sized bottles and stores 132, allowing one to optimize the available retail floor space. This commercial wine display easily rotates for the utmost of customer convenience.

Technical Tuesday Episode #227: Crazy And Cool Commercial Racking Combos Last but definitely not the least, this commercial project would not be complete without the space-efficient Individual Wine Bottle Racks and Vertical Bin POP (point-of-purchase) Displays. Note that there are quite a few variations utilized here such as the Triple Tier Maximzer Wine Display, Double Tier Wall Merchandiser, and Wine Display Island with Countertop.

Technical Tuesday Episode #227: Crazy And Cool Commercial Racking Combos

Go crazy and cool in your wine establishment with our plethora of commercial wine racks and displays. Chat with our talented team and get started on yours today! *Cheers*

Have A “Wood” Wine Rack Anniversary!

February 23rd, 2015 by

Stumped on fresh concepts for anniversary gifts? Well, we have one that might totally work for you! We’ve noticed that there are more than just a few couples who are (or will be celebrating) their 5th wedding anniversary. And if you’re going to go down the traditional route, the element to commemorate your 5th is none other than “wood.” This is where we come in!

Now what better gift to surprise your better half with on your memorable “5th” than wood wine racks. This would make for a really unique gift, especially for your wine-loving spouse. Better still, there are so many products to choose from at the WCI website so you will definitely be able to find something that will suit your budget as well. So let’s try to explore some of these options!

Have A Wood Wine Rack Anniversary!

If you guys don’t have a wine cellar yet or are just contemplating on having some sort of storage space for a few dozen bottles, our small wood wine racks would be perfect. The Mini-Stack series for one would make a pretty awesome gift since the racks ship fully assembled. Or if you prefer something with a fancier silhouette, then the Curvy Wine Cubes are the way to go. There are some very inspiring DIY projects we’ve featured utilizing these cubes that you’d do well to check out as well.

Have A Wood Wine Rack Anniversary!

But say for example you already have a wine cellar or formal wine room. No worries! We also have an extensive selection of uber flexible rack-and-stack wood  wine racks that will fit right in to whatever existing assembly you have. Browse through our wine rack kits and discover how you can expand your racking arrangement together with your collection. You’ll even come across some very dramatic pieces that will allow you and your spouse to give your wine cellar a style makeover. Our Waterfall Wine Bottles, Curved Corner Racks, and Open Diamond Bins are just a few of them.

Have A Wood Wine Rack Anniversary!

It doesn’t end there, though. Apart from just the wine racks, there are also “wood” wine cellar accents. These would be very suitable for those with finished wine cellars but need that something extra to really “complete” their racking arrangements. Check out the Quarter Round Display Shelf, Wine Barrel Table, and our collection of wood wine cellar ladders and step-stools.

Need help in choosing the perfect “wood” wine gift? We’ve also got you covered there! Chat with our professional design consultants or simply fill up the contact form. We’ll make sure that your “fifth” will be a truly memorable one. ^_^

Going Gorgeously “Custom” With Wine Rack Kits

February 19th, 2015 by

Slow and steady does the job as what our client in today’s Testimonial Thursday will proudly show to us. We were floored when we saw shots of his completed wine room. It was gorgeous, from the way the racks were artistically installed down to the lighting fixtures and this absolutely attractive arched, simulated brick ceiling:

Going Gorgeously Custom With Wine Rack Kits

The client sent in for some racks from our Vintner Series wine racks kit, specifically some Individual Bottle Columns and Open Diamond Bins. He did the installation himself, working gradually and carefully and utilizing the right tool for the job: a nail gun. Note that we have always reiterated the importance of using proper tools for assembly and installation of our kits.

They have been especially configured to be flexible and quite seamless in terms of racking and stacking them together or mounted through the wall. However, it makes a huge difference if a nail gun is used since not only does the job proceed so much faster but the racks are put together properly. You can actually purchase a professional DIY kit from our website and be well on your way to creating professional-looking wine cellars. Tons of our DIY features are under budget but they definitely sport that custom look and feel worthy of a mag shoot!

Going Gorgeously Custom With Wine Rack Kits

“When building my new home, I received several quotes to build out my wine cellar. I decided to buy the Vintner Series rack kits from Wine Cellar Innovations. I saved thousands over a custom job. The ordering was easy, shipping was fast. And assembly was without fault especially when using a nail gun. When it came to installation, I took it slow and steady working from the ground up and making sure everything was level and square.

It is now my pride and joy and I can say “I did that!” The room size is approximately 800 sqft and can handle about 600 bottles.” 

~C W Fraase~

We Make It Happen With Our “Hidden” Wine Doors

February 18th, 2015 by

We all love surprises don’t we? Something unexpected is always exciting after all. So imagine if we have something special tucked away in our wine cellars. Like literally “tucked away”! That would definitely put a nice twist on things which both you and your guest will enjoy when you hold your next wine tasting party. And guess what? We have exactly the thing to add that element of surprise to your wine cellar projects. Check out our Hidden Door with Built In Solid Vertical Wine Display Cabinet!

We Make It Happen With Our Hidden Wine Doors

This very unique racking option is available in our Platinum Series custom line. From the front, this secret hidden wine cellar door looks like another vertical display wine cabinet. That’s all thanks to the door’s design which is comprised of materials that were cleverly identically matched to the style, depth, wood species and/or stain of surrounding custom wine racks. In other words, we match the door to your racking arrangement. How’s that for customization? In addition, the door hinges are not visible: there is no handle and it is flush with other single-deep wine racking. The result is a seamless racking assembly but with that wonderful little “surprise” hidden underneath.

We Make It Happen With Our Hidden Wine Doors

Now here’s what else that’s pretty awesome about the Vertical Wine Display Cabinet:  with it’s solid side and side back, the cabinet can be hinged just like a door. This rack fits seamlessly into the rest of the racking and can easily hide an entryway or safe you might want to keep hidden. Plus, during the design phase you can determine if the door needs to swing in or swing out. Note that all materials used in the assembly of this product are made of solid edge-glued wood. You cannot select a veneer option of this due to the structural nature required in its construction.

The Vertical Wine Display Cabinet can easily store larger-format bottles as well. Imagine the pleasant surprise your guests will have when they’ll find some of their favorite taste teasers skillfully tucked away behind that door. And here’s an even nicer surprise for this product: it actually ships crated and fully assembled! All that’s needed is to install it in your wine cellar and you’re all good to go. More details on the awesome “hidden” wine door can be found here so go ahead and get one for your wine cellar now! ^_^