Office x Wine Cellar Combo Thanks To WineMaker!

April 10th, 2014 by

Who says you can’t kill two birds with one stone when it comes to wine cellar projects? It’s basically just giving in to your creativity in coming up with flexible solutions that are proverbially no waste of space. Today’s Testimonial Thursday feature will show us how one can have his cake and eat it, too or to put it more accurately, “How one can have his wine and drink it, too.” ^_^

Office x Wine Cellar Combo Thanks To WineMaker!It started off with our client Jim wanting to create a functional space for his small wine collection. However, there wasn’t enough space in his home for a separate, formal wine room. In addition, he didn’t have a substantially large collection at the moment, though he definitely plans on growing it in the near future. So our client decided to fine-tune his imagination and pay homage to  what he once thought were improbable spaces in his home. In this case, his office! Jim purchased a 5-Column Individual with Display from our WineMaker Wine Racks Series in beautiful unstained Rustic Pine and set to work:

“I absolutely hate sliding doors on closets, so your wine racks helped complete a shelving/wine storage area in what is used now as an office.  We will eventually take the casing off the opening and with a then “recess” look in the wall, the conversion will be finished.  My son actually put the wine racks together, pre-drilling and using screws.  Likely a bit of overkill, but it is solid as a rock! We simply put some shelving around the wine racks to provide the space needed for other stuff! We would buy more wine racks from you when needed. They are nice ones!!”

~Jim F~

Suffice it to say that when space-efficiency is the goal in a wine cellar project, the WineMaker Series is the way to go. The reduced depth of the racks allow for extended flexibility when putting together your assembly, particularly in tighter areas. In addition, there is an amazing variety in storage options, from individual to bulk and large format storage.  So while you are conveniently able to maximize on storage capacity, you can still have flexibility in the style and design of your arrangement as well. Such are the perks of working with these cost-effective wine rack kits that still sport custom amenities for your wine cellar pleasure.

We also give the thumbs-up to Jim for choosing to go for the unstained version of Rustic Pine for the racks. Notice that the soft, creamy hue of the wood meshes so well with the walls, moldings, and other existing decor of the office. For more on Rustic Pine’s impressive characteristics, check out this section of our website. And indeed, when it comes to DIY wine cellar projects, your imagination is the only limit there will ever be! So let it soar and get the storage space you both NEED and WANT today. Catch you all next Thursday!

We Make It Happen With Wine Cellar Art!

April 9th, 2014 by

Sometimes, we feel like a wine cellar project doesn’t really “come together” until we have added that right finishing touch. But what we often fail to realize is that the crowing touch doesn’t have to be something elaborate or to say the least, expensive. Sometimes, it just takes one right accent to make everything look and feel complete, like a piece of quality wine cellar art. And it’s not by any coincidence that that’s exactly what we have here at WCI!

Make your wine cellar picture-perfect!

Our delectable selection of wine cellar art come in different mediums and materials. Each piece is painstakingly crafted by masters who have impeccable education and experience in their respective areas of expertise. The customers can easily choose from our extensive collection or have our talented artists bring to life their desired image ideas. Basically, these are the categories one can choose from:

We Make It Happen With Wine Cellar Art!

We Make It Happen With Wine Cellar Art!

We Make It Happen With Wine Cellar Art!

We Make It Happen With Wine Cellar Art!

We Make It Happen With Wine Cellar Art!

We Make It Happen With Wine Cellar Art!

Note that with just one masterpiece, the entire ambiance of your wine cellar will undergo a refreshing change. For example, if you’re aiming for an authentic vintage charm to your project, hand-painted wine-themed art murals from the Classical Collection or textured hand-painted wine and vineyard themed art from the Contemporary Moments Collection will offer all the right answers.

Since we work with various forms of wine cellar art, there is also so much flexibility in terms of style and design. Accentuating your project is not limited to just hanging a painting or painting a mural. For example, you can dress up your tabletops and countertops with Tumbled Stone, Mosaic Art, or Hand-painted Tiles. Create statement windows and doors with Stained Glass or Etched Mirrors. You can even play up your ceilings for added vibe and drama.

Now for those who want artwork to be directly painted on to their walls or ceilings, WCI accommodates that need as well. We have talented artists who are willing to travel all over the globe in order to make your artistic wishes come true ^_^. Of course, you’ll have to take into account the additional charges for your customized requests, but believe us, it’s worth every dollar you’ll spend. These murals will last forever and in the unlikely event you’d want to turn your wine room into another project, you’d be surprised that they’d fit with it as well.

All these being said, it’s now a matter of whether or not you’re willing to make it happen! Check out our wine cellar art collection today or get a quote for our on-site projects and custom pieces.

Technical Tuesday Episode #179: Mixing The Old With The New With Platinum x Traditional Wine Racks

April 8th, 2014 by

Tech Tuesdays are not just all about undertaking new wine cellar constructions. Nope, not at all! We’re also all about RENOVATING and REINVENTING wine cellars which include putting the “old stuff” to good use. If this all seems a tad confusing, don’t furrow those brows yet! Today’s episode will show you guys exactly what we’re talking about:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 230539
Wood: Platinum/Traditional
Bottle Capacity: 2052
Where: Starkville, MS

Technical Tuesday Episode #179: Mixing The Old With The New With Platinum x Traditional Wine RacksCheck out this uber spacious project with a wide variety of bottle storage options. It’s actually a Platinum x Traditional racking combo which is not really that unusual seeing that all wine racking products here at WCI can be easily mixed and matched. The beauty behind this assembly is the fact that it’s actually an old construction that was practically recycled to give birth to a spanking, new one.Technical Tuesday Episode #179: Mixing The Old With The New With Platinum x Traditional Wine RacksOur customer purchased this cellar a decade or so ago and now they’re moving out. Still, they wanted us to take down the old cellar and use most of it in the new construction they were planning on. Moreover, they also went about ordering in some additional components to fill out their much larger assembly. These new components came in the form of WCI’s  Rectangular Bin Bottles,  Individual Bottle Columns, and Diagonal Bins for Champagne Bottles with trim. A Wine Guardian 5500 cooling system was also installed to accommodate the upgraded cellar which can now approximately house a little over 2000 bottles.

Technical Tuesday Episode #179: Mixing The Old With The New With Platinum x Traditional Wine RacksHere are some fab shots of the completed project wherein the “old stuff” was mixed in with the new. Not only was it a very eco-friendly move, but the end result was twice as functional and eye-catching. Notice how much more room there is for bulk storage with the recycled shelves and cabinets incorporated with the bottle columns and displays.

Moreover, since everything was crafted from All-Heart Redwood, the cellar was able to maintain a consistent appearance of understated elegance. That would also explain the naturally seamless look of the racks despite the fact that it was “reconstructed” rather than built from scratch. We’d also like you guys to zoom in a bit on the right-hand picture showcasing those intricately designed drawer pulls. We just love how they give a romantic touch to the racking assembly. WCI has a wonderfully extensive selection of custom cabinet and drawer pulls as well as other similar accents which you can browse here.Technical Tuesday Episode #179: Mixing The Old With The New With Platinum x Traditional Wine RacksSo keep in mind, wine cellar buddies, “building” custom wine cellars doesn’t just limit you to one hundred percent new construction. It’s also all about reincarnating your “old stuff” and mixing in the old with the new! *Cheers*


Bring More Space Into Your Wine Cellar Project With The Vintner Series

April 7th, 2014 by

Living in your home boils down to the reality that you have to do your best in creating space for everyday life as it happens. You’ll never run out of activities, so it’s a must to have space for them, particularly for the things you truly love. A case in point – your wine collection! Whether you start off with a small one or have it eventually expand into a bigger collection, your duty is pretty much the same: to provide the ideal wine storage conditions.

Fortunately, WCI can supply you guys with all the right tools to achieve this goal. Let’s take a leaf out of this most recent under-stairwell transformation our happy customer Bob sent in:

Bring More Space Into Your Wine Cellar Project With The Vintner Series“I ordered 2 smaller racks, a 45 bottle, and a 60 bottle for my small 250 bottle cellar under my stairs.  The WCI, redwood racks arrived within 8 days, were flawless and I assembled them in less than 2 hours with a small brad nailer.  They were a very affordable start to my cellar, I used 2×12 redwood for the small triangle racks and the large case rack.  A water feature and a small air conditioner keep the cellar at optimum temp and humidity.  I would highly recommend Wine Cellar Innovations to anyone thinking about starting a personal wine collection.”

~Bob B.~

What Bob actually purchased were some of our Individual Bottle Columns and Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim from the Vintner Series wine racks kit. It goes without saying that when space is an issue, the Vintner Series will always come to the rescue. The Individual Bottle Columns are available in several configurations which you can easily mix and match to suit your designated floor space. Throw in some of our bulk and large format storage and voila – a wine cellar with all the necessary elements to keep your collection safe, comfy, and in peak taste condition.

The most outstanding feature of our Vintner Series is its ability to provide a custom appearance to any wine cellar project while keeping things low-cost and hassle-free in terms of assembling your racks. Presently, the full depth, stackable racks from the series include 3- and 4-feet options that make for added floor-to-ceiling racking flexibility. The WCI website provides detailed Room Design Tools with a Layout Guide and Learning Video on how to utilize Vintner in your home. And of course, you can always shoot our professional design consultants an e-mail for further inquiries. Consultation is 100% free, so chat up a WCI professional now! ^_^