DIY With The Designer Series: “Dang, That’s Fabulous!”

July 17th, 2014 by

Some client photos make us go “Really nice!” Some make us go “Oh, wow!” And there are those that make us go, “Dang, that’s fabulous!” Not by any coincidence, that’s exactly what we exclaimed when the client sent us shots of this most recent DIY creation our client Valerie has accomplished:

DIY With The Designer Series: Dang, Thats Fabulous!So Valerie had a pretty spacious 8′ x 8′ wine room all geared up for their steadily growing collection. All the elements essential to achieving ideal wine storage conditions were put into play: insulation, vapor barrier, and a proper cooling system courtesy of our very own Whisperkool line. Now all that was needed was to put together a racking assembly that would provide maximum bottle storage AND a unique, aesthetic charm. Needless to say, the client was able to bring out such a result and it’s thanks to the help of WCI’s Designer Series wine racks kit.

Valerie here sent for the following choice pieces from our Designer Series: Individual Bottle Columns, Curved Corner Racks, Open Diamond Bins, and a Rectangular Bin Wood Case. In addition, accent pieces were also thrown in to give more drama to the arrangement: an Archway with Tabletop as well as a glass rack with tabletop, and a third tabletop. Notice that the Rectangular Bin Wood Case is actually under the two tabletops with the Open Diamond Bin under the one at the end. This makes for a more space-efficient set-up as well as effectively showcasing the variety of the racking in terms of bulk bottle storage options. Everything we see here is done in unstained All-Heart Redwood which works so well with the golden brown and pink palettes of the cellar.

DIY With The Designer Series: Dang, Thats Fabulous!Here’s a great shot of the wine cellar through the simple glass door. See how well the entryway matches the color scheme of the racks. Remember that at WCI, we also customize wine cellar doors from the wood choice down to the design and stain and finish options to carefully mesh with your cellar’s existing decor. All you need to do is check out this section of the website to see the plethora of customization choices available to you!

DIY With The Designer Series: Dang, Thats Fabulous!“The shipping through FedEx was great no issues at all and it came quickly. I had a contractor who did all the installation and I believe used the nail gun provided without issue. We are very happy with the final result! We would be very proud to have it posted on your website! The room was about 8′ x 8′ and the floor tiled and walls painted that were made with moisture resistant drywall. We also have it cooled to a constant 58 degrees with the Whisperkool chiller also purchased from you. The door was custom made by our contractor and the lighting in the arch is LED. The ceiling light is made of cork.”

~Valerie B~

DIY With The Designer Series: Dang, Thats Fabulous!After putting in LED lighting in the archway and some elegant vintage accessories, THIS is now the finished product. It’s certainly a DIY wine cellar worth the spotlight on our blog because it sure made us go “Dang, it’s fabulous!” So did you guys feel the same way with this wine cellar as well? We’d love to hear what you think! Share a comment or two with us and tune in to next week’s Testimonial Thursday for more DIY inspirations. ^_^



We Make It Happen With Variety In Individual Bottle Racking

July 16th, 2014 by

Tired of the usual Individual Bottle Column racks for your wine cellar project? Then it’s time to add in a little variety with the help of some key pieces from the Designer Series wine racks kit. Our client Robert discovered the joy in the diversity of individual racking styles proffered by series and WCI was able to make THIS happen for him:

We Make It Happen With Variety In Individual Bottle RackingRobert had set aside this cozy little nook for his collection and had proceeded to complete the bare essentials: walls, flooring, and decor. Now all that needs to be done is to install a racking assembly that would be enough (or more than enough) to store Robert’s bottles. A careful perusal of the Designer Series line-up led him to the following choices: 5 Column Individual, Wine Bottle Waterfall, and the Individual Diamond Bin.

“The racks were great (Prime Mahogany), had a few loose boards, but otherwise ok. Used an 18 ga brad nailer to assemble. We are very much enjoying them!”

~Robert D.~

So now we can see just how unique the arrangement looks like thanks to the combination of different individual bottle racking styles. This is one of the advantages of the WCI wine rack kits because it is able to provide a limitless number of styles for any kind of available space. Plus, they are equipped with configurations that allow for seamless mixing and matching of your racking assembly. As your collection grows, you can actually grow your racks along with it!

It’s also worthy of mention that Robert chose a truly elegant wood selection for his racks. It’s not every day that clients come in and ask for our racks in Prime Mahogany for financial reasons. But here’s something every wine cellar fan out there should learn about this beautiful wood specie: it’s a pretty moderately priced clear hardwood thanks to the abundant supply, particularly in Southeast Asia. While it’s basically utilized for high-end furniture, interior finishing, and cabinet making, it’s still a highly recommended choice for wine cellar projects because of the impeccable quality of the wood and its very attractive colors and grain patterns.

We couldn’t agree more that variety is indeed one of the bigger secrets to awesome wine cellar projects. So watch how we can make THAT happen for you by checking out the full WCI website and product line-up today! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode# 193: Functional Vintner Does It Again!

July 15th, 2014 by

It’s a Vintner kind of week, wine folks! And are we complaining? No way, Jose! That’s because when it’s Vintner, you get to witness something new and unique every single time. For today’s Tech Tuesday feature, the main focus is on Vintner’s flexible functionality, particularly on its bottle storage capacity:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 246481
Wood: Premium Redwood/ Vintner Series
Bottle Capacity: 241
Where: Seattle, WA

Technical Tuesday Episode# 193: Functional Vintner Does It Again!As far as wine rack kits go, Vintner has been dubbed as “the next best thing to custom.” That’s why it’s so effortless to create storage solutions for any designated space. Moreover, the racks in these series are so easy to mix and match for maximum storage capacity. Hence, it has become a favorite for projects that involve growing collections on one hand and small ones needing to fit in compact spaces on the other. The latter situation is exactly what we have here with our client from Seattle, WA. A small, nondescript area in their home was slated to be a wine cellar closet and that’s certainly what Vintner was able to accomplish for them.

Technical Tuesday Episode# 193: Functional Vintner Does It Again!A quick mixing and matching of Individual Bottle Columns and Fixed Shelves from the Vintner catalogue resulted in this wonderfully spacious 241-bottle capacity wine closet. There’s more than enough to accommodate the client’s small collection in both individual and bulk storage formats. Plus, because this is Vintner we’re talking about, it will still be possible to expand that assembly in the future.

Note that Vintner racks all come in full-depth bottle capacities with easy, stackable floor-to-ceiling configurations. Hence, it’s an uncomplicated yet fun task to expand your racking assembly along with your collection! It’s even more so when you factor in the latest product upgrade in all of our wine rack kits: the industry-exclusive Stabilizer Bracing System. Apart from functionality and space-efficiency, you now get utmost durability and stability in your racks. And considering just how budget-friendly the kits are, you definitely can’t get a better deal than these!

Compact, convenient, and reliable wine storage solutions is a field WCI is aiming to take to highest possible level. So how are we rating in your books so far, wine cellar fans? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below or tweeting with us. Catch you all next episode! *Cheers*

More Than Enough Space With Designer Half-Height Racks

July 14th, 2014 by

Hello again, Monday! It’s that time of the week again when we need to force ourselves back into the work grind. So before the Monday blues get to you, why not spend a few minutes getting inspired by yet another Factory Seconds discovery courtesy of our client Shawn who found wine cellar happiness in our Designer Series Half-Heights:

More Than Enough Space With Designer Half Height Racks“I have attached a picture of how we have utilized the wine rack.   We re-purposed the closet under the stairs into a wine closet.  We are very happy with the wine rack we purchased from your company and we would highly recommend your company.   The product was shipped promptly and received timely and without any problems.

Thank you for your follow up.”

~Shawn L.~

So basically, Shawn already had his little under stairwell transformation all geared up. However, he still needed the right kind of rack to cap off his wine closet and really maximize all that available space. It was a bit of a stretch because as all under stairwell projects go, the available space was a bit constricted. Nonetheless, a quick browsing of the WCI Factory Seconds catalogue yielded just the right solution for Shawn in the form of our Designer Series Half-Height wine racks.

As the name suggests, this racking model was specifically designed to accommodate compact spaces. While the height configurations were cleverly modified to suit those smaller or irregular areas in your homes or stores, the storage capacity of the racks are not compromised at all. This photo Shawn sent us is proof enough! Notice how generous bottle storage can be despite shaving off the racking height. Even better, you can still rack and stack future racking acquisitions (like throwing in another half-height) to create more storage for growing collections.

Last but definitely not the least, don’t forget that these are “discounted” factory seconds. That means space-efficiency aside, Shawn was able to purchase the Half-Height at an amazingly rock-bottom price! He’s not the first one to have discovered and take pleasure in WCI’s factory seconds, particularly now that we’ve opened a showroom exclusively for such purpose. It’s about time YOU shared in the wealth though, don’t you think? So don’t just sit back there and admire the view when your wine cellar project can be just as fab AND cheap. Check out the WCI Factory Seconds line-up now! ^_^