A New Look For WCI!

August 11th, 2014 by

Just as we do a wardrobe overhaul to match the changing seasons, WCI also grabbed the opportunity to create a new and more interactive look for our website. We wanted to gradually make each section of the site more user-friendly with easier navigation options and updated page designs. That way, potential clients and loyal patrons alike will be able to catch the newest products and product upgrades as well as our professional wine cellar services.

Basically, we redesigned our main custom wine cellar landing page just a couple of months ago and followed through with live changes to the rest of that section on our website. These specific changes include:

  • The drop down menu/navigation

A New Look For WCI!

  • Removing Custom Wine Racks landing page altogether

A New Look For WCI!

  • Bringing the Platinum Custom Wine Racks, Gold Custom Wine Racks, and Silver Custom Wine Racks out into the main navigation menu

A New Look For WCI!

It’s best to note that the Platinum, Gold, and Silver Series landing pages have all been redesigned with newly selected, hand-picked images from our custom photo libraries to represent what we feel is a more up to date, current representation of our custom product lines. Plus, we have enlarged all the images and consequently streamlined the overall template of these pages. We feel that this will now present a much cleaner look and feel with, of course, easier navigation.

Now we’ve had a My Projects/Bookmark It feature on our site. But we decided to enhance that feature throughout our custom sections, giving our customers a less hassle-free and enhanced way to browse our site and bookmark items they are interested in. So we came up with the idea of incorporating the orange plus symbol throughout the site to indicate to customers that they can Bookmark a product. We hope that this added function will be of great use to everyone, particularly website newbies. Last but definitely not the least, there is also a way that a customer can share their My Projects folder with us when submitting a Design Request Form on the site.

We’d love to hear what you guys things of all these fresh changes to the WCI website. So, make good use of that “comment box” (points below) now! ^_^

DIY Creativity Reaches A New High With WCI Wine Rack Kit Bundles

August 7th, 2014 by

When it rains, it pours. But when it rains fresh DIY wine racking concepts, who can complain about that? It seems like the summer is indeed the best season for exploring unique wine cellar projects because we’ve gotten some pretty awesome feedback from our clients over the past few weeks. If you guys can still recall, we showcased an awesome project just last week using our Curvy Wine Cubes. The client fashioned a cozy sitting nook out of the cubes while simultaneously letting them serve their original bottle storage purpose.

Well, things have been looking up since then, especially when we’ve been getting more and more inspiring results from clients who have been finding more unique ways to utilize our products. Let’s take today’s DIY spotlight as another shining example. Our clients reinvented an existing front closet in their home and turned it into this beautiful wine cellar closet:

DIY Creativity Reaches A New High With WCI Wine Rack Kit BundlesThe empty closet was situated right near the entryway to their residence. So basically, their newly completed cellar serves as the focal point of their home because guests will immediately be able to notice it the moment they walk through the front door. Our clients went for a classic, Victorian theme for their project, even cleverly setting up an suit of armor near the intricate iron grille door.

Then, they sent in for one of our our Traditional Series Wine Rack Kit Bundle options. Specifically, they purchased our Individual Tasting Center with Open Diamond Bins, allowing for both individual and bulk storage of their bottles. The kit bundle is really a way to two birds with one stone because one: you get to have enough racking space for your collection PLUS your stemware and other wine accessories; and two: you’re able to mix it up with other racking products you might already have.

DIY Creativity Reaches A New High With WCI Wine Rack Kit Bundles

Here’s what our happy client had to say about the completed project, including the kind of customer service she was provided with. It’s another glowing trophy up there on our testimonial shelf and we’re so darned proud of it:

“We recently purchased a redwood wine rack for a small wine cellar that we put in our house. We took an existing front closet and re-visioned it into a wine cellar! Wine Cellar Innovations was extremely helpful in selecting the right size and type of configuration for our small project. We are so pleased with the results! This is a project that ANYONE can do. This is in the entry way to our home which was architecturally uninteresting. Now…EVERYONE raves when they enter our home and see this lovely wine cellar, complete with Knight In Shining Armor, greeting them. The project was quite reasonable in price and could be done by just about anybody.”

~Jolene G.~

We Make It Happen With Expanded Basic Wine Cellar Doors

August 6th, 2014 by

Gorgeous wine cellar entryways are a coveted structure in any wine cellar construction. But there are those who either do not have the budget for a real fancy entryway or who prefer something practical like a standard wine cellar door. Plus, they’d also want them ASAP. Still, who says you can’t have a basic door that’s still suitably stylish, perfectly affordable, and delivered to your doorstep in a matter of weeks? WCI can make that happen with our expanded basic wine cellar doors!

Basic entryways with a twist!

WCI launched our Same Day Door Store to specifically meet the needs of customers embroiled in wine cellar projects that need relatively faster completion. Think emergency renovation or repair work! With our “Same Day Door Store” there is no need to wait weeks for a high quality custom wine cellar door. All of these wine cellar doors are ready for immediate shipment. Shipping is usually done on the next business day save for a few exceptions which you can easily check out here. Or, you can always shoot us an e-mail for the estimated transit times for orders placed on Fridays and weekends. We’re only too happy to oblige!

But this is not all! There has also been quite a rise in the demand for our budget-friendly Standard Door designs. So due to many requests for more basic door offerings, we have expanded the low cost offerings for our Mahogany doors as well. Now you get more options than before, from our intricate Wrought Iron collection to our Etched Glass and Forged Iron selections, and of course, the solid Mahogany Basic Entry Doors. Note that these elegant entryways only have a 4-week lead time which allows you to complete those wine cellar projects in record time.

Below are just a few teasers of the Mahogany additions to the Standard Door line-up:


We Make It Happen With Expanded Basic Wine Cellar Doors

We Make It Happen With Expanded Basic Wine Cellar Doors

We Make It Happen With Expanded Basic Wine Cellar Doors

We Make It Happen With Expanded Basic Wine Cellar Doors

We Make It Happen With Expanded Basic Wine Cellar Doors We Make It Happen With Expanded Basic Wine Cellar Doors

 Our Arched French Doors with Insulated Full Glass Panels and Rustic Arched Wood Door are also part of the package so start browsing this section of the website today. We can make those elegant entryways happen, whether you’re taking your wine cellar goals fast or slow! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #196: Function, Fashion, And A Whole Lot More With The Platinum Series

August 5th, 2014 by

Wine collectors will always need more space for future acquisitions. It’s a reality that has to be catered, one way or the other. That’s why when you’re embarking on a wine cellar project, it pays to anticipate your future storage needs. Your racking assembly should be flexible enough to accommodate more bottles and consequently, should be able to work with additional units. For these reasons alone, you’d do well to use racks with versatile configurations which, by no coincidence, are just the kind we provide here at WCI.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 241835
Wood: Platinum/All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 892
Where: Duluth, GA

Technical Tuesday Episode #196: Function, Fashion, And A Whole Lot More With The Platinum SeriesOur Tech Tuesday spotlight is certainly a shining example of how a wine cellar is constructed specifically to house a growing collection. This is why the entire racking set-up was constructed from none other than WCI’s top-of-the-line custom racking collection – the Platinum Series. You can’t find a line that carries such a wide variety of bottle storage options than this. A quick glance at these shots of the client’s finished cellar will definitely get that point across. Look at how the Individual Bottle Columns are made to mesh with the Shelves and Displays. All these racks offer full depth storage and in single and double deep options with spacing for half-bottles, wine, champagne, magnums and even much larger format bottles.Technical Tuesday Episode #196: Function, Fashion, And A Whole Lot More With The Platinum SeriesNow let’s try to carefully observe the floor area of this wine room. It’s actually a pretty standard room, slightly narrow, and with the generic four corners. But note that when the racks were installed by our design team, the result was a cellar that will be able to host just a little under 900 bottles in full depth storage. For a residential project, that’s a pretty impressive figure and we’re confident that the client will really have an enjoyable experience filling up their wine cellar in the years to come.Technical Tuesday Episode #196: Function, Fashion, And A Whole Lot More With The Platinum SeriesDesign-wise, the layout and style of the room is pretty much straightforward. The four corners were nicely fitted with Platinum’s Corner Racks to create a clean transition from floor to ceiling. Plus, with the help of custom crown and base moldings, the assembly looks really polished and classy. All-Heart Redwood is the wood of choice for this project, smartly dressed up in light stain. It’s good to keep in mind that with the Platinum Series, you get just as much or perhaps even more versatility with your racks’ appearance as your bottle storage options. There are actually over 120 wood, stain, and finish options available to let you fashion a truly unique look for your custom wine cellar.Technical Tuesday Episode #196: Function, Fashion, And A Whole Lot More With The Platinum Series Technical Tuesday Episode #196: Function, Fashion, And A Whole Lot More With The Platinum SeriesThere is so much more to the Platinum Series that what’s being showcased in this wonderfully space-efficient, highly functional, and classy Tech Tuesday feature. It’s certainly a must-explore area in the website because you’ll find so many delightful features that will be the key to building your dream wine cellar. So check out the collection today and talk with an experienced WCI design professional. Whether it’s functionally fashionable or fashionably functional, the Platinum Series can do it for you! *Cheers*