We Make It Happen With Convenient Online Shopping Tools

October 15th, 2014 by

Doing your shopping for your wine cellar project online is, to say the least, convenient. You only have to search for the product/s you need or want, place an order, and have everything shipped straight to your doorstep. But of course, that’s the scenario in a perfect world when everything goes right all the time. In reality, online shoppers, especially newbies, will realize that things are not as ideal, particularly when it comes to customized racking products.

We Make It Happen With Convenient Online Shopping Tools

One of the common problems when placing customized orders online is that the end result may not turn out exactly the way we imagined it to be. Take for example purchasing a wine cellar door. Let’s say you want one of our Standard Door designs but the dimensions need to be modified a bit to fit your wine cellar. Also, you want to customize some essential bits and pieces such as the jam width, locking mechanism, door trim, and so one. Filling out the online form and putting down those specifications may not be enough, as more than a few disgruntled online shoppers have come to realize. Somewhere along the way, the specifics MIGHT get screwed up which means you don’t get the product you want or need along with a major headache to boot.

Still, this just goes to show that technology, no matter how advanced it may be, cannot really be perfect. That’s why there will always be room for improvement in everything. That’s why at WCI, we always take necessary steps to fill in the gaps, particularly where customer service and satisfaction are concerned. When it comes to your online shopping experience, we take special care in overseeing all the steps AND improving each one along the way. This is to ensure that by the end of the day, our clients get what they need or want, customized or otherwise.

We Make It Happen With Convenient Online Shopping Tools

So basically, when you purchase custom racking products online such as our wine cellar doors, a representative will need to get in touch with you to have you sign off on a “spec sheet” or Specification Sheet. What is this for? The spec sheet is required documentation needed prior to placing your order into production. The details you want will all be taken into account, reviewed, and verified before your order will actually be processed. This way, you are assured that yes, we got those details down pat and both WCI and the client are seeing eye-to-eye on the final product.

As far as online shopping experience is concerned, we rate pretty high in our clients’ books and that’s something we’d want to keep. So if you think there’s more that we can do for you guys in this area, by all means let us know. We only want to make good things happen to your wine cellar projects so comment below or shoot us an e-mail today! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 207: Customized, Flawless Racking With The Platinum Series

October 14th, 2014 by

Have you also found yourself gazing at some wine cellars and wondering how they can appear so flawless? That flawless quality more often than not usually comes from the seamless transition of the racks. It becomes even more enhanced when you’re dealing with corners and curves. And, the effect is really eye-catching that you also find yourself thinking exactly how much one has to spend in order to achieve such a sleek, customized look. You’d be surprised to learn, however, that with WCI, the price is just right like what today’s Tech Tuesday feature is about to show you:

What: Residential
Project # 247379
Wood: Platinum / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1240
Where: Coffee, AL

So here we have one of the best combos our custom racking line has to offer: Platinum x All-Heart Redwood. This is a pretty spacious project with enough room for a little over 1200 bottles. Also, the client has chosen to go with our top-of-the line Platinum Series which, by no coincidence, offers the most versatile bottle storage options. Basically, this wine cellar is customized to a “T”,” but we can proudly say that the client is fully satisfied that it’s worth every dollar they spent.

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 207: Customized, Flawless Racking With The Platinum Series

Now here are a couple of awesome shots of how the room was transformed and how those curved corners were skillfully tamed to create a unique yet classic assembly. Notice how the Individual Bottle Columns, Diamond Cubes, and Archway were all customized to follow the contour of the wall. Custom crown and base moldings were also thrown in to further augment the smooth transition of the racks. We loved how the Diamond Cubes were utilized to increase not just the storage capacity of the cellar but as well as to enhance its aesthetic charm. This is one of the strongest features of the Platinum Series. You are able to mix, match AND customize your racking assembly to suit both your storage needs and style preferences.

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 207: Customized, Flawless Racking With The Platinum Series
Below are a couple of more great shots of the completed project from different angles of the wine room. Apart from the custom racking, the WCI design team also incorporated strategic LED lighting elements and dressed up the wood in Dark Walnut Stain. Notice how this stain color has become really popular this fall season. We love the luxurious effect the stain has on the finished product. It’s all thanks to the wood choice – All-Heart Redwood – which retains stains and finishes, including lacquer extremely well.

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 207: Customized, Flawless Racking With The Platinum SeriesTechnical Tuesday Episode No. 207: Customized, Flawless Racking With The Platinum Series

Check out these beautiful close-up shots of the curved contours of the racking assembly. It’s pretty easy to play around with stain and finish options on this end as well so that your racks and all the accents in between will result in one harmonious and of course, seamless configuration. We would certainly want to see this cellar all filled out and hopefully, the client will send some photos our way of that as well.

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 207: Customized, Flawless Racking With The Platinum SeriesTechnical Tuesday Episode No. 207: Customized, Flawless Racking With The Platinum SeriesTechnical Tuesday Episode No. 207: Customized, Flawless Racking With The Platinum Series

So why sit back and drool at all those impossibly seamless racking arrangements you see in magazines, the web, or on TV? You CAN have that, too and at a price that will definitely suit your budget. Just get in touch with an experienced WCI design consultant today and be on your way to a flawless wine cellar for your home! *Cheers*

Glass-Enclosed Classic Wine Cellar Still Takes Top Bill

October 13th, 2014 by

Sometimes even when we want to be really unique with our wine cellar designs, we’ll eventually realize that sticking to the classics is still the best decision. Moreover, we’ll also come to see how going for these classic elements will actually yield that distinct appeal we’ve been aiming for. Case in point – glass-enclosed wine cellar projects!

Glass Enclosed Classic Wine Cellar Still Takes Top Bill

Let’s sneak a peek into this Gold x Premium Redwood creation which our talented design team completed for our client in Lake, Indiana. It’s a fully glass-enclosed cellar boasting a storage capacity of a little over 1000 bottles. The standard four-cornered space allotted for the project provided the perfect opportunity to focus on the economical use of 1×2 open construction.

Glass Enclosed Classic Wine Cellar Still Takes Top Bill

All the racks are crafted from Premium Redwood and deliberately left unstained – another “classic” move. The wood’s beautiful natural hues are just accentuated by the custom LED downlighting in the standard archway and of course, the glass panels. But all that seeming simplicity is actually misleading. Check out the gorgeous racking arrangement and how the variety in storage options are played out to create some real eye-candy. We love how the Individual Bottle Columns, Diamond Bins, and Display Rows were interspersed with Solid Vertical Displays. The overall look spells variety without being too busy, design-wise.

Glass Enclosed Classic Wine Cellar Still Takes Top Bill

Other features of this project include the All-Heart Standard Archway,  Single Deep without Table Top, Tongue-and-Groove ceilings, and custom crown and base moldings to help the transition of the racks from floor to ceiling become more seamless. Below is a closer shot of the racks and you can really see how attractive the wood color is, especially since everything’s unstained.

Glass Enclosed Classic Wine Cellar Still Takes Top Bill

We find that this particular custom wine cellar project has managed to present the complete wine cellar package: functionality, space-efficiency, bottle storage variety, and a style that embraces a classy, vintage feel. But how does it rate in your books? We’d love for you guys to share your thoughts with us, too. Let us know whether or not this project has inspired your own wine cellar goals by leaving a comment or shooting us an e-mail. ^_^

Factory Seconds: This Is The Way We Save You Money!

October 9th, 2014 by

Saving a buck or two or more especially during the holiday season is certainly very welcomed. After all, who doesn’t want to save even just a little bit of cash after having to blow it all on holiday presents? Of course, that’s not exactly an easy feat to accomplish. Most Christmas seasons would just pass and leave us financially drained. But this year, things CAN be a bit different, especially when you know what to buy and beat the rush while you’re at it. So we believe the time is ripe once again to re-introduce our Factory Seconds catalogue!

Our Factory Second racks had been receiving so much positive feedback from the time we introduced them on the blog and when we formally launched our Factory Seconds Showroom. That’s because these products are indeed golden opportunities to score custom racking pieces at really rock-bottom prices. Imagine what fun it would be to have your wine-loving friend or relative find something as awesome as THAT under the tree this Christmas!

But exactly what kind of quality racks do you get out of these Factory Seconds anyway? We might all need a memory refresh since it has been months since we last talked about these discounted wine racks, giving way to our newer additions such as the Urban Living Series. So basically, these discounted racks have been marked down to unbelievably affordable prices owing so unique situations. These would include when a rack is manufactured with an extra knot in the wood; the wood was stained a wrong color; when the order was cancelled half way through production; or when a product becomes discontinued due to lack of popularity.

They are massive price drop is for the purpose of moving these racks out at a quicker rate. It’s essentially our loss but YOUR big savings!. It’s also our way of showing just how much we appreciate our clients’ patronage by providing these wonderfully cheap yet quality alternatives to brand-new custom racking.

Factory Seconds: This Is The Way We Save You Money!

So do we still need to show more proof of how awesome these discounted factory seconds are? We’ll gladly comply! Now it so happens that one such lucky customer was able to score this FS Vintner 5COL with Display in Premium Redwood:

“We are using the wine racks in our basement for storage.  They work just fine.  We did not have trouble assembling them and there was no need for a nail gun.  We are satisfied with the racks for our purposes.”

~Mary E.~

So don’t sit there and wait till stocks run out! Check out the Factory Seconds line-up or better yet, head on over to the WCI Factory Seconds Showroom ASAP. This is the way we save you money for the upcoming holidays! ^_^