Impress With Inviting Wine Cellar Entryways

April 13th, 2015 by

Gorgeous entryways can really make a difference in the aesthetic appeal of a wine cellar project. While the foremost priority should of course be the functionality of your wine cellar door, it doesn’t mean that style has to be compromised. You can definitely have a properly insulated entryway with an eye-catching design like that of our client Barry:

IMG_0678editBarry had actually previously purchased all his racks from us, specifically from our Designer Series wine rack kits. All racks were crafted from All-Heart Redwood with extra lacquer coating. He was certainly satisfied with the products, particularly with the simple assembly and installation procedures. But in order to give a little more pizzazz to the otherwise straightforward racking layout, he decided to order a custom wine cellar door to replace his old one. So Barry sent for our Straight Rail with Arched Glass Door, accentuated with custom etching.

IMG_0676editThis beautiful creation features 2-inch thickness with threshold, door sweep and insulation stripping provided. There are pre-drilled holes for handles and pre-hung door jambs with widths configured to your specifications. Keep in mind that the standard jamb width is 4 9/16”. That means that there will be a slight upcharge for jambs 5 ¼” or larger. Jambs cannot be less than 3 3/4”.

IMG_0675editAs for the glass panes, standard WCI etched double paned glass units consist of (2) 3/16” thick tempered panes with a 3/16” air gap for a 9/16” total thickness. In addition, you can always request for custom etchings on your glass. We have four standard etchings that you can choose from but you can always have personalized ones based on whatever artwork including family initials, family crests and vineyard scenes, or images you choose. Note that all etchings are sandblasted, hence, each piece is a custom creation and may vary from the original.

IMG_0672edit IMG_0667edit

“Actually, this purchase was for only a few enhancements to my existing cellar plus a door replacement. However, since all of my racking was purchased from Wine Cellar Innovations, I have attached a few pictures for your records. Two of the walls have double deep storage, one wall has single deep storage, and the wall with the door has case storage on the left and magnum and half bottle storage on the right.”

~Barry B.~

Learn more about the extensive decorative applications we can do for your wine cellar doors as well as the bevy of styles you can have for your wine cellar project. Impressive entryways are your answer to iconic wine cellars so let WCI help you achieve THAT goal! ^_^

WCI Design Consultation Services Yield Impressive DIY Wine Cellar

April 9th, 2015 by

We recently talked about how DIY wine cellars are becoming more and more impressive these days, especially with upgraded products and tools to lend a hand. You’d think we’d be used to it by now, but we’re from from that! In fact, we’re becoming more hyped each time clients send us newly completed installations utilizing our racking products. It’s very inspiring to see clients discover innovative assemblies with our stuff, reinventing spaces in their home for DIY wine cellars, and gaining confidence in undertaking these projects by themselves.

Let’s check out Erik’s story when he built this honest-to-goodness formal wine room from scratch with our Designer Series wine racks kit and Vintage View metal wine racks:


“We had a great experience with Wine Cellar Innovations. My wife and I envisioned the cellar design we wanted and Nick at WCI helped make it a reality. Nick designed and modified our cellar on multiple occasions until we had what we wanted. Our cellar was a combo of 6ft Designer Series in Premium Redwood and Vintage View metal racks. One wall has an 11 column rack that is a combo of a 5, 5 and 1.  Floor is cork and ceiling is aromatic cedar closet liner in herringbone pattern. 

Its a passive cellar in the basement of our house built in 1910, so ceiling height is only about 73”, making the 72” racks look custom.  Behind the walls is 4” of closed cell spray foam, so no cooling unit will be necessary. Assembly was a breeze with a braid nailer. I assembled them by myself, although the job would have been even easier with two people. I would not recommend assembly without a nail gun (or a supportive spouse)! Overall our experience was very positive. Communication was excellent and WCI provides a good, cost-effective product.  Our cellar was about $3 per bottle.” 

~Erik D.~


The thing that we’d really like to highlight about this project though, is not the racks or the use of the brad nailer which we emphasize every so often. It’s all about our wine cellar design services which Erik wisely took advantage of. Note that here at WCI, you can request a wine cellar design completely FREE. All that you need to do is submit a plan to any of our wine cellar design consultants and request a complimentary 2-dimensional drawing of your wine cellar. Your design will feature a quoted price for the cellar, a plan view, key page, elevations of each wall, molding plan, and an optional ceiling plan if a raised panel ceiling is requested.

IMG_7262edit With the help of professional consultation and design services, Erik was able to smoothly assemble and install all the racks. Of course, it also goes without saying that the Designer Series, like all our other wine rack kits, is comprised of racks with wonderfully flexible configurations that are a breeze to put together.  But as Erik pointed out: never forget the brad nailer! It will spell all the difference between an easy install and a disastrous one.


We Make It Happen With Savvy Wine Tasting Centers

April 8th, 2015 by

In life, it’s sometimes the little things that make your comings and goings easier. Smart “fixes” in your home can make limited spaces work and provide functionality you never even thought possible. Take for example compact wine storage solutions.

Let’s be realistic. Not everyone will have that right amount of floor area in the home for a formal wine room or perhaps even just a compact wine cellar. Also, not all of us will have the right budget for that. But rethinking around your space AND finances will enable you to furnish around your needs. Even better, WCI has the racking products to make that happen for you!

We’ve consistently talked about our wine rack kits on the blog and how they’re possibly the most space-efficient and budget friendly solutions you can have to your wine storage needs. That includes creating your very own wine tasting center when space comes in between you and your dreams of a full-blown wine cellar. Our client Jordan has discovered the wonders of installing an Individual  Tasting Center in his home thanks to our Winemaker Series:


The WineMaker Series Individual Tasting Center comes in six different configurations, depending on your bottle storage needs. You can choose from a combination of individual bottle and bulk bottle storage or just the standard individual bottle columns with or without displays:

Note that all Winemaker wine racks must be mounted 1 1/2″ off the wall to ensure proper wine bottle stability, and will therefore add 1 /1/2″ to the listed dimensions.

“Our 8ft Tasting Center rack is looking great. We get lots of compliments from everyone who visits. We did end up using (and highly recommend) a brad nailer and assembled the entire rack in a few hours. There were a few nonessential pieces broken/missing and double of some others but the replacements arrived within a few days of the request.”

~Jordan E.~

Make a statement in your home and give your collection the home it deserves. With WCI wine rack kits, you can definitely make extra storage spaces happen when you least expect it!

Technical Tuesday Episode Episode #231: Revisiting The Classics With The Gold Series

April 7th, 2015 by

Hello, Awesome April! The Spring season is in full swing and boy, are we loving it. Now is definitely the best time of the year to indulge in wine cellar projects, whether they may be small constructions, full-scale renos, or upscale upgrades. It’s also time to consistently check out our Tech Tuesday episodes because there are sure to be tons of inspiring projects to watch out for. Well, we’re going to be off to a great start with this bold and beautiful wine cellar our team completed in Fairfield, CT:

Project # 255977
Wood: Gold / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1020
Where: Fairfield, CT


This spacious creation utilizes custom racking from the Gold Series which specifically caters to the economical use of 1×2 open construction. From the very first glance, one can see just how much bottle storage is being offered by the assembly. It’s a classic set-up, with Individual Bottle Columns,  High Reveal for Wine, Small/Medium Champagne and/or Split Bottles, Standard Archway with Open Diamond Bins, and Vertical Displays.


Since the racking configurations are pretty much straightforward, our team played around with the lighting elements and with the custom stain and finish options to give the wine cellar more character. LED downlights were installed to highlight the racks and when these are filled up, those bottles are going to be showcased in a really eye-catching way. The racks were stained a deep color with Dark Walnut Stain to create the right amount of contrast with the bright lighting and neutral colors of the flooring and ceiling.


Like they say, “oldies but goodies.” Sometimes, you just can’t beat a classic set-up and all that needs to be done is throw in a few accents here and there to create a racking arrangement that’s both functional and memorable. So if you’re seeking a timeless look for your wine cellar project, it’s time to revisit the classics, starting with WCI custom racking products. Chat with our design professionals today and don’t miss out on our 100% free consultation services. *Cheers*