Do It The Way You Want It With Our Designer Series

September 11th, 2014 by

With one impressive DIY feature after the other these last few weeks, there’s just one basic rule that everyone should remember when engaging in their own projects: “Do whatever feels comfortable and works for you.” You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that  WCI wine racks can deliver exactly that!

We’ve devoted years and years towards enhancing the flexibility of our racks so that they can be effortlessly utilized with other racking and furniture elements. Needless to say, our efforts have never been in vain as clients keep astounding us with the many brilliant ways they have been transforming our products. Today’s feature is yet another example of this and we hope this will be another inspiration to add to your wine cellar bucket list:

Do It The Way You Want It With Our Designer SeriesOur client Bob had a nice collection going on as well as enough space in his home for a new racking assembly. He wanted to maximize that empty stretch of space along the room’s wall and create a full floor to ceiling arrangement. The Individual Columns with Display Option from the Designer Series were chosen for the project and the results were certainly predictable:

“We love our new wine storage. The racks provide an excellent way to organize much of our collection. We hired our handyman to assemble them since we do not have a nail gun. He also put a 2×4 brace behind the rack to secure it to the wall.”

~Bob C.~

Do It The Way You Want It With Our Designer SeriesBob also smartly decided to finish off his racks with custom curved moldings. The effect is a more polished transition, hugging that sharp corner of the room quite effortlessly. Notice how there’s still space for future bottles? And notice, too, how it’s possible to make future expansions with the assembly by adding in more racks as the client’s collection flourishes. Plus, the client cleverly attached some hooks to one end of the racks, making it double as a spot to hang some miscellaneous items. Since the racks are crafted from very sturdy Premium Redwood, it’s not hard to put them into multi-functional roles.

 And again, it just goes to show that with our versatile wine products here at WCI, your DIY wine cellar experience will always be filled with pleasant surprises and clever racking combinations. So check us out every Testimonial Thursday and share your own DIY story with us as well. Have a fab “first Fall” weekend, everyone!



We Make It Happen With Our Urban Living Series

September 10th, 2014 by

Something new and totally exciting is happening right now here at WCI! We’ve always prided ourselves in providing bottle storage solutions to any and all kinds of wine cellar needs. Well, guess what? We’ve done it once again! We can now make wine cellar projects happen for those preferring the urban lifestyle with our newly launched Urban Living Series.

Wine cellars for your apartments or condos!

With apartment or condo living, space will always be a compromise. It’s not every often that you can find one that will offer three bedrooms with extra room like a den which you can later on convert to a wine cellar. And of course, with more space comes higher rent or mortgages. So more often than not, you’ll find residents of these semi-cramped dwellings storing their bottles of wine, champagne, and other specialty drinks in small racks propped on kitchen counters or tucked away in awkward corners. But you can kiss that little dilemma goodbye, thanks to our Urban Living Series.

These modular wine storage packages were designed specifically to accommodate apartment and condo living. We have a pretty good starting line-up consisting of 9 different racking arrangements to suit both the client’s bottle storage needs and floor space. Even better, the series comes in three height options: 6, 7, and 8-feet assemblies with 4 wood types, 5 stain options, as well as a lacquer finish option to boot.

We Make It Happen With Our Urban Living Series

But the awesomeness does not end there! We’ve incorporated more functional and elite options to the series such as giving our potential clients the choice to have their racking components shipped assembled. So not only are you able to have your very own wine cellar while keeping the urban lifestyle, but you’re also able to avoid the hassle of assembling them. We understand that not everyone has time for DIY wine racking projects, particularly those caught up in very busy schedules. So we felt that these little add-ons will be a welcome plus to wine enthusiasts engaged in urban living.

Hurry on over to this section of the website now to find out more about this newest addition to the WCI racking family. Your apartment or condo might just be waiting for an Urban Living Series assembly today! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #202: Clean And Classy In Platinum And Premium Redwood

September 9th, 2014 by

“Big-time creativity” doesn’t require one to work with unusual materials. Simple yet quality products that allow room for your imagination to take flight are oftentimes the best pieces to work with.  Check out this newest addition to our Technical Tuesday line-up and see what we mean:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 235930
Wood: Platinum/ Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1240
Where:  Longwood, FL

This projected started out with just a standard four-corner room that needed to be transformed into a formal wine cellar for the clients. They didn’t want anything flashy, but preferred simple, solid lines that would spell “elegance” when the actual cellar was done. So our design team opted for a Platinum x Premium Redwood combo which they were pretty confident will the yield the desired results. Sure enough, the finished wine room was a shining example of classic and uncomplicated lines while giving the clients tons of bottle storage space.

Technical Tuesday Episode #202: Clean And Classy In Platinum And Premium Redwood The very functional and ultra-spacious 1240-bottle racking assembly consisted of Individual Bottle Columns with Displays, Diamond Bins,  Rectangular Bins, and Wood Cases. A standard archway with custom LED lighting are some of the highlights of the arrangement to give the fairly straightforward racking a bit of edge, design-wise. But the crowning glory of this project is the full glass wall and door, turning it into an elegant glass-enclosed creation.

Glass-enclosed wine cellars have always been a popular option with so many clients, but it’s even more so when the client wants to keep things simple but with a touch of class. Also, see how the glass door has given the wine room an illusion of an even bigger space. This is one of the strongest points of  glass-enclosed wine cellar. At a glance, you’d think this room can store more than just a little over 1200 bottles.

In keeping up with the simple, clean and classy theme, the racks come in unstained Premium Redwood. Notice, too, how the floors and ceilings are done up in muted materials that serve to nicely enhance the natural colors of the wood. It’s a great way to put all the focus on the bottles once the client has his cellar all filled up. We hope they’ll send some shots over as well, once all their bottles are safely tucked away in this glass-enclosed abode.

So this wraps up our second Tech Tuesday feature in celebration of the Fall season officially announcing its arrival. But get this – we have something HUGE and totally exciting on tomorrow’s We Make It Happen Wednesday. So make sure you bookmark the blog so you don’t miss out on it! *Cheers*

Alaskan DIY Wine Cellar Takes The Stage!

September 8th, 2014 by

We get a permanent thrill whenever we witness clients discovering and appreciating the full potential of our racking products, especially their multi-functional features. Moreover, we get totally impressed at how these seeming “amateurs” can come up with such fabulous assemblies. If they are amateurs, we kind of feel like taking an early retirement (hahaha!). A case in point is this superb project completed by Dave and Tané Bathke:

Alaskan DIY Wine Cellar Takes The Stage!Dave and Tané live at opposite ends of the globe, way out in Alaska. But since WCI accommodates international shipping to anywhere in the world, clients still get to enjoy our products, no matter their location. The couple sent in for several of our Designer Series units all in unstained Premium Redwood. They had a nice room all set up and just waiting to be “racked up.”

Alaskan DIY Wine Cellar Takes The Stage!The room had a slightly irregular shape but with plenty of floor space. So in order to make the most out of such space, the couple installed some of our Designer Series Individual Bottle Columns, Curved Corner Racks, Individual Diamond Bin, and Rectangular Bin Wood Cases. To top the arrangement off, a Quarter Round Shelf was incorporated as well.  Then Dave and Tané proceeded to narrate to us their wonderful experience with the installation and assembly of the racks as well as how satisfied they were of WCI’s professional consultation services:

“We are extremely happy with the racking system and ease of assembly. We used our own nail gun but have had opportunity to use yours with no issues. We had no issues with broken pieces or missing pieces. Top quality wood with no split pieces. We were extremely happy working with Jennifer. She was supportive, creative, and a pleasure to work with. The kits are created to be easy to assemble with the instructions included. It took a couple of weeks of evening work is all from delivery to finished installation. Arranging and cataloging our wine is a different story! . We are using some of the shelving as pantry and to store chilled glassware. We would highly recommend Wine Cellar Innovations and have already! Shipping can be challenging and expensive to Alaska so being able to work with Jennifer to use a freight forwarder helped. We are very excited to share our cellar and great experience with you.”

~Dave and Tané Bathke~

Alaskan DIY Wine Cellar Takes The Stage!So our clients found more than just one way to utilize their new wine racks! The racks conveniently double as a pantry, a place to store glassware, and of course, to showcase some eye-candy wine accessories. Such multi-functionality is definitely worth every dollar you shell out for as our very happy clients found out.

Alaskan DIY Wine Cellar Takes The Stage!We are so grateful to Dave and Tané for sharing all these beautiful photos and giving us a detailed recap of their shopping experience at WCI. We hope their story will inspire other potential international clients as well because here at WCI we provide quality wine cellar products and services anytime, anywhere! ^_^