Technical Tuesday Episode #201: Bulk Storage Made Beautiful With WCI Bulk Storage Racks

September 2nd, 2014 by

It’s not about having a huge space or working with a compact area for your wine cellar project. When you get down to it, space is not really a big issue, especially when you are able create a comfortable one that works for your storage needs. With the right kind of flexible furniture, you can easily blend both functionality and style into one easy package and the same applies to a generous location as well as to a limited one:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 248585
Bottle Capacity: 
Where:  Naples, FL

Technical Tuesday Episode #201: Bulk Storage Made Beautiful With WCI Bulk Storage RacksCheck out this latest Tech Tuesday turnout which is specifically targeted at storing bottles by the bulk. It’s not every day that you get to see a racking assembly that focuses entirely on bulk bottle storage. That’s because bulk storage was originally seen as an “economical” option in wine cellar projects and the element of style was a second consideration – a far second even. But WCI has taken a different view on the matter and we insist that there’s no reason why “bulk” can’t be fashionable as well. This eye-popping number is certainly proof of that!

Technical Tuesday Episode #201: Bulk Storage Made Beautiful With WCI Bulk Storage RacksBecause of the ample room the client had in his establishment, our design team came up with this contemporary assembly, mixing and matching the various bulk bottle storage racking designs WCI had to offer. Here you can see an array of Rectangular Open Wine Bins, Wood Case Storage, and Open Diamond Bins, as well as a Wine Display Merchandiser. But to add a bit more flair to the set up, display frames were thrown in in strategic patterns.

So basically, while most of the merchandise will be stored in the racks, samples can be showcased to achieve two purposes. One: for the potential customer to be able to locate his desired purchase/s way more efficiently and two: to easily display popular or featured vintages. It’s a very clever set-up which would really rack up sales not just in theory but also in practice. If you look up our photo galleries, you’ll actually find more or less similar projects we’ve done before that yielded truly satisfactory results for our clients.

Technical Tuesday Episode #201: Bulk Storage Made Beautiful With WCI Bulk Storage Racks


Technical Tuesday Episode #201: Bulk Storage Made Beautiful With WCI Bulk Storage Racks

Wood choice? Stain option?

Broom Closet To Wine Cellar Miracle Makeover!

September 1st, 2014 by

Hey there, September! Oh wow, just how fast will this year fly? It feels like only a couple of weeks has passed since we welcomed Spring. But in reality, we’re just a few months away from “Ye Season It’s Winter.” Still, we won’t waste our time brooding on the gloomy stuff because there will be so much to look forward to during that season as well. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. First, let’s give Fall a proper reception, starting with some appropriately-themed DIY wine cellar projects.

Broom Closet To Wine Cellar Miracle Makeover!Take a good, long look at this absolutely gorgeous creation courtesy of our customer Jeff. There are so many things to sing praises to concerning this project, the first being that it’s all DIY. Yup, yup! Jeff was able to turn out this very professional-looking arrangement all by his lonesome utilizing choice racking models from the WCI catalogue.

But here’s something even more praiseworthy. Did you guys know that this eye-popping wine cellar was formerly a broom closet?  Our client had this space and just enough time in his hands to turn an old broom closet into the perfect home for his collection. He sent in for our Individual Bottle Columns with Display Rows, Horizontal Shelves, Vertical Displays, Quarter Round Cabinet, and a Standard Archway with Tabletop option. Throwing in some custom crown and base moldings, Jeff proceeded to fashion a highly functional, stylish, and space-efficient place for his collection. We are truly awed by the end results!

Broom Closet To Wine Cellar Miracle Makeover!The stellar racking assembly notwithstanding, Jeff also managed to complement the same with beautiful tiled flooring and tongue and groove ceilings to give off the illusion of a less cramped space. Everything was drenched in Classic Mahogany stain, bringing out the natural colors of Premium Redwood and giving the wine cellar a very Autumn-y feel. Note that Jeff was no professional when it came to wine cellar construction, but the right racking products combined with his solid good taste left no regrets. And of course, let’s not forget to mention what an amazing entryway he’s put up there as well (see last image)!

“Considering what it used to look like (an old broom closet), I’m really pleased.  I did all the work myself.  The tongue and groove ceiling, lighting, granite floor, and built in horizontal shelves.  Thanks for all the help and supplying such a great DIY product!”

~Jeff Scano~

Broom Closet To Wine Cellar Miracle Makeover!Want to know more about the individual racking products Jeff used for this DIY project? Then shoot us an e-mail today and subscribe to our mailing list. We’ll lay them all out for you and who knows? The next spot on the WCI blog could be yours! ^_^


Grapes & Tastes Gives WCI The Nod!

August 28th, 2014 by

For today’s Testimonial Thursday feature, we’re going to take a virtual tour of this beautiful Rustic Pine number hailing all the way from Wisconsin. Our client Grapes and Tastes is a local wine establishment that was established in November 2009 to provide the Cedarburg/Mequon/Grafton area with the most informative, enjoyable and simply fun place to buy and consume wine.

Their cozy little nook is home to an impressive variety of bottles as well as delectable selections of Wisconsin cheeses, sausages, and chocolates. The establishment also hosts a number of must-join wine tasting events each year with varying themes for guests to enjoy. Owing to the store’s rising popularity, the proprietors have also gradually expanded their wine collection to accommodate both their loyal patrons and potential customers. So when they sent in for some of our racking products, we couldn’t be any happier knowing we played a part in their success!

Grapes & Tastes Gives WCI The Nod!Here are some of the great shots the client sent in after completing their racking assembly. They sent in for our Individual Tasting Center with Open Diamond Bins in Rustic Pine with Midnight Black Stain. The racks provided the needed additional storage space, particularly the Diamond Bins which housed dozens of the client’s loose bottles. The tabletop and glass rack were welcome bonuses, offering not just a racking assembly for the store, but something to add to its aesthetic points as well. Since they chose to go with darker hues in their racks, the end result is quite bold and definitely striking.

Grapes & Tastes Gives WCI The Nod!

“Yes, they arrived with no issues.  Also, my husband and a friend put them together – the first without the nail gun and then the rest with a nail gun and they went a lot quicker.  It was quite a process, but well worth it.”

Again, this DIY project is a great example of how we highly encourage utilizing the right tools for your racking assembly and installation. Things basically just go smoother and the end result way more satisfactory when you put together your racks with a nail gun rather than just sticking to the traditional hammer-and-nails method. And as we mentioned in a post we made a couple of blogs ago, working with WCI racking products help build CONFIDENCE, so learn to do it right from the get-go!

So this wraps up our last Testimonial Thursday for August. Summer is officially over, but certainly not our inspiring DIY features. Tune in next week for our very first fall-inspired episode! ^_^

We Make It Happen With Tuscany Wine Cellars

August 27th, 2014 by

“Gustare un bicchiere di vino!” Anything Italian sounds so “gourmet” just like anything French sounds so romantic, don’t you agree? For example, saying “enjoy a glass of good wine” in the Italian language sounds so much more palatable. Perhaps it’s because Italian wine and cuisine are world-renowned palate pleasers. So try to imagine a wine cellar that reeks of all that good Italian flavour! Well, WCI can actually make that happen for you – with our Tuscany-themed wine cellars.

A taste of Tuscany in your walls…

With just a choice piece of wine cellar art, your wine cellar will be able to exude that classic Italian vibe. Thankfully, you don’t need to hunt far and wide because we have a generous spread of wine cellar artworks that can easily bring a taste of Tuscany in your cellars. Since this region in central Italy is known for its landscapes, traditions, history, artistic legacy and its influence on high culture, our paintings and murals have easily captured that enchanting Renaissance charm. They will easily inspire you to grow your collection and really bring about the connoisseur in you! Check out these various sections and find out what best suits your artistic preferences:

We Make It Happen With Tuscany Wine Cellars

Classic Moments Collection


We Make It Happen With Tuscany Wine Cellars
Contemporary Moments Collection


We Make It Happen With Tuscany Wine Cellars
Wallpaper Canvas


We Make It Happen With Tuscany Wine Cellars
Onsite Murals

And your doors and everywhere else, too!

It’s not just your walls that can have that delectable Italian flavor. WCI has all the bases covered when it comes to this. We also carry a wonderful array of Tuscany-themed accessories to perfectly match your walls. Our Carved Wood Doors is a great example of this. Presently, we carry this absolutely gorgeous Tuscan Carved Door crafted from Brazilian Mahogany and distressed and finished to give it a bold, vintage look. Adorned with intricate carved panels, your wine cellar entryway will really spell “delicioso” thanks to this fitting accent.

You can actually stretch out this theme all the way to your tabletops and countertops. Our Tumbled Stone Countertops and Tabletops can be customized with stunning wine cellar murals printed on natural stone. The artwork can be printed on Light and Noce Travertine as well as Tumbled Durango, and Botticino marble. You can choose one of our stock wine art images (which are mostly Tuscany-themed selections) or you can send us a favorite picture, postcard, fabric, even wallpaper, and we can transfer the image onto stone for you.

“Vivere la bella vita!” Live the good life and bring more flavor and color into every bottle you pop open today by making it happen with Tuscany wine cellars!