Pretty Is As Pretty Does With The Designer Series

November 20th, 2014 by

“Pretty is as pretty does,” they usually like to say. Oftentimes, the things that can both grab AND hold our attention aren’t the flashy ones. On the contrary, they’re the simple, clean-cut lines that reek of understated elegance. Let’s translate that in terms of wine racks.

It goes without saying that the primary purpose of a wine racking assembly is always to provide the proper storage for your wine bottles. That’s kind of like the default in the grand scheme of things (or in this case, wine cellar projects). But of course, it doesn’t mean that style has to be done away with. These days, racking arrangements are becoming more and more dramatic, thanks to products that allow for the creation of truly unique assemblies.

Still, there are several considerations that might hamper some design goals, such as space and budget. These shouldn’t be a reason for you not to have an eye-catching racking arrangement, though. Utilizing functional racks with simple yet flexible configurations will definitely take things to another level. Take for example when you work with our Designer Series wine racks kit like our client Peter:

Pretty Is As Pretty Does With The Designer Series

Peter sent in for our 4-Column Individual with Display, a Rectangular Bin & Case storage, and a Curved Corner with Display in unstained All-Hear Redwood, all from the Designer Series. There’s a space reserved in the room in his home for a compact racking assembly for his small collection. Since our Designer racks are basically all “rack-and-stack” given their flexible configurations, it was just a matter of picking the right pieces and literally fitting them together. The result was a simple yet seamless set-up that hugged the walls and corners to a T.

“All in all I love it!  It was fun to use my nail gun for once which I never get to do.  It looks great and smells great and fits my space perfectly! The hardest part is probably figuring out how to organize the wine.”

~Peter Z~

Pretty Is As Pretty Does With The Designer Series

Splurge And Steal With Factory Seconds In Rustic Pine

November 19th, 2014 by

Why blow a bundle on a wine racking project when one: your budget won’t allow it; and two: you can HAVE racks that suit your needs at a way more reasonable cost. For today’s DIY feature, we’re taking a peek into our client John’s completed assembly:

“The wine racks I bought were perfect for our needs, it was the best cost effective way to ensure proper storage in a private cellar. I have recently moved from that home and left those racks for the current owner. I am evaluating where and how to best meet my increased storage demand and space, and have viewed the Factory Seconds again at your site to help me get some inspiration.

If I decide to construct a new rack based cellar, I will definitely work with Wine Cellar Innovations, your products were excellent, service above expectations, and quick easy order shipping process. Delivery was in excellent condition and excellent after sales support and service.”

~John C.~

Splurge And Steal With Factory Seconds In Rustic Pine

So let’s try to find out how John managed to come up with such high praise for our products. It goes without saying that we are absolutely flattered! But we’d also like to give proof that John’s testimonial is certainly the real deal. Note that he mentioned purchasing some products from our Factory Seconds catalogue. To be more specific, he actually bought a couple of Open Diamond Cubes in Rustic Pine. Since it’s from our discounted “Factory Seconds” line, that means “cost” is not even an issue. The mere fact that these racks have been placed in our discounted line is enough to make one brush away the worries on the price tag.  These wine racks are all very attractive and sturdy pieces of wood wine storage that been so generously marked down to move out at a quicker rate.

But that’s not

Splurge And Steal With Factory Seconds In Rustic Pine

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 212: Straightforward Function With A Twist With Vintner Wine Racks

November 18th, 2014 by

It’s Vintner season once again as our most popular wine racks kit series makes a smashing comeback. This time, it’s a simple, straightforward and very space-efficient wine cellar closet:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 247307
Wood: Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 534
Stain: None

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 212: Straightforward Function With A Twist With Vintner Wine RacksThere are really times when clients prefer functionality over style in a wine cellar project. In those cases, we make sure that the storage needs of the client are met firsthand. So the main goal of our professional design team is to maximize the designated floor space and create a racking assembly that will be able to store as many bottles as possible. In order to accomplish this end, our team usually takes into account the types of racks that will be utilized to ensure that the space-efficiency factor is met.

Vintner, in this case, meets all the requirements and offers even more. With the addition of 3- and 4-feet height options, creating versatile racking arrangements has become a more fulfilling task. No matter how compact or roomy the area may be, you can rest assured that the racks will be able to provide for your bottle storage needs. In addition, Vintner also allows for variety in the storage options even if you’re just working in a limited space. Today’s feature is a great example because this smallish room can actually host up to over 500 bottles. Also, with the way the racks were mixed and matched, the cellar has an airy ambiance.

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 212: Straightforward Function With A Twist With Vintner Wine RacksStill, while function may be the primary goal in this particular project, that doesn’t mean style is totally done away with. That’s the beauty of working with the Vintner wine rack kits. It sports custom amenities such as beveled rails and rounded edges, comes with an extensive selection of racking models AND molding packages, and wood, stain and finish options on top of it all. So basically, you get to experiment with your racking design as well without having to shell out a custom cost for it!

Excited to get started? Well, so are we! Allow us to help you take the first step towards your wine cellar goals. Chat with us today without spending a single cent. Take advantage of our free design services and you’ll be on your way to giving your collection the home it deserves. *Cheers*

More Mix & Match Options With Your Wood, Stains, & Finishes!

November 17th, 2014 by

Rise and shine for another manic Monday, wine chaps! Barely 6 weeks left to go before Christmas. How excited are you guys? We’re pretty hyped, especially with our Holiday Gift Giving Guide that’s out and ready to help everyone out with their wine gift shopping. But that’s not all. We’ve also been getting so many custom projects done, allowing us to feature so many of our products.

Notice that in the last couple of weeks, we’ve been focusing on the “mix and match” features of our racking products. But here at WCI, our racks are not the only things you can do combo plays with. You can also do the same with our wood, stain and finish options. There’s actually no big secret to achieving unique wine racking assemblies as far as style and design are concerned. It’s all in how you creative you can get with your wood, stain, and finish options and of course, capping things off with the right wine cellar accents.

More Mix & Match Options With Your Wood, Stains, & Finishes!

We’ll let this project illustrate better what we’re talking about ^_^. First off, it’s a pretty big large wine room that can easily hold approximately 3661 bottles. It’s all done up in our elite line, the Platinum Series. This would basically explain the gorgeous, clean lines of the racks, the flexible storage options, and the seamless overall appearance of arrangement as it spans the entire cellar.

More Mix & Match Options With Your Wood, Stains, & Finishes!

But how do we explain the luxurious, golden color of the racks? THAT now is a result of dressing up the wood in the right kind of stain or finish that will really bring out the wood’s natural beauty. In this particular project, the client went with Black Walnut which is not one of the more common choices for wine racks. But at WCI, we also have another product category under Wine Cellar Wood Choices called “Select Woods.” We are the proud owners of a fully integrated mill which takes lumber from a rough sewn stage all the way through the finishing details. Thanks to these capabilities, we can manufacture wine cellars in any wood commercially available.

More Mix & Match Options With Your Wood, Stains, & Finishes! More Mix & Match Options With Your Wood, Stains, & Finishes!

Still, the wood choice alone is not enough to justify that eye-catching luster of the racks. We have our custom stains and finish options to thank for that. In this case, Black Walnut was donned up in lacquer. It’s pretty classic and the result is a really elegant appearance of the racks. In general, our lacquer finishes consist of multiple applications of a clear coat sealant with intricate hand-sanding treatments between finishes. This gives the racks a smooth, gleaming finish and as we mentioned, an elegant ambience. Check out more snaps of the Individual Bottle Columns, Open Diamond Cubes, and Wine Shelves below, all “lacquered up”:

More Mix & Match Options With Your Wood, Stains, & Finishes! More Mix & Match Options With Your Wood, Stains, & Finishes! More Mix & Match Options With Your Wood, Stains, & Finishes!

Also, don’t forget that here at WCI, our stains, finishes, and lacquers are all water-based. That means they’re way more safe and eco-friendly compared to oil-based ones and the cleanup is fast and easy, too. Want to learn more on how to “mix and match” your woods and stain and finish options? See our Interactive Swatch Viewer and shoot us an e-mail for more queries! ^_^