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There’s More Than One Way To Awesome Wine Cellars!

September 3rd, 2015 by

Like that old saying goes, “There’s more than just one way to skin a cat.” When it comes to wine cellars, the same adage kind of holds true as well – because there’s certainly more than one way to transform a wine cellar project into an AWESOME wine cellar project. Here’s our take on the matter:


We were blown away when we saw the snaps for this completed wine cellar for a client in Hamilton, OH. What we’d give to see the actual racking assembly in person (only our lucky design team got to do that, of course)! It’s a pure Gold Series and we mean that in more than just the technical meaning of the word according to the WCI dictionary ^_^. This wine cellar is indeed pure “gold” albeit it showcases a luxuriously dark, brooding charm:


Check out the amazing variety in bottle storage: Individual Bottle Columns with High Reveal Displays, Wood Case Storage with Fixed Shelves, Open Vertical Wine Displays, and gorgeous Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim.  We especially love the 90-Degree Square Corner Racks with High Reveal Wine Display Rows, what with the way they practically mesh into the room’s sharp corners in a seamless manner. All in all, this entire set-up can host up to a little over 3000 wine bottles, including magnums and other larger-format bottles, wine boxes and crates.

260140-10-(28-Central-Parkway)-Install-Pics-8edit 260140-10-(28-Central-Parkway)-Install-Pics-9edit

Now let’s move on to the “accents” our design team utilized in this project to really give it that elite aura. Quarter Round Display Shelves was strategically thrown into this assembly to cap off the ends with a dramatic flourish. Custom LED lighting accessories were also added to highlight the racks and eventually when this assembly is all filled up – the wine bottles to maximum advantage. But the most striking element as far as “accents” are concerned in this project is the beautiful dark stain and finish option used on the racks.

260140-10-(28-Central-Parkway)-Install-Pics-10edit 260140-10-(28-Central-Parkway)-Install-Pics-11edit

Midnight Black Stain is not a common stain choice for wine cellar projects. Not everyone is adventurous enough to make such a bold statement, especially when it’s their first time embarking on a wine cellar construction. But like they say, if you want to do something different, don’t do things halfway. Experimenting with various materials and textures and letting your imagination run free will yield some pretty unique results like this super luxe racking arrangement – all in gorgeous Midnight Black Stain:

260140-10-(28-Central-Parkway)-Install-Pics-12edit 260140-10-(28-Central-Parkway)-Install-Pics-13edit

With the extensive selection of wine cellar products we have here at WCI, you’ll see that there’s certainly more than just one or two ways to awesome wine cellars. So why not start by chatting with our professional consultants and get started on yours today! ^_^

We Make It Happen With Custom-Fit Wine Racks

September 2nd, 2015 by

Isn’t it that when you have something “customized,” like say a dress, the result is more often than not the proverbial perfect fit? That’s because you have a lot more control over the entire process and until that garment hugs where it should hug and flows the way it should flow, you can keep on going. In other words, your full satisfaction towards the end result is the determining factor as to whether or not the work is “completed.” The concept is pretty much the same for a custom wine cellar project! If you’re commissioning a “custom” wine cellar, it’s to be expected that the racks will go where they’re supposed to go and fit in places where they’re supposed to fit. And guess what? WCI can actually make that happen for you!


This latest project from a client at Beaufort, SC is a really great example of how we do a “custom-fit” racking job. While there was enough space in his home for a formal wine room, there were several kinks that needed to be ironed out. We wanted to give the client maximum bottle storage capacity for his desired wine racking assembly and for that reason, the Platinum Series was undoubtedly the best choice to get the job done. Note that with the Platinum Series, you not only have the widest selection of racking styles to choose from but their configurations can also be further customized to literally fit your available space.

255852-3-(Schlotman)-Install-Pics-4edit 255852-3-(Schlotman)-Install-Pics-3edit

Let’s get an eyeful of these awesome shots of the Solid Diamond Bin with Front Face Trim. Our design team had to work the rack into this specific spot in the room which was unfortunately adorned by a curved corner. While it may have some sort of aesthetic purpose, the curved corner proved to be an awkward situation as far as installing a standard wine rack is concerned. So our team had to play around with the Solid Diamond Bin’s configurations and construct it in such a way that it will fit snugly into that one curved corner AND the other three sharp edges of the wall:

255852-3-(Schlotman)-Install-Pics-2-5edit 255852-3-(Schlotman)-Install-Pics-2-4edit   255852-3-(Schlotman)-Install-Pics-2-1edit

Speaking of “custom-fit,” we’d also like to call everyone’s attention to the beautiful Raised Side Panels utilized on the racking assembly. The Platinum Series carries a pretty generous selection of custom Decorative Accents which can really complete the look of any wine cellar project. From panelings to covers to archways and more, you’ll find endless ways to spice up your racking arrangements and transform them into unique, eye-catching ensembles:


So why settle for something that fits “quite right” when you can certainly have that “perfect fit” in your wine cellars. Talk to a WCI design consultant and we’ll make the rest happen for you! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #251: Stunning Set-ups With Vintner Racks x Custom Wine Cellar Art

September 1st, 2015 by

 A few artistic touches are sometimes all that you need to turn out stunning wine cellar set-ups. There are still a lot of people out there who do not fully realize the value of choice artistic elements such as a piece of wine cellar art, furniture, or accessory. So what better way to illustrate this point than with an honest-to-goodness wine cellar project that showcases the power of such artistic touches:

Project # 266227
Wood: Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 643
Where: Dupage, IL


So what we have here today is a decent-sized residential project with a storage capacity of just a little under 650 bottles. Function-wise,  there’s nothing to fault especially since our design team utilized the Vintner Series wine racks kit for the entire assembly. From the following snaps of the wine cellar, you can easily see how clean and symmetrical the racking set-up is. Props, of course, goes to the Curved Corner Racks from the Vintner collection along with the custom crown and base moldings for trimming the room’s sharp corners. And, with the clever combination of Individual Bottle Columns, Open Diamond Cubes, and Open Vertical Displays, this cellar is no slouch when it comes to variety in bottle storage options.


But this wine cellar’s functionality is admittedly not what catches one’s eye, especially at the first glance. It’s quite obvious that the captivating mesh of vibrant colors from the piece of wine cellar art framed by the Standard Archway is the center of attention. This is actually a beloved piece from the WCI Classic Moments collection, specifically, the Hand Painted Canvas Scene “Sonoma Serenity.”


When it comes to handpicking memorable pieces of wine cellar art for your wine cellar, you won’t find a better place to look than the WCI online art gallery. We carry a varied selection of artworks utilizing a wide range of unique materials from hand-painted paintings and murals done in acrylics or oils to mosaic tile art, etched mirrors, tumbled stone, and even stained glass. We have highly talented artists who have soaked up years of experience in working with these different materials and they can even be requested to produce or reproduce their artworks on-site. But best of all, our artworks can be custom designed or altered to suit the client’s taste in colors, composition layout and painting style. So, yes, it’s totally possible to have a stunning wine cellar set-up with the help of a just a few artistic touches. *Cheers*

266227-5-(Warren-Basement)-Install-Pics-4edit 266227-5-(Warren-Basement)-Install-Pics-3edit  266227-5-(Warren-Basement)-Install-Pics-1edit

A Visual Treat With Dark-Stained Wine Racks

August 31st, 2015 by

It goes without saying that “style” in a wine cellar project will always be a personal preference. More often than not, you will certainly see a person’s style reflected in his home. It would only make sense that you’d see it in his wine cellar as well. And as far as “style” goes, there will be endless types and categories. But if we were just to lump them into two – as far as wine cellars are concerned – these would roughly be understated and bold.

Here at WCI, we’ve seen just about as many wine cellar styles as we have wine bottle labels. We’ve worked closely with countless clients in order to deliver to them the wine cellar that best suits not just their storage needs but their design preference as well. That’s why when a client decides to take the “bold” route, we know exactly what elements should come into play to bring the desired results:


So if the client leans towards something a little more daring, design-wise, we usually recommend that they go the “custom” route – meaning, going with our custom wine cellar racks rather than the more affordable kits. The reason is fairly simple. With custom racking, you get a lot more freedom to experiment with wine racking assemblies, especially when budget is not an issue. You get more racking styles to choose from, along with wine cellar accents and accessories that will help achieve the kind of look you’re looking for. The best example would most likely be our top-of-the line Platinum Series. With the wide array of racking styles available under this collection as well as over 120 wood, stain and finish options, creating a “bold” statement that meets the client’s objectives can be quite effortless. This recently completed wine cellar should be enough proof of that:


But custom racking units notwithstanding, there’s another, relatively easier and cheaper option to achieve that “bold” appeal for your wine cellar. The answer lies in your stain and finish options. WCI provides such a varied selection of custom stains and finishes that will help enhance the color of your wood choice for your racks and do justice to the grain patterns. The type of stain or finish you choose will certainly influence on how dramatic or quirky your entire wine cellar will be. For the record, darker-colored stains and finishes accentuate the grain patterns and other properties of your wood much more compared to lighter ones. Plus, if you want to make your racks reek of a strong, vintage aura, weathered or distressed finishes will do the job for you. ^_^

267280-3-(Salus)-Install-Pics-4edit  267280-3-(Salus)-Install-Pics-2edit