Technical Tuesday Episode #228: Winging It With The Wine Sentinel Wine Cabinet

March 3rd, 2015 by

Not enough space for a formal wine room? No sweat! You can still have  the storage space that you want as well as the look and feel of a custom wine racking assembly. The answer lies in custom-built wine cabinets! Our Tech Tuesday highlight for today will show you how it’s done:

Project # 255418
Wood: Platinum / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 690
Where: Beaufort, SC

Technical Tuesday Episode #228: Winging It With The Wine Sentinel Wine Cabinet

Check out this beautiful Wine Sentinel refrigerated wine cabinet which our team installed for a client in Beaufort, SC. It can host approximately 600 bottles and as can be seen from the shots below, fits nice and snug into a corner of the client’s home. The cabinet is equipped with a Cellarpro cooling system and decked out in Platinum Series wine racks. To be more specific, the cabinet was outfitted with Individual Bottle Columns, Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim, and a Quarter Round Shelf. Custom wine cellar LED lighting and a Dark Walnut stain finish completed the elegant look.

Technical Tuesday Episode #228: Winging It With The Wine Sentinel Wine Cabinet

So now that we’ve seen how space-efficient and classy this wine cabinet looks. Let’s move on and talk about exactly what a Wine Sentinel can give us. It can be basically summed up like this: your wine – your space – your way. That’s because these refrigerated wine cabinets (as you’ve clearly seen from this project) provide you with bottle storage that is fully customizable with built-in units to match any space and decor in your home.

These cabinets can be configured to match any ceiling height and you literally have the power to work around the configurations of the inside racking assembly. That means you’re able to maximize bottle storage capacity while at the same time, minimizing the overall space of the cabinet and storage area. Designed internally and externally according to your needs, we also ensure these refrigerated wine cabinets are properly insulated, as they include a properly specified wine cooling unit for the area.

And those are not the only perks you get! The Wine Sentinel’s storage area is also adorned with 1 or 2 sets of elegant French doors which are equipped with proper insulation values and weather-stripping. Plus, you can also request for tinted windows in order to minimize light exposure to protect your bottles. Our client had theirs in a non-standard set of French doors with clear glass panels.

Technical Tuesday Episode #228: Winging It With The Wine Sentinel Wine Cabinet

Last but definitely not the least, the “little” details of the wine cabinet can further be customized to really exude that “built-in” look. We’re talking about base and crown moldings, casing, and door handles which can be designed to match your home’s existing decor.

So don’t sweat the “small” stuff in your home because here at WCI, even small spaces can be transformed into wine cellar dreams. Just get in touch with a WCI professional today! *Cheers*

Where Do You Put Your Wine Racks In Your Home?

March 2nd, 2015 by

Aaaaand we’re into the month of March, wine cellar fans! Things are just heating up and that’s kind of literally as well because pretty soon, Spring will be here. Welcoming the warmer days ahead will definitely be something to look forward to and guess what else we’re excited to do? Have those super fun wine tasting gigs outdoors, of course!

But before we rush into that, let’s sit back and enjoy the perks of the great indoors as well especially when it comes to storing our wine bottles. Wine storage has evolved so much over the years that what were once considered essential considerations can now be (and in a very positive way) compromised. Location is certainly the first on the list. Nowadays, one can store one’s bottles anywhere in the home and have tons of fun doing so. The enhanced flexibility of wine storage particularly where wine racks are concerned has set imagination as the only limits as to where you can put your racks home. Here are just a few of the awesome ideas you might want to try out:

 1. Rack it up your living space!

Where Do You Put Your Wine Racks In Your Home?

We’ve had more than just a few clients who installed our wine racks like our Curvy Wine Cubes and Mini-Stack Series in their living rooms. The racks provided a nice aesthetic touch apart from allowing one to have their favorite bottles in a more accessible place. We’ve also had a client go to it one better by utilizing our Curvy Wine Cubes as a bench. If you haven’t seen this clever DIY yet, now’s the time to check it out!

2. Rack it up under the stairs!

Where Do You Put Your Wine Racks In Your Home?

We’ve featured more and more clients discovering the joy of filling up that little space under the stairs with their wine bottles. Under stairwell transformation is one of our more popular wine racking ideas because it’s space-efficient and wonderfully unique. Think about it! That so-called “useless” nook under your stairs can actually be the next eye-candy in your home and all it will take is installing the right racks like our Wine Bottle Waterfall.

3. Rack it up in your dining area!

Where Do You Put Your Wine Racks In Your Home?

Okay, so we understand that not every home has a separate dining area. That’s especially true when you live in compact living spaces like apartments and condos. But with the bevy of wine storage solutions we have here at WCI, it’s totally possible to put together a racking set-up in your dining area, no matter how spatially challenged things may be. Our Wine Rack Kit Bundles and Mini-Stack Series will let you have your very own wine tasting station. Even better, we’ve also launched the Urban Living Series with racking arrangements designed specifically for these compact living spaces.

4. Rack it up in your pantries!

Where Do You Put Your Wine Racks In Your Home?

You heard us right! Those pantries that store only your clutter can be put to better use. In fact, we’ve recently had a client who converted a small pantry in his home and turned it into a pretty awesome wine cellar closet. You’ll find that the once cluttered pantry can hold more bottles than you thought possible, especially with our uber flexible wine rack kits.

Need more ideas on where to put wine racks in your home? Browse this section of the website or better yet, chat with us and we’ll help you brainstorm! ^_^

Messy Pantry Turned “Wine Pantry” Thanks To Vintner

February 26th, 2015 by

What we really enjoy the most about DIY wine racking projects is how they reflect the creativity of our customers. We love how people find so many unique ways to utilize our racking products and surprising us with interesting results every time. Today’s Testimonial Thursday episode is no exception. In fact, it’s probably one of the more clever DIYs we’ve seen so we’re pretty stoked to showcase it.

Now our client Dave had a small pantry in his home that he wanted to transform into a proper storage for his pilot collection. This is what it looked like before the major transformation process began:

Messy Pantry Turned Wine Pantry Thanks To Vintner

Pretty messy, huh? But let’s not write that cluttered pantry off just yet because Dave certainly didn’t. He saw potential in this compact space and after browsing the WCI website, he found just the racks to help him achieve his goal. He sent in for our Individual Bottle Columns with Top Display Row and Bottom Display Row from the Vintner Series wine racks kit and with a dash of creativity and pinch of imagination, worked them out into that messy space. The result? Check out his fully completed Wine Pantry!

Messy Pantry Turned Wine Pantry Thanks To Vintner

“Thank you for following up on my order.  The wine racks worked out great.  Many of my friends love the way my little Wine Pantry project worked out.  I know this is not the normal small scale of business your company aims for but I have to say it looks great turning a small pantry into a wine pantry.  Although I do have space downstairs in the basement, I was looking for something a little more accessible but could store a few hundred bottles and your products worked perfectly.  I did cut a 3 col rack into thirds to get the top piece complete but it was well worth it for the magnum bottles.  Assembly was very easy and straight forward.  I had six different pieces I assembled and by the time I finished I was putting sections together in less than 15 min.  I used decorative screws instead of my nail gun because I wanted a little bit of a different look.  Had I used a nail gun it would have been even easier, for I pre-drilled each hole so I wouldn’t split the wood of the wine racks.  I have attached before and after pictures of my project which my friends loving call the Wine Pantry.  I of course have told them where I purchased the kits because of the customer support and ease of installation.”

~Dave M.~

Messy Pantry Turned Wine Pantry Thanks To Vintner

We Make It Happen With Flexible Wine Rack Kits

February 25th, 2015 by

It’s the last We Make It Happen eppie for the month of hearts! Just how fast can time fly, wine chaps? That’s really kind of good though because it goes to show how busy and productive things are in the wine cellar biz. It’s definitely the case with both our custom and DIY projects. We’ve been getting a flood of heartwarming testimonials lately and what better way to show our thanks than to share these awesome projects with everyone. This project in particular is quite special because it’s one of the best examples of how our wine rack kits can make it happen for you, regardless of sticky space issues:

We Make It Happen With Flexible Wine Rack Kits

Our client Chad decided to turn this closet space into a spanking new wine cellar for his small collection. While the space is a bit constricted, he still wanted to spice things up a bit and make his wine cellar closet as unique as possible. But first off, he needed the right kind of racks to fit into that space which again, did not provide enough for full-depth racking. A quick tour of the WCI website led him to the most suitable solution: our Winemaker Series wine racks kit.

The Winemaker Series was especially designed to meet these challenging space issues so basically, you get racks configured with shallow depths. Shallow-depth racks enable one to create secure yet space-efficient racking arrangements for wine closets and other similar set-ups. As in the case of our client Chad here, the Individual Bottle Columns with Display Row and Fixed Shelves enabled him to maximize that compact area. Now he can actually store his bottles in both individual and bulk formats! Chad also narrated how he had to tweak the racks around a bit to get the assembly to fit snugly, but everything went smoothly thanks to the flexible configurations of the racks and the aid of a trusty nail gun.

Now one other thing that really caught our attention with this project is the awesome cork paneling Chad added for his walls. Yup, those are honest-to-goodness real corks, wine folks! Here’s Chad’s very interesting story on that uber unique cork wall AND his WCI experience:

We Make It Happen With Flexible Wine Rack Kits

“Everything went well and I did use a nail gun to assemble the racking. I ran into some space issues once I added the oak paneling for my walls, so I ended up having to customize the racking to fit into the space.  What I did is cut down the racking on the left side and adjusted it to support 3L bottles.  Pretty cool huh? We Make It Happen With Flexible Wine Rack Kits The walls are lined with wine corks (over 3K) I’ve collected over the past 15 years of drinking wine. It really gives it a cool look, but also serves as a reminder of all the great wines we’ve had over the years.

I also added commercial multicolor LED light tape throughout the cellar to create different effects.  It’s pretty cool to have ten or so different colors to cycle through. As you can see below, the cellar is almost 100% complete. The only things left to do are install the AC unit, get a glass door, and fill the 3L slots with some good wine! We Make It Happen With Flexible Wine Rack Kits Thanks for providing me with products that allowed me to build my cellar.  It’s not as big or extravagant as I would have liked but given the space I had it’s perfect!” 

~Chad M.~

We Make It Happen With Flexible Wine Rack Kits We Make It Happen With Flexible Wine Rack Kits