We Make It Happen With Small Wine Racks!

April 16th, 2014 by

Big does not always necessarily mean better. It’s definitely true when you’re pressed for space in a wine cellar project. Huge, bulky racking arrangements will not only shrink your floor area, but at the same time, they will overwhelm your collection. Keep in mind that your racks are supposed to showcase your bottles and not the other way around. This is where we’ll come to appreciate the true value and learn not to “sweat the small stuff.” Let’s make it happen with WCI’s small wine racks!

Check out our Small Wood Wine Racks!

When it comes to racking arrangements, “small” translates to “economical.” WCI’s ample selection of small wood wine racks is designed to fit any corner, nook, and cranny of your home. They can be easily combined with other racking products as well which is what makes them so amazingly functional. You will also be surprised at the bottle capacity of each model because they can definitely store more than meets the eye. In general, most of these racks were crafted with reduced height (like our half-height Individual Columns) and width to accommodate tight or cramped spaces. There are also those that are designed to store your wines in bulk such as our Pine Cubes. Note that while most of these racks are highly recommended to be wall-mounted, there are also models that would just go right into your desired space without having to work your way around it. Some examples would include the 18 Bottle Scallop Wine Rack and the 26-Bottle version.

And reacquaint yourselves with the Mini Stack Series!

Now as far as space-saving features are concerned, you can’t find a better solution than the Mini Stack Series. We launched this collection sometime last year as a new addition to our wine rack kits family. It’s actually a “first” in our line of fully assembled stackable wine racks! Yup, you read it right. WCI manufactures and ships these babies fully assembled straight to your doorstep and all you have to literally do is just put the racks where you want them to go. The best thing about these ergonomic space-saving wonders, too, is that it’s so easy for you to expand your collection along with them. Simply rack and stack away as more bottles come in! In addition, the collection also comes with a glass rack storage piece which is perfect for your growing glassware collection as well.

So whether you are looking into a formal wine cellar set-up, or just a compact wine tasting station or home tasting bar, or even just a makeshift arrangement until you’re ready for the real thing, these small wine racks will see you through. Browse our wonderfully affordable selection and make big wine cellar dreams happen with small but spot on racking solutions! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #180: Simplicity Spells Sophistication With Vintner x Platinum

April 15th, 2014 by

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

~Leonardo da Vinci~

Coming from the master of the brush himself, truer words were never spoken. In terms of wine cellar transformations, this is also a basic truth that some still fail to grasp. The bottom line is that you don’t need too many frills to make your wine cellar unique. Oftentimes, it’s just achieving the right sense of balance between function and aesthetics that will make it all come together and give your cellar a look that will make it stand out. Today’s Tech Tuesday feature will serve as one of the best examples of this!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 237625
Wood: Platinum/Vintner Series
Bottle Capacity: 1358
Where: Cotato, CA

Technical Tuesday Episode #180: Simplicity Spells Sophistication With Vintner x PlatinumSo here we have your typical Vintner x Platinum combo which is not something unusual as it had been used in several projects before. If you’re a faithful Tech Tuesday follower, you’d know for certain that this combo is an infallible one, both racking series being the top in their respective categories. Vintner holds top spot in the WCI wine racks kit line while Platinum is of course, our top-of-the-line custom racking series. Thus, there’s no room for doubt when it comes to the space-efficiency factor of this assembly that can comfortably store over 1300 bottles. Technical Tuesday Episode #180: Simplicity Spells Sophistication With Vintner x PlatinumIn particular, our design team made full use of Vintner’s Individual Bottle Columns that conveniently come in 1,2, 3, 4, and 5-bottle configurations. A Double Magnum rack and Standard Archway along with custom crown and base moldings were also thrown in to set a sense of balance that says this is both practical and elegant. It should also be noted that the racking heights of some of the Individual Bottle Columns were modified to achieve the right mix of classic, comfortable function. All in all, the finished product is just what a connoisseur with a growing collection ordered.

Technical Tuesday Episode #180: Simplicity Spells Sophistication With Vintner x PlatinumHere we have a couple of great shots of the arrangement from a closer range. See how the simple Light Stain clings perfectly to the wood, bringing out the beautiful reddish gold tones of All-Heart Redwood. This is yet another example of sophistication in simplicity. And last but not the least, we’d also like to give props to the clever use of the available floor space in this project. Since one spare room was allotted for the cellar, it makes sense to utilize all of that space to maximum advantage. The trick is to try bringing all your storage together, to create a calming effect by actually “freeing up” some space in the process. Notice how the floor-to-ceiling arrangement has been used to the max here.Technical Tuesday Episode #180: Simplicity Spells Sophistication With Vintner x PlatinumWe are definitely excited to see this wine cellar in the future all filled up with the client’s collection. We’ll also be sure to share those photos with everyone, just to put the final stamp on the verity that simplicity is indeed the ultimate sophistication. Have a fun week ahead of you, wine buddies! *Cheers*

Vintner x Designer Turn Impossible Places To Fun Wine Storage Spaces!

April 14th, 2014 by

A marvelous Monday to our fellow wine cellar fans out there! We’ve got something very unique cooking for you today, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show :D. Let’s take a glance at this amazing under stairwell project that our client Mike sent us: Vintner x Designer Turn Impossible Places To Fun Wine Storage Spaces!Mike had a small but decent collection going on which he intends to grow over time. The available space in his home came in the form of this tight cubby. Nonetheless, he was able to fashion an ample arrangement by combining WCI’s Designer and Vintner Series wine rack kits.

This is probably one of the best examples of how space-efficient and flexible our wine rack kits really are. Notice that the area designated for the wine cellar is not just irregularly shaped, but the steps make it quite awkward to put together a proper wine storage space. Still, there’s no space issue that our wine rack kits can’t handle owing to the very flexible configurations of the racks. Basically, you can mix and match the products with stuff from other collections because this is exactly how WCI has conceptualized the wine rack kits.

In this particular project, the versatile Individual Bottle Columns from Vintner which come in 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 column widths were the perfect solution to combat the uneven floor area. In addition, displays and shelves from the Designer Series completed the assembly, bringing in enough room for bulk bottle storage as well.

“Everything was great. I hired a carpenter to help with the build. We used a nail gun. It would have taken a long time by myself. With the carpenter it took about 4 hours. Thanks for a great product.”

~Mike H~

Now unlike some of our other purely DIY projects, Mike admits that installing his racks into this uneven space was quite a challenge for him. So he contracted a professional carpenter to put everything together which was a smart move. We also encourage you guys out there to take a leaf out of Mike’s book. Indeed, DIY racking projects with WCI’S wine rack kits can be easy, especially if you’re working with a pretty much standard floor plan. Nonetheless, if you know you are not experienced enough, then don’t hesitate to call in the big guns ^_^. This is also the reason why we have professional design consultants and installers available here at your beck and call.

Turn crooked, cramped, and seemingly impossible spaces in your home into your spanking, new wine cellar. All you need are the right products, tools, and of course, to broaden your imagination. You can do all of those here at WCI because there’s no wine storage issue we can’t fix!

Office x Wine Cellar Combo Thanks To WineMaker!

April 10th, 2014 by

Who says you can’t kill two birds with one stone when it comes to wine cellar projects? It’s basically just giving in to your creativity in coming up with flexible solutions that are proverbially no waste of space. Today’s Testimonial Thursday feature will show us how one can have his cake and eat it, too or to put it more accurately, “How one can have his wine and drink it, too.” ^_^

Office x Wine Cellar Combo Thanks To WineMaker!It started off with our client Jim wanting to create a functional space for his small wine collection. However, there wasn’t enough space in his home for a separate, formal wine room. In addition, he didn’t have a substantially large collection at the moment, though he definitely plans on growing it in the near future. So our client decided to fine-tune his imagination and pay homage to  what he once thought were improbable spaces in his home. In this case, his office! Jim purchased a 5-Column Individual with Display from our WineMaker Wine Racks Series in beautiful unstained Rustic Pine and set to work:

“I absolutely hate sliding doors on closets, so your wine racks helped complete a shelving/wine storage area in what is used now as an office.  We will eventually take the casing off the opening and with a then “recess” look in the wall, the conversion will be finished.  My son actually put the wine racks together, pre-drilling and using screws.  Likely a bit of overkill, but it is solid as a rock! We simply put some shelving around the wine racks to provide the space needed for other stuff! We would buy more wine racks from you when needed. They are nice ones!!”

~Jim F~

Suffice it to say that when space-efficiency is the goal in a wine cellar project, the WineMaker Series is the way to go. The reduced depth of the racks allow for extended flexibility when putting together your assembly, particularly in tighter areas. In addition, there is an amazing variety in storage options, from individual to bulk and large format storage.  So while you are conveniently able to maximize on storage capacity, you can still have flexibility in the style and design of your arrangement as well. Such are the perks of working with these cost-effective wine rack kits that still sport custom amenities for your wine cellar pleasure.

We also give the thumbs-up to Jim for choosing to go for the unstained version of Rustic Pine for the racks. Notice that the soft, creamy hue of the wood meshes so well with the walls, moldings, and other existing decor of the office. For more on Rustic Pine’s impressive characteristics, check out this section of our website. And indeed, when it comes to DIY wine cellar projects, your imagination is the only limit there will ever be! So let it soar and get the storage space you both NEED and WANT today. Catch you all next Thursday!