We Make It Happen With Tuscany Wine Cellars

August 27th, 2014 by

“Gustare un bicchiere di vino!” Anything Italian sounds so “gourmet” just like anything French sounds so romantic, don’t you agree? For example, saying “enjoy a glass of good wine” in the Italian language sounds so much more palatable. Perhaps it’s because Italian wine and cuisine are world-renowned palate pleasers. So try to imagine a wine cellar that reeks of all that good Italian flavour! Well, WCI can actually make that happen for you – with our Tuscany-themed wine cellars.

A taste of Tuscany in your walls…

With just a choice piece of wine cellar art, your wine cellar will be able to exude that classic Italian vibe. Thankfully, you don’t need to hunt far and wide because we have a generous spread of wine cellar artworks that can easily bring a taste of Tuscany in your cellars. Since this region in central Italy is known for its landscapes, traditions, history, artistic legacy and its influence on high culture, our paintings and murals have easily captured that enchanting Renaissance charm. They will easily inspire you to grow your collection and really bring about the connoisseur in you! Check out these various sections and find out what best suits your artistic preferences:

We Make It Happen With Tuscany Wine Cellars

Classic Moments Collection


We Make It Happen With Tuscany Wine Cellars
Contemporary Moments Collection


We Make It Happen With Tuscany Wine Cellars
Wallpaper Canvas


We Make It Happen With Tuscany Wine Cellars
Onsite Murals

And your doors and everywhere else, too!

It’s not just your walls that can have that delectable Italian flavor. WCI has all the bases covered when it comes to this. We also carry a wonderful array of Tuscany-themed accessories to perfectly match your walls. Our Carved Wood Doors is a great example of this. Presently, we carry this absolutely gorgeous Tuscan Carved Door crafted from Brazilian Mahogany and distressed and finished to give it a bold, vintage look. Adorned with intricate carved panels, your wine cellar entryway will really spell “delicioso” thanks to this fitting accent.

You can actually stretch out this theme all the way to your tabletops and countertops. Our Tumbled Stone Countertops and Tabletops can be customized with stunning wine cellar murals printed on natural stone. The artwork can be printed on Light and Noce Travertine as well as Tumbled Durango, and Botticino marble. You can choose one of our stock wine art images (which are mostly Tuscany-themed selections) or you can send us a favorite picture, postcard, fabric, even wallpaper, and we can transfer the image onto stone for you.

“Vivere la bella vita!” Live the good life and bring more flavor and color into every bottle you pop open today by making it happen with Tuscany wine cellars!


Technical Tuesday Episode #200: Variety, Functionality, Style & More With The Designer Series

August 26th, 2014 by

Variety, functionality, style and more – all these you’ll be able to achieve in your wine cellar project when you know how to utilize the right wine racking products. Fortunately, WCI is able to provide all these essential elements with our bevy of racking models.

Just last week, we had a rundown of our top ten most popular racking collections. If you can recall, Designer has really surged on to the number 2 spot, closing in on Vintner. Well, today’s Tech Tuesday feature is just another proof of how big and popular the Designer Series has gotten just in a few months time!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 243567
Wood: DKS/ Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1891
Where: New York, NY

Technical Tuesday Episode #200: Variety, Functionality, Style & More With The Designer SeriesLet’s take a nice, leisurely visual stroll of this super spacious wine room with just a little under 1900-bottle storage capacity. The entire racking assembly is done up in the Designer Series, a practical conglomeration of individual and bulk bottle storage options. Essentially, our design team has incorporated a very flexible array of racks – Individual Bottle Columns, Diamond Bins,  Fixed Shelves, and Curved Corner Racks. Everything is done up in unstained Premium Redwood, showcasing the beautiful, natural pale pinkish brown hues.

Technical Tuesday Episode #200: Variety, Functionality, Style & More With The Designer SeriesTo fully maximize the storage capacity of this cellar, a 216 Bin Storage Wine Tasting Table was thrown into the arrangement. We felt that this was a clever move indeed given the additional space the table provides. This wine tasting table provides a variety of bottle storage options, including wood cases, cardboard cases, 12 standard bottles per bin, or in the alternative, ample room for extra large bottles. And of course, don’t forget that the table offers the perfect spot for decanting wine and taking inventory of your collection.  You’ll also find that the smooth, even tabletop can become a really handy area for displaying your fine wine accessories.

Technical Tuesday Episode #200: Variety, Functionality, Style & More With The Designer SeriesHere’s a closer shot illustrating just how varied this arrangement is in both individual and bulk  bottle storage options. Notice that the cellar is actually not completed yet, with the racking having been installed sans the walls and flooring. Again, this is a testament to how versatile the Designer Series is because these racks can work with any wall and flooring design the client may eventually choose. We’re pretty excited to see how things will turn out once everything has fallen into place!

So this rounds up our August Tech Tuesday episodes! Next week, we welcome the faint beginnings of the fall season and more wine cellar inspirations along with it. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list for the latest product updates! *Cheers*

Build More Than Just Your Wine Cellar With WCI Wine Racks

August 25th, 2014 by

We build more than just wine racks with our wine racking products. Once you start using them, you’ll find the whole experience so enjoyable that you build something else as well – confidence. More than just a few clients can attest to the fact that our racks are user-friendly, especially for newbies who have never undertaken a wine cellar project (or other construction project for that matter) before. Our latest DIY feature courtesy of our client Phil shows a nice illustration of this:

Build More Than Just Your Wine Cellar With WCI Wine RacksPhil is no professional, but he wanted to create a suitable storage space for his growing collection. He had a very spacious room all laid out for his future wine racking assembly. However, financial and other considerations did not permit him to hire professionals to work on it. So Phil set about purchasing some Individual Bottle Columns from our Designer Series and came up with this simple, very functional, and space-efficient arrangement.

 “The racks arrived just fine, and the assembly was relatively easy for the most part. I completed the assembly using a standard hammer and the provided 1 inch brads in the kit. The cellar came out great, and the racking looks really good. I built the entire room myself, so it is not one of the professional installations that you often feature, but I think the room came out really nice.”

~Phil B.~

While inexperienced, Phil was able to put together this tidy row of racks thanks to the smooth configurations of the columns. He was able to create a straightforward assembly, sans the professional experience and the use of a brad nailer. However, as always, we recommend using a nail gun in the assembly and installation of our racks because not only would the right tools effectively speed things up, but the end result would wonderfully seamless. Check out our Professional DIY Assembly Kit and see how you can actually get one for free when you reach a certain amount on your purchases.

While Phil claims that his cellar is not one of the “professional installations” we often feature, we beg to disagree. Just looking at the image he sent us is proof enough that he has turned out a very neat and organized racking set-up. Best of all, we know that Phil now has that added confidence to put together more DIY projects in the future because not only has WCI products built him his wine cellar, but his confidence as well! ^_^

Designer Wine Racks: Mount Them Anywhere And Everywhere!

August 21st, 2014 by

Remember how just a couple of days ago, we rounded up our top ten most popular racking products? The Designer Series nabbed the number 2 spot almost effortlessly! Well, today, we’re going to give you one more reason why popularity-wise, this collection skyrocketed to the frontlines quite impressively. Or rather, our client Whitney will show us why this Series DOES deserve to be the main contender for the top spot.Designer Wine Racks: Mount Them Anywhere And Everywhere!Our client has this room in their home all decked out in rough, uneven stone-wall interior. We love it’s very rustic feel and we couldn’t be happier when we learned that the client sent in for our Designer 5-Column in Rustic Pine. It’s definitely the perfect racking choice to complement the room’s full stone-wall structure. The question now is how the rack was successfully mounted given the uneven stone-wall foundation. Here’s Whitney recounting their assembly and installation experience:

“The rack is working beautifully for us.  The shipping went fine, especially considering they landed during a blizzard.  Assembling them was straightforward and also went well.  I don’t own a nail gun, but pre-drilled holes to guide the nails and prevent splitting.  A horizontal or two was a bit warped, but it wasn’t a problem coaxing them into place.

I’ve attached a picture of it in our 1830′s basement.  Installation was a challenge, given the rock foundation.  I bolted sturdy verticals to the floor joists above and screwed into those.  And the floor wasn’t level enough to support the weight safely, so I shimmed with pieces of cedar.  The rack has been fully loaded ever since, without incident or complaint.  The remnants of the old, cheap rack are at bottom right, with the bowed section cut off and taken to the garden to be used as a trellis.”


“Installation was a challenge, given the rock foundation.” Nonetheless, everything fell into place thanks to the ingenuity of the client and the easy configurations of the rack. Note that assembly-wise, all our wine kits have been upgraded with Spacer Bars sent with a dado that snugly fits each column of your racking. You can assemble the rack with the nails provided, or you can utilize a brad nailer for faster assembly. As mentioned, the client pre-drilled the holes in this project. We highly recommend using a nail gun for future ones, though. It will definitely make assembly and mounting the racks a less hassle-free undertaking.

In addition, all the racks in this Series have a 1 7/16″ square cut bottom rail. This allows the bottles to be securely held above the floor level so the bottle does not break accidentally by hitting a hard floor. Moreover, the base molding supplied with this Series is 1 7/16″ high and can be applied directly to the front of this rail. And of course, with the addition of our industry-exclusive Stabilizer Bracing System, racking durability and stability have been upgraded as well. So basically, you can mount your racks on just about ANY surface. Just keep in mind that when you use the right tools (like the nail gun!) things will definitely proceed at a smoother pace.

Need more DIY racking inspirations? Then bookmark the blog and tune in to more of our Testimonial Thursday features! ^_^