A Sure Win With Traditional Series Plus “Traditional” Wine Cellar Services

March 26th, 2015 by

They say a good recommendation goes a long way and truer words were never spoken! Today’s featured DIY was sent by a client who purchased our products through the recommendation of their neighbor who happened to try out (and were thoroughly satisfied!) our wine racks.

So Jim went and purchased racks from our Traditional Series wine racks kit to outfit their wine room. He opted for the ever-popular Individual Bottle Columns, some One-Columns with Display racks, and Open Diamond Bins. Plus, he also sent in for the Standard Archway with glass rack and tabletop option.

For a newbie, it might have appeared a tad overwhelming when all the pieces came in. After all, this is a DIY and one of the biggest fears with DIY projects is that the pieces you get won’t properly fit with one another. That and also the fear that there will be missing parts! It’s actually nothing new because stuff like these do happen. But the difference when it’s WCI is the kind of professional services we deliver.

Admittedly, contingencies may occur from time to time, but it’s the way a company handles these contingencies that spell the difference between a disgruntled and happy customer. We’re quite proud that over the years, we’ve managed to consistently meet our clients’ needs for both quality products and services. Jim’s awesome narration of his WCI experience will tell you guys everything you need to know and more:

“We couldn’t be more pleased with how our wine room turned out. The racks arrived as promised even though I jumped the gun a little by writing you that some of the components didn’t arrive. But they did the next day so my note was premature. The racks were easily assembled and fit as they were designed. I started out using the supplied nails, but quickly switched to a pneumatic brad nailer which made the process go faster and cleaner. As requested I’ve attached a photo of part of the room. We’re using your racks mostly as storage though it looks like we may eventually do some collecting. We’re now on a mission to fill some of the empty space you see in the photo.

Your company was recommended to us by a neighbor who also built a wine room (Chris & Sandra Sheets). Our room measures 7′ x 9′ with a little alcove where I built a cabinet out of redwood to match the racks. We then added a 28-bottle fridge on top of the cabinet. I also added an LED rope light on top the racks, all hidden by some redwood trim pieces. Thanks for all the help and hand-holding during the process. I’d happily recommend Wine Cellar Innovations.”

~Jim Y.~


We Make It Happen With Fancy “Man-Caves”

March 25th, 2015 by

Can you guys still recall our blog post about man-caves? Well if you love to watch those home renovation channels like HGTV or the DIY network, you’ll see just how these have evolved over time. Man-caves used to be limited to basements or garages, with little to no furnishings since the bulk of the space is (or will be) occupied by your man’s “stuff” anyway. But times change and along with it, the way man-caves are built as well as their purpose/s. Today’s We Make It Happen episode will spell it all out for us!


Let’s check out this absolutely stunning “man-cave” our design team completed for one of our clients. At first glance, it’s easy to see that the client is definitely a wine lover. So instead of just your generic “man-cave,” you get a full-blown, glass-enclosed wine room together with the “guy” perks such as a billiard table, among others.


Now instead of the more popular wood racking option, our client chose to outfit this cellar in purely metal wine racks from our trusty Vintage View Series. The racks come in 3- and 4-feet configurations, are available in two different finishes (Black and Platinum), as well as single deep, double deep, and triple deep storage options. While they are initially designed to hold standard-sized bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart, they can be adjusted to house split-sized bottles as well by mounting the racks 5.5 inches apart.

Now notice that the bottles in this project appear to be “floating” in the room. This is all thanks to the Floor-to-Ceiling frame which allows the racks to be displayed from floor to ceiling, mounting them for a wonderfully ethereal look. Of course, you can also choose to attach the racks directly to a wall, but for a glass-enclosed cellar, mounting them in this manner seems to be the more aesthetically preferred option.


Fancy man-caves are indeed the “in” thing nowadays so don’t be left out! We can make it happen for you with professional and dependable wine cellar products and services combined. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #230: A Refreshing Change With Platinum x Vintage View Racks

March 24th, 2015 by

A couple of blog posts ago, we talked about how metal racking elements provide for a nice change of pace in the usual all-wood wine cellar set-up. Today, we’re quite lucky to put together some snaps of a Platinum x Vintage View project that our design team completed for a client in Fulton, GA:

Project # 257015
Wood: Platinum / Prime Mahogany
Bottle Capacity: 1607
Where: Fulton, GA

257015-2-(Chama-Gaucha)-Install-Pics-1editTake a long, good look at this super classy wine room, decked out in a gorgeous combination of our wood and metal racking units. The wood wine racks are all from our Platinum collection – Open Vertical Displays,  Open Diamond Cubes, and High Reveal Displays. It’s also a refreshing departure from the standard Individual Bottle Columns that grace most wine cellars yet still offers an amazing amount of storage space. The racks are all crafted from Prime Mahogany and dressed up in a light stain option. This is another plus for this project since Prime Mahogany is not as common a wood choice compared to Redwood and Rustic Pine. But this wood specie is considered as a high-end hardwood primarily used for furniture, high-end interior finishing, and cabinet-making.

257015-2-(Chama-Gaucha)-Install-Pics-2editNext we have the metal racking units which are all, of course, from our Vintage View Series. Our design team installed 12- and 24-bottle racks with a Floor-to-Ceiling Frame, allowing the racks to be displayed from floor to ceiling. Thanks to the rows of these Vintage View racks, the total storage capacity of this cellar is actually just a little over 1600. But as you can see from the images, the entire arrangement is so space-efficient that it actually opens up the room rather than making it feel constricted. The addition of glass panels and recessed lighting fixtures also meshed perfectly with the wood and metal components, giving this cellar very elegant appeal.


You’ll actually find more or less similar inspirations in our Tech Tuesday archives and photo galleries, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Wood, metal, and glass materials are certainly top choices for elegant wine cellar projects and this is no exception. We’ll help you work out the nitty gritty details of YOUR project and all you need to do is fill up that contact form! *Cheers*

WCI’s Guide To Wine Cellar Satisfaction

March 23rd, 2015 by

Embarking on a wine cellar project is not rocket science. However, that doesn’t mean that you just plunge right into it without taking into consideration a few essentials. Keep in mind that your wine cellar must be designed to maintain ideal storage conditions for your bottles 24/7. So things like the location of your cellar, the type of wine cooling system, and the racking arrangement should be properly thought out.


At the outset, it should be reiterated that YES, you can build a wine cellar anywhere in your home. Location is no longer a hindrance because you can utilize whatever available space there is in your home for your project. But remember that the location you choose will certainly have a future impact on the cost of maintaining that cellar. That’s why you’ll need to work out the most appropriate wine cellar cooling system depending on the location, size, and bottle capacity of your cellar – among other things. This is why when you take the WCI route to your custom wine cellar, you also get a custom consultation process that will guide you from start to finish, ensuring that the finished product is not only satisfactory but long-lasting.


This project that we completed for our client David will make a great example on how a custom wine cellar construction can go when you work with experienced design consultants and of course, quality racking products. As one can tell from the photos, this is a very decent-sized cellar with a bottle capacity of a little over 600. But thanks to the clever mixing and matching of the different WCI racking units, it looks way more spacious and is able to accommodate individual and bulk bottle storage, along with glassware and other accessories.


The Platinum Series, Vintner, and Designer Kit Series were utilized to create a flexible and versatile assembly that’s at the same time really attractive. We like the rustic feel of the cellar even though All-Heart Redwood and not the usual Rustic Pine was used to achieve the vintage charm. We also loved how the curved Archway with tabletop doubled as the perfect display area for bottles and other quirks.


Now going back to the actual construction stage, it’s pretty safe to say that our client was certainly pleased with the final outcome. David worked with our experienced consultants from start to finish, was able to secure the assistance he need for the assembly and installation of the racks, and got all the necessary help in replacing some units which were initially unusable. This is all because WCI implements a custom wine cellar consultation process that is thorough there are no details of concerning any facet of your project that will not be addressed. That includes post-assembly and installation services!