Circular Merchandisers And Curvy Cubes Spell Unique Wine Cellar Style

January 29th, 2015 by

Want to update your wine store with a totally unique look? Take a leaf out of today’s DIY feature! Our client Laurie wanted to give her establishment a little more “oomph” by choosing racks that can properly showcase the store’s collection while throwing in plus points in the style department. She found her answer in our commercial wine merchandisers and and Curvy Wine Cubes:

Circular Merchandisers And Curvy Cubes Spell Unique Wine Cellar StyleSince they wanted some fancy silhouettes, the Circular Wine Merchandiser with Optional Tabletop was the perfect choice. Owing to its distinct configuration, this rack offers up high wine storage capacity in a compact format. The merchandiser is perfect for high traffic areas since it allows 360 degrees of visibility of one’s products. It can even be built around a variety of poles or support columns in your wine store. The optional table top becomes a premier wine display location for select brands while optional back supports adds 24 additional bottle displays along the sides of the unit. The above picture the client sent us is a wonderful example of just how effectively one’s merchandise can be displayed by this rack.

Circular Merchandisers And Curvy Cubes Spell Unique Wine Cellar Style

Apart from the Circular Wine Merchandiser, the client also wisely purchased some Curvy Wine Cubes which certainly gave the store character with a capital C.  These sexy cubes are one of our commercial best-sellers given their very flexible configurations topped off by an attractive contemporary design.

Our cubes can either be stacked (as what the client opted for here) or wall-mounted, depending on your style preference. Platforms can be used to separate the cubes when stacked vertically or horizontally. On the other hand, if you wish to mount them for maximum space-efficiency, the necessary mounting hardware is also available. We loved how the client mixed and matched the various cube designs and accentuated the arrangement with custom lighting elements for a truly elegant profile.

“I assembled a 5 x 5 wavy cubicle wine rack myself and got help from my husband to assemble the circular merchandiser with the air gun that was provided by Wine Cellar Innovations. The online instruction video and the printed materials that come with the kits are easy to follow. All of the pieces were custom ordered with triple lacquered and looked beautiful. However, some were not packaged correctly and stuck together. Those pieces were promptly replaced at no charge. The lighting in the photo is something that we purchased from Home Depot and installed ourselves.”

~Laurie P.~

We Make It Happen With Proper Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

January 28th, 2015 by

When we talk of “wine cellar cooling,” it’s not just about buying a wine refrigeration system and installing it in your cellar. It doesn’t matter if you buy the most expensive unit or most popular wine cellar cooling brand out there. If it does not match the needs of your cellar, you’re pretty much throwing away your hard-earned money.

Let’s take the case of an entry-level wine cellar. Most mistakes in choosing a wine refrigeration system occur with entry-level wine cellars simply because first-time builders are not informed enough. There are actually several essential factors to consider before purchasing your wine cellar cooling system such as the location, size, and bottle storage capacity, among others.

Entry-level wine cellars are generally small to medium-sized. So basically, you’ll need a unit that will match the size and storage capacity of the same. It would be a total waste of money if you buy a very expensive unit that will not create the proper storage conditions for your collection.

Keep in mind that nothing can be more detrimental to your wine that extreme heat or cold or sudden fluctuations in wine cellar temperature and humidity. The ideal wine cellar temperature range is 55-58 degrees and 55-75% relative humidity. It only makes perfect sense that your wine cellar refrigeration system should be able to maintain these ideal conditions, gracefully aging your wines, then keeping them at their peak for years to come.

We Make It Happen With Proper Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

That’s why here at WCI, we can make proper wine storage happen, no matter the size, storage capacity, and even location of your cellar. We have a bevy of brands to choose from and each one carrying a slew of options to match every wine cellar refrigeration need. For entry-level wine cellars (or “starter” wine cellars), we have actually put up a new section in our website to make it even easier for you guys to select the most suitable unit for your cellar’s needs:

And that’s not all! If you’re still confused as to what unit would be most appropriate for your wine cellar project, you can easily contact our professional consultants. You can request for a complimentary BTU analysis for your cellar. That’s right, it’s completely, 100% FREE! So why go guessing as to what your wine cellar needs when WCI can determine it for you. Chat with us today because we’ll definitely make proper wine storage happen for you! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #223: A “Designer” Dream Wine Cellar Closet

January 27th, 2015 by

The Designer Series will definitely not sit still without stealing some of the spotlight this month. Last year, it was on a roll with one Tech Tuesday episode after another showcasing an array of gorgeous Designer Series-themed wine cellars. Today, we’ll take a tour of yet another Designer assembly in the form of this beautiful closet transformation:

Project # 247629
Wood: Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 434
Where: Hamilton, OH
Technical Tuesday Episode #223: A Designer Dream Wine Cellar Closet Technical Tuesday Episode #223: A Designer Dream Wine Cellar Closet Our client in Hamilton had a really convenient space tucked away in a corner of their home for a formal wine room. In order to maximize the floor space which was quite uneven, our design team opted to construct a wine cellar closet that will have enough storage for a little over 400 bottles. In addition, the team ensured that there will be enough storage for both individual and bulk bottles to provide the client enough flexibility.

Technical Tuesday Episode #223: A Designer Dream Wine Cellar Closet

Here are some great shots of the Individual Bottle Columns, Displays, and Open Diamond Cubes, all in Premium Redwood and drenched in gorgeous Dark Walnut stain. A Standard Archway with Tabletop was also incorporated, boosting the aesthetic factor of the assembly. Since this is the Designer Series, take note that the racks offer full-depth bottle coverage with each bottle cradled on two rails that are cut with beveled ends and rounded edges. The latter is actually a custom amenity incorporated into a wine rack “kit” and works to ensure the labels will not tear when the bottles are removed.

Technical Tuesday Episode #223: A Designer Dream Wine Cellar Closet

Because the racks sported a dark stain and finish, we also give a thumbs-up to the all-white interior that created a stunning, stark contrast. This served to highlight the rich color of the stained wooden racks and bring them more into focus. Imagine just how attractive this entire cellar would look like once its all filled up!

If you’d like to learn more about the various racking options you can have with the Designer Series, browse this section of our website. But even better, check out our design galleries as well as the Tech Tuesday archives. You’ll find tons of inspiring projects using solely the Designer Series or in combination with other racking collections. *Cheers*

A Guide To Wine Cellar Accents And Accessories

January 26th, 2015 by

There are many ways to accentuate your wine collection. For sure, the type of racks you choose to store them in is one of the biggest contributing factors. While racks are generally for the purpose of securely storing your collection, it doesn’t mean that the aesthetic aspect is disregarded. That’s why here at WCI, our wine racking products, we see to it that the balance between function and style is always achieved.

A Guide To Wine Cellar Accents And Accessories

We’ll use this beautiful arrangement utilizing the Traditional Series wine racks kit as an example. It’s a pretty spacious creation comprised of 5-Column Individual bottle racks, Solid Diamond Cubes, and a glass rack, all in unstained Premium Redwood.

The Traditional Series is perhaps the wisest choice you can make if you’re seeking to create a racking assembly that reeks of understated elegance while providing maximum bottle storage capacity. It wasn’t dubbed as the “traditional” series for nothing. It boasts of pretty extensive individual and bulk bottle storage options, including finish options that one can play around with to really “complete” the look of a wine cellar project.

A Guide To Wine Cellar Accents And Accessories

Now for this particular wine cellar, notice how the client has worked on other elements of the room to complement and at the same time enhance the racking set-up. We liked that the ceilings are just a half-shade darker than the racks and the flooring is composed of a different material to create texture in the cellar’s layout. But what we especially loved about this DIY project are the lighting elements that were strategically installed to highlight the racks in a very unique fashion. Take a look at the image below and see how the Open Diamond Bins are given a modern-ish feel thanks to the custom lighting. It makes for an welcome contrast to the classic silhouettes of the racks.

A Guide To Wine Cellar Accents And Accessories

Speaking of custom wine cellar accents and accessories, you can actually stumble upon a tempting plethora of these in our website. From ceilings to custom flooring, LED lighting, tabletops, cabinetry and hardware, and more – we have all these ready and waiting to be loaded into your virtual shopping carts. So go on and explore your options and don’t forget that our experienced design consultants are just a chat away to lend you the helping hand you need. ^_^