More Rave Reviews For WCI Products And Services!

December 18th, 2014 by

Just a few days ago, we blogged about how one client gave both our wine racks and services top ratings. Imagine our pleasant surprise when we got another awesome testimonial this week for the very same reasons. Our client Michael gave quite a detailed summary of his WCI experience, from the time he purchased our products down to the installation of his DIY wine racks.

More Rave Reviews For WCI Products And Services!

Michael was actually researching online for the right type of racks for his residential wine cellar project. When he came upon the WCI website, he found out that apart from the bevy of wine racking choices, he could also avail of design consultation services. He took advantage of both options proffered and needless to say, he did not regret a single thing. After purchasing some Individual Bottle Columns with Display and Open Diamond Cubes from our Traditional Series, here’s what Michael came up with:

More Rave Reviews For WCI Products And Services!

“I conducted an on-line search for wine racks since I was in the process of building a wine cellar in my home. Wine Cellar Innovations came up in my search. I noticed they offered design assistance as well so I submitted the planned dimensions of the cellar. Guillermo responded quickly and put together some plans. Over time, the plans had to change due to changing dimensions, and each time, Guillermo was quick to respond with the new design, which I implemented. I was then able to order the type of wood and stain I wanted, and the good news was, they were able to send me samples of the wood/stain combination to match the other finish work in the cellar. The ordering process was easy, and within a couple of weeks, I had the racks. There is some work involved with putting them together, since they come unassembled. If you don’t own a small nail gun, then buy or borrow one. I highly recommend using one of those versus hand-nailing everything. The hardest part about putting in the cellar will be filling it.”

~Michael S.~

More Rave Reviews For WCI Products And Services!

We’re loving the very authentic vintage feel of this cellar, thanks to the wood choice that the client went with. Keep in mind that our Traditional Series kit is available in Premium Redwood and Rustic Pine. For this particular DIY project, our client went with Rustic Pine in rich Dark Walnut stain, perfectly complementing the rough-hewn stone walls, lightbox ceilings, and the other vintage-themed decor.

More Rave Reviews For WCI Products And Services!

So at the end of the day, Michael got his dream vintage wine cellar and we got another rave review from a satisfied client to add to our list. It’s proving to be a fantastic year and we’re capping it off RIGHT, thanks to creative clients! ^_^

We Make It Happen With The Right Wine Racking “Mixes”

December 17th, 2014 by

Only seven more shopping days to go before Christmas! We’re getting really excited to hear from customers who purchased our stuff for their “giftees.” And for those who are still doing that dreaded last-minute holiday shopping, our Holiday Gift Giving Guide is still here to help you pick out unique wine gifts that can suit you budget.

And speaking of the guide, one of the categories you would find there would be our Discounted Factory Seconds. These “second-hand” wine racks have certainly been stealing the scene, even more so with the launch of our showroom. But there’s plenty of reasons why these racks should! The term “second-hand,” as one client aptly put it, didn’t really do justice to the racks since they are spanking new and it was only the name that threw him off at first.

Well, we have a growing treasure trove of DIY projects attesting to the terrific condition of our discounted factory seconds and today, we’re adding one more. Moreover, it’s a really nice example of how we can help you guys achieve stunning wine racking arrangements using a mix of our wide range of products. In this particular DIY feature, the client opted to combine some of our factory seconds with a few regular items off the WCI wine rack menu. The result is truly eye-catching:

We Make It Happen With The Right Wine Racking Mixes

In particular, four of the 5-Column Individual bottle racks are from the Factory Seconds catalogue. The client also purchased a “second-hand” Quarter Round Shelf, but unfortunately, was not able to send a snapshot of it as well. Nonetheless, the shelf was utilized to cap off the assembly, a lot like our other DIY features which you can basically scour through on our blog archives. The Archway with Tabletop, Diamond Bin, and Curved Corner racks, on the other hand, are all part of our regular-priced line-up.

Still, owing to the flexible design of all racks here at WCI that are configured in such a way as to accommodate convenient racking and stacking, it’s easy to mix and match the “second-hand” stuff with the regular-priced ones. Just choose them all in the same wood specie and dress them up in the same stain or finish option and no one would ever guess they were actually different components thrown together. In this case, our client Helen chose all her racks in Premium Redwood and a gorgeous Dark Walnut stain to complement the earthy tones of the room and its existing decor.

“It looks great! Once it is secured to the wall, it is very steady. Thanks for sending broken parts that quickly.”

~Helen M.~

So apart from a couple of small hitches that were easily remedied thanks to our brand of professional services, Helen managed to complete this gorgeous addition to her home – a custom DIY wine cellar and all the perks it has to offer! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #216: Full-Scale Wine Cellar Satisfaction With The Gold Series

December 16th, 2014 by

If you’re going to embark on a full-scale wine cellar project, there’s no sense in doing things half-baked, right? You have to go at it full force and make sure that you get the desired results. More often than not, this would mean wanting to see the following elements in your wine cellar: racking variety, symmetry, and of course, style. Modesty aside, WCI’s design professionals can definitely put all these elements together for you, just like they did with today’s Tech Tuesday showcase:

Project # 251933
Wood: Gold / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1429
Where: Morris, NJ

Technical Tuesday Episode #216: Full Scale Wine Cellar Satisfaction With The Gold Series

This handsome creation is a product of the clever and tasteful use of custom racking products from the Gold Series collection. Even from the just the first glance, one can see that the cellar exudes an elegant style, an almost flawless symmetry, and of course, the much-needed variety in bottle storage options. In general, this is the strength of the Gold Series: it offers a variety of racking styles specifically focusing on the economical use of 1×2 open construction.

Technical Tuesday Episode #216: Full Scale Wine Cellar Satisfaction With The Gold Series

Here are some awesome shots of the different racking units utilized for the project: Individual Bottle Columns, Curved Corner Racks, Open Vertical Displays, Open Wide Bins with Fixed Shelves, and 15 Degree Wine Bottle Display Rows. These are teamed up with significant accents that serve to really complete the assembly and bring about a seamless transition to the same. Kudos to the All-Heart Archway and Quarter Round Shelf Cabinet!

Technical Tuesday Episode #216: Full Scale Wine Cellar Satisfaction With The Gold Series

To achieve the deep, luxurious sheen of the racks, they were donned in Dark Walnut Stain and lacquered down to perfection. This, along with the custom wine cellar LED lighting really bring together the elements of symmetry and style into one superb wine cellar package. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this project which is able to host over 1400 bottles is one that can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. In fact, that’s exactly the feedback from the client! So take a leaf out of our Tech Tuesday features and don’t do your wine cellar projects half-baked. And when you enlist the help of our professional design team, we make sure that it’s 100% customer satisfaction all the way! *Cheers*

WCI Products And Services Score Top Ratings From Happy Client

December 15th, 2014 by

Are you ready to start the week with something that will “wow” you into a good mood? I think we all are, so let’s get this show on the road! In the spotlight today is this absolutely gorgeous wine room that our client Brad recently completed with the help of our professional design consultants:

WCI Products And Services Score Top Ratings From Happy Client

This dramatic arrangement¬† was brought to life using our very popular Designer Series wine racks kit. It features a stylish combination of Wine Bottle Waterfall Racks, Open Diamond Bins with Front Trim, Curved Corner Racks, and a curved Archway – all done up in bold Dark Walnut stain. But the best part about this project was the fact that it’s all DIY with the help of a trusty nail gun and the professional assistance of one of our experienced consultants who walked the client through the assembly and installation. This only goes to show the level of dedication WCI puts in to all our clients’ needs so that they get the results they want.

WCI Products And Services Score Top Ratings From Happy Client

We are really impressed with the way the client has mixed and matched the various racking options and with the kind of accents they chose to complement the finished assembly. The wine table, exquisite grapevine chandelier, and matching wine cellar art mounted in the Archway certainly took the aesthetic charm of this project up a few notches more.

WCI Products And Services Score Top Ratings From Happy Client

WCI Products And Services Score Top Ratings From Happy Client

Modesty aside, we think that this is definitely one of the most fulfilling DIY features we’ve had and we couldn’t be prouder when Brad himself gave us a some super awesome feedback and a whopping 9.5 out of 10 rating to boot:

“Eric Flores was very helpful with hints and videos. The racks assembled quite well as the components’ quality was very consistent. The nail gun really reduced assembly time. A nail would occasionally go slightly to the side due to wood grain and would have to be redone. This was probably less than one percent.¬† Overall, I would give the kits a 9.5 /10.0. The room is 8′-10″ x 11′- 8″ with 2×6 wall studs, sprayed foam insulation, and an exterior “speak-easy” door. We are using a WhisperKool through-the-wall unit with a bottle probe holding 60 degrees F and 50% humidity. The fun part was the trip to Healdsburg (Sonoma County) to stock up on their local award winning Cabs, Zinns, PNs, & Chards.”

~Brad J.~

WCI Products And Services Score Top Ratings From Happy Client WCI Products And Services Score Top Ratings From Happy Client

¬†Through the years, WCI has managed to carve a name for itself in the wine cellar industry synonymous with both quality products AND services. This is something we work hard for every single day and a goal we wish to achieve with every wine cellar project we handle, custom or DIY. So if you haven’t had a taste of our professional wine cellar services yet, we daresay it’s high time you did! Get in touch with us today and watch us bring your wine cellar dreams to life. ^_^