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Less Is More With Wine Cellar Closets

July 30th, 2015 by

The word “spacious” should be taken with a relative definition – at least, as far as wine cellar projects are concerned. It should not be confined to rooms or other similar spaces with ample floor space and such. That’s because when it comes to wine cellar projects, an average or even small-sized area can still be considered “spacious.” It’s all in the way that particular space is utilized with the help of the proper wine racking elements.

Now when it comes to wine cellar space-saving measures, one of the most highly recommended solutions would be to construct a “wine cellar closet” in one’s home as opposed to a full-blown wine room. We’ve featured tons of these wine cellar closet transformations on the blog and we feel that they need to be highlighted even more, especially since urban living has become all the vogue nowadays.

With a wine cellar closet, you don’t need an especially large space in your home. The focus is on converting that unused space like an old pantry, coat or broom closet, storeroom, or other similar area into spanking new storage for your wine collection. And that’s not all! With the help of the right racking units, it will be a wine cellar that will grow along with your collection, just like this pretty awesome wine cellar closet our team completed for a client in Westchester, NY:


This assembly was created using our top-of-the-line Platinum Series, combining individual and bulk bottle storage units and throwing in some shelves and drawers for added storage versatility. Individual Bottle Columns with High Reveal Displays and Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim provide so much storage that this wine cellar closet can actually hold over 1300 bottles.

Project # 261162

Wood: Platinum / Allheart Redwood

Bottle Capacity: 1338

Where: Westchester, NY


We Make It Happen With Wine Sentinel!

July 29th, 2015 by

How “customized” can you get with WCI refrigerated wine cabinets? We say, plenty customized! We’ve talked about our custom-built refrigerated wine cabinets on the blog before, but today, we have some awesome visuals to back up the claim. Let’s check out this project in Dupage, IL which amply showcases how our Wine Sentinel units can be fully customized to match just about any space and decor in one’s home or commercial establishment:

264696-7-(Fig-and-Olive)-Install-Pics-1editSo here you can actually see how the units were being installed as well as the final results in the succeeding photos. There were 6 Wine Sentinels all in all that were made to perfectly fit the space provided in the client’s establishment. Note that the height and width of these units can be configured from scratch so you get exactly the type of storage you need. In addition, custom moldings are available as well to really help complete the look of the racking assembly and blend in any gaps between the wine racks, ceiling and flooring.

264696-7-(Fig-and-Olive)-Install-Pics-7editNow the standard fare for these Wine Sentinel units when it comes to the wine racks is wood wine racks from the WCI custom collection (Platinum, Gold, and Silver) or from the wine rack kits (Vintner, Designer, Traditional, and Winemaker). Nonetheless, you can also choose to go with metal racking options as what our client did in this particular instance. Since the purpose is to maximize the bottle storage capacity of the wine cabinets, these Vintage View wine racks were certainly the right choice. Keep in mind that while these metal racks are initially designed to store standard-sized bottles, they can also be adjusted to hold split-sized ones when they’re mounted 5.5 inches apart.


Going back to the Wine Sentinel, it’s also important to note that these refrigerated wine cabinets are properly insulated as they include a properly specified wine cooling unit for the area. There’s also a French-door option for the cabinets, but in this project, the client opted for simple glass doors which are nevertheless equally geared with proper insulation values and weather stripping. Note that we can also provide tinted windows to help minimize light exposure and further protect your collection.

264696-7-(Fig-and-Olive)-Install-Pics-5edit 264696-7-(Fig-and-Olive)-Install-Pics-4edit Last but definitely not the least, the Wine Sentinel line also offers several other “customizable” options to really make your wine cabinets achieve that “built-in” appearance. One is the multiple stain and finish options we provide, including lacquer. It’s so easy to dress up these cabinets to mesh with the interior of your home or store. Another is our base, crown, casing and door handles which can all be customized as well to match any existing decor.

Needless to say, Wine Sentinel can definitely make it happen for you so get in touch with our design specialists and get started on yours today!

Technical Tuesday Episode #246: Curved Corner Racks And Displays For Sexy Wine Cellars

July 28th, 2015 by

Who doesn’t love a good set of curves? But hang on, people, we’re not talking about hot bods in bikinis (although the scorching summer season DOES suggest that). We’re actually talking about wine cellars and how the right set of “curves” can really pull up that WOW factor. The curvy profile of this completed project in Suffolk, NY should point everyone in the right direction:

Project # 265888
Wood: Platinum / All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1015
Where: Suffolk, NY

265888-2-(Pollack)-Install-Pics-3editAs far as the use of curved wine racking units go, this project is certainly a winner. We don’t get to showcase something like this often, so allow us to take advantage of the occasion and highlight the sexy silhouettes of this this wine room.

From the photos alone, you can immediately see how the racking assembly wraps around the room and seamlessly blends into the walls and floors. That’s the beauty of the Platinum Series and its cabal of individual and bulk bottle storage options, particularly the curved corner racks and displays.


For this project, our design team put together Angled Curved Corners with High Reveal Wine Display Rows and Quarter Round Wine Display under a Standard Archway. Open Diamond Bins with Solid Face Trim and Adjustable Shelves were thrown in to accommodate bulk bottle storage. And of course, the assembly won’t be totally complete without the addition of the custom designed curved crown and base moldings. Thanks to these moldings, the gaps between the wine racks as well as the ceiling and flooring are nicely blended to result in this polished assembly.


Complementing the sexy contours of this racking set-up are custom LED lighting accessories and unstained All-Heart Redwood as the wood choice for all the racks. We also love the choice of flooring for this project since it really stands out given the simple and classy assembly. And speaking of wine cellar flooring, you have a plethora of options for this as well, especially for stone or tile flooring. Just check out this section of the website to learn more about the various style selections we have available.

So what are you waiting for? Throw in some curves into your wine cellar for a really sexy silhouette with our curved corner racks and displays! *Cheers*

Seamless Silhouettes For Your Wine Cellar

July 27th, 2015 by

Whether you’re talking about a custom-made wine cellar project or a DIY one, there’s one essential feature that will really pull it together – “seamlessness.” In it’s most basic definition, this simply means the quality of being smoothly continuous or uniform. When applied to wine cellars, it points to none other than the the racking arrangement, particularly the transition of the racks from floor to ceiling and from one unit to the other.


It is this “seamless” quality in a wine racking assembly that gives the wine cellar a professional aura. That’s why if you check out our DIY features in our Testimonial archives, you’ll see more than just a few tributes to the polished appearance of our racking products after the clients have assembled and installed them all by themselves. There’s really no secret in achieving this smooth transition though. It all lies in the very flexible configurations of all our racking products as well as certain add-ons that serve to really complete any arrangement.


This amazingly spacious custom wine cellar we’re featuring today can serve as a wonderful illustration of the concept of seamless wine racking silhouettes. First off, this is a Gold x Vintner combo which basically means our custom Gold Series line augmented by choice pieces from our popular wine rack kits series – Vintner. Whether it’s at first glance or upon further scrutiny, no one (except of course our design team!) would be able to tell that the assembly is comprised of units from different collections. Look at how each element fits perfectly into the other, creating that “smooth transition” from one racking style to the other.

264213-2-(Taylor)-Install-Pics-5edit We also invite you guys to closely inspect these subsequent shots, especially with the way the assembly snugly hugs both the floor and ceiling as well as the sharp corners of the room. Those racks look almost built-in, don’t they? One very useful tip to making your racking assembly really blend in with the existing interior and/or decor is finishing or staining the racks in the same color as other furniture or elements in the room. This is easily achieved thanks to the extensive selection of stain and finish options we carry here at WCI. So strike up seamless silhouettes for your wine cellar projects the WCI way now!

264213-2-(Taylor)-Install-Pics-3edit And as always, the “little” add-ons are actually significant in completing seamless silhouettes for your wine cellar. We’re talking about these custom crown and base moldings that help blend in those awkward gaps between the floors and ceilings as well as from one racking unit to the other.