Wine Storage In Your Coat Closet? Definitely!

April 23rd, 2015 by

The thing about home DIY projects is that you will always find extra space where you least expect it. Oftentimes, we think that a project won’t be possible unless we do some sort of physical expansion of the residential structure but that’s not exactly the case. It’s not about always having a bigger home – it’s about making better use of the space you have.

Today’s Testimonial Thursday spotlight tells the tale of a coat closet that has been cleverly transformed into the perfect wine storage for our client Bill and his family. Like coat closets in most homes, this one was tucked away in a cool and dark little nook under the stairs. Our client Bill had actually been utilizing it to store his bottles in cardboard boxes for quite some time now:


While that cozy corner did have the potential for possessing the ideal wine storage conditions, the client eventually realized that his bottles should be tucked away in a more secure fashion. So after scouring the WCI website, Bill sent in for our Individual Bottle Column from the Vintner Series wine racks kit. The size, configuration, and design was nothing less than a perfect fit for Bill’s wine storage needs. He sums up his WCI experience quite enthusiastically:

“I have created a small wine storage by expanding a coat closet under the stairs in my home. It’s always cool and dark in there. We’ve been storing wine in card board boxes in there for years. So it seemed like a natural fit.

Finding your wine racks on line made this project easier and less expensive than trying to make the racks myself. The quality of construction and finish is top notch. And it was really easy to assemble using my neighbor’s brad nailer.

Thanks for being there.”

~Bill F.~

20150216_181454editJust like life will always find a perfect fit for us so long as we keep trying our best, so will WCI keep trying to find the perfect fit for any of your wine storage needs – so long as you guys keep believing in us! So share with us your own WCI experience or if you haven’t had one yet, now’s the best time to try. ^_^

We Make It Happen With The Upgraded Mini-Stack Series

April 22nd, 2015 by

We’re all about “evolving” our products to meet the needs of our customers. This is something we really take to heart in pursuit of the goal of achieving 100% customer satisfaction in the products we deliver and services we provide. So we take the necessary time to study the needs of our clients and how we can adapt our racking products to address them. Case in point: our Mini-Stack Series!

More options to enjoy!

Just to refresh our memories a bit, the Mini-Stack Series is the first product to roll off our racking catalogue that ships fully assembled. We take great pride in catering to our customers’ evolving needs and this line of pre-assembled racks is certainly one of our better solutions to those who do not have the time or patience to engage in full-blown DIY wine cellar projects.


When we first launched the Mini-Stack Series, we started off with five (5) racks in various configurations:

The flexibility of these racking options allowed our clients to create their customized wine storage stations. Even better, the racks are so space-efficient that they also offered proper wine storage solutions for compact living spaces like condos and apartments. Initially, these solid wood stackable wine racks boast a contemporary Dark Walnut Stain finish. Nonetheless, customers could also order the unstained versions of the racks.


Recently, however, we’ve decided to expand the racks’ style options a bit more. Now, clients can purchase the Mini-Stack Series in a gorgeous Light Stain option. The softer hues of this stain option serve to really accentuate the natural colors of whatever wood choice one may decide to go with. We’re well aware that not everyone is into dark-colored wood when it comes to their wine cellar projects so this new addition will definitely be a welcome one.

Again, we’d like to emphasize that the Mini-Stacks are designed to be stacked side by side and/or on top of one another for up to ten feet in height. So keep in mind that you will need to leave a 13 1/2″ gap where you want these stackable wine racks to come together in a corner.¬† For more assistance concerning the racks’ configurations, just shoot our professional design consultants an e-mail or chat with us online. We’ll make it happen for you and your wine cellars because that’s what we do best here at WCI! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #233: Versatility Is The Game With Vintage View & Wine Sentinel

April 21st, 2015 by

Most of our Tech Tuesday projects revolve around wood wine racking arrangements. This is pretty much standard fare. However, we’re not touting “versatility” in both our products and services for nothing. We’ve also come up with some pretty stunning metal wine racking set-ups, whether stand-alone or in combination with our wooden units. In fact, the metal wine racks game has been slowly but steadily working its way up to our wine cellar project charts, particularly with our commercial wine establishment clientele:

Project # 250435
Wood: Knotty Alder
Bottle Capacity: 1296
Where: Gallatin, MT

250435-5-(Rainbow-Lodge)-Install-Pics-4editToday, we’re taking the visual tour of the Rainbow Lodge’s wine room which is all decked out in our Vintage View Series. One of the things we really love about this project is that the client was kind enough to send in snaps of the cellar when everything was all filled up. But what we really love most about it is that it’s a very unique assembly of our Wine Sentinel wine cabinets.

250435-5-(Rainbow-Lodge)-Install-Pics-6edit So essentially, what you guys are seeing here are custom-built refrigerated wine cabinets, courtesy of the Wine Sentinel. This line of wine cabinets was designed to maximize wine storage bottle capacity, while minimizing the overall space of the cabinet and storage area. Nonetheless, when you have more than enough space (like our client here obviously has), the cabinets can also be easily configured to really span the available floor area and make efficient use of the same.


The Wine Sentinel offers tons of customization options that the clients can play around with to really suit their needs and taste. So here you can see that instead of the usual Individual Bottle Racks in choice hard wood, the client opted for space-efficient Vintage View metal wine racks in 3-feet tall and triple-deep bottle configurations. The 27-Bottle metal racks afforded tons of storage space which is exactly what the client needed.

DSC00103editAnd that’s not all. For the cabinet enclosures, the client chose to go with Knotty Adler instead of the common, popular options such as Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Prime Mahogany. The wood vents were also crafted from the same wood, giving the entire assembly a uniform and seamless appearance. In addition, the client opted for classic glass door panels instead of the fancier French Doors. We felt that this was a wise choice since the simplicity highlighted the assortment of bottles displayed. All in all, this is a gorgeous project showcasing what “versatility” in wine racking arrangement is really all about! *Cheers*


Racking Combos: Functionality And Timeless Design For Your Wine Cellars

April 20th, 2015 by

In general, people want to keep things organized even if not all of them may be good at it. No matter where and how you live and no matter what area it is in your home, you’d definitely want everyday activities to run smoothly and be as friction-free as possible. Appropriate storage is a key factor to achieving this everyday goal. When you see things in their proper places, this gives you a feeling of satisfaction – like seeing your wine collection tucked away safe and sound.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take much to achieve this at all, especially when you know your wine racks well. Or to be more specific, if you know your WCI wine racks well! That’s because here at WCI, we carry a very versatile range of racking products that can give you all the functionality as well as the style you need for years to come. Our pieces are flexible AND timeless which make for easy mixing and matching opportunities. This is why we’ve always highly encouraged our clients to work with racking combos.


If you guys have been diligently following our blog, you’d notice that more and more of our DIY and custom features are crafted out of racking combinations. The mix-and-match strategy allows for another advantage on the financial side of things. That’s right! Since you can utilize less pricey pieces such as from our wine rack kits and Factory Seconds¬† together with custom ones, this certainly helps a lot in keeping within a desired budget.

Let’s check out this elegant number belonging to our client Bill. It’s a Winemaker x Vintner mix in Premium Redwood with Classic Mahogany Stain. Housing approximately 429 bottles, this formal wine room is pleasantly spacious, elegant, and satisfyingly easy on the budget. Bill lost time in communicating his satisfaction to us as well:

“Everything worked out great. We used an installer that was recommended to us by Nick Ferol and he was really good. So no problems with delivery or installation.”

~Bill A.~


Secure functional, timeless, AND affordable racking for your wine cellar project only with quality products here at WCI! ^_^