More Vintage View DIY Goodness To Enjoy!

April 24th, 2014 by

When we started featuring metal wine racking projects a few months ago, we didn’t expect a flood of these to grace our blog. But lo and behold – we’re getting them one after the other! And as much as we love our wood wine racks and their timeless elegance, our metal babies are definitely not far behind the running.  In that aspect (and a whole lot more!), our satisfied clients totally agree with us, just like what David had to say about his DIY metal racking assembly courtesy of the Vintage View series:

More Vintage View DIY Goodness To Enjoy!Our client David doesn’t exactly have a huge collection, but he’s certainly a big wine fan who needs adequate space to store his favorite taste ticklers. The small space in his home was just perfect for a wall-mounted arrangement which was is exactly what our Vintage View line was able to provide:

“They have been a big hit. Used a heavy duty mounting system for drywall and wood frames.”

~David C~

Now this is one of the great advantages of the Vintage View  metal wine racks since they can be installed in two ways: either attached to a wall or displayed floor to ceiling. If the latter method is chosen, you’ll need to purchase a Floor to Ceiling frame which is readily available in the WCI online store. Basically, you get two different height options along with three different height variations with the racks as they come in 3- and 4Ft height options as well as single, double, and triple deep bottle storage. But while they are designed to hold standard-sized bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart, you can also play around with the configurations. Mount the racks 5.5 inches apart and voila – storage for your split-sized bottles!

As far as assembly is concerned, majority of client reviews points towards the direction of quick and hassle-free. This is all thanks to our step-by-step Assembly Manual as well as professional design consultation services. So in the rare instances that one can’t simply hack the DIY procedures, all you need to do is get in touch with our team and we’ll provide you all the help you’ll need to put your racks together just the way you want it. We hope this feature inspires you to try out our metal wine racking goodies and don’t forget to check out our galleries for more awesome DIY ideas. ^_^

We Make It Happen With Custom Wine Cellar Lighting!

April 23rd, 2014 by

Enhancing your wine cellar in all the right places is a must. How else will you able to properly showcase your collection if you didn’t? And this is where creating an appealing ambiance to your wine cellar really matters, regardless of the size. It doesn’t take much to do this at all because all you need are the right elements to make it happen. So today, we’ll show you guys how to illuminate your prized collection by making things happen with custom wine cellar lighting.

Turn on the spotlight!

Just because you literally turned on the lights in your wine cellar project doesn’t mean that the job is done. The objective is to highlight your collection and not just throw in some either weak or harsh lighting in the process. Lighting should be strategically done in places where both your bottles and racks can be enhanced beautifully. This is why knowing about custom options is such a huge advantage. Let’s browse through these selections WCI can offer:

1) LED Downlights

We Make It Happen With Custom Wine Cellar Lighting!Recessed LED Downlights are perfect for illuminating the dark, shadowy corners of your wine cellar and highlighting accents such as a piece of wine cellar art or your decorative ceilings and moldings. The WCI LED Downlights package consists of quality power LED source, durable aluminum housing, and perfect thermal management. The light produced appears to give as much as 40 watts of light due to tight range of the beam, plus, no UV rays are generated.

2. LED Display Lighting

We Make It Happen With Custom Wine Cellar Lighting!

LED Display Lights are certainly true to their namesake. When placed in strategic locations in your wine cellar, they can bring out the best elements therein such as the color of your wood wine racks, the gleam of the metal ones, the elegance of glass accessories, and so much more. They are typically used as backlighting in crown molding, for archways and in high reveal display racking. Moreover, LED Display Lights are very environment-friendly, with over seven times the life expectancy of incandescent bulbs. Note that WCI LED Display Lights  are certified with the RoHs directive and Pb (lead) free.

3.  Fluorescent Slimlites

We Make It Happen With Custom Wine Cellar Lighting!

When it comes to enhancing accent pieces in your wine cellar, Fluorescent Slimlites are one of the best choices. They are usually utilized to backlight stained glass such as those mounted in archways or to illuminate light boxes such in our popular Etched Light Box ceilings. Standout features of the Slimlites are their easy installation and maintenance and extremely long bulb life, rated 10,000 hour.

Make your collection bask in that dramatic glow today and make it happen only with WCI custom wine cellar lighting packages! ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #181: Once More With The Unbeatable Platinum x All-Heart Redwood Combo

April 22nd, 2014 by

Belated Easter greetings, wine cellar fans! How did the long Easter weekend go? We can definitely tell you that we had a blast, so we hope you guys did as well. But even if the festivities are officially over, that also doesn’t stop us from giving wine cellar fans the inspiration they need for upcoming wine cellar projects. That’s precisely why we’re touring you today inside this very unique transformation:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 240944
Wood: Platinum/All-Heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 1062
Where: Mount Kisco, NY

Technical Tuesday Episode #181: Once More With The Unbeatable Platinum x All Heart Redwood ComboCheck out this extremely spacious wine room with tons of bottle storage in a variety of storage options. At a glance, one can tell that this cellar can easily hold a medium to larger-sized collection. But even better, you can also tell that there is still room for future expansion given the smart use of all that available floor space.

This is once again our famous Platinum x All-Heart Redwood combination which has become one of the standard combos for bigger wine cellar projects. It’s all owing to the immense flexibility of racking options of the Platinum Series which can be gleaned from the wonderful shots the client has sent us. Notice how almost all of the racking styles were utilized to create a very unique layout. We especially love the ingenious use of the Curved Corner Racks to fill in this irregular cubby (bottom right image) and turn it into a functional and stylish storage space.Technical Tuesday Episode #181: Once More With The Unbeatable Platinum x All Heart Redwood ComboSince the wood choice for this project is none other than the very versatile All-Heart Redwood, we’d also like to focus a little more on how the wood works so well with almost any kind of material. Here you can see that the wood wine racks were set against cut stone and tiled flooring. All-Heart Redwood’s natural color is beautifully accentuated in the process, making the racking arrangement really stand out. Note that All-Heart Redwood is gorgeous in its unstained state, but it also lends itself to custom stains and finishes, particularly darker ones, very well. You can acquaint yourself more with the wood’s impressive characteristics by browsing this section of the blog.

 Next week, we’re down to our final Tech Tuesday for the month of April! Time is really whizzing so better not miss any of the episodes. Bookmark our blog today and subscribe to our mailing list for all the latest product updates, sales, and other fun stuff. *Cheers*

New “Traditional Series” Keep It Simple And More Spacious

April 21st, 2014 by

Form and function in a wine racking arrangement will always be prime considerations. It’s only natural that you’d want your racks to have as much storage space for your collection as possible. Moreover, you’d also want them to be aesthetically pleasing as well. The latter doesn’t always translate to having a super stylish or rigidly designed set-up, especially if it’s a DIY project. There are times when we’d want to keep it simple, practical, but at the same time, classy.

Now if these are the goals you have in mind for your wine cellar, then you’d do well to check out our newly re-launched Traditional Series Wine Rack kits. Before, the series was classified into the Traditional Redwood and Traditional Rustic Pine selections. But the team, in keeping with our goal of providing you guys only the best quality wine cellar storage solutions, went on to merge both series to form the new Traditional Series collection. With that, customers are afforded a more convenient shopping experience when they search for the racks they need, just like our satisfied client Josh who sent in this great snap:

New Traditional Series Keep It Simple And More SpaciousSo Josh had a fine collection going for him and growing at a fairly steady pace. A nice, tucked-away corner in his home served as the perfect spot for a wine cellar project. Needless to say, he grabbed the opportunity and sent in for some racking products from our Traditional Series line. Specifically, he purchased some 3 and 5-Column Individual Bottle racks, a Half-Height Individual, and a CellarPro 1800XTS to keep his bottles cool and comfy. All the racks were crafted from Premium Redwood, unstained, and as the client would phrase it, arrived at his doorstep “in excellent shape” along with the wine cooling unit.

Notice from the image that cellar space is initially a tad constricted. This is where the Traditional Series racks can really provide a most space-efficient solution since they are manufactured with square cut front rails and shallow depth to accommodate tight spaces. The racks are also equipped with eased/rounded edges instead of the more custom beveled rails like in our Vintner and Designer kits. So basically, you get the same protection from tearing off your bottle labels when you remove or replace them at a more appealing cost. Racking and stacking the Traditional Series racks are a totally fuss-free process owing to the easy configurations and thanks to our Layout Guide which you can download here. We’ve also put up helpful videos on how to use the guides on all our wine rack kit sections on the website.

Learn more about the new Traditional Series wine racks kit and how you can have space-efficient, simple and clean wine bottle storage! ^_^