Designer x Vintage View Factory Seconds: Unique, Amazing, and Affordable!

July 28th, 2014 by

Not only does it seem to be Designer Series month all this July, but it’s a racking combo gig as well. Last week’s Tech Tuesday was a smash mix and match hit so we figure we should be trotting out even more examples of this. We’re pretty lucky because more and more clients have been catching on to the wine racking combo trend and letting their creative juices flow in their wine cellar projects. It’s certainly an adrenaline rush on our part when snaps of the finished products are sent to us and we get to see exactly how our clients have tinkered with our flexible racking merchandise:

Designer x Vintage View Factory Seconds: Unique, Amazing, and Affordable!Today, we’re training the spotlight on our Designer Series once more, but it’s not hogging it this time around.  That’s because this DIY wine cellar is comprised of the delightful partnership of the Designer and Vintage View Series (think wood x metal!) with something extra thrown in – a very attractive price tag. Because guess what? The Vintage View Vinolet unit as well as half of the Designer racks assembled here are all Factory Second treasures! So apart from the fact that they clicked into place in the client’s wine cellar, they also fit perfectly with the client’s budget.

“Had a wonderful experience with Wine Cellar Innovations.  I got a great deal on Discounted Factory Seconds rack systems and they worked out beautifully.  The nail gun that I received from them worked well and made assembly very easy.  The wine cellar is the heart of our house thanks to Wine Cellar Innovations.”

~Matt C.~

Below is a very nice close-up shot of the DIY racking assembly, sparsely filled with the client’s collection. Check out how much bottle storage space there is as well as the variety in the the storage options afforded by these “discounted” racks. You certainly can’t beat that combination of quality racking and less-than-custom price. Moreover, a lot of the units that were ushered into the “factory seconds” catalogue were actually customized which means you’re also able to score a totally unique ensemble that would suit both your storage needs and style preferences.

Designer x Vintage View Factory Seconds: Unique, Amazing, and Affordable!

Seeking for unique, amazing, yet AFFORDABLE racking ensembles? Nothing can get you all THESE like the WCI Factory Seconds. Visit our recently launched showroom by booking an appointment today. Score more selections than what you can see in our website and get first dibs on the custom “cast-offs” at rock-bottom prices. ^_^

Where Imagination And WCI Racking Products Can Take You

July 24th, 2014 by

When imagination takes flight, the things that an ordinary person can achieve can be extraordinary. It’s such a joy seeing one’s creativity, especially when one can bring out surprising results. That’s more or less what we’ve experienced here at WCI ever since our clients have been letting us in on how they have actually made use of our racking products in their DIY projects.Where Imagination And WCI Racking Products Can Take YouLet’s check out this ingenious little number that our client Eric  shared with us. What started as a simple wine table project turned out to be something so much more and we couldn’t be any happier when this image was sent to us. It’s an inspiring example of how mixing and matching various racking components can yield so many unique outcomes.

Eric purchased our Vintner Series Glass Rack, filler wood, and a Double Deep Wood Case. With just a bit of resourcefulness, he was able to make these pieces come together and come up with not just a table, but a quaint and cozy tasting station. Now Eric has a place not just for his bottles, but also for his glassware as well as enough space to prepare his favorite taste pleasers. Notice, too, that there’s even space on top of the assembly for some knick-knacks. The entire arrangement is multi-functional yet compact and simple but definitely a welcome aesthetic addition to the client’s home.

“The following is the picture of my wine table. Purchased the bottom piece from your company. The top part from your company also, but it was parts that I used to create the top.”


 We’ve said this more than just a few times, but we’re saying it again and will still be doing so in the future: there is no limit to the kind of wine storage solutions you can come up with when you have the right products coupled with a boundless imagination. So don’t keep the latter “bottled up!” Share your DIY escapades with us and help inspire wine cellar dreams. Have a fine wine weekend, wine buddies! ^_^


We Make It Happen With No-Fuss Racking Assembly

July 23rd, 2014 by

Admittedly, there’s fairly good reason for people to approach DIY wine cellar projects with lots of caution. There are a ton of things that can go wrong, especially if you have little or no experience with how the assembly process goes. This is something that we have long anticipated at WCI which is why we have moved forward and fashioned our racking products towards perfecting “user-friendly” configurations.

It seems we’re on the right track because as far as our Testimonial Thursdays are concerned, DIY wine cellar projects are pleasantly hassle-free, thanks to the combination of quality products AND tools. And of course, as they say, “talk is cheap,” so we’re certainly not going to sit back without something credible to back this up. Fortunately, our client David’s recent creation wonderfully illustrates all of the points we’re trying to drive home:

We Make It Happen With No Fuss Racking Assembly“The wine racks that we ordered are working great!  The second order that we placed for the same style racks as our first order where a little different so we had to make a few assembly adjustments to make our second set of racks match up with the first set.  Assembly was very quick and easy. We used a nail gun. “

~David R.~

Like many of our newbie clients, David also experienced that feeling of reluctance when first working on his cellar. But once he got into the swing of things, he discovered the joy in mixing and matching racking elements to turn out an arrangement that meets both his storage needs and style preference. He sent in for some Individual Bottle Columns, Diamond Bins, Curved Corner Racks, and Display Shelves, all from our Traditional Series wine racks kit in Premium Redwood and assembled them with the help of a nail gun.

He’s no professional, but check out the amazing results! It’s no exaggeration when we say that David embarked on a purely DIY endeavor. In fact, he purchased a second set of racks to complete his cellar, making the minor adjustments himself with minimal fuss. This only goes to show that WCI’s efforts towards seamless product configurations is really going in the right direction. Notice that we’ve consistently been incorporating product upgrades to improve on the durability, stability, and functionality of our racks. That way, we can make it happen for you guys, providing all the wine storage solutions you’ll need. So if you’re still feeling the jitters with your future DIY projects, come to WCI! We promise to make it happen the way YOU want it to. ^_^


Technical Tuesday Episode #194: Bringing Out The Best With Vintner x Platinum Tandem

July 22nd, 2014 by

Hey there, Tech Tuesday fans! It’s time for another hot and heavy racking combination just because we’ve been missing it quite a bit. Plus, we’re always excited to feature projects that allow us to demonstrate the level of flexibility our racking products possess. Wish granted this time around, thanks to this curvy concoction our design team recently completed for a client in Basking Ridge, NJ:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 250345
Wood: Platinum/Vintner Series
Bottle Capacity: 698
Where: Basking Ridge, NJ

Technical Tuesday Episode #194: Bringing Out The Best With Vintner x Platinum TandemSo when we’re talking about a hot and heavy racking combo, it couldn’t be anything else than Platinum x Vintner – WCI’s two top-gunners for our custom racking line and wine rack kits, respectively. We’ve noticed that there are still enthusiasts out there who are not that aware of how versatile our racks are, especially where mixing and matching models are concerned. We want to emphasize this feature as often as possible so as to open our clients to even more storage and style options in their wine cellar projects, just like what has been accomplished here.

 This is a fairly standard room designated for a formal, walk-in wine cellar. As always, the challenge was to maximize space and create enough bottle storage for the client’s collection (including future acquisitions). The trick, as in so many of our wine cellar projects, was to make the assembly encompass the perimeter of the room and flow as smoothly as possible. Both results were satisfactorily delivered owing to the Platinum x Vintner tandem.

Vintner, to elaborate, has been upgraded with 3- and 4-column widths for the Individual Bottle Columns to accommodate any floor-to-ceiling arrangements. Added to this, the wine rack kit is replete with bulk storage options such as the Open Diamond Bins and Display Shelves featured here. And of course, these affordable wine rack kits also carry Curved Corner Racks with custom curved moldings to “smoothen” out those sharp corners and irregular nooks and crannies. Coupled with select elements from the Platinum Series, this 698-bottle wine room was brought to life!

Done in All-Heart Redwood with Classic Mahogany stain, the finished cellar exudes just the right amount of elegance, durability, and style – meeting exactly the client’s wishes. We’re certainly pleased with the outcome and doubly proud of the fact that we were able to give the client the kind of wine cellar they wanted. Still a tad confused on how racking style tandems go? Drive away those doubts and chat with a WCI professional today! ^_^