Designer Series: Growing Your Wine Bottles And Wine Racks Together

October 30th, 2014 by

Functionality will always be a prime consideration for any wine cellar project. It’s especially the case for those with small but rapidly growing collections and of course, those with extensive ones. For this reason, choosing wine racks that will easily grow along with your collection is indeed essential. And what to we mean by racks that “grow” along with the number of bottles you acquire? It’s simple. It’s all about racks that can be conveniently mixed and matched to accommodate your storage needs over time.

Designer Series: Growing Your Wine Bottles And Wine Racks Together

This is what our client Skip discovered upon coming across our Designer Series wine racks kit. He had quite a considerably hefty collection going on so he sent in for the Diamond Bin with solid face trim, Rectangular Bin and Case Storage, Open Diamond Cubes, Individual Columns with Display, 1-Column Magnum rack, and a glass rack with half-height and tabletop. After a no-fuss assembly and installation, this is the result:

Designer Series: Growing Your Wine Bottles And Wine Racks Together

So now we can see exactly how the various racking elements have all come together to create a versatile set-up with tons of storage space along with bottle storage options. In this particular DIY project, notice how individual and bulk bottle storage racks have been combined to really maximize the available space in the wine cellar. There’s even enough room to store crates and cases apart from the loose bottles. And what’s even better is that the client can actually add in more racks in the future should he manage to have everything filled up.

Designer Series: Growing Your Wine Bottles And Wine Racks Together

Basically, this is one wine cellar that can host a really extensive variety of bottle sizes. You can say it’s indeed the perfect set-up for someone whose goal is to “grow” his collection. Also, from this close-up shot of the racks, we can see just how secure and comfortable the bottles are nestled owing to the beveled rails and rounded edges. Despite being affordable wine rack kits, the Designer Series racks actually sport such custom features! That’s why it’s certainly a top performer in the WCI line-up. Note, too, that all racks were ordered in unstained All-Heart Redwood, stamping both quality and style into this project.

“They worked well and shipping was fine.”

~Skip F. ~

We Make It Happen With Wine Cellar Halloween Decor

October 29th, 2014 by

Happy “Ghostober” wine chaps! Two more days to go before the annual spookfest and are your wine cellars all prepped up for it? If you don’t have the time to do full-on decorating (and really who has time for that nowadays?), then we’ve got some easy-breezy tricks for you. Give your wine cellars that Halloween flavor sans the effort and expense with these clever creepy concepts:

  1. Spooky lighting to set the mood!

We Make It Happen With Wine Cellar Halloween Decor

We’ve emphasized more than a few times on the blog that lighting elements in a wine cellar can create the kind of aura you want to exude. So because we’re going for a darker theme this Halloween, it’s time to set the lights “down low” and accentuate our cellars with other lighting accessories. Our favorite picks would be black candles, frosted bulbs, or those fake Halloween candles that come in ghoul-y shapes. You can actually get them dirt-cheap at the grocery or dollar stores. If you’re up to something fancier, throw in some of those glow-in-the-dark paste-ons. There are lots of ghoulish selections to choose from!

  1. Set up a “potions” corner!

We Make It Happen With Wine Cellar Halloween Decor

If you happen to have tasting table or some similar corner in your wine cellar, then that would be the perfect spot for your “potions” section. Pull out some bottles and re-label them in the spirit of Halloween. And if you’re a Harry Potter fan, it’s time to put those Potions Labels to good use: “Bubotuber Pus,” Polyjuice Potion,” “Felix Felicis,” “Amortentia” and more. It’ll be totally fun finding wines to match the known colors for these potions. For example, Amortentia is transparent, so there’ll be lots of wine labels to choose from.

  1. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

We Make It Happen With Wine Cellar Halloween Decor

Cobwebs, bats, broomsticks, and so on! The trick is to work them into strategic places in your wine cellar and use them in combination with other elements, especially your lighting ones. For example, your display shelves holding your crates and bins can be a good place to put those fake cobwebs with those creepy-looking plastic spiders hanging from them. High reveal ceilings make for a nice spot to hang scary flying creatures. Quarter Round Shelves are perfect for displaying skulls, jack-o-lanterns, and other eerie ornaments.

  1. Put Halloween-themed food in your glassware!

We Make It Happen With Wine Cellar Halloween Decor

Put those wineglasses, champagne flutes, and other glassware to good use this Halloween. Stick apple gourds and miniature pumpkins in glass bowls, candies in wineglasses and champagne flutes, and chocolates in shot glasses. It’ll be a totally unique trick or treat when you serve your goodies up in these fancy containers.

Do you have more wine cellar Halloween décor ideas to share with us? Then do so by all means! Leave a comment or two below or better yet, join us on Twitter on Facebook. Have a ghoulish time and don’t forget to share the shivers with us!

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 209 – Silver x Gold For Extra Spacious Wine Cellar Closets

October 28th, 2014 by

We’re down to the last Tech Tuesday for the month of October. And we’re also just two days shy of that much-awaited spookfest – Halloween! So have you guys decided on how creepy your costumes will be this year? Or better yet, are your pumpkin pails ready for all that “loot” that will hopefully not result in a dentist’s bill the following day. Well, don’t forget to dress up your wine cellars in a ghoulish fashion, too.

We’ll be shooting some “spooktacular” ideas on our We Make It Happen feature tomorrow, so don’t miss out on that. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet because we still have one more awesome custom project to feature for this month. More significantly, this is yet another racking combo example, courtesy of the Gold and Silver Series custom wine racks:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 242259
Wood: Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 633
Stain: None

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 209   Silver x Gold For Extra Spacious Wine Cellar ClosetsBefore we go into the detail of the racking arrangement, it’s worth mentioning that this is another ingenious closet transformation rather than a formal wine room. If you notice from the pictures, the floor area is relatively narrow. Nonetheless, the WCI design team was able to make the most out of the designated space and come up with an assembly that can hold over 600 bottles. This is why the Gold Series was utilized in combination with the Silver Series custom wine racks.

The Silver Series is comprised of shallow-depth racks with square-cut rails which are perfect for fitting into narrow spaces, like the15 Degree Display Rows used here. But despite its space-efficient features, style is not compromised as well, thanks to custom options less the custom prices.  So in utilizing the Silver Series with some choice pieces from the Gold collection, namely the Open Vertical Bins and displays, this wine closet is able to accommodate quite an impressive number of bottles in both individual and bulk storage.

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 209   Silver x Gold For Extra Spacious Wine Cellar ClosetsBelow is a nice shot of the Faux Archway with Hanging Beam supports. Note that in the Silver Series, all the racks sport shallow 8 /4″ depth which accounts for the series space-efficiency. But despite such space-efficient configurations, the racks can still comfortably store not just standard-sized bottles but also champagne and, magnums, and those with larger formats. And of course, you still get custom options such as the crown and base moldings along with a nice selection of racking styles at a way more affordable price.

Technical Tuesday Episode No. 209   Silver x Gold For Extra Spacious Wine Cellar ClosetsThere’ll be more racking combo goodness in the next few weeks, so be sure to check the blog out regularly! Remember that mixing and matching wine racks is not just a trend but a STATEMENT in a wine cellar project, especially when you’re working with us here at WCI. *Cheers*

Prime Up For The Holidays With WCI Commercial Wine Racks

October 23rd, 2014 by

So how are your wine stores faring this close to the holidays? It’s high time to take stock of how busy things will get and what you need to do in order to get your stores ready for the mad rush. Nothing can be more stressful than not being able to properly accommodate hordes of customers because your store’s set-up is not ready for it.

But why stress yourself out when sprucing things up is as easy as hopping over to the WCI website and choosing from our wide array of commercial wine racking units. Even better, you can have these wood wine racks and displays customized to a T to meet the needs of your establishment. And we’re not just referring to storage needs! Thanks to the customization options we offer, your design preferences will definitely be addressed as well.

Prime Up For The Holidays With WCI Commercial Wine Racks

Today, we bring you this newly completed commercial project from Fulton, GA as a very fine example of exactly what our commercial wine racks can do for you. The client sent in several awesome shots of the installed racks in their store which roughly yielded a capacity for just a little under 3,000 bottles. They purchased our Triple Tier Maximizer, 3 Column Bin Display, 2 Column Bin Display, Angled Curved Corner Display, and Diamond Bins. Below are some closer shots of the assembled racks:

Prime Up For The Holidays With WCI Commercial Wine Racks

Some of the racks were actually modified to sport displays that will jut out specific bottles alternatively. This is a very clever way to showcase one’s best-sellers, newest labels, or rare ones that the customers might spend a considerable amount of time trying to locate in the store. And of course, with the Diamond Bins and Display Shelves, you can store those specific labels in bulk, making it way more convenient for your clientele and yourself as well. Nothing can be more time-consuming than having to go scour the entire shop for just one or two specific labels.

Prime Up For The Holidays With WCI Commercial Wine Racks Prime Up For The Holidays With WCI Commercial Wine Racks

Check out this super spacious customized island with bottom shelves and displays. The client capped it off with Mini Quarter Round Shelves from our Gold Series collection. The wide tabletop will make for a totally eye-catching display center or perhaps a wine-tasting area should the store decide to host one for promotional purposes. We can totally imagine an informal wine-and-cheese tasting going on to draw the attention of more potential customers. Or, we can also imagine that tabletop being artfully crowded with wine gift baskets which customers can just grab on their way to the cashier. Whatever the proprietor will decide, we’re pretty sure that this area will be a focal point in the store’s marketing gigs this season!

Prime Up For The Holidays With WCI Commercial Wine Racks

All of the commercial racking products the client sent for were crafted from Premium Redwood and dressed in Dark Walnut Stain. We hereby dub Dark Walnut Stain the official “fall color” for fall wine cellar projects! Who can blame our clients though? Wood drenched with this particular stain option gives off that rich, luxurious feel that really represents the bold hues of nature this season.

Don’t hang around and wait for the big rush to take you by surprise. It’s time to get those wine establishments spruced up and ready to welcome some serious wine shopping. Talk with a WCI design consultant today and get primed for the holidays! ^_^